Monoprice SonicSolace ANC/BT Over-Ears for $23 w/FS [updated]

Monoprice has an actual doorbuster! The new condition SonicSolace ANC/BT Over-Ears are on sale for just $23 with free US shipping in your choice of brown or black color scheme. This is a big drop in price indeed.

As of the time of writing this averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 400 customer reviews and they have 100 answered questions…

UPDATE: thanks to one of our readers for the comment! Apparently these have been on sale in this range; the last time I was tracking them these were going for 2X, that’s why I thought they were a BF doorbuster!


  1. ALLAN MARCUS says

    Meh. THis has been $23-25 on sale for a long time.

  2. hpnao deals admin says

    thanks for the comment! I must have lost track of them over time, the previous times I was tracking them they were twice as much. The ANC/bluetooth price-battle is getting really crazy these days!