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NuForce BE2 bluetooth in-ears for $15

Good until Saturday MAR-2-2019 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if it sells out), you can get the new condition NuForce BE2 necklace-style bluetooth in-ears for $15 with free US shipping at B&H Photo. The sale is only available on the white color scheme.

These have double-flanged eartips, with bluetooth 4.1 and support AAC streaming…

Thursday: Bose SoundSport wired earphones for $50

Two days in a row now with a headphone-related daily deal at the Best Buy website, this time, for the last day in February 2019 [yep, two months are already gone from 2019, that’s 1/6th of the year gone BYE-BYE], it is the new condition Bose Soundsport wired earphones going for $50 with free shipping or free store pickup when that’s possible/available…

This is an older Bose style, they are neither earbuds, nor in-ears in the true sense of the word. There is a speaker-ish protrusion that breaks the plane of the ear canal, however, they don’t have the squishy eartip that forms a seal. The plus side is that they are more comfortable for people who have issues traditional in-ears, but on the other hand, you can’t get a seal, so say goodbye to isolation with these.

I don’t want to create a separate website category just for these, so I either put them under earbuds or in-ears 🙂

I have a different older model of these, they have their uses, and those “Stay Hear” things do indeed help them stay on your ear.

Speaking of Thursday’s daily deals, at the German Amazon Gold Bawx there’s a couple of truly-wireless bluetooths from Arbily [that’s the brand name] ranging from 40 to 48 euros…

Wednesday: Feed your DAPs, Backup your FLACs!

Humans need to eat every day but the DAPs and PADs are not that hungry. But they must needs eat too, so if they need feeding, there’s a big Sandisk storage sale at the Amazon USA Gold Box daily deals running until Thursday FEB-28 in 2019 at 3am ET. The sale includes the 200GB Sandisk Ultra microSD card for $29.21 and the 400GB for $62.30. The 200GB is the bang for the buck of the two. But regardless, make sure your DAPs/PADs are compatible and perform as expected with them before buying them. This especially if you have older devices or devices without newer firmware updates.

On the FLAC (and other digital music) storage front, the sale also includes a vast variety of USB flash drives, conventional, tiny, and double-sided (connector wise that is). On top of that, there’s a sale on various Western Digital [which has purchased Sandisk a few months ago] external and gaming hard drives up to 10TB [that’s a lot of music].

And if you prefer SSD style storage, an external G-Technology USB flash drive that is advertised as more durable goes for $168.

You can buy up to two of each individual offering ~ or as many their shopping cart lets you buy 🙂

Wedn: Beats Solo3 wireless on-ears for $160

Good for Wednesday FEB-27-2019, one of the Best Buy deals du jour is the new condition Apple Beats Solo 3, a bluetooth closed-back on-ears with some Apple-ish W1 technology mixed in going for $160 with free shipping or free store pick-up if that’s available at a nearby store.

As of the time of writing, did not price-match it…

Losing the adapters? Cable with built-in for $7

If your nemesis is lost audio cable adapters at the most inopportune moments, this cable has the 1/4″ adapter permanently attached to the cable, so you can easily switch between 1/4″ and 1/8″. It is available in three sizes and starts at $7 and eligible for Prime shipping

Tuesday: 20% off most Monoprice headphones and such under $500

A parallel coupon, promo code SURPRISE1 gets you 20% off most Monoprice brand products under $500 at their website. The maximum discount with the coupon is $100, so you have to prioritize what you want to get if your order total is over $500. As you can see at the aforelinked page, a number of headphone-related products drop interestingly:

+ M600 open over-ears drop from $80 to $64

+ M300 planar in-ears drop from $100 to $80

+ M1060 planar open over-ears drop from $250 to $200

+ Truly Wireless drop from $50 to $40

+ the above four items mentioned come with free standard US shipping

More headphone-related items are eligible, but these days Monoprice has so many headphones, earphones, DACs, amps and assorted cables and accessories that due to time constraints I cannot coupon-test right now…

Exclusions and restrictions apply. The linked-to page above has a link to the exclusions list, or more easily, you can test the coupon in the shopping cart and it will show what qualifies. You don’t need an account/login to test the coupon

Tuesday: Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone System for $560

Good until the end of day on Tuesday FEB-26-2019 in the pacific time zone, promo code SURPRISE2 gets you 20% off most Monoprice brand products priced over $500, and among them is the Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone System which, thanks to the coupon discount, drops from $700 to $560. It also comes with free standard US shipping.

It has one detailed customer review over there, so for more on it, your favorite audio forums, websites and search engines are your e-static friends 🙂

20% off sitewide at HDTracks when you buy two or more albums

It’s a sitewide coupon sale at HD Tracks! Coupon code HD26FEB gets you 20% off when you buy two more albums. The discount is sitewide , so it’s a good opportunity to pick up music that rarely gets discounted. There are some exclusions to the sale: music that is already on sale by the record labels. You can muse the coupon as many times as you like until it expires at the very last second of February 2019 in the eastern time zone.

Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs for $50 [MD]

With three days and change left (as of the time of this post), Massdrop is offering a $50 IEM, it’s the new condition Echobox Audio Finder X1, showing that not all IEMs at MD are triple figure or above!

It comes with a clamshell case along with various different type eartips, but that’s not all, this one has “tuning filters”. Whether you find these useful or not, it’s up to you. Some like that, others find them as mostly gimmicky-marketing. We blog, you decide!

Despite the low price they come with a 3-year parts and labor warranty covered by the manufacturer and will ship from MD itself in late March 2019. US shipping is FREE, while international shipping appears to be under $8 for the various countries in various continents that I tried in the shopping cart. But obviously I can’t test every country out there – rumor has it there are hundreds of them and more are getting made every day 😉

Massdrop x Grace Design Standard DAC for $80

The Grace is Gone insists the Dave Matthews Band, but Massdrop begs to differ as they have brought back their Massdrop x Grace Design Standard DAC for $80 with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This listing is a bit different in that the sale is open for 24 days and change [from blog-posting date]. The orders will ship from Massdrop in late April 2019. This is made up high [no pun intended?] in Colorada 🙂

It has USB Micro (aka microUSB) audio input and output is RCA and 3.5mm TRS. It is USB Class 1.

The length of the drop that is unusual that I mentioned above? That’s because this is one of the “new product in manufacturing process”, thus the longer time. On the plus side, this gives you more time to research it and read reviews and comparisons and the like…

TFZ King II IEMs for $85, LTD for $105 [MD]

Rock and roll is king claims some fans, and the makers of TFZ claim that their IEMs are king. So much so that they named them so 🙂 Silliness aside, running at Massdrop for the next three days and change [as of the time of writing] is a sale on the TFZ King II in-ears for $85 with a choice of four different color schemes. Or for $105 you can buy the King LTD in-ears which are available in three different color schemes.

These will ship in early April, just after the 2019 NCAA basketball Final Four, and they ship from Massdrop. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing.

If you prefer instant gratification, some of the models are available for $100 with Prime shipping at… Or if you are not in a hurry and you know how things work, you can try your luck at Ali Express

Otium M10 bluetooth earphones for $16

This latest Last Chance sale at the Woot website that runs until the end of February 2019 [or earlier if sold out] includes two budget bluetooth models:

+ Otium M10 magnetic necklace-style earphones for $16 with 1-year warranty
+ TRIGGER WARNING for Stormlight Archive fans because the name sounds like Odium ^_^

+ Marquee Innovations truly-wireless AirPod-style for $19 with a 90-day warranty

Shipping is FREE for Prime members [as long as you link your Woot account with your Amazon Prime account ~ this is a one time thing]. Non-Prime members pay a flat $6 shipping fee [it used to be $5] for all orders placed during a single calendar day in the Central time zone [that’s where Woot lives].

Nuraphone Wireless headphones for $320 or 319 euro

The smartypans Nuraphone Wireless [bluetooth] headphones are one of the Amazon Germany deals of the day going for 319.20 euro with free shipping in Germany. Shipping is extra in other countries. Shipping restrictions apply as usual because even though we have internet flowing across the world, shipments are caught up in all sorts of crazy geo-socio-corporate-o-political nonsense #RANT

They are also a new drop at Massdrop going for $320 and optionally you can add cables for $more$. They will ship from Massdrop in mid-March…

Monoprice Triple Driver earphones for $30 w/free S&H

Speaking of Monoprice, for those not interested in waiting for coupons or assembling a large enough offer so you can use the coupon, they are currently having an offer on the new condition Triple Driver earphones, they are going for $30 with free standard US shipping… I haven’t tested them with any coupons to see if they are stackable, so YMMV… These have a 1-button remote and mic, and average 4.3 out of 5 based on 95 Monoprice customer reviews..

NOTE: this used to go by the name “Triple Driver XXX” but someone at Monoprice marketing woke up one sweet day to the realization that “XXX” has another rather more famous meaning 😉

UPDATE: speaking of Monoprice, their closed-back over-ear 8323 with Bluetooth aka PID 24735, is down to the very specific price of $25.60 with free standard US shipping with up to 20 units per customer. Note that the reviews are blended with the good old 8323 headphones and the vast majority of those reviews are of the older 8323.

Monoprice Metal Omega headphone stand for $18 w/FS

There are plenty of acrylic and wooden omega-shaped [as in the greek letter “omega”] headphone stands, but if you are a fan of metal, Monoprice is having both a discount AND a free standard US shipping promotion on their silver headphone stand for $18 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price…

I haven’t tested this with any coupons, so YMMV if it is stackable [sometimes sale items are not coupon eligible, sometimes they are ~ it’s hard to guess without trying them in the shopping cart]…

Feed the EU DAPs: 128GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD for 23 euro

For audiophiles shopping in the EU, Amazon Germany has dropped the price of the new condition 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD to 23 euro and you can buy up to five cards at the sale price. It is not a lightning deal, so you can buy as many as you like. It has many buzzword features (various element-proofs, SD adapter included, Class 10, U3, etc, etc, etc)…

There is some confusion as to the difference between these red/white cards and the green Select. The internet consensus appears to be that the green Select cards are simply exclusive rebrands for Amazon. This allows Amazon to set and adjust pricing without having to deal with the whole MAP song and dance.

As always, if you have older devices, make sure they are compatible with 128GB cards before you buy them. And by compatible I don’t just mean that it’s mentioned so in the manual, but you search in the forums to make sure actual people using them in actual devices have no problems or performance issues with them…

Sunday: refurb BOSE headphone sale (six options, $85 to $237)

Beats and Bose, they break my bones lament some audiophiles in the forums, but if you are not part of the Bose lament, Woot is having a refurbished BOSE headphone sale as part of their Sunday FEB-24-2019 daily deals which run until 11:59pm central time [or earlier for any model that sells out ahead of time].

All the models mentioned below are sold refurbished and come with a “90 Day Certified PreLoved Warranty”. That’s the name shown at Woot, cut and pasted here, it’s not a smart-aleck “translation” on my part 🙂 The warranty link over there points to the warranty’s website

+ QC35 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $237
+ QC15 ANC Over-Ears for $135
+ QC2 ANC for $85

+ QC30 neckband ANC + bluetooth earphones for $190
+ QC20i ANC earphones for $165
+ Soundsport wired earphones (no ANC, no BT) for $100

1More Triple Driver Over-Ears for $130 [MD]

One more [no pun intended] headphone’s price is coming down to earth. The 1More Triple Driver Over-Ears are now going for $130 at Massdrop with the offer running for the next five days and change [from blog-posting date]… Note that despite the open-ish look of the earcup grills, these are closed-back headphones…

They are estimated to get shipped around the start of March Madness 2019 [mid-March] from Massdrop. There is no mention of warranty in the listing… They average 4 stars and change based on 15 Massdrop customer reviews…

Klipsch Reference On-Ear II for $44 [limit 2]

While price-checking and surfing around for the previous Klipsch post, this one surfaced too, it is the new condition Reference On-Ear II, another closed-back on-ear model [as the name suggests], in the black color scheme, going for $44 with free shipping by Amazon actual with a limit of two per customer… These average 3.7 out of 5 based on 90+ customer reviews…

Klipsch R6i Closed On-Ears for $29

If you are a fan of the Klipsch headphones or shopping the price point, as of the time of writing, Amazon actual is offering the new condition Klipsch R6i closed on-ears for $29 with free shipping. They have a 3-button remote but it is not detachable so you can’t reuse the cable. But they come with a drawstring pouch which can be used with other headphones [as long as they fit inside that is]…

These average 4.2 out of 5 based on 55 customer reviews…

Or for a few dollars more, as of the time of writing, the new condition Reference On-Ears go for $40 but in the white color scheme. These are however sold by a marketplace seller with the orders “fulfilled by Amazon”. This model averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 66 customer reviews.

Used 2007 Book on Import/Export market of Audio parts for $7

In addition to headphone-related stuff, I occasionally post random “deep cut” type of audio-related products. This is one of those “occasionally” times. Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) has a used copy of the book with the railroad title of “The 2007 Import and Export Market for Parts for Audio-Frequency Electric Amplifiers, Microphones, Loudspeakers, Headphones, Earphones, and Combined Microphone-Speaker Sets in United States” for $7 and it is Prime eligible, so if you are a Prime member, shipping is free as usual as AWD actual is the seller

Audio Technica ATH-AD500X Open Over-Ears for $68.50

Sennheiser and Grado are not the only ones with a sizeable open-back line-up. Less memorably named they are, but Audio Technica too has their AD-line of open-backs, and the entry-point in this line-up is the ATH-AD500X which currently goes for $70 by Amazon actual but it is currently restricted to Prime members… But that’s not all, when you are logged on to your Amazon account, there’s an option to clip-on a $1.50 off clip-on coupon, dropping the price down to $68.50…

For whatever reason Amazon has grouped three different models from this line-up in the same root listing, so you have to go through the customer reviews and filter them by this option. The review score you see there is an aggregate of all three models. Strange that Amazon hasn’t figured how to sort this out yet ~ considering how obsessive they are with data and AI 🙂

If you are not a Prime member, or if you are not fond of the way Amazon does things, they are on sale for $70 by Walmart actual

Panasonic RP-HTX80B Closed Over-Ears for $44

If you are looking for retro-style but bluetooth headphone, the gray-black color scheme of the Panasonic RP-HTX80B closed-back over-ear headphones is now down to the very specific price of $43.89 by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like and it is not a lightning deal, so prices are organically/dynamically adjusted by the Amazon Price Bots (TM). The new condition price is low enough it surpasses the used prices of other colors of the same model…

IF you are curious about this headphone, we have a text and pictures unboxing of the black color scheme.

Thur: NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones for $35

Good until Thursday at 11:59pm eastern time, you can get the new condition NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones for $35 with free US shipping as one of the deals of the day at B&H Photo. Only this color gun-metal scheme is on sale. These are necklace-style, with earhooks and double flange.

Used Sony WH-CH500 bluetooth on-ear for $33

If you are looking for Sony bluetooth on-ear headphones of a recent generation, their WH-CH500 in the black color-scheme is currently available in multiple listings for the very specific price of $32.54 in “Used – Very Good” condition and $34.29 in “Used – Like New” by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual [this link shows ONLY those listings where AWD is the actual seller].

AS it is often the case with Sony headphones, there are many more listings from other marketplace sellers with an increased risk [especially those with thin profiles and even more so the “Just Launched” fly-by-night types], especially if they are not fulfilled by Amazon. This listing shows all sellers.

They average 4 out of 5 based on 160+ customer reviews, and they were revealed at CES 2018 which feels like yesterday even those it was 13.5 months ago!

NOTE: we have here a text and pictures unboxing of a different model in this series, the over-ear WH-CH700N

Sony has over/on-ear bluetooth headphones in some of their lines of products as well, including their good old ZX-series and the basshead-friendly XB-series…

Ends Thur 8am ET: CAD MH310 studio for $40

Good until Thursday at 8am eastern (FEB-21-2019) as the current deal of the day at Musician’s Friend is the new condition CAD MH310 closed-back over-ears going for $40 with free shipping. This looks like another variant or homage of the AKG/Samson/Superlux…

Used Kensington K33137 Closed On-Ears under $7

Yes, we are in the middle of another used headphone searching at Amazon Warehouse Deals and this time we have a budget closed-back on-ear model that has stood the test of time while flying under the radar. It is the Kensington K33137 which averages 3.9 out of 5 based on nearly 200 customer reviews and goes for under $7 in “Used – Acceptable” condition and $8.33 in “Used – Very Good” condition [this listing says it is repackaged]. All these at Amazon Warehouse Deals

NOTE that Kensington has recently released a newer on-ear sub-line, and the closed on-ear goes for $17 from Amazon itself. This is model name K97602WW. Memorize it, it will be on the Head-Fi Budget Gurus entrance exam 😉

Used Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO (250) for $104

If you are not a perfectionist, the Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 ohm) are available in “Used – Acceptable” condition [check description over there] for $104 with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. The description there says “major cosmetic damages”, thus the “not a perfectionist” comment. Since they don’t have pictures of the item, the “damages” are left up to the imagination 🙂

Koss Porta PRO lightweight on-ears for $31 [black]

The black/silver [the one with the cyan-blue accents] is the iconic Koss Porta PRO Walkman-era headphone, but if you prefer a more black color scheme, the more recently released black color scheme [it still has some silver] is currently down to $31 and change by Amazon actual. It is not a lighting deal, so the price can change dynamically as time goes by. Even if you don’t like this price, this is something to keep at the back of your mind as it currently goes for a couple of dollars under the original color scheme.

For those not familiar, note that these are open-back!

However, if you must have a mic/remote combo, then $38 gets you the Massdrop x Koss edition. Shipping varies depending on location, but these are lightweight and foldable, so international shipping should be fairly low.

But that’s not all. Koss finally woke up to the staying power of this model and they have released a few other variants as you can in the Amazon listings. There are enough colors/options to color-code them by the day of the week 😉

VE Monks Plus earbuds for $5 + S&H [options w/mic-remote for more]

They are baaaack! VE Monk fans, unite and take over! Good for the next four days and change, Massdrop has brought back the Venture Electronics Monk Plus earbuds. Yes, for those not familiar, these are actual earbuds, not in-ears. This time it is the “exclusive blue” color scheme.

The price is $5 for the base model without a mic/remote. The option with a standard mic/remote is $7, or if you prefer the Android mic/remote you pay $10. For cable fans, they offer the braided cable for +$15. Yes, the cable costs 3X the price of the base earbud 🙂 However, this option also includes a VE-branded carrying case. The earfoams vary depending on the cable package chosen.

Shipping is extra regardless. US shipping is under $5, and international under $10, but I can’t check every zipcode and every country and situation, so YMMV ~ the only way you can be sure is to enter your addresses of choice and see the estimate…

I bought the red variant many moons ago, here’s my text and pictures unboxing [including the legendary (???) Massdrop-branded envelope]. There’s also an experimental and incomplete review diary.

EU: used Shure SRH-440 closed over-ears for 40e

The closed-back over-ear Shure SRH-440 used to be found in many “Headphones for $100” lists before the explosion of ChiFi and Bluetooth and such. Shure is based in Chicago but their prices these days can be lower in Europe. Case in point the 440 goes for 70 euro in new condition, but if you want to pay even less, you can get it starting at 40 euro in “Used – Good” condition or 42 in “Used – Very Good” or 44 in “Used – Like New” at Amazon Warehouse Deals

It does not have modern amenities like a mic/remote, but the cable is detachable and it’s been around long enough that most of the mods that can be done to it have already been discovered in the forums and in the blogs.

EU: Sennheiser HD 559 open over-ears for 66 euro

The latest generation of the Sennheiser HD 5?? series ends in 9s, but numbers can sometimes be deceiving because the new HD 559 is now the entry-point into this line-up because Sennheiser did not offer a numeric-replacement for the HD 518. So keep that in mind and, as always, read forums and reviews for any products you may not be familiar with…

Which brings us to the new condition open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 559 headphones, on sale for the very specific price of 65.90 euro by Amazon Germany actual, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. This is not however a lightning deal, so the price can change in any direction at any time…

Panasonic RP-HT161 Lighter Over-Ears for $13

On the budget side of things, at Amazon USA, if you prefer a non-fully-solid headband, they are offering the new condition Panasonic RP-HT161-K closed-back over-ear lighter-ish [weight-wise] headphones for $13 and you can buy as many as you like. Note that these have a 6.5 foot cable. It has the XBS logo on it, so keep that in mind [XBS = Extra Bass System].

NOTE also that its reviews are mixed-in with an on-ear model that resides on the same root listing, so when reading both the customer reviews and the answered-questions, make sure they are referring to this model and not the other.

Free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order of eligible items…

Tuesday (EU): “Logitech” audio sale returns

For Tuesday at Amazon Germany there is a Logitech umbrella audio sale. Umbrella because Logitech has picked up a few audio companies along the way including Ultimate Ears and Jaybird and more recently Blue Mic too.

This Amazon Germany sale features Jaybird bluetooth earphones, two necklace-style (Light Sport for 59 euro and Freedom 2 for 79), along with the truly wireless “Run Sport” for 119 euro [which by the way we have a text and pictures unboxing and a review of which is in the ever-growing to-do list]…

The remaining sale items are Ultimate Ears bluetooth speakers…

EU: Technics RP-DJ1200 for 100 euro

For a limited time, Amazon Germany actual is offering the new condition Technics RP-DJ1200 headphones for 100 euro, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. These are true DJ headphones, not fashion items 🙂 They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 70+ customer reviews…