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NewEgg Semi-Annual sale: Sony XB-450, BeyerDynamics, Momentum, Shure, Etc

It’s that time of the year again, New Egg is having their Semi Annual Clearance sale and of headphone interest, they have three pages of headphones upon sale. I can’t obviously post them all, but here are some of them:

+ Sony XB-450-AP wired closed on-ears for $25

+ Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Tesla closed over-ears for $599 with $60 promotional NewEgg gift card as a bonus
+ DT 880 Premium (600 ohm) semi-open over-ears for $219 with $20 promotional NewEgg gift card as bonus
+ and other BeyerDs as well, too many to list all

+ Beyerdynamic Aventho bluetooth on-ears for $249 after promo code

+ Sennheiser Momentum truly wireless for $300 with a bonus of 6000 NewEgg Reward Points

+ Shure SRH-840 closed over-ears for $150; and more Shures

+ imported [from the looks of it] Sony WH-1000X Mark III bluetooth/ANC closed over-ears for $260 from RedTagCamera

+ various refurbished Klipschs and Jabras

+ also various Denon, JBL, Pioneer, Fuji Labs galore, truly-wireless of course, and more

Sunday: JBL, Yamaha, TCL, 1-Year Tidal, Etc

Sunday brings us some audio-related action in the major online retailer daily deals…

We start with New York’s B&H Photo where two name-brand audio products are on sale:

+ JBL EON612 Two-Way 12″ 1000W Powered Portable PA Speaker with Bluetooth Control for $250 after automatically-applied in-cart coupon

+ Yamaha PX3 Stereo Power Amplifier (300W at 8 Ohms) for $300 after automatically-applied in-cart coupon

A day without a headphone at the NewEgg dailies is rare, today they have the new condition JBL LIVE 650-BT-NC, which as the code-names suggest is bluetooth with active noise-cancelling, going for $100 after entering the promo code shown over there…

It’s music subscription time at the Best Buy deals du jour, where $100 gets you a 1-year subscription to TIDAL. This will automatically renew at the $120/year rate for the following year(s) ~ unless you cancel it…

But that’s not all. There’s also some headphone action. TCL is making its big power play these days, and into headphones they have also dived into, and their MTR-0100-BT neckband-style bluetooth earphones go for $18. But apparently they haven’t invested in a humanly-readable product naming scheme 🙂

And for the Europeanly-inclined, Amazon Germany is offering the new condition LETSCOM truly wireless, the Airpod-style with the hanging legs, for 21 euro…

$30 Thursday: Pioneer BT On-Ears, Jaybird Tarah In-Ears

You can get a …bird of sorts for $30 during Thursday 6/25/20 at the Best Buy daily deals, the new condition Jaybird Tarah bluetooth earphones, necklace-style…

Pioneer continues to make appearances at the NewEgg daily deals, this time around it is the new condition closed-back on-ear SE-MJ-553-BT bluetooth headphones for $26 with free US shipping…

And continuing until tonight are the previously mentioned B&H MEGA deal zone offerings…

Various audio offers at B&H Mega DealZone

New York’s B&H Photo has daily daily-deals. Every few months they have a big event where most of their daily deals return, but all together as a big MEGA DEAL-ZONE. So if you missed any of these offers when they were the deal of the day, this is your chance at them once again…

Among the audio/headphone products [click on the “Pro Audio” tab over there for an audio-focus or use the “Brands” filter]:

These are listed below sorted by price:

+ NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones for $10

+ Audio Technica ATH-CKR55-BT bluetooth earphones for $15

+ Sennheiser CX 2.00 earphones for $18 in iOS or Android

+ NuForce BeFREE 8 truly-wireless for $25

+ Samson SR-850B semi-open over-ears for $25
+ check our text and pictures unboxing
+ hard to argue with the price; potential deal killer the long-ass (2.5 meter) cable

+ Senal SMH-1000 closed over-ear studio headphones for $45

+ JBL Free X truly-wireless for $55

+ Audio Technica ATH-DR5-BT neckback bluetooth earphones for $100

+ Pioneer XDP-02U DAP for $150

+ Fiio X5 Mark III DAP for $180

+ Sandisk memory cards to feed the DAPs and PADs

Sunday: Astell & Kern SR-15 DAP for $399

It’s DAP-DAP time, good until 11:59pm eastern on Sunday June 21 in 2020, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Astell & Kern SR15 digital audio player for $399 with free US shipping. This of course has advanced features, it’s not “just” a digital audio player. Check the specs over there and your favorite online reviews and forums for more details…

Meanwhile at Woot Sellout, its daily deal is the new condition Jabra Elite 65t Active Alexa-enabled truly-wireless set going for $80 but with a 90-day Woot warranty…

Neckband-style bluetooth is among the Best Buy daily deals, it is the new condition JVC Marshmallow HA FX39BT [DO NOT EAT THIS!] going for $25… Also there, they have the Sonance – MAG5.1 Premium 6-1/2″ In-Wall / In-Ceiling Speaker System (paintable) going for $1900. If you are not sure how to paint it, the Rolling Stones have a recommendation!

And NewEGG does not want to left out of the headphone deals, they have the JBL LIVE 500BT bluetooth over-ears going for $60 after promo code, and the JBL STAGE A190 Home Audio Speaker (Black, Single) for $200 after promo code… The promo codes are shown at the aforelinked pages while these promotions are running…

Wedn: Polsen, Jabra, Definitive Tech, Etc

Headphones are indeed back at the daily deals for Wednesday 6/17/20 as follows:

At the B&H deals du jour it’s the closed-back Polsen HPS-A40 headphone that has a 3-level bass adjustment [I know, you cynics will say, “bad”, “worse” and “OMG it’s really bad”] for $50 with free US shipping… Optionally you can purchase this together with an AURAY headphone stand and get a 20% off discount on the price of the AURAY stand…

Best Buy is back in the truly-wireless universe with the new condition JLabs JBuds Air Executive truly-wireless going for $55 and as of the time of writing, they average 4 based on 640+ customer reviews over there…

Speaking of Best Buy, their aforelinked daily deals include a sale on a couple of Definitive Technology Soundbar systems with wireless subwoofers ($700 to $1075)…

Truly wireless is also the name of the game today at the NewEGG deals where the new condition Jabra Elite 65t goes for $100 with free US shipping…

Monday Truly Wireless: Skullcandy Indy, JLab Jbuds Air, Anker

No truly-wireless in yesterday’s daily deals, but they strike back today with two offers at the Best Buy daily deals, it’s the Skullcandy Indy going for $60 and the JLab Jbuds Air Sport going for $70… These for Monday June 15 in 2020 that is…

BUT the NewEGG daily deals save the day with a budget closed-back over-ear, the new condition red Pioneer SE-MS5T-R going for $31 with free US shipping…

Also at NewEgg, there’s the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo (2019 update) truly wireless for $30 with free US shipping…

Sunday: lots of headphones on sale at Amazon Germany

EU shoppers, get your wallets ready! Amazon Germany is having a headphone sale as part of their Sunday daily deals. A total of 22 options are participating, a mix of different types. I’m breaking them down by type:

+ Pioneer S9 bluetooth over-ears for 115 euro
+ Pioneer SE-S3-BT bluetooth on-ears for 44 in different colors
+ Pioneer foldable basic on-ears for 12 euro in different colors
+ Pioneer SE-M521 closed over-ears for 21 euro (with AKG-style headband)

+ Philips BH-305-BK/00 closed on-ears for 60 euro
+ Philips SH-402-BK/00 bluetooth over/on-ears for 40
+ Philips SHK-2000-PK/OO kids headphones with volume control for 14 euro

+ Philips truly wireless for 61 euro

+ Pioneer SE-CH9-T(K) wired in-ears for 70 euro
+ Panasonic RP-TCM-130-E wired in-ears for 10 euro in different colors
+ Pioneer basic wired in-ears for 12 euro in different colros

+ Libratone neckband-style bluetooth earphones for 119 euro

+ Philips UN-102-BK/00 bluetooth necklace-style earphones for 12 euro

+ Pioneer SE-E5T (23 euro) and SE-E7T (53 euro) bluetooth exercise necklace-style earphones

+ Pioneer splashproof wired exercise earphones with earhooks for 13 euro

The sale ends at 11:59pm Amazon Germany time which is six hours ahead of eastern (New York time) if my Time Lord Calculator is correct 😉

Friday: Skullcandy Crusher ANC/BT for $200, B&W Speakers, Etc

The headphone parade continues for Friday 6/12/20 as well at the Best Buy deals du jour with the new condition Skullcandy Crusher ANC/bluetooth over-ear combo headphone that goes for $200. The battle for this popular consumer headphone rages on at all price points!

Also there at Best Buy there’s a sale on select Bowers & Wilkens [no relation to Dominique Wilkins?] speakers with eight options and prices ranging from $560 to $800. Already one of the eight options has sold out…

And now to the single-figure budget side of things, one of the Woot deals du jour is the new condition TIMMKOO wired in-ears going for $9.99 with up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price and a 90-day Woot warranty…

The NewEGG daily basket continues to have headphones although this one may be a bit of a rotten egg based on the nine customer reviews over there. It is the Philips SHB-2505-BK/00 UpBeat truly wireless for $33…

Thur: Bower & Wilkins PX-7 ANC Over-Ears for $325

Best Buy strikes again with their June 11 (2020) deals of the day as they have the new condition Bowers and Wilkins PX-7 ANC closed-back over-ear headphones on sale for $325 and the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds (truly wireless) for $60… And if you need to store or transport your music or feed your DAPs and PADs, they have a Sandisk and WD sale with hard drives, flash drives, microSD and full-size SD cards and more!

NewEgg continues to put headphone-eggs in their daily deals basket, this time around they have the white Pioneer SE-MJ-722-TW closed-back on-ears going for #21.50 with free US shipping…

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Amazon Germany offers the new condition Arbily truly wireless for 32 euro…

Wedn: B&W PX5 On-Ears, Bose QC II, Sony XB, Thorens, Etc

Two headphones plus gaming headsets are among a loaded day at the Best Buy daily offerings for Wednesday June in 2020:

+ Bowers & Wilkins PX-5 ANC/bluetooth on-ears for $220
+ Bose Quiet Comfort II ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $299
+ discount and free mouse with Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset

Under the “Electronics” daily deal at the Woot website they have the new condition closed-back bluetooth on-ear Sony XB-650-BT going for $45 with a 1-year Sony warranty. It is only available in black. It has NFC. Note that this is part of their “Extra Bass” line, so opera, classical, audiophile jazz, etc you may not like the “transformation” of the music with these 🙂

NewEGG seems to have an unwritten rule of one headphone offer per day at their daily deals and Wednesday’s offer is the new condition Pioneer SE-MJ-553-BT-R closed-back on-ear bluetooths in the red color scheme going for $26 with free US shipping…

Last but not least, for the vinyl junkies or player collectors, one of the B&H Photo daily deals is the new condition Thorens TD 201 manual 2-speed turntable with built-in amp going for $250. It is available in two color options [device color, not sound coloration color!]…

SHOCK! did you notice something today? All these offers and not a single “truly wireless” earphone. There is hope for the audio world after all 🙂

EU: Philips X2 HR/00 Open Over-Ears for 120 euro

For the European-ly inclined, for a limited time [not a gold box lightning deal] Amazon Germany actual is offering the new condition open-back over-ear Philips X2 HR/00 headphones for 120 euro, with a limit of two pairs per customer…

With the X2 prices going down and the good old SHP-9500* prices going up, the X2 may not be a bad idea. As of the time of writing, they average 4.6 out of 5 based on 1080+ customer ratings over there.

Monday: Sennheiser Momentum truly wireless for $160

Last but not least in the 6/8/20 BestBuy deals du jour is the new condition Sennheiser Momentum truly-wireless set going for $160 with free US shipping and/or store/curbside/whatever pickup is available based on region and availability…

Also there, they have the Jaybird Tarah necklace-style bluetooth earphones going for $45…

Sunday: Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 bluetooth over-ears for $70

One of the deals of the day at the Best Buy website is the new condition closed-back over-ear Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 bluetooth headphones for $70 with free US shipping and/or free store pickup…

Meanwhile at the Amazon Germany gold box there’s the new condition Jabra Elite 65t truly-wireless earphones for 90 euro…

And some action at the NewEgg dailies as follows:

+ Anker SoundCore Spirit X bluetooth sport earphones for $14 with promo code 93XPK79

+ Voxoa VXH330 square-pad bluetooth closed-back for $30

+ JBL LIVE500 bluetooth over-ears for $60 after promo code 93XPK74

Sat: Pioneer SE-MJ-503-W Closed On-Ears for $12

Budget closed-back on-ears is another congested field with various name brand options and one of them is the new condition Pioneer SE-MJ-503-W (white color scheme) going for $12 during Saturday 6/6/20 in the pacific time zone at NewEGG as one of their daily deals.

I haven’t heard this particular model, but a couple of Sonys [one ZX-1?? and ZX-3??) I’ve used, I found them “tuned for coffee shops”. They were serviceable there, but when you listened to them in a quiet place they sounded horrid…

On the other hand, the AmazonBasics-Monoprice I found to be quite serviceable even in rather quiet places. A bit on the “tastefully bassy” side of things. An unboxing and review of the Monoprice is in my ever-growing to-do list 🙂

I do not know if the Pioneer shares any ancestry with the AmazonBasics-Monoprice…

UPDATE: two headphones among the Saturday Best Buy offers as well:

+ Insignia bluetooth earphones (pod style) for $15

+ JBL (a child with many parents, Samsung, Harman, AKG) LIVE 800 bluetooth over-ears for $80

Thursday: JBL, Anker, Klipsch, Philips, Culture V1

UPDATE: the Musician’s Friend deal of the day good until Friday at 8am ET is the new condition Culture V1 ANC + bluetooth over-ears for $80 with free US shipping… Not to be confused with the Culture book series by Iain Banks 🙂

The streak of headphones in high profile retailer daily deals continue for Thursday 6/4/20 as well with this lot:

+ among the NewEGG offers they have the new condition Philips SHB-5950-BK/27 neckband bluetooth earphones for $16.50, although the reviews are in the 3 out of 5 range…
+ also at NewEgg, a pair of Klipsch CB-5 Bookshelf speakers for $70, and a CC-5 Center Speaker for $60

+ among the Best Buy offers is the JBL LIVE 400BT closed-back bluetooth on-ears for $60

+ and at Amazon Germany it’s the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO truly-wireless for 100 euro
+ Anker really needs to optimize their model naming scheme ~ too many words and the thing that changes gets lost in the railroad!

Wedn: JAM, PowerBeats PRO, Pioneer, Etc

Headphones are all the rage these days in the daily deals of various prominent internet retailers! We start with Best Buy where they have two offers:

+ Geek Stink Breath [TM: Green Day] certified refurbished PowerBeats PRO truly-wireless (with earhooks for exercise and such) for $140

+ JAM Live Fast necklace style bluetooth earphones with earhooks for $13
+ by “necklace style” I mean they have a regular soft cable;
+ as opposed to “neckband style”, whose cable is partially hardened/stiff to sit behind the neck too has a bluetooth earphone, it’s the Pioneer SE-CL-5-BT-W (white color scheme) for $15… And if you are building a budget PC, NewEGG has the AMD Ryzen 3-3200G 4-core processor for $88…

Tuesday: Samsung Galaxy Buds, refurb Jabra Elite 65t, Etc

Truly wireless is the name of the game for now, until Apple releases the over-ear “Air Pods” and all of sudden the unwashed mashes will “discover” over-ear headphones. Hopefully a percentage of those will actually explore more audiophile over-ear headphones 🙂

At Best Buy, 6/2/20 is Samsung day with all kinds of Samsung products, including their Galaxy Buds truly-wireless going for $100.

At NewEGG there are a couple of options, starting at 3am ET as usual:

+ Pioneer SEC-7B-TB neckband bluetooth earphones for $23

+ refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t sporty truly-wireless for $50