Losing the adapters? Cable with built-in for $7

If your nemesis is lost audio cable adapters at the most inopportune moments, this cable has the 1/4″ adapter permanently attached to the cable, so you can easily switch between 1/4″ and 1/8″. It is available in three sizes and starts at $7 and eligible for Prime shipping

Koss KPH30i Lightweight On-Ears for $20 + S&H [MD]

Also with 4 days and change left [from blog-posting time] is the new condition Koss KPH30i lightweight on-ears offered for $20 plus shipping in your choice of color scheme [three options are available]. They do come with a mic/remote combo, as do other Massdrop x Koss products. They will ship end of November and come with the usual Koss lifetime warranty.

In other MD action, the Fanmusic C6 cables which fit the HD 6XX and HD 58X but also the HD580, 600 and 650, are offered for $60 with free US shipping. At checkout you can select between 1/4″ or 4-pin XLR. The shipping estimate is just before Christmas 2018.

Speaking of Massdrop, if you are interested in closed-back headphones, they have a running Interest Check thread on closed-back headphones. If there any closed headphones you’d like to see offered there, this is a good opportunity to convince MD to bring them but also fellow shoppers to want them, so they can add their voice/support for model-of-interest 🙂

Monolith RCA Cables with free shipping (under $20)

If you like the Monoprice Monolith brand and need some RCA cables, Monoprice is offering free standard US shipping on their four Monolith RCA cables. But that’s not all. Two of the sizes are on sale as well. The 9 foot cable goes for $18, while the 12 foot cable goes for $20. No coupon, it’s an old fashioned sale.

PS: the free shipping promotion on this is a good opportunity to append other small things (that don’t get free shipping on their own) to your order. Depending on location, shipping options and order size (physical) their shipping fee may be partially or completely absorbed. Or get offered one of those $7 flat “1-2 business day delivery” options, in which case, you can fill up the cart with non-monster-sized products for the flat fee.

Refurbished Apple Lightning to USB (Type A) cable for $4 w/FS

For a limited time, TechRabbit is offering the refurbished 1 meter Apple Lightning to USB Type A cable for $4 with free shipping. Yes free shipping even if you don’t buy anything else. That’s because everything on their website gets free shipping. You can buy as many as you like.

3ft Monoprice MIDI Cable (5-pin DIN) for $0.92

If you are planning an Amazon order, this is something to append to your order. The new condition 3-foot Monoprice MIDI Cable with 5 Pin DIN Plug (Black, model 108532) is currently on sale for $0.92 by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like but this is an Add-ON item, so your order total must be $25+ regardless of Prime membership status.

Speaking of Add-On items, this 3.3 foot C2G/Cables to Go USB Extension Cable is on sale for $1.67. This is a USB 2.0 cable, male on one side, female on the other (thus, an extension cable). The 2 meter version (6.6ft) goes for $3 and the 3 meter (9.84 ft) goes for $2.78.

All the items mentioned in this post are Add-ONs but they have no purchase quantity limits, so you can get to $25+ by any combination of the above cables.

Monoprice USB-C cables and select iPod cases for $3 w/free S&H

The only thing magical about these cables is their price! $3 with free shipping is all you pay for a wide variety of USB-C cables (USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to micro-USB, USB-C to USB A (full size)) in various colors in the middle of this Monoprice accessories sale. Free shipping for every single item featured on that page. No minimum purchase, no coupon needed!

But that’s not all. Use your browser’s in-page search function to search for “iPod” and you will find three iPod cases for $3 with free shipping each. Two of them are for the iPod Nano 5th generation, and one for the iPod Touch 2nd/2rd generation.

[DEAD] FREE after Rebate: Rosewill RAC-10BK 10ft Audio Cable

This “FAR” offer expired…

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Free After Mail-In Rebate: Rosewill RCW-H9007 6 ft. Digital Coaxial Audio Cable (M/M)

Don’t do this if you hate mail-in rebates! But if you are a seasoned pro of mail-in rebates, NewEgg is offering this Rosewill RCW-H9007 6 ft. Digital Coaxial Audio Cable Male to Male for FREE after an $8 mail-in rebate. You pay $8 at checkout. Free shipping. Sales tax is not included in the mail-in rebate, so that’s on you.

The offer ends Thursday night or earlier if sold out. Limit one mail-in rebate per household. A PDF with the rebate details is available below the egg-y “Add to Cart” button.

AmazonBasics 3.5mm Coiled Stereo Audio Cable for $1.76

If you like coiled 3.5mm audio cables, you are in luck! This is back in-stock and it continues to be on sale, the new condition AmazonBasics 3.5mm Coiled Stereo Audio Cable is on sale for $1.76 each, with a limit of up to 27 cables per customer.

One catch though is that these are ADD-ON items, so you need to have a shopping cart of $25+ in eligible items. You can do this with any combination of eligible products. Or you can get 15 or more of these (you can’t buy fractional cables].

It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 900+ customer reviews. I will be getting a couple with my next Amazon order out of curiosity. Here’s a picture from their product gallery in the meantime:

[DEAD] 3ft Monoprice 3.5mm M/M Audio Cable (mobile friendly, gold plated) for $0.99 with free shipping

The price of the cable remains 99c, but the free shipping promotion ended. So strategically, this now is best to be added to a larger order where it’s so small and lightweight it won’t affect the S&H fee much (if any)…

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Motorola 3.5mm audio cable (or 2pk Chromo cables) for $2.50 w/free S&H

All 4 Cellular launched a limited time 50% off coupon promotion. Coupon SUMMER50 gets you 50% off all the items listed on that page, which include this Motorola 3.5mm music cable dropping from $5~ to $2.50~ with free shipping. Everything on their website gets free shipping, even cables! One side of the 3.5mm cable is straight, the other is right angle. This is a male to male cable.

Or if you want a better bang for the buck, you can get a 2-pack of Chromo 3.5mm audio cables also for $2.50 with free shipping after the coupon. The price is $5 before the coupon. There are six different color options for the 2-packs. This too is one straight and one right angle M/M cable.

Monoprice 3.5mm Stereo Plug to 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Stereo Jack Adaptor for $1.03

If you are planning to place a $25+ order at Amazon, or if you need 25+ of these little critters, the Monoprice 3.5mm Stereo Plug to 6.35mm (1/4 Inch) Stereo Jack Adaptor, gold plated, is on sale for $1.03, in new condition at Amazon by Amazon actual. The catch is that this is an Add-ON item, so their shopping cart will refuse to let you buy this, unless your order total is $25+ in eligible products.

This averages 4 out of 5 based on almost 300 customer reviews, and has almost 30 questions answered. NOTE however that a number of customer reviews are pointing out that it doesn’t fit their devices/instruments/situations or work as expected, so YMMV.

6ft RCA Audio Cable for $1.41

And now an appetizer! The RCA 6-foot audio cable (PET20-7120) is currently on sale for $1.41 at Amazon by Amazon actual. Even though the price is low, it is currently NOT an add-on item, so if you are a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping on it (or you can select slow shipping and get a $1 digital credit). Limit 27 cables per customer during this sale. This is not a lightning deal. It has only one three-word review so far.

Westone Bluetooth Cable AND Shure SE-215 for $200

If you want both the Westone Bluetooth Cable (powered Bluetooth 4.0 cable, goes for $150 on its own) AND the Shure SE-215 in-ears (go for $100 on their own), you can get them bundled together for $200 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo in two of the SE-215 color bundles, the Clear color scheme or the Black color scheme.

Speaking of Westone, their UM3X 3-Way Universal Fit In-Ears continue to be on sale for $250 with free shipping.

3ft braided orange 3.5mm audio cable for $4.39 w/free S&H

Silver lining of insomnia I spent some time phishing for deals at Amazon. They will be posted throughout the day as I go through everything I marked as potentially interesting. We start with the opposite of magic-cable pricing, $4.39 with free shipping for everyone (not just Prime members; it ships from the seller directly) can get you this 3ft Northbear orange braided 3.5mm cable. The other three colors are Prime eligible but they go for $8.

[DEAD] 3ft 3.5mm Rosewill Audio Cable FREE after $5 MIR (w/free S&H)

As of 5pm re-check, this is sold out… If you are not allergic on mail-in rebates, NewEgg is offering this Rosewill 3-foot 3.5mm audio cable (two rings on the connectors) for FREE after a $5 mail-in rebate (check in the mail). Free shipping.… The formal name is a bit confusing giving the impression it’s a 3-pack, but it probably means “3-PK” = 3-foot PinK (PK).

[DEAD] Tuesday’s Offers: Brainwavz Blu-200, 3rd party cable for Sennheiser HD5xx, Acrylic Stand

These daily deals expired…

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Ironic Buy: 3.5mm 3.3ft Audio Cable for $1.62 w/free shipping from China

Want to jump in the exclusive imported audio cable club but don’t want to spend a lot? How about this adorable 3.3ft 3.5mm audio cable, available in six different colors, including the prestigious gold, for $1.62 with free shipping from China (Shenzen) by eBay seller eternaldigital (98.8%). This ships from China so it will take a while to arrive. Only 6700 units were sold so far, so you will be in a very exclusive prestigious club of cablephiles. Rumor has it you can hear the tears of a dragon when you close your eyes and concentrate while using this cable!

Fiio L8 1/8″ Interconnect Audio Cable for $7 w/free S&H

Free shipping without buying anything is the lure of this promotion, it is the Fiio L8 1/8″ Interconnect Audio Cable (both sides 3.5mm) going for $7 with free shipping to the 48 by Sonic Electronix as part of their latest clearance promotion… It’s “just a cable” but if you want to read reviews, it averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 80+ at amazon.com

V-MODA Extended Audio Cable for $12

If you like V-Moda’s cables, their Extended Audio Cable (one straight, one 45-degree) is on sale for $12 each, available in three different color schemes. Limit five per customer per color at Amazon.com. They average 4.8 out of 5 based on 24 customer reviews.

10 foot Monoprice 3.5mm audio cable (designed for mobile) for $4 with free shipping [limit 50]

If you are looking for a 10-inch 3.5mm audio cable from a budget but well-known maker, the official Monoprice eBay store is offering new condition 10ft 3.5mm Stereo Male to 3.5mm Stereo Male cables for $4 with free shipping. Even if you only get one, you still get free shipping. Limit 50 per customer during this particular sale. Over 1900 units got sold so far from this particular ebay promotion.

This is gold plated, and it is designed for mobile. If you want to look up reviews, this is model number 109766, with bar code 844660097662. It averages 86% with 33 reviews at Monoprice’s own website, and 4.2 out of 5 based on 600 customer reviews at amazon.com.

Sennheiser’s Android cable for Momentums for under $29

If you want to get the official Sennheiser cable for Android devices, for their Momentum line of headphones, it is currently going for just under $29 at Amazon.com by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like. It averages 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews and has 8 questions peer-answered

[DEAD] Monday at Fry’s with email promo: Blue MoFi headphones for $200

These 1-day offers expired…

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3.3ft (aka 1m) AmazonBasics TOSlink Cable for $5.09

IF you are fond of the AmazonBasics line of products, their 3.3ft (1 meter) long TOSlink cable is now on sale for $5.09. Thankfully this is not currently part of the Add-On program, so if you are a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping even if you buy just one of these. Non-Prime members get free S&H with a $35+ order as usual. Limit 30 per customer. They average 4.5 out of 5 based on 5200+ customer reviews, however, note that the reviews of multiple cable sizes are grouped and averaged together.

Massdrop Unlocked: ZY Cable for Sennheiser HD-5xx for $25 shipped [also: xDuoo, Sony DAP]

Fully unlocked with seven days to go (as of blog-posting date) on members-only Massdrop are the ZY Cables for the Sennheiser HD598 and 595 and 558 and 518 headphones, going for roughly $25 shipped.

Also added there, but not fully unlocked as of writing time are the xDuoo TA-01 DAC/Amp (RCA, USB inputs) that could go as low as $135 shipped, and the Sony NWZ-A17 Walkman digital audio player that could go as low as $260 shipped.