[DEAD] Monday: 20% off at Monoprice w/coupon

This coupon expired…

For Monday only, coupon code 20GREEN gets you 20% off at Monoprice.com. No minimum purchase amount required! Most items on their website are eligible but NOT everything. The usual coupon exclusions do apply. You can check whether something’s eligible by putting it in the shopping cart and entering the coupon. You don’t need an account to do this.

17% off at Musician’s Friend with coupon

You can make your own deals with this coupon at Musician’s Friend, running until 12/21/17. Get 17% off your order total (no minimum purchase amount required) with coupon code HOLIDAY17 entered in their shopping cart. The maximum discount with the coupon is $500.

Over 23,600 products are eligible for the coupon but not everything they carry. The usual coupon exclusions apply, some are manufacturer restrictions, some are retailer restrictions, and so forth. You can test the coupon without creating an account or logging in, just add the items of interest to the shopping cart, and enter the coupon code and see what discount you get.

Black Friday only: 20% off most things at Monoprice (no minimum amount required)

If you wanted to use that 20% off Monoprice discount but didn’t need to make a $200+/$300+ purchase, today is the day! For Black Friday (the actual day, 11/24/17) promo code BF2017 gets you 20% off most things at their website. There are some exceptions though, their doorbusters and a lot of items that are already on sale cannot be discounted by the coupon! The shopping cart will tell you what does or doesn’t qualify after you add the coupon.

There are already a few headphone-related products on sale, you can find them in our earlier Monoprice posts.

Expected to be on sale for Black Friday only (11/24/17) is the new condition Monoprice M1060 planar-magnetic open-back over-ears for $250 with free shipping.

Meanwhile the open/closed Monoprice M560 planars will continue to be on sale for $150 until 11/27/17 PM (or earlier if sold out).

Prime Members: Pay with Amazon’s credit cards, Get 20% Back on select Musical Instruments and Electronics

This offer has requirements: A) you have to be a Prime member, B) you have to have one of Amazon’s two credit cards, either their Prime Store card or their Chase Prime VISA, C) you have to purchase items that eligible for this promotion, D) pay for the order with one of the above payment methods.

There are six major product categories, of audio-interest is Electronics and Musical Instruments. Only a subset of the products in each category are eligible. You will find them by following the promotional links at the Special Promotion page.

More on these later on, as I am too braindead right now for complicated things like this 🙂

Create your own deal at Rakuten with 20% off Black Friday coupon

You can create your own deal at Rakuten.com by using coupon code BF20 to get 20% off most items available at their website (exclusions apply). The biggest discount you can get is $40 off. The coupon expires on the actual Black Friday day at 11:59pm pacific time.

eBay coupon: 10% off $25+ items [500+ headphones eligilble; $50 max discount]

The Coupons Strike Back on eBay with another Coupon Promotion. Over 20 eBay sellers are participating in this. Coupon code PSHOPTECH10 entered in the shopping cart over there gets you 10% off qualifying products that have a price of $25+. The biggest discount you can get with this coupon is $50. In other words, if an item is $500+, you’ll only get a flat $50 off discount.

Over 500 headphones are participating in this promotion. You can sort by high or low price, depending on what you are looking for.

Note that a variety of sellers are included, some even ship from China. Also note the product conditions (new, refurbished, etc), and if you are not familiar with a seller, make sure you understand whether they are authorized dealers or not.

The coupon expires on 11/9/17 at 5am pacific time.

[DEAD] 15% Rakuten Rewards until Wednesday PM

This offer is over…
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25% off non-sale items at Tech Rabbit

It’s customer appreciation time at Tech Rabbit. Coupon code THANKYOU25 gets you 25% off the current prices of items that are not currently on sale. Sale items are not eligible for the coupon. Other product categories (phones, drones, tablets, laptops) only get 15% off with coupon code THANKYOU15.

Tech Rabbit is one of the many clearing houses that offers new items, overstock, new-other, refurbished, and used products. The condition is clearly described on the product pages, and all purchases, big or small, get free shipping.

[DEAD] 20% off at A4C with coupon

This end of month coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Tuesday: 20% off at Monoprice [no minimum this time]

These coupon offers expired for real this time…

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[DEAD] Friday: make your own deal with 20% off at Rakuten

This 1-day coupon expired…

Good until Saturday 3am eastern, promo code FLASH20 gets you 20% off most items at Rakuten.com. The maximum discount is $50 (in other words, a $250+ purchase is where the discount flattens to $50 off regardless of the $250+ amount).

[DEAD] Email Offer: 1-hour Sonix Flash Sale

This sale ended…

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[DEAD] Make Your Own Deal: $15 off $75+ almost everything on eBay

This short lived coupon expired…

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20% off $200+ Monoprice orders (ends Sat PM)

This is currently the best coupon discount-wise offered cyclically at the Monoprice website. Coupon code HEY20 gets you 20% off orders of $200+. Most but not all items on their website are eligible.

You have to reach the $200 minimum only with eligible items. If you have $150 in eligible items, and $400 in ineligible items in your shopping cart, you can’t use the coupon. The $200+ must be in eligible items.

Of their growing planar magnetic line-up [the new models are now shipping], the only one that is eligible for this (and most previous coupons) is the Monoprice M560 Planars AND Stereo Tube Headphone Amp (PID 16154) bundle that drops from $300 to $240 after coupon.

[DEAD] eBay Coupon: $15 off $75+ purchases

This short-lived surprise eBay coupon expired…

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[DEAD] 10% off select eBay items individually priced $25+

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Last Day for Labor Day Deals

Labor Day 2017 is over, and so are its limited time offerings…

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[DEAD] Musician’s Friend Labor Day Coupon sale

This coupon promotion for Labor Day expired…

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[DEAD] 15% off at Monoprice with coupon (ends Mon PM)

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] eBay Coupon: 20% off $25+ products (up to $50 off)

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Monday: 20% off without minimum at Monoprice

The Monday coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Weekend at Monoprice: 20% off orders of $200+

The weekend is over and so is this 3-day coupon…

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[DEAD] 10% off eBay coupon (select options priced $25+)

This limited time coupon expired…

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[DEAD] 20% off select eBay items (270+ headphone options)

This promotion expired…

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Beats X for $100 and Apple AirPods eligible for $50 Gift Card promotion on $200+ Accessories purchase at Verizon

If you are planning to spend $200+ in Accessories at the Verizon Wireless online store, we have good news. Some headphones are also eligible for this promotion. BOSE products are excluded.

NOTE: only Accessories that are participating in this promotion are eligible. Not every accessory/headphone at the Verizon website is eligible! Eligible items mention this promotion at various places on their product page, eg in yellow highlight under the “DESCRIPTION” segment.

The promotion is this: you spend $200+ in qualifying Accessories, and you will receive a $50 prepaid VISA gift card issued by Citibank. You must make the purchase by 8/5/17. You must submit the $50 gift card request online within 30 days of purchase. You will receive the gift card within 4 weeks of submission.

Eligible earphones:

Per the promotion description at their website:

“Get a $50 Visa prepaid card when you spend at least $200 on accessories. Any combination of items will count. Visit the Promotion Center with code GET50BACK for submission form and FAQs. Verizon employees not eligible. Offer valid through 8/5/17.”

[DEAD] Monday: 20% off at Monoprice with coupon [no minimum]

This coupon offer expired…

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