H&A Versa Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphones for $85 [Used Open Box for $59]

Good until Tuesday 1/18/2022 at 10am eastern, Adorama is offering their version of the “Sony MDR V6/7506 competitor”, their new condition H&A Versa Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphones are on sale for $85 with free US shipping…

OR you can get them in USED open-box condition for $59…

Sunday: Used Echo Buds (1st G) TW for $30

For Sunday 11/14/21, one of the Woot deals du jour is an Amazon Echo sale that includes the “Used – Like New” first generation Echo Buds truly-wireless for $30 with a 90-day Woot warranty. Up to six pairs per customer. Per the listing (in the pumpkin-orange background text) these have been “tested and verified internally by Amazon… but may have cosmetic blemishes”.

What do you think Jeff Bezos does on his luxury yacht? He refurbishes Amazon devices 😉

NEXT UP at the Best Buy dailies for Sunday they have two offerings:

+ refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless for $85

+ Insignia bluetooth turntable for $55
+ regular, not suitcase or other cutesy configuration

Used Hifiman HE-400SE Open Planars for $131

Organic and manufacturer hype trains come and go in the world of audiophoolia, sometimes you get bang for the buck, sometimes you are just getting something to keep up with the Zeoses 😉

If you are planar-curious, but don’t want to drop big money, the new Hifiman HE 400 SE seems to be generating its own hype wave. Its new condition price at various sellers is $150 but if you are fond of paying even less, or helping “cycle” used headphones in the market, as of the time of writing, used prices start at $131 (“Used – Good” condition) at the Amazon website. Look for the USED options on the right-hand side of the desktop website…

If you have trouble locating the USED segment in Amazon’s ever-so-expanding product pages, this particular link automatically opens up popup-style the USED listing…

I haven’t yet jumped on this bandwagon but the price is definitely right on these. Stay tuned because I already have a backlog of headphonalia for blog-reviewing 🙂

PS: if you prefer new condition, you can get it for $150 at Amazon (links above) and at NewEgg (from the Hifiman NewEgg store)

Tin Hifi P1 In-Ears: $159 NEW or 98e USED

We have a trans-atlantic deal-post here on the Tin Hifi P1 flagship in-ears!

In new condition, at Amazon USA, there’s a limited time $10 off clip-on coupon that brings the price down to $159 with free US shipping… This is sold by “Linsoul Audio” with the order fulfilled by Amazon (free 2-day Prime shippings)…

In USED condition, we fly to Amazon Germany where as of the time of writing there is one unit left in “USED – Like New” condition for 98 euro…

750+ headphones in limited time Amazon Warehouse clearance

As of the time of writing over 750 headphones are participating in a limited time Amazon Warehouse Deals sale

IF you want to see what audiophile-ish options they may have, try sorting the listing by higher price. As of the time of writing the used options include the Sony MDR-Z1R, Sendy Aiva planars, Fiio FA7, Massdrop Plus IEMs, etc…

PS: not used, but because the clock is running out on this I don’t want to create a separate post, good until Sunday at 11:15am ET, you can get the new condition iKKo Audio oh1 IEMs for $67 as one of the lightning deals for Sunday 12/27/20 at Amazon’s…

Used 1More Triple Driver IEMs for $40

If you are fond of the 1More Triple driver IEMs, there are plenty of them available in USED condition for around $40 at Amazon Warehouse Deals. This listing shows both new and used prices. Select USED on the tab over there to see even more used prices.

As of the time of writing used prices range from $38 in “Used – Good” to $41 in “Used – Like New”, with “Used – Very Good” sitting in between them at $40…

EU Amazons: 30% off select Warehouse Deals headphones

Good until the end of November, some of the European Amazon websites are offering 30% off on select items that are in “Warehouse Deals”, their used products sales arm. The items must be sold by “Warehouse Deals” actual, not by other marketplace sellers.

+ at Amazon Germany they have nearly 900 headphone options, including some high-end gear like the Fostex TH-610, AKG K872, A&K IEMs, Philips X3, B&W, etc

+ at Amazon France they have over 850 options but the product coding seems to sometimes be off, so it may include some non-headphone items

+ at Amazon UK they have over 1000 options and they include the V-Moda M200, AKG K712, M&D, etc

+ similarly you can go through and check Amazon Spain, Italy, and don’t forget the more recently-launched Holland and Sweden

KEEP IN MIND, quantities of used items are often very limited. They may have only one unit of some of the items. The more niche usually, the smaller the quantity. Note also that some of these things may be a common inventory among the various EU Amazons. BREXIT does not kick in until 2021…

Used Sabaj D2 DAC/amp for $28 [NEW for 34 euro]

This is a general purpose “organic” deal, not a Prime deal, so anyone can get it. Furthermore this is mixed USA/EU, so please do pay attention to the location of each item mentioned below…

If you are in (or shopping from) the Amazon USA, Amazon Warehouse Deals actual has in “Used – Like New” condition the Sabaj D2 DAC/amp for $28 with free US shipping. This is in the silver-black color scheme. The new condition price is $42 in either color scheme.

Those shopping in the EU, y’all can get the new condition in the black/silver color scheme for 34 euro at Amazon Germany

As of the time of writing, it averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 55 ratings at Amazon USA, and 3.9 out of 5 based on 35 ratings at Amazon Germany [mayhaps those East Germany gymnastics judges are audiophiles as well?].

These have three audio inputs (microUSB, optical, coaxial) and has RCA output [for the DAC part] and 3.5mm headphone output.

USED: EU Prime Days: 20% off select items Warehouse Deals

Prime Day 2020 is well under way in the European Union and if you are fond of fishing for good used deals, AND if you are a Prime member (or don’t mind starting a free 30-day trial), a number of the European Amazons are offering 20% off the current used prices of gear that are sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals (not by the marketplace/3rd-party sellers over there).

Here’s an example of the offer at Amazon Germany. You can find the offer in the other EU Amazons by going to their Warehouse Deals pages…

Used Final Audio Design Sonorous III for $196

If you are comfortable with used headphones and you are feeling particularly …sonorous, Amazon Warehouse Deals is offering the Final Audio Design Sonorous III closed-back over-ears for $196 with free US shipping. The new condition price is $300. This is in “Used – Very Good” condition with minor cosmetic imperfections. The user manual is missing and it will come repackaged. All that shaves $100 off the price 🙂

Used Grado SR80e open-back for $87

The new condition open-back Grado SR80e headphones go for $100 at authorized dealers but if you are okay with used headphones, you can get them for $87~ in “Used – Good” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals, or $91~ in “Used – Very Good” condition. You can find these in the USED options of the root Amazon listing

20% off used headphones at Amazon.com’s Warehouse Deals [900+ options]

Amazon.com’s Warehouse Deals [the USA mothership that is] is having a 20% off automatic discount in the shopping cart of over 20K items offered over there. The sale includes over 900 headphone options. Only used items sold by Amazon WD actual are eligible, not items sold by marketplace sellers.

Eligible items hint at the discount when you look at the used listings in detail. The discount happens automatically when you add an eligible item in the shopping cart. No coupon is needed.

I will try to price-check headphones on a time permitting basis but in the meantime please feel free to dig in because quantities are often limited and items of interest may be gone by the time I start price-checking…

This is a limited time offer but I know not when it expires…

PS: this is a parallel promotion to the previously mentioned Amazon Germany WD 20% off promotion…

EU: 20% off 400+ USED headphones at Amazon Germany

For a limited time, Amazon Germany has brought back the 20% off discount on select Amazon.de Warehouse Deals items. Of those, there are nearly 450 items returned under headphones. The eligible items indicate there’s a 20% off discount when you look at the detailed used listings. The discount gets applied automatically in the shopping cart ~ there’s no coupon code to enter.

Note that the discount only works on products sold by Amazon.de’s Warehouse Deals, not by marketplace sellers.

PS: I haven’t yet gone through the listings, more on these after I do so if I find anything exciting…

Used Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT for $50

IF you are looking for a name-brand ANC/bluetooth over-ear headphone, the Sony WH-CH700N is currently on sale for $88 in either color in new condition at Amazon.

But thanks to the previously mentioned 20% off in-cart used AWD promotion, you can get either color in USED condition (“Used – Very Good” or better) starting at $62~ minus 20% off = $50~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

So while $88 is not bad, paying $50 is even better 🙂

EU: Used Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 ohm) for 80 euro

We have our first good deal of the 20% off Warehouse Deals promotion at the Amazons. It is at Amazon Germany and you can get the closed-back over-ear Beyerdynamic DT-770 (80 ohm version) dropping from 100~ to 80~ euro. Shipping is free in Germany-Austria-Etc but extra for everybody else…

NOTE that the discount works only on listings sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals (not marketplace sellers). This applies to all Amazons, USA, Germany, etc [they can’t (yet?) universally force marketplace sellers to take a 20% off hit on their sales] Here’s an example:

20% off Amazon Warehouse Deals (USA and Germany too)

One of the Black Friday traditions is the 20% off discount at Amazon Warehouse Deals. This happens automatically in the shopping cart when you put there products that are eligible for the promotion ~ it is also denoted in the detailed USED listings of such items.

There are currently 82 options in the Headphones category. I will be going through them on a time-permitting basis, but I’m posting it now because supplies are limited, so if you have the time to look for deals, you potentially won’t miss them out!

The same promotion is available at Amazon Germany where they have, as of the time of posting, 270 options in the Headphones sub-category

AS to whether to shop from Amazon USA or Germany, this depends (obviously) on your location and whether you’ll be paying customs, VAT, taxes and such…

Fiio Q1 Mark II: Renewed for $80, Used for $85

The new condition Fiio Q1 Mark II DSD DAC/amp seems to be parked at the $100 price point, but if you want to save some and take on some risk, you can get it for $80 in “renewed” condition [another euphemism for refurbished] from a marketplace seller through Amazon. This is part of Amazon’s “Renewed” program which includes a 90-day “Amazon Renewed” warranty. In this case this is sold and shipped by the marketplace seller (i-Tech Mall) who averages 97% based on 1690 ratings in the last 12 months.

But if you prefer things shipped by Amazon, you can get it in “Used – Very Good” condition [minor cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging] for $85~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual

Used Open-Box Sennheiser HD 300 Closed Over-Ears for $30

If you want to give the new-ish Sennheiser HD 300 closed-back over-ears a try without paying the $50 new condition price, Blinq through Amazon Warehouse Deals has them in “Used – Like New” open-box condition going for $30~ with free US shipping. This ships directly from Blinq and it is not Prime eligible. So no fast shipping for Prime members but on the other hand, everyone gets free shipping (not just Primes)…

These are part of Sennheiser’s newer “streamline the model numbers” line of headphones because let’s face it all those 4.20 and 429 S numbers got the average consumer very mixed up.

I haven’t seen or touched the HD 300 but judging from the pictures, their earpads look very similar to the earpads of the older Sennheiser HD 4.20S which we had a text and pictures unboxing of. The earpads were the best feature of that headphone. So comfy. Just put those on after one of those vice-grip headphones and enjoy the lack of brain crunch 🙂

EI: Used Sony MDR-Z7 closed over-ears for [Prime Deal]

The clock is ticking on this deal as there are only two hours left in the Germany timezone. For Prime members of Amazon Germany, the used closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-Z7 headphones can be yours for 294 in *Used – Good” condition to 315 euro (“Used – Very Good” condition).

Used Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $178 [Prime Deal]

The new condition Bowers & Wilkins PX closed-back over-ear ANC and bluetooth headphones go for $299+ in new condition BUT if you are a Prime member and you are willing to buy USED, you can get the black color scheme in “Used – Very Good” condition for $178, or in “Used – Like New” for $187~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

This too is for Prime members only, it is part of the Warehouse Deals 20% off in-cart promotion that is one of the numerous and hard to keep track of Prime Day offerings

Used 1More Triple Driver IEMs for $40 [Prime Deal]

Prime members had a chance to get the 1more Triple Driver in-ears for $60 in new condition, but if you prefer a lower price and don’t mind used, you can get it for around $40 in “Used – Like New” condition (damaged original packaging) by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. These are much discussed/hype in-ears in an ever-growing sea of options coming in from all directions 🙂 This too is for Prime members thanks to an in-cart discount…

Used Pure Resonance MH10c Closed Over-Ears for $12 to $15

From the looks of it, these look like Superlux / Samson cousins but I haven’t looked it up in the forums, so if you are interested, check to be certain.

The price is certainly right, especially if you are a Prime member, you can get the “Used – Very Good” (damaged original packaging) Pure Resonance Audio MH10C closed-back over-ears for $12 after the in-cart Prime discount. But fear not, if you are not a Prime member, you can buy them for $15~. These are sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) actual…

Used Jabra Move bluetooth on-ears for $20 [Prime]

If you are looking for a budget bluetooth on-ear headphone AND you are a Prime member, during the Prime Day happenings you can get the USED condition closed-back on-ear Jabra Move bluetooths for around $20 with free shipping of course since everyone eligible for the offer is a Prime member.

NOTE: the link above is filtered to show only the ones sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual and shows the lowest price per color. The see more details for a specific color, click on the “See all offers for this product” small link next to the color’s name…

Used Audio Technica ATH-AD500X Open Over-Ears for $45 [Prime only]

The Prime gift that keeps on giving at Amazon Warehouse Deals. This time around we have the “USED – Like New” open-back over-ear Audio Technica ATH-AD500X going for $45~ with free shipping for Prime members thanks to the previously mentioned 20% off in-cart discount for products sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual [Amazon’s own returned/used products reselling service]…

PS: check our earlier post if you are not sure how this 20% off AWD Prime Day discount works…

Used Etymotic ER3SE In-Ears for $86 [Prime]

More discounting at Amazon Warehouse Deals for Prime members, it is the Etymotic ER3-SE in-ears in “Used – Very Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging) going for $86~ with free shipping. There’s only one listing of this, so if you are interested, don’t sleep on it.

Used Koss Porta Pro Open On-Ears for $20 [Prime]

If you don’t need them with a mic/remote, the good old Koss Porta PRO open on-ears go for $30 in new condition BUT if you are a Prime member, you can get them for $20~ in “Used – Like New” condition through Amazon Warehouse Deals. You can’t go wrong with this headphone ~ if nothing else so you can have it as a benchmark for discussion/comparison.

PS: if you need extra earpads, a 6-pack of Koss earpads goes for $5. That’s three pairs and they are compatible with some other headphones including the other underground hit, the KSC-75 clip-ons [unboxing of an older model]…

20% off 160+ USED Headphones at AWD [Prime Day]

Another Prime Day temptation from Amazon, this time of the USED kind (no, not the band). Amazon Warehouse Deals has plenty of USED products offering a 20% off discount when you add them to the shopping cart. They must be sold by “Amazon Warehouse Deals” (Amazon’s used products persona) and be eligible for the promotion. Eligible items mention this in their individual used listings. [screenshot at the bottom of the post]…

Of headphone interest, there are over 160 products in the Headphones category eligible for this promotion. There might be some more that are categorized elsewhere (gaming, phone accessories, etc).

Here is an example of two eligible listings and one ineligible. They are taken from the used listings of the Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC/Bluetooth headphones:

Used (Open Box) Focal Spark in-ears for $25

This is not one of the FOCAL headphones that are generating a lot of forum/audiophile buzz, but they are FOCAL branded nonetheless, the Spark wired in-ears, they are currently available in “Used – Like New” Open-Box condition for $25 in the black and silver color schemes by authorized dealer Gramophone (a B&M A/V dealer in Maryland [Gary Williams NOT included]) through Amazon Warehouse Deals… They are fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime eligible)…

Used Hifiman RE-400a In-Ears for $22

If you want to try out the Hifiman RE-400 series of earphones but don’t want to pay new condition money or risk too much because of Hifiman’s quality control issues, then one option is the Way of the Used because Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) has the RE-400a in-ears (the “a” for Android buttons) going for $22~ in “Used – Very Good” condition. These are sold by AWD actual, not iffy used marketplace sellers…

Used Hifiman HE-560 Planar Open Over-Ears for $319

Amazon Warehouse Deals dive time now, where we find the Hifiman Amazon store offering the “Used – Like New” Hifiman HE-560 planar-magnetic open over-ear headphones for $319 with free shipping. This ships directly from Hifiman’s store and it is not Prime eligible. Per the info in the listing over there, this is the “2.5mm plug version”…

Here’s a written-on screenshot of the aforementioned offering:

ALTERNATELY, there are plenty of used listings of these at Adorama

NOTE: if you are not familiar with the Hifiman Reliability Saga, be sure to check the various audio forums and blogs as they appear to have higher than average breakage rate, so keep that in mind if making a purchase…

Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT Over-Ears: $86 Used, $95 Renewed

If you want a bluetooth and ANC over-ears combo but don’t want to pay the big bucks to get the $300+ competitors from Bose and Sony and such, and you are of the Sony persuasion, the more affordable WH-CH700N model is currently available for under $100 in two different not-new-condition options:

+ $95 in Renewed condition (another name for refurbished) sold and shipped by seller “Chubbiestech” but Prime members get upgraded to faster Prime-like free shipping. It comes with a 90-day “Amazon Renewed” warranty (it is part of the Amazon “Renewed” program)

+ $86~ in “Used – Very Good” condition by Amazon Warehouse Deals

+ the prices may fluctuate dynamically, so YMMV by the time you read this

And as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of said model at our parallel content blog. The PORG you see in the pictures is a “blog pet” ~ it is not included with the headphone 🙂

Used FOCAL ELEGIA closed over-ears for $599

The new condition FOCAL Elegia closed-back over-ears currently go for $699 but if you prefer the way of the used, authorized dealer OneCall has a “Used – Very Good” condition listing going for $599 through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Prime members will get Prime-like delivery speed even though it ships from OneCall (state of Washington, from the “Go Zags” neighborhood)…

[DEAD] Used Senal SMH-1000 Closed Over-Ears for $42

As of a 6/30/19 re-check, this used options sold out…

[Read more…]

EU: Used beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR kit for 254

As of the time of writing there is a “Used – Acceptable” condition listing of the beyerdynamic TEAM TYGR 300 R gaming headset with the FOX USB microphone, together going for 254~ euro. The new condition price is 350 euro. This is sold as a bundle, you don’t add them individually or enter coupon codes. Just add the thing to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout…

EU: Used Audio Technica ATH-MSR7-GM for 132 euro

Audio Technica is also vying for the more stylish segment of the market, and one of their entries in this arena is the closed-back over-ear ATH-MSR7. The “GM” (gunmetal) color scheme of this headphone is currently available in “Used – Good” condition for 132 euro by Amazon Warehouse Deals, or for 139 in “Used – Very Good” condition.

CAUTION: there’s a just launched “fulfilled by Amazon” 3rd-party seller offering it for 150 euro in new condition. Judging by the seller profile, this looks like a high risk transaction, so keep that in mind when price-checking at Amazon, since it is an open-market and iffy sellers manage to sneak through Amazon’s AI filters…