Bose QC 25 ANC Over-Ears for $170, refurb QC20 earphones for $200 [Apple buttons]

Bose has its own official eBay Outlet store and among the items you can find there:

+ manufacturer refurbished Bose QC20 ANC earphones for $180 with full warranty with the Apple remote/mic

+ new condition Bose QC 25 wired ANC headphones for $170 in the white color scheme with the Apple remote/mic

+ QC is short for Quiet Comfort

Refurbished JBL S500 Powered Headphones for $80

A new week is here and so is a refresh of the featured refurbished deals at the official Harman Store. Their latest deal good until Sunday night (10/22/17) is the factory reconditioned JBL Synchros Slate S500 in black or white, going for $80 with free shipping and the original warranty. Limit up to five pairs per color per customer.

These are powered headphones using two AAA batteries (of interest if you like rechargeables (a 12pk of AmazonBasics is on sale for $12 at the moment)) using their “Live Stage DSP” buzzword technology. They are not bluetooth or ANC, just powered.

They come with a carrying case and two cables, one with iOS and one with universal buttons.

Refurbished Denon D7200 Closed Wood Over-Ears w/1yr dealer warranty for $749

The new condition wood Dealer AH-D7200 closed-back over-ears go for $1000 at authorized dealers, but if you want to save some, you can get them in dealer recertified condition with a 1-year warranty from the recertifying dealer OneCall (aka Huppin’s) for $749 with free shipping by OneCall thru Amazon or thru eBay.

Refurbished Yurbuds Ironman Inspire In-Ears for $6 w/free S&H

On the budget side of things, the white color of the Yurbuds Ironman Inspire earphones is available in Refurbished condition (Grade B) with a 90-day warranty going for $6 with free shipping and free returns at specialty discounter Only the white color scheme is available. Not the black color scheme.

Per their help pages, “Grade B” refurbished items are fully functional but may have blemishes, signs of wear, scratches, etc.

UPDATE: it looks like a couple more models are also available for $6 with free shipping including the Inspire Duro Sport earphones in refurbished (Grade A) condition.

[DEAD] Refurbished Harman Kardon BT Bluetooth Square-Pads for $80

This weekly offer expired…

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[DEAD] Phones as DAPs: refurbished LG V10 for $145

This daily deal expired, but Woot’s offers often keep coming back in future daily deals or Woot-OFFs or Leftover deals…

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Refurbished Sony MDR-XB950 B1 for $70 or N1 Over-Ears for $90

Secondipity speciaizes in all things refurbished and they have a couple more Sony over-ear headphones offered in manufacturer refurbished with a 90-day warranty on eBay as follows:

+ refurbished XB950 B1 closed-back over-ear bluetooth for $70

+ refurbished XB950 N1 closed-back over-ear bluetooth AND active noise cancelling (thus the N in the name) for $90

+ limit five of each per customer.

Meanwhile continuing is their offer of the manufacturer refurbished MDR-1000X closed over-ear bluetooth and ANC for $180. With the new second generation now shipping for $350, if you are going to get the previous generation, might as well go refurbished and save money.

[DEAD] Refurbished AKG K3003i In-Ears w/1yr warranty for $500

This weekly deal expired…

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TEAC Reference UD-503 Dual-mono USB DSD DAC/balanced Headphone amplifierfor $730, New Condition for $800

Choices are good, especially when they are distinct and not overwhelming 🙂 The TEAC Reference UD-503 Dual-mono USB DSD DAC/balanced Headphone amplifier is offered in manufacturer refurbished condition with a 2-year warranty per the listing by authorized dealer Hifi Heaven on eBay for $700 plus $30 flat shipping from the Green Bay Packers (okay, Green Bay, Wisconsin).

On the other hand, you can get it in new condition for $800 from Hifi Heaven on eBay but with free shipping on this listing, and Musician’s Friend (available 10/21/17), along with B&H Photo (in-stock now) which lists 10/2/17 PM as the sale expiration date.

Refurbished Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth/ANC for $180

Trending among the latest eBay Daily Deals, Secondipity is offering the closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-1000X bluetooth with ANC headphones in manufacturer refurbished condition for $180 with free shipping in black or beige, with a limit of up to five pairs per customer. They come with a 90-day warranty. They support apt-X and Sony’s own LDAC.

In new condition, these go for $250 at authorized dealers, so that’s a $70 question difference between new and manufacturer refurbished.

But that’s not all, the second generation, with a slightly different name, the awkwardly-named “WH-1000X M2” are in-stock and shipping for their starting price of $350.

So if you are going to get the previous generation model, you might as well pay half the price of the “latest generation”!

Refurbished Audio Technica M40X for $44 w/free S&H

Alto Music is offering refurbished closed-back over-ear Audio Technical M40X headphones for $44 with free shipping through eBay and through Amazon. They ship directly from Alto Music.

Their eBay listing says these are manufacturer refurbished with full warranty. Their Amazon listing does not specify any details.

Refurbished Monoprice Hybrid Tube Amp w/Bluetooth for $56 w/free S&H after coupon

For regular purchases, Monoprice has two coupons good until Saturday night. Coupon FALL gets you $5 off a $25+ order, while coupon SAVINGS is a percentage coupon, 20% off a $200+, their best coupon these days if you are making a big purchase. Keep in mind, only coupon-eligible items count towards the minimum. Meaning if you have $50 of coupon-eligible items in your cart along with $300 in ineligible, you can’t use the coupon. You must have $200+ in coupon-eligible items.

Separate from those coupons, the refurbished Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth, model 15527, drops from $80 to $56 with coupon code 25WATT entered over there. It also qualifies for free standard US shipping!

[DEAD] Manufacturer Refurbished Audeze EL-8 Closed Wood Over-Ear Planars with Warranty for $339

As of a 10/10/17 recheck, this is sold out…

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Refurbished Weekly Deals: JBL E30 for $20, Harman CL for $40, BT for $90

The official Harman Audio / JBL online store [now part of the Samsung Empire of Touch Wiz] changes their featured refurbished deals every week. This round of offers running until Sunday night (9/24/17):

+ refurbished JBL Synchros E30 on-ears for $20
+ refurbished Harman CL rectangular ear-pad on-ears for $40
+ refurbished Harman BT rectangular ear-pad bluetooth on-ears for $90

They offer free shipping and original warranty with their recertified offers.

Phones as DAPs: certified refurbished LG V10 for $180, refurb LG V20 for $290, or NEW for $390

The LG V30 was just announced, with a price expected to be somewhere between the Galaxy S8+ and the Note 8. But if you want a smartphone with some quality audio and don’t need to have the latest and greatest model, the previous generations of the LG V-series are dropping in price as follows:

+ certified refurbished LG V10 (Unlocked T-Mobile model) for $180 by marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible)

+ certified refurbished LG V20 (T-Mobile) for $290

+ new condition, USA model with USA warranty LG V30 (Titan Grey) for $390

Why Use a Smartphone as a DAP

We call using smartphones as digital audio players PADs (Phones As DAPs). You can get something like a Fiio X1 [text unboxing here] for under $100, so why would you need a smartphone?

One reason is because you want to use music subscription services, and phones are better at running Android apps than the few DAPs that are running GooglePLAY Android.

Another reason is because you also want to use the smartphone as a phone, or use it for various other purposes, eg as a media remote control at home, a bedtime Wifi device (so you don’t eat up your daily driver phone’s battery or sleep with an AC charging cable next to your head), and so forth…

More on this in a future post.

What is Amazon’s Certified Refurbished?

On Amazon, “Certified Refurbished”, when indicated so on the product listing, is a program run by Amazon that offers refurbished products that include a minimum 90-day warranty, and a charger or cable (that may or may not be original). More details at the Certified Refurbished Home page.

Amazon only allows some sellers to participate in this, so in theory, you would have more leverage in case of warranty issues, because if a seller is playing games with you, you can call Amazon’s customer service and complain, and if they are caught mistreating customers, they can lose their status in the “certified refurbished” program, or even get booted off the program.

[DEAD] Manufacturer Refurbished Audeze EL-8 Closed Wood Over-Ear Planars with Warranty for $339

As of 9/19/17 AM re-check, this is sold out again. If you missed it, fear not ~ this seems to be going in and out every few days, so chances are it may return in the future…

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Refurbished Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones for $90 w/full warranty

The official Parrot eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones in the black color scheme for $90 with free shipping and a full warranty with a limit of up to five units per customer during this sale.

These have many techie features, bluetooth (but it’s 3.0 though), touch controls, noise cancelling, custom app, “Street mode” (lets outside sounds in), and NFC.

Refurbished Audio Technica with Full Warranty: ATH-M30X for $44, M40X for $70, M20X for $38, M70X for $200

If you are a fan of manufacturer refurbished headphones with full warranty and lower prices, the Alto Music eBay store has a trio of manufacturer refurbished Audio Technica ATH headphones with full warranty:

+ refurbished ATH-M30X for $44 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M20X for $38 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M70X for $200 with free shipping

+ these are factory repacked
+ Alto Music is a 99.9% eBay seller, shipping from New York

SOLD OUT since original post

+ refurbished ATH-M40X for $70 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M50X White for $108 with free shipping

Weekly Deals: Refurbished JBL J55 On-Ears for $17, Under Armour BT Earphones for $40

A new week has arrived and that means the refurbished deals at the official Harman Audio store (owner of JBL, AKG, Yurbuds brands; and the company itself’s parent company now owned by Samsung), and among them are two deals of the week running until 9/17/17 or earlier if sold out:

+ refurbished JBL J55 on-ears for $17 in three colors

+ refurbished JBL Under Armour wireless (bluetooth) earphones for $40 in black

+ free shipping on all purchases, original warranty included unless otherwise indicated in the listings

Jabra Step Bluetooth Earbuds for $22 [updated]

These were not greeted as =liberators when they were released going for a lot more, so this is a chance to scoop up them for a lot less, assuming you can live with their trade-offs. Check reviews first ~ they average 3 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews and have a lucky 13 answered questions.

You can get them fulfilled by Amazon in either New Condition for $22, or in refurbished condition for $20 [WAS $16]. Non-Prime members need a $25+ order for free shipping.

Price updated here 9/11/17.

[DEAD] Refurbished AUDEZE EL-8 Open Back Planars for $340 (with Warranty)

As of a 9/5/17 PM re-check, this sold out and is no longer available in refurbished condition at this price…

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Refurbished Harman Kardon CL-Z On-Ears for $40 w/FS

Another offer running at the NewEgg website, the official Harman Kardon NewEgg store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Harman Kardon CL-Z square/rectangular-pad on-ears for $40 with free shipping. Limit up to 20 sets per customer. Sale ends 9/2/17. No coupon/rebate necessary.

[DEAD] Refurbished AKG K619 Closed On-Ears for $20 w/free S&H

This offer expired…

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[DEAD] Tuesday: refurbished Powerbeats 3 for $85

This daily deal expired…

Good until 11:59pm eastern on Tuesday August 22 in 2017, you can get the refurbished Powerbeats 3 exercise bluetooth earphones for $85 with free shipping from All4Cellular as one of their daily deals. It is available in multiple color schemes on the listing there. They come with a 90 day warranty from A4C, not from Beats.

[DEAD] Refurbished JBL Synchros S700 Powered Over-Ears for $100

This weekly sale expired…

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Refurbished AKG N495NC for $80, Harman BT for $90

There are two headphones in the refurbished deals at the official Harman Audio store on sale until 8/20/17 PM. The AKG K495 NC goes for $80 [check reviews because it has a low rating), while the Harman Audio BT (with rectangular pads) goes for $90. BT as in bluetooth with apt-X support.

[DEAD] TEAC UD-503 Dual-Monaural USB DAC with Full Balanced Headphone Amp for $850 after coupon

The promotions mentioned in this post expired…

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Woot Headphone Sale (these last longer)

In addition to their daily deals, Woot also has a variety of other groups of deals that last longer. One such is a headphone sale featuring five different headphones with various expiration dates in the future. They include:

  • new condition Philips M2L for $70 (these are Lightning-connector headphones)
  • new condition JLAB Audio FLEX Studio DJ Style Headphones for $20
  • new condition Philips SHO7205 O’Neill The Construct for $30
  • refurbished Sony MDR-ZX600 On Ears for $30
  • refurbished Plantronics BackBeat Fit IP57 Waterproof Bluetooth Sport neckband earphones for $40

shipping is a $5 flat fee for everything you buy from Woot during a single day. A day is defined as in the Central time zone (that’s where Woot is), midnight to midnight.

[DEAD] Friday: refurb Powerbeats 3 for $90

This daily deal expired but offers are often recurring at A4C…

Good until 11:59pm ET today (Friday 8/11/17), you can get four different colors of the Powerbeats 3 bluetooth earphones for $90 with free shipping at All 4 Cellular (A4C). They come with a 90-day warranty covered by A4C

Refurbished Turtle Beach Elite 800 Premium Wireless Gaming Headset (Playstation) for $150

And now something for the gamers. The certified refurbished Turtle Beach Elite 800 Premium Wireless Surround Sound Noise Cancellation Gaming Headset for the PlayStation (PS4 Pro/PS4/PS3) in the black color scheme is on sale for $150 with free shipping, with a limit of up to three headsets per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual, one of the rare occasions where Amazon actual is selling certified refurbished products.

[DEAD] Refurbished AKG K545 Closed Over-Ears for $100

This recurring offer is expired as of 8/16/17 re-checking…

The official Harman Audio online store also has some weekly sales at their refurbished store, headlined by the closed-back over-ear AKG K545 headphones going for $100 with free shipping. Next to them you’ll find the J55* on-ears for $17 with free shipping.

PS: if you are not familiar with the price range of AKG and JBL products, be sure to look them up, because there is a big gap between the regular prices and sale prices.

Refurbished Sony PHA1A portable DAC/amp for $150

The Sony PHA1A portable DAC/amp in the silver color scheme is currently available in Refurbished condition, in brown box packaging, with a 90-day warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee by Secondipity through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from Secondipity but if you are a Prime member, you get Prime-like shipping speed (may depend on how close you are shipping-wise to the Secondipity facilities).

Refurbished JBL Synchros E30 On-Ears for $20 w/free S&H

On the budget side of things, the manufacturer refurbished JBL E30 closed-back folding on-ears are on sale for $20 with free shipping in three different color schemes by the official JBL store through the NewEgg website. The offer ends Saturday night.

[DEAD] Tuesday: Phones as DAPs: refurbished LG V20 for $285 [or $400 NEW]

These Tuesday offers expired…

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Refurbished Zune HD for $70

Between smartphones and a resurgent media player market, there are plenty of choices to play music with a portable device. But if you happen to be looking for a good old Microsoft Zune HD, it is available in certified refurbished condition for $70 by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so it is Prime eligible.