Coupons: Free Shipping (USA) at Massdrop, also Free International Shipping on $50+

The Massdrop website is offering the coupon-gift of free shipping for one week only, until 1/29/23 at 11:59pm pacific time! There are two coupon offers.

For USA shoppers, coupon code NOMOREOUTAGES gets you free shipping regardless of purchase price. But if your order is over $125, you get faster free shipping.

For International shoppers, coupon code INSTOCKREADYTOSHIP gets you free shipping if your order total is $50+ AND if you order five items or fewer.

As usual, terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations, etc, etc, etc apply…

Headphones at Amazon’s Black Friday

Black Friday offers are coming in fast and furious, until I can find time to digest them all, here is a link to the Amazon headphone offers, there’s six pages of them, this is a mix of their BF offers along with their more traditional “Gold Box Lightning” deals.

It’s also a mix of name-brands and unknown brands. Well there’s “unknown” and unknown, and some non-designer brands have made a name for themselves at Amazon by offering bang for the buck type of products that the name-brand manufacturers cannot compete with.

Singles Day 2022 is here, let the Chi-Fi parties begin!

Yes, the premier Chi-Fi party is here! It is Singles Day 2022! I can’t go through all the sites and the individual sales, but here’s a round-up of some of the places to look for deals:

+ LinSoul Audio

+ Hifi Go

+ Shen Zhen Audio, also has regional Amazon stores, some ship from regional country (eg USA Prime eligible), some ship from China

+ Penon Audio, “old school” Chi-fi retailer

+ KZ Online Shoppe, old school budget IEMs

+ Fiio shop, I guess Fiio is now “old school”

+ Moondrop Audio, because the hype machine is hungry!

+ and a lot more!

And now off to the general-market retailers that also have plenty of Chi-fi gear, such as

+ GearBest (bought from them multiple times)

+ Aliexpress (biggest site, check each retailer like you would do on Amazon and eBay)

+ DH Gate

+ and a lot more

BECAUSE Chi-Fi is a lifestyle, it’s a never-ending journey, the shopping never stops and the latest must-have IEM is just a YouTube update away! Just today, Ryan of Super*Review rated the Truthear Hexa as the “easiest 5-star ever” (YouTube-embedded below), so run to buy this one too along with the rest of the must-have Chi-fis 🙂

Audiophile Week returns to Massdrop in late April

Massdrop is celebrating 10 years and among the planned festivities, per their aforelinked blog-post, they are planning to have an Audiophile Week in late April 2022.

As of the time of writing, details on the sale items and sale prices have NOT been revealed…

Massdrop offers a “make your own deal” offer

For Black Friday, until 11/28/21, Massdrop is having a make your own deal type of an offering by giving out a promotional gift card depending on the purchase amount you make. This has to be on a single transaction and shipping and taxes are EXCLUDED.

For example, if you buy one $50 headphone, one $100 headphone, you pay $20 shipping and $15 tax, the amount the qualifies for the bonus will be $150 (the cost of the two headphones).

The bonus is calculated as follows:

+ Spend $250, get a $20 bonus
+ Spend $500, get a $50 bonus
+ Spent $750, get a $100 bonus

The bonus will be emailed to you on December 1st in 2021 and must needs be spent in a single transaction by January 31 in 2022. The bonus cannot be combined with other discounts per their terms.

eBAY: 20% off Headphones and Portable Audio

eBAY is joining the audiophoolia party with coupon code PINBF2021 getting you 20% off on select product categories that include the “Portable Audio and Headphones” category.

Check the Terms and Conditions for details…

Massdrop launches …Sennheiser Treasure Hunt

If you like participating in online treasure hunts, Massdrop x Sennheiser are currently running a digital treasure hunt on the Sennheiser website. Various prizes can be found won with the grand prize being a gold HD 820 and matching amp.

Good luck to all? 🙂

Singles Day offers up and running at AliExpress

If you like buying headphone-related products from AliExpress, their website is running various 11/11 offers, with said offers clearly marked with a red-white 11.11 label attached to them.

Time permitting I may post individual offers, but I don’t want to hold off on posting this because I may not find the time to do so 🙂

The easiest way perhaps is to search for what you are interested in. For example search for “Fiio” or “KZ” or whatever else is the trending product du jour hyped in the audiophile/phool forums and YouTubes and blogs 🙂

B&H Photo Daily Deals Return All Together At Once

A couple of times per year B&H Photo launches a MEGA DEAL ZONE sale. This is all their daily deals, going live all together at the same time! If there was any previously daily-deal you missed out on, this is your chance to grab it!

You can check by Brand Name or price range or by product category…

Under “PRO Audio” you will find their Senal house-brand closed-back over-studio headphones going from $45 to $60 (think along the lines of MDR-V6 and MDR-7506), the Roland CS-10EM binaural in-ears for $50, and such…

For more consumer and audiophile headphones, click on the “Mobile Electronics” sub-category. Unfortunately there is no headphones sub-tab, so you just have to browse through them OR use the Brands filter and select your audio manufacturers of interest…

I will try to go through these later today to highlight some potentially interesting headphone offerings…

Their daily deals run in 24-hour windows starting at 12:01am eastern time. Mega Deal Zones often run for more than one day, but not always. This being year-end, I’m purely speculating here, they may last until the end of the year…

750+ headphones in limited time Amazon Warehouse clearance

As of the time of writing over 750 headphones are participating in a limited time Amazon Warehouse Deals sale

IF you want to see what audiophile-ish options they may have, try sorting the listing by higher price. As of the time of writing the used options include the Sony MDR-Z1R, Sendy Aiva planars, Fiio FA7, Massdrop Plus IEMs, etc…

PS: not used, but because the clock is running out on this I don’t want to create a separate post, good until Sunday at 11:15am ET, you can get the new condition iKKo Audio oh1 IEMs for $67 as one of the lightning deals for Sunday 12/27/20 at Amazon’s…

20% off Amazon Warehouse Deals (USA and Germany too)

One of the Black Friday traditions is the 20% off discount at Amazon Warehouse Deals. This happens automatically in the shopping cart when you put there products that are eligible for the promotion ~ it is also denoted in the detailed USED listings of such items.

There are currently 82 options in the Headphones category. I will be going through them on a time-permitting basis, but I’m posting it now because supplies are limited, so if you have the time to look for deals, you potentially won’t miss them out!

The same promotion is available at Amazon Germany where they have, as of the time of posting, 270 options in the Headphones sub-category

AS to whether to shop from Amazon USA or Germany, this depends (obviously) on your location and whether you’ll be paying customs, VAT, taxes and such…

Sennheiser M2 IEi Wired In-Ears for $35

NewEgg is now running a variant of their Black Friday sale and among those offers they do have a Headphone section, the headliner of which is the new condition Sennheiser M2 IEi HD1 wired in-ears with Apple buttons going for just $35 with free US shipping. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg so you know you are not getting an iffy/international/etc product…

The sale is on both the black/red (looks stylish from the pictures) and the black/chrome (looks more conventional/streamlined in the pictures) options…

Headphones in the 2019 Black Friday Ads

And just like that dear head-friends another Black Friday is just around the corner. Time to take a look at what headphones are advertised in the Black Friday ads of 2019. Of course these are consumer models, you are not going to find electrostatic systems and open-back reference models in these 🙂

LATEST UPDATE: November 18 in 2019 ~ first edition; more will be added as they come out… As you can see just by looking at the size of the blocks below, wireless is currently “winning” the average consumer… This is a very long post, more after the break…

[Read more…]

Woot Garage sale: Anker, Skullcandy, $15 truly wireless

Good until September 17 (or earlier if they sell out ~ and they do sell out), Woot is having another Electronics Garage sale that has the following headphones in-stock as of the time of writing:

+ Anker SoundBuds Slim+ bluetooth (magnetic, water resistant, necklace style) earphones for $22

+ Skullcandy Hesh 2 closed over-ears for $23

+ refurbished Sound & Sonic SS-WBHC-WT-R truly wireless for $15

+ Jabra Storm Bluetooth Headset for $60

As of the time of writing, the following have already sold out and cannot be ordered:

+ Audio Technica M40x for $60
+ Sennheiser HD 25 for $95
+ Sennheiser RS185 wireless over-ears system for $200
+ iPod Touch (6th generation, 16GB) for $100
+ Sony WF1000X/BM1 True Wireless for $70
+ Jabra Elite 65t Truly Wireless for $90
+ Edifier R1280T Powered Bookshelf Speakers – Wooden Enclosure – 42 Watts RMS for $70

Meanwhile their Computer GArage sale has a couple of Logitech headsets, along with the Steelseries Siberia 800 gaming headset for $140.

Once they sell out, they typically do not return in a particular sale like this but of course I cannot predict the future…

20% off 160+ USED Headphones at AWD [Prime Day]

Another Prime Day temptation from Amazon, this time of the USED kind (no, not the band). Amazon Warehouse Deals has plenty of USED products offering a 20% off discount when you add them to the shopping cart. They must be sold by “Amazon Warehouse Deals” (Amazon’s used products persona) and be eligible for the promotion. Eligible items mention this in their individual used listings. [screenshot at the bottom of the post]…

Of headphone interest, there are over 160 products in the Headphones category eligible for this promotion. There might be some more that are categorized elsewhere (gaming, phone accessories, etc).

Here is an example of two eligible listings and one ineligible. They are taken from the used listings of the Bowers & Wilkins PX ANC/Bluetooth headphones:

Make Your Own Deal: $10 off $200+ at Sonic’s eBay store

The Sonix Electronix eBay store is having a shopping cart promotion for a limited time. When you make a purchase of $200+, the shopping cart will automatically take a $10 off your total. You can see this happening while this promotion is running in the shopping cart as you place eligible items. If you don’t see the discount applied _before_ you place the order, it means the offer expired and/or the items may not be eligible…

If you don’t feel like browsing their whole inventory, there are 52 items (as of the time of writing) under their Headphones & Portable audio categories…

Massdrop goes crazy with Curated “Bounty Boxes” for $100 or $250 [or a wild $5000 Ultimate Box]

UPDATE: this post has now been proofread. I posted the original while in a hurry 🙂

NOTE: This is a bit of a complicated offer, so don’t jump in until you read the description over there and/or check their forum to see what others are saying…

Massdrop is once again doing crazy things, this time with the Bounty Boxes. You pay $100 or $250, and for that you are guaranteed to receive something from Audiophile and/or Tech & Gaming and/or Outdoors and/or EDC (I’m assuming this is the industry-standard term for “Every Day (Steph) Curry” OOPS, I mean, “Every Day Carry”???)…

This is a curated “bounty box” in that the included items are pre-selected by Massdrop and listed for all to see [see below]…

To make it more enticing, Massdrop will be randomly upgrading some of the boxes with a more expensive item. Eleven out of 100 Silver boxes (the $100 boxes) will get an upgrade. And one in four Gold boxes (the $250 boxes) will get an upgrade.

The $100 Silver box will receive four items. Three from the “Common” items category and one from the “Uncommon” items. The $250 Gold box will receive five items, two Common, two Uncommon and one Rare. If these don’t make sense, read the SPOILERS section at the bottom of this blog post below…

If you want to select which category your products will come from, you pay an extra +$10. So if you are interested in only one or two of those four categories, it may not be a bad idea to pay more for the guarantee. If you like all four categories, or you can gift what you don’t want/need/like, then no need for the +$10.

You won’t receive duplicates of the same product, but you will receive items from the same category ~ especially if you pay the +$10 to preselect the category of interest.

Each person can buy up to five boxes per shopping cart, so you can mix and match categories or have them all be randomly selected.

Free shipping is included but sales-tax is also included (eg in California where Massdrop is located). This is for US addresses only and they will ship in late July 2019 from Massdrop…

There is a return policy but read the terms on their website: items must be un-opened and un-damaged. There is a restocking fee. You can only return one bounty box per calendar month. So think before you buy if you think the chances are high that you will return it…

And then there’s the crazy $5000 tier
If you have $5000 to spare, they have the “Ultimate Bounty Box”. You receive a wooden crate that is filled with some of the items from the tiers below but they will also include additional unlisted items from the Massdrop general inventory. And per the description, these will apparently be individually gift wrapped making it a longer and more fun [and/or more frustrating] unboxing process. Note that the wooden crate will be nailed shut, so prepare your tools or bring in a handyman/handywoman to help you ~ especially if you are recording the unboxing video for YouTube purposes 🙂

If you are the type who enjoys the randomness of things, this is for you. If you are the type who only wants specific items and hates getting things you haven’t thoroughly researched and need, then avoid this. If you are somewhere in-between, do some soul searching before deciding 🙂

If you want to make an educated guess on what you might get, they are posting SPOILERS! A PDF file at the aforelinked page lists all eligible items for the Silver and Gold boxes. The $5000 box additional unlisted items are … not listed there 🙂 To preserve their SPOILERS policy, I will be discussing the available headphones below the break… Spoilers after this paragraph, you have been WARNED!

[Read more…]

Woot headphone sale includes Bose QC25 ANC Over-Ears for $160, Momentum IEMs for $50 to $60, Etc

Woot has long-running deals, in addition to their more famous daily deals. One such is a headphone sale that features 14 models and it is good for a few weeks unless a particular model sells-out (which happens often):

+ Sennheiser Momentum in-ears for $50
+ M2 (2nd generation) (iOS buttons) for $60

+ Bose QC25 ANC Over-Ears for $160
+ Bose case for QC15 for $14

+ Sony WH-1000X M2 ANC/BT over-ears for $290

+ Sennheiser HD 471G for $56
+ Sennheiser HD-205 II for $60

+ also Philips, Cowin, Gibson Sports, Skullcandy, and … “Batman vs Superman” 🙂

Woot headphone sales until the end of March

In addition to their daily deals, Woot also has longer-running deals. One of those is a headphones sale running until the end of March 2019. A total of ten options are currently available with two more that have already sold out.

Of the available options, the Gibson Trainer sports on-ears go for $60, the Bose QC 25 ANC over-ears go for $160, a couple of Philips go for $20 to $25, the Aiwa Prodigy 1 in-ears go for $22. There’s also some Sennheisers, Sony and Skullcandy. There’s even a $13 CaseBuDi hard headphone case.

Shipping is free for Prime members [who connect their Prime account to their Woot account ~ a one time thing]. Otherwise you pay $6 flat shipping for all the Woot orders you place within a single calendar day in the central time zone [that’s where Woot lives ~ even thought it has been purchased by Amazon and many of its orders are “fulfilled by Amazon”]…

Mon: 20% off many things at Monoprice

To celebrate today, aka Green Monday, aka 12/10/18, coupon code GM2018 gets you 20% off many things [may most things] at There are restrictions on brands and also on some products that are already on sale [but some sale items are eligible for the coupon]. There’s only one way to know for sure, add the items to the shopping cart and then type in the coupon. You don’t have to login or create an account to see if the coupon works!

Massdrop Black Friday sales are here: Campfire, AKG K181, AT ATH AD-series and Z-series, NuForce, Etc

The promised Black Friday sale at the Massdrop website has arrived! There is a mix of products from their various departments. Of headphone/audio interest:

+ AKG K181DJ UE headphones for $35
+ Audio Technica open-back sale: ATH-AD500X for $60, AD700X for $70, AD-1000X for $260
+ Audio Technica ATH-A***Z series: ATH-A550Z for $90, A990Z for $150, A1000Z for $300, A2000Z for $450

+ 1More Triple Driver IEMs for $60
+ BGVP DMG IEMs with tuning nozzles for $100
+ Campfire Audio Lyra II for $350
+ Campfire Audio Juniper for $550
+ RL Audio FiTerra True Wireless BT 5.0 Earphones for $35

+ NuFORCE uDAC-3 DAC/amp combo for $50
+ NuFORCE uDAC-5 DAC/amp combo for $100

+ Hifiman Mega Mini DAP for $55

NOTE: because of the volume of offers, I haven’t checked whether they have shipping fees…

EU Black Friday: Shure SE 215 for 80, Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC for 100, Denon D1200 for 120, Audio Technica, smartphones [updated]

Black Friday has arrived at the Amazon GERMANY Gold Box includes a big Denon audio sale that has the AH-D1200 over-ears for 119 euro in two color options.

Of PAD interest, when you surf the various smartphone offers, you will find good deals on the Galaxy S8 and S7, the Sony XZ2 and XZ2 Compact [could make for a compact PAD], Huawei P20, Honor 10, and more. {PAD = Phones as DAPs [DAPs = digital audio players]}. They also offer the Samsung EVO microSD cards from 32GB to 128GB.

Of headphone interest:

+ Shure and Audio Technica headphone sale:
++ Shure SE-215 for 80 euro in blue
++ Audio Technica M50X gunmetal for 105
++ AT ATH-AR5 bluetooth for 111, AR3 bluetooth for 65

+ Sennheiser HD 4.50 BT/ANC Over-Ears for 100 euro

+ bluetooth headphone sale includes Ausdom ANC8 over-ears for 36, Zolo (Anker brand) Liberty truly wireless for 56 or Plus model for 70, Taotronics, AUKEY, etc

Black Friday launches at NewEgg and Target

NewEgg has added more offers to their on-going Black Friday sales. They currently have three pages of offers under their headphones category. There is a mix of consumer-type of headphones but also a couple of audiophile-friendly models such as the Monoprice M1060C for $300, Audio Technica’s ANC 700 model. There’s also a couple of KEF models on sale.

Speaking of headphone sections, Target has also launched some of their doorbuster-y sales ~ this is the headphone section of their BF sales…

Musician Friend coupons for Black Friday

Musician’s Friend is back with another coupon promotion just in time for the Black Friday festivities. Coupon BLACKFRIDAY gets you 10% off orders of $49+ OR 15% off orders of $99+.

Meanwhile coupon code HOLIDAY gets you up to 25% off on select eligible products

Massdrop Black Friday begins Thursday 9pm pacific

Massdrop has announced that their official Black Friday sale will begin on Thursday [that’s Thanksgiving Day] at 9pm pacific time, or let’s just say 11:59pm eastern time to prevent the 12:00 date confusion 🙂

Wedn (EU): Phiaton, Cowin, Necklace, Jaybird, Etc

Yesterday they had Sony Walkmen DAPs, today (Wednesday) the Amazon Germany Gold Box sales includes a pot pouri of headphones including the Cowin E7 PRO ANC/BT over-ears for 52 euro, the Phiaton BT 330 NC on-ears (with ANC/BT too), a couple of unknown brand gaming headsets, and half a dozen bluetooth necklace earphones…

PS: by “necklace earphones” I mean the ones that have a cable connecting the two earpieces but don’t have a 3.5mm audio input, so the cable loops around your neck like a … necklace.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! There’s also a Logitech x Jaybird sale that includes various UE bluetooth speakers but also half a dozen Jaybird earphones. From the necklace department they have the Freedom for 49 euro and the Freedom 2 for 69 euro, while from the “truly wireless” they have the Jaybird RUN for 119…

PS2: we actually have a text and pictures unboxing of the Jaybird Run here. I posted it 13.5 months ago and almost forgot 🙂

Asia shopping: 11 11 Sales are happening now!

The Black Friday of ASIA is today 11/11 (in a global time zone kind of fashion)! Check your favorite Asian retailers for a variety of sales, including Aliexpress (check their Fiio sales and XDuoo sales) and GearBEST where a number of their KZ earphones and XDuoo gear are on sale. Use the search bars at those websites or use the various banners/offers higlihghted on their main sites. Happy hunting 😛

Prime Day starts later today, including 10% back on B&O

Get ready Prime members who happen to be shoppaholics! Prime Day 2018 begins later today at 12pm pacific time (Amazon server time; translates to 3pm eastern). But in the meantime you can participate in some of the Statement Credit promotions if you are a Prime member and have either on one of the Amazon credit cards (either the Prime Chase VISA credit card, or the Prime Amazon store credit card). Among the cashback (statement credit) options offered:

+ 10% back on Bang & Olufsen products

+ 10% back on Musical Instruments which include a variety of headphones under the Studio Product category. There’s 80 of them in the headphones sub-category but there are also other related products in other sub-categories – as it is often the case with categorization, it’s only as good as the methodology and the people implementing it ~ and nobody’s perfect.

UPDATE: among the latest Prime Day offers currently in progress you can get the new condition Beats 3 Studio Wireless headphones in the Matte Black color scheme for $200 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon actual, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price…

Of audio interest, Amazon is bundling the SONOS ONE smart speaker with a $50 plastic gift card, all together going for $200 with free shipping.

NOTE that the Prime Day offers, as the name suggests, are offered for Prime members. If not a member, you can start a free trial and join in the shopping party…

Meanwhile starting at 8:15pm ET on Monday is a Prime Day lightning deal the new condition Jabra MOVE closed-back on-ear bluetooth headphones…

Monoprice MP10 Earphones for $8 w/free S&H and more

The Monoprice website has a trio of coupons running until Monday but they also have some stand-alone sales with free standard US shipping:

+ MP10 In-Ears for $8 with free standard US shipping
+ these look like stubby shallow insertion basic earphones with a 4.1 out of 5 based on 17 customer reviews
+ these are eligible for the coupons but your order total must reach the coupon minimum amounts before you get the coupon discount
+ five of these are $25+, making them eligible for the $5 off $25+ coupon [see below], making them $7 per
+ limit ten per customer

+ open-box Monoprice 25 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth for $80 with free standard US shipping
+ not coupon eligible

Coupons Ending Monday 6/25/18
+ GOAL5 is $5 off orders of $25+
+ GOAL20 is 20% off orders of $150+
+ GOAL25 is 25% off orders of $300+
+ these minimum purchase thresholds must needs be reached with products that are eligible for the discount. Non-coupon-eligible products don’t count towards the minimum needed to activate the coupon discounts

Make your own eBAY deal: 15% off $25+ orders

eBAY is back once again with another coupon promotion for select retailers. The offer is this: enter coupon code PLAYFUL15 and receive 15% off orders of participating items/retailers of $25 or higher. The coupon expires at the end of day on 6/23/18. The coupons that are unconditional typically only last eight hours, while the coupons that run for multiple days (like this coupon) are only eligible for select retailers…

When you follow the menus, there are over 430 items under the Headphones category. More related items are under the “Portable Audio” category, and other six degrees of separation items under various other categories.

2-Day Sale: M-Audio Micro DAC (USB) for $24 w/FS, RS160, Senal, Etc

New York’s B&H Photo is running a big 2-day sale until Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern on June 20 in 2018. Among the items offered:

+ M-Audio Micro DAC USB Digital to Analog Converter for $24 w/free S&H

+ Sennheiser PMX 684i neckband earbuds for $20

+ Sennheiser RS160 wireless (Kleer technology), previous generation, for $85

+ Senal SMH-1200 studio headphones for $60

+ Tascam VL-S3 14W + 14W 3″ Powered Studio Monitor (Pair, Black) with free On-Stage foam speaker platforms for $50

Monoprice 2-Day coupon: 20% off $150+ eligible orders

FriYAY is here once again, and with it it brings the recurring 20% off orders of $150+ in eligible products promotion. This time around the coupon name is SIZZLIN20 and it expires Saturday night. Unfortunately none of the Monolith headphones are eligible for the coupon. Also not eligible is the in-stock and shipping $100 Monolith USB DAC/amp

Speaking of Monoliths, their Monolith line of products continues to expand in many directions! Note however that I only tested the coupons on the headphone-related products, I don’t know if they work on the other products.

Monoprice 2-Day coupon: 20% off $150+ eligible orders

FriYAY is here once again, and with it it brings the recurring 20% off orders of $150+ in eligible products promotion. This time around the coupon name is GRAD20 and it expires Saturday night. Unfortunately none of the Monolith headphones are eligible for the coupon. Also not eligible is the in-stock and shipping $100 Monolith USB DAC/amp

Speaking of Monoliths, their Multi-Channel Home-Theater Power Amplifiers are now available with XLR inputs. I haven’t tested the coupons on these.

Make Your Own Deal until Wedn 10pm ET tonight: 20% off orders of $50+ on eBAY

If you are looking to buy headphones or DACs or AMPs or DAPs or almost anything else on eBay that has the same price at most sellers, this is a great “make your own deal” coupon! Coupon code PICKDADSGIFT gets you 20% off orders of $50 or more on eBay, with a maximum discount of $100 off (= purchase amount of $500+). All eBay sellers are eligible for the coupon, this is not their limited seller coupon which typically lasts for 2+ days. The general purpose coupon is a flash sale that typically lasts eight hours or so. This coupon expires today, Wednesday 6/6/18 at 10pm eastern!

Don’t sleep on it ~ unless you are taking a midday nap that is 😉

Use the eBay search bar over there, or start with a headphones general eBay search.

You will notice among those the new condition Hifiman HE-400i Special Edition planar magnetic open-back over-ears going for $150 with free shipping from authorized dealer BuyDIG (aka Beach Camera). The coupon is 20% off, making it $120!

Tuesday only: 20% off at Monoprice includes Monolith M565* and M1060* headphones

Good news Monolith headphone fans! The brand new coupon code MAY29 gets you 20% off many things at the Monoprice website and this time around the coupon works on their latest Monolith planar-magnetic headphones:

+ M565 open-back drops to $136
+ M565C closed-back drops to $184
+ M1060 open-back drops to $216
+ M1060C closed-back drops to $267
+ SonicSolance ANC/BT drops to $43~
+ the four Monoliths mentioned above get free standard US shipping
+ find them all at the the Monoprice sale page or use their universal search box to locate products of interest

The M300 planar earphones drop from $150 to $120 but that’s not their lowest price. Sometimes they go on sale for $130, so when they are on sale, and eligible for the 20% off coupon, they drop to $104~. So if you don’t need them right away, wait for the next time the sale-and-coupon stars align 🙂 The open-box version is down to $100 but they are not coupon-eligible.

The open-box M560 is eligible for the coupon but it is out of stock so it cannot be ordered. This is for reference in case it comes in-stock later today or in future coupons that work in this fashion.

The coupon expires on Tuesday 5/29/18 at 11:59pm pacific time. No minimum purchase amount is required for the use of this coupon…