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10% back on 600+ Headphones (and other Musical Gear/Instruments) IF you pay with a Prime Credit Card

If you are an Amazon Prime member, and you have a Prime credit card (Chase VISA or Amazon Store card), and you purchase one of the participating Musical Instruments & Gear and pay for them with one of those two Prime credit cards, you will receive 10% back as a statement credit instead of the usual 5%. There’s no coupon code to enter, this happens automatically while this offer is running.

But it’s not just music instruments, over 600 headphones are eligible for this promotion. Remember, these must be sold and shipped by Amazon actual, in new condition. Eligible headphones mention this on their individual product page BUT you may have to be logged on with a Prime account in order to see it:

A number of famous headphones are eligible for this offer, including the Sennheiser HD 650 you see in the screenshot above, along with the AT M50X, V-Moda Crossfade Wireless, KRK KNS 8400, Sennheiser HD 600, HD 380, HD 25, some of the pro Pioneer, Beyerdynamics, Yamahas, AKG, and more.

NOTE: when looking at the search listings above, the “Sponsored” results shown are not participating in the promotion. This is the standard way Amazon shows search results, but it can be confusing in this case. Look for the little “Sponsored” thing [screenshot below]:

Xiaomi Original Headphones for $37 w/free S&H from China

The white color scheme of the relaxed version of the “Original Xiaomi Headphones” is on sale for $37 with free slow shipping from China at The other two colors go for $55. The sale runs for the next five days (from blog-posting time). You can get faster shipping for additional fees.

In-Stock Now: Sennheiser HD660S for $500

If you are looking for the Sennheiser HD 660S open-back over-ears, they are back in-stock again at their starting price of $500 by a couple of fulfilled by Amazon sellers, “Electronics EXPO” and “World Wide Stereo”. Amazon’s own listing remains “temporarily out of stock”.

In terms of bang for the buck though, if you have the patience for it arrive in a few months, the HD6XX goes for $200 as a Massdrop in-stock drop.

Sennheiser GAME ZERO SE Gaming Headset for $120

Game time! The new condition Sennheiser GAME ZERO Special Edition Gaming Headset is currently on sale for $120 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price. Only the “Special Edition” color scheme is on sale. The other colors go for more.

Refurbished Logitech UE6000 ANC Over-Ears for $55

IF of all the active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones it is the good old Logitech UE 6000 the ones you want, they are available in manufacturer refurbished condition for $55 with free shipping by eBay seller “OutletMP3” (99.2%), shipping from California.

Also on eBay, there is a “new other” condition (bulk packaging, no retail box) listing for $60 with free shipping by eBay seller “MyTechSolution” (New Jersey, 99.2%).

The lowest price at Amazon Warehouse Deals is $68~ in “Used – Good” condition.

Fiio E10K USB DAC/amp + AK iRiver ICP-AT1000 IEMs for $80

The Fiio E10K USB DAC/amp goes for $76 in new condition at various authorized Fiio Dealers such as Adorama and various at Amazon but for $4 more, you can get it bundled with Astell&Kern (iRiver) ICP-AT1000 earphones, sold in this bundle by seller “ProStudio Sound & Music” with the orders Fulfilled by Amazon, so you get Prime shipping, and Amazon customer service and support.

Koss KPH30i Rhythm Beige Lightweight Open On-Ears with mic/remote for $20 + S&H [MD]

Did the Guardians of the Galaxy put you in a retro music gear mood? Massdrop can help with that too, they have, fully unlocked, running for the next five days or so, the new condition Koss KPH30i Rhythm Beige lightweight on-ear headphones for $20 plus shipping. This model is based on the KTXPro1 and Pro35 but has a mic/remote to keep the smartphone users happy. Smartphone features and all, it is still open, driving the rando-consumer who buys it without reading the page in front of them mad 🙂

It comes with the usual Koss limited lifetime warranty and will ship at the end of December, which is also the end of the year. OMG, where did all the time go? It also means that another wave of new headphones is coming, because CES 2018 is coming!

Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX planar-magnetics for $170

Look who’s back in the daily drops! The new condition Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX planar-magnetics are on again as 24-hour “in-stock drops” for $170 with free shipping. The drop will open and close daily. Orders will be shipped in 2-3 business days after the drop closes. That’s blazing speed by Massdrop standards 🙂 They come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty (being a Hifiman-Massdrop co-development and all). All sales are final!

I added them to our Massdrop In-Stock Drops Tracker. I also re-arranged the order based on where the most activity is at.

TFZ Exclusive IEMs for $35 to $60

Also running for the next four days (from blog-posting date), the new condition TFZ Exclusive IEMs are on sale, fully unlocked at Massdrop in three options: the Exclusive 1 goes for $35, the Exclusive 2 for $50, and the Exclusive 3 for $60. These ship from Massdrop in late December 2017. All sales final. No mention of warranty in the listing.

Aune T1 SE MK3 Headphone DAC/Amp for $180 [MD]

Running for the next four days (from blog-posting date), Massdrop is offering the new condition Aune T1 SE MK3 Headphone DAC/Amp for $180 with free shipping and a late December 2017 shipping estimate from Massdrop. Options of color (silver or black) and power (110V or 220V) are available during the checkout process. All sales final. No mention of warranty in the listing.

Used Audiosplice NCAA Oregon Ducks On-Ears for $14

Ducks time! The Audiosplice NCAA Oregon Ducks licensed (in a bright green and yellow color scheme) closed-back on-ear headphones are available in “Used – Like New” (original packaging) condition for $13.75 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+. The few reviews it has are split.

KEF M100 In-Ears down to $29 w/free S&H

CORRECTION: the model name is M100, not M500! The M500 are not even in-ears! Confusion reigns supreme here 🙂

Most headphones go up in price after the Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday festivities are over, but not the KEF M100 in-ears! All four different colors schemes are now down to $30 with free shipping in the Titanium color scheme at NewEgg by NewEgg actual and with $5 flat shipping for the other three colors (still going for $29 though). The sale ends on Thursday night.

That’s a pretty aggressive discount! Is KEF getting out of the headphone market or just cycling things through because of the BF/CM and Holiday shopping festivities? I don’t know – I’m just thinking out loud 🙂

AKG K553 PRO Closed Over-Ears for $99

Don’t stop AKGing! The new condition AKG K553 PRO closed-back over-ear is the Musician’s Friend Deal of the Day going for $99 with free shipping until Thursday at 8am eastern (or earlier if sold out). This is one of multiple K5** options, so if you are not familiar with them, google them around. The price is certainly right on this one though.

Samson SR-850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones for $25 w/FS

It’s back on sale again, the semi-open over-ear unapologetically non-fashion studio-looking Samson SR-850 are going for $25 with free shipping (no minimum purchase required) at No coupon, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed! As usual, this is a limited time sale.

If you are curious about these, we have a useful text and pictures unboxing post. They have a long-ass cable (that’s a technical term), which can be handy if you need it and annoying if you don’t. It’s nice to be tethered to a desktop computer while working but still have a few feet to move around without being worried of yanking the headphones off your head or off the headphone jack 🙂 The cable is non-detachable. There’s no mic/remote. The earpads are not the most comfy, but you can replace them, or make you own … out of socks. That’s one way to scare away other people from using your headphones 🙂

[DEAD] Used Grado SR-225e for $150

As of a late 11/30/17 PM re-check, the used options are sold out…

The open-back Grado SR-225e headphones go for $200 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you are comfortable with used, you can get them in “Used – Good” (repackaged) condition for $150 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual.

Of other Grados, only if you are a high-risk tolerance shopper, one fulfilled by Amazon 3rd-party seller has the Grado iGe in-ears with Apple controls for $55 instead of their usual price of $99. You have extra protection because it is “fulfilled by Amazon”, but still, you have to worry about these being authentic or something else wrong with them. This is more of a PSA to avoid, than a deal alert. But of course I am not the master of the universe, different people have different risk tolerances.

[DEAD] Thursday: Klipsch R6 On-Ears for $23 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

[Read more…]

[DEAD] Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpad

This lightning deal expired…

Another Brainwavz early bird special in the Gold Box, starting at 3:35am ET on Friday is the new condition Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpad (Black PU/Velour). The price before the sale is $27.50, and averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 420+ customer reviews and has 110 answered questions. There’s only one color on the listing.

[DEAD] Brainwavz Hengja Desk Hanger Sale for $10

This lightning deal expired…

Ending by 11:50pm ET today, the new condition Brainwavz Hengja Headphone Desk Hanger are a lightning deal for $10 per the Upcoming schedule posted in the Amazonian Gold Box. The price before the sale is $13… There are also a couple of combined purchase discounts if this is purchased together with select other Brainwavz products… The Hengja averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 1790+ customer reviews…

Beats Studio 3 Wireless (Blue only) for $250

Surprise! When you click on the thing to “add to cart”, the new condition blue color scheme of the closed-back over-ear Beats Studio 3 Wireless (latest model; bluetooth with ANC) drops to $250 at Abt Electronics. The other two colors are at the starting price of $350. I have no clue how long this will last.

Used Fiio K5 DAC/amp with built-in Dock for $86

The new condition Fiio K5 DAC/amp with its built-in Dock goes for around $110 in new condition, but if you are comfortable with used, there is a “Used – Very Good” condition listing (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) offered for $86~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. The K5 averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 39 customer reviews and has 50 answered questions. It picked up a couple of each since the last time I posted about it.

Speaking of Fiio, note there are some Fiio + A&K iRiver IEM bundles running. Check our previous Fiio posts for those.

Used Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier for $239

The new condition Beyerdynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier is on sale for $299, but if you want to save some more, you can get it in “Used – Very Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) for $239~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. As usual on Warehouse Deals, beware of “Just Launched” sellers and any seller with unusual or unexpected requests (such as emailing them before buying).

Tranesca Replacement Earpads for $13

If you like to try accessories from lesser known manufacturers, boldly going where the mainstream shopper has not gone before, a fairly new brand called Transesca is selling familiar-looking headphone earpads in black or white for $13 per pair and fulfilled by Amazon, so you get Prime shipping. They are not Add-On items.

They average 4.5 out of 5 based on 76 customer reviews, have 36 answered questions, and have a long list of compatible headphones in the product description over there. Between these three places, you can check whether your headphone will or won’t work. Among the headphones listed as compatible are famous models like the Sony V6/7506 duo, the Philips SHP-9500S, the Monoprice 8323, the Audio Technica M50/40/30/20 (with and without X) models, Sennheiser HD280/380, 518/558/598, HD 600, etc.

Mayhaps trying to increase their audiophile, they say their earpads do not fit Beats or Bose 🙂 Per the gallery picture over there, they come with a 24-month warranty…

I haven’t seen or touched these, but I’ll probably get a pair the next time I place an Amazon order that needs to get to $25+ because of those pesky Add-On items. I have at least three compatible headphones, so I should be able to test them ~ if I ever make progress on my review backlog 🙂

HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset + Carrying Case for $50

Another one of those “Amazon works in mysterious ways” sales. The new condition HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset bundled with the official HyperX carrying case is on sale for $50 with free shipping by Amazon actual, with up to three pairs per customer. The same model (silver color scheme) goes for $70 without the case. So you pay $20 less and get a free official case. This is not a lightning deal, so it’s either a price match or an old fashioned sale. Only this combo goes for $50. The others are $70+.

[DEAD] Thursday: Senal SMH-1000 Studio Headphones for $50

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Brainwavz Earpads for $13 each

These two lightning deals expired…

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[DEAD] Thursday’s Early AM Offers: Yohoolyo Amp for $22

These lightning deals expired…

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SHARKK Bravo Hybrid Electrostatic Over-Ears for $20 w/FS

Even the hybrid electronics get their doorbusters! The new condition SHARKK Bravo Headphones are back down to $20 with free shipping, sold and shipped by BREED thru Amazon and they are not Prime eligible. These were once a $300 crowd-funding darling riding the waves of the pre-release hype machine 🙂 At 20 times less, they may be of interest for curiosity and comparison purposes. Still, if you haven’t heard of them, read up on them before buying!

Sony XB-950-B1 Closed Bluetooth Over-Ears for $98 [updated]

As of mid-Wednesday, the price is back to the usual sale price of $98…

As of a Tuesday 10:49am ET recheck, the situation is this: the blue color scheme of the Sony XB950-B1 closed-back over-ear bluetooth “Extra Bass” is on sale for $90 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual, with up to three pairs per customer. The other two colors have increased from the Cyber Monday $85 to $98.

It looks like this promotion expired: Not only that, but if you are Prime member and you pay with a Prime credit card (Chase VISA or Store card), you get 20% off back, so in this case, you pay $85 and you get a $17 statement credit on your credit card, making it $68! the N1 remains at $123.

[SOLD OUT] Open-Box Monoprice M1060 Planars for $200 w/FS

As of Tuesday 11/28/17, this is sold out and cannot be ordered BUT the price remains $200…

[Read more…]

Triple XXX Triple Driver IEMs for $35 w/free S&H

Piggy-backing on the 1More triple driver hype, Monoprice made their own Triple XXX Triple Driver IEMs offered for $35 with free standard US shipping as one of their Cyber Monday specials. That’s almost $12 per driver 😉

You don’t want to interrupt your music listening sessions just so you can go get a hot or iced beverage. How about this 20 fl oz stainless steel tumbler for $6.79 with free shipping (Monoprice Emperor, part of their Pure Outdoor line).

Refurbished Monoprice M560 Planars for $100 w/free S&H

The dream of the $99 planar headphones is alive, in Portland, in Portland! Okay, this is not Portlandia, but it’s planar doorbuster time at Monoprice! They are offering the refurbished Monoprice M560 open/closed on-ear planar-magnetic headphones for $100 with free standard US shipping. Limit one per customer!

Refurbished Sol Republic Tracks On-Ears for $10 to $15 w/FS

If you have been curious about those simple-design SOL Republic on-ears with the user-replaceable minimalist headbands but didn’t want to pay the “fashion headphone tax” for them, fear not! The Tech Rabbit Cyber Monday sale is here with two well priced options that come with free shipping and seller warranty even:

+ refurbished Tracks On-Ears in the black color scheme with 3-button remote for $10

+ refurbished Tracks Ultra On-Ears with 3-button remote for $15

Refurbished Yurbuds Focus 400 Exercise Earbuds for $3 w/FS

Another one of the Tech Rabbit Cyber Monday doorbusters are the refurbished JBL Yurbuds Focus 400 offered for $3 with free shipping and warranty too. That’s right, you don’t have to buy anything else – you still get free shipping!

SMS Audio BioSport Smart Earbuds for $10 w/FS

Among the Cyber Monday doorbuster at Tech Rabbit they are selling the new condition SMS Audio BioSport Smart Earbuds with integrated heart rate monitor for $10 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty in retail packaging. This is model SMS-EB-BIOSPORT-GR-A1. This is affordable way to experiment with wearables and such without breaking the bank or risking a significant amount on being a beta tester 🙂

Hifiman HE-400i Dark Blue Chrome for $180

If “Dark Blue Chrome” is your favorite color, you are in luck! The new condition limited edition Hifiman HE-400i Dark Blue Chrome open-back over-ear headphones have dropped from $200 to $180 with free shipping at BuyDIG. It looks like they are “savings” these for their own website, I haven’t seen them through their eBay or Amazon stores.

Speaking of planar-magnetic headphones on sale, the Monoprice M560 open/closed on-ears continue for $150, while their larger M1060 over-ears are back down to $250 with free shipping.

Also continuing is the AUDEZE Cyber Monday sale but a couple of models have sold out and can no longer be ordered: the $200 SINE On-Ears and one of the $650 LCD-2s.