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Beyerdynamic T70p + DTX 501p + splitter for $425 w/coupon

Also part of the BuyDig Clearance sale, coupon code CLOSEOUT15 gets you the BeyerDynamic T70P headphones with two free items (Beyerdynamic DTX 501p lightweight on-ears, and Belkin audio splitter) for $425 with free shipping.

The rest of the models eligible for the aforementioned 15% off limited time coupon are:
* 15 headphones
* 8 earphones
* some are open-box, other are new condition

Audio Technica M50 (straight cable) for $106 w/coupon has a new limited time coupon, CLOSEOUT15 gets you 15% off the current prices of their Clearance Sales. Among those, you can get the new condition straight cable Audio-Technica ATH-M50 closed-back over-ear headphones for $106~ with free shipping.

NOTE: this is the older model, “M50”, not to be confused with the latest model, the “M50x”.

Used HRT MicroStreamer for $130

The HRT MicroStreamer portable DAC goes for $170 in new condition, but if you want to save, you can get it in “Used – Like New” condition for $130 by Genco Deals (100%, 23K+ ratings) through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This is fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member. The listing from Genco says this comes with all accessories, it is tested and repackaged, but the box will show wear and may be “distressed”. Any psychologists on Headfi offering stress therapy for distressed boxes? Perhaps a $500 cable can help it cheer up? 😉

Koss KPH7 Lightweight On-Ears for $2.94 [limit 5]

Disposable price without totally disposable sound perhaps, the very lightweight on-ear Koss KPH7K in the black color scheme are now down to $2.94 per pair, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit five per customer. The only catch is that these too are part of the Amazon Add-On program, so you’d need a $25+ purchase (otherwise the shopping cart won’t let you buy them, even if you are a Prime member).

The other colors go for $4 to $7 (total of six color schemes). As a group, they average 3.9 out of 5 based on 450+ customer reviews.

UPDATE: Amazon has a created a page featuring a number of sub-$20 headphones/earphones.

Samsung Earpods for Galaxy S6, S6 Edge for $7

The earpods (that are totally not cloned after the Apple earpods) that Samsung includes with their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones (time flies so fast, these are already “previous generation” phones, it’s crazy, but I’m digressing), are also available on their own, in non-retail packaging, going for $7 per pair at That’s Amazon’s own price, but they have it as an Add-On item, so you’d need a $25+ order in order to get it.

On the other hand, a couple of marketplace sellers over there are offering it for $7.50~ with free shipping, both of them shipping from somewhere in the State of New York. These earpods average 3.8 out of 5 based on 360+ customer reviews.

Used Audioengine D1 DAC for $131 (or $139 Open Box)

The Audioengine D1 24-bit DAC is currently available in “Used – Good” condition for $131 by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Or if you page down further down over there, you will find an Open Box “Used – Like New” offer for $139 by Gramophone with full warranty (authorized dealers, ships from Maryland).

Used Shure SRH 440 for $82~

The Shure SRH 440 closed-back over-ears were on many “$100 headphone recommendation lists” before the explosion of new manufacturers and models and options. As such, they don’t have modern luxuries (mic/remote), they are after all studio headphones. You can get them in “Used – Very Good” condition for $82~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. There are lower prices by recently launched marketplace sellers (starting at $62 shipped), which is typically a high/higher risk purchase. So it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line in terms of risk.

Shure HPACP1 headphone pouch for $7

If you are looking for a quality and nice professional looking headphone carrying pouch (soft, not hard), the Shure HPACP1 is a great value at $7, sold and shipped by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like. They fit many on-ears, and many non-monster-size over-ears, partially depending on whether they have a detachable cable or whether they fold in some way.

Regardless, this is a solid buy. I’ve had one for two years and has no issues or wear. I need to add it to the list of items to review, which keeps getting longer, and the longer it gets, the fewer the reviews that come out 🙂

Free 2-day shipping for Prime members or the usual $35+ free super-saver-shipping for non-Primes.

Used Direct Sound EX29 Over-Ears for $79

On the used front, the Direct Sound EX29 over-ears with their rectangular earcups are available in “Used – Good” condition for $79~ or “Used – Very Good” for $84~ or “Used – Like New” for $89~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. There are multiple listings there, so there’s a chance price pressure may bring prices further down in the future. They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews.

Klipsch Status Over-Ears for $100

On the fashion front, Klipsch unapologetically named their latest over-ears “Status”, and these are available in new condition for $100 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer by BuyDig on eBay.

Massdrop Unlocked: Custom Art Ei.XX CIEMs for $640 [also AKG K812]

Fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop are the Custom Art Ei.XX CIEMs, another Massdrop exclusive product, offered for $600 plus $40 flat shipping, with about five days to go from blog-posting date. Note that this is limited to 50 units (36 purchased as of the time of writing), and the shipping estimate is November 1st (we are still in September!).

Also added over there, but not fully unlocked, as AKG’s K812 Reference that could go as low as $800 plus $12 flat shipping.

(ENDED) Sennheiser MM 450-X Bluetooth for $175

This offer expired…

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Used Shure SRH 1540 for $389

The closed-back over-the-ear Shure SRH-1540 headphones are currently available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $389~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Their new condition price at authorized dealers is $500.

But that’s not all. There are six listings of this, so there is the possibility of demand putting pressure on supply and causing the used prices to drop further. But this is only in theory, there’s no guarantee this will happen. I will be monitoring the prices…

[DEAD] Tuesday (Fry’s PromoCodes): Bytecc Analog to Digital Converter for $12

This daily offer ended…

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Pioneer SE-MX9-K DJ headphones for $100 (limit 6)

The black color scheme of the Pioneer SE-MX9-K dj-styled headphones is now on sale for $100 per pair, with a limit of half a dozen per customer, at Tigerdirect.

Massdrop unlocked: Fiio X5 second gen for $318

The second generation is now fully unlocked (= lowest price during this promotion) at members-only Massdrop for $310 plus $8~ flat shipping. Shipping estimate is mid-October 2015.

If you can’t wait, you can get it in “Used – Like New” condition for $300~ by All About Office through Amazon Warehouse Deals. It ships from “All About Office” (99%, 8856 transactions/12 months), so it is not eligible for Prime shipping.

Official NFL licensed headphones for $20 w/free s&h

Are you ready for some football? GearXS’s eBay store is offering officially licensed NFL headphones, made by iHip, for $20 with free shipping. The teams available at the moment are the Ravens, the Cowboys, the Cheaters Patriots, and the Steelers. Limit 50 per customer (enough for a whole football team?).

BeyerDynamic T5p Tesla for $650

The Tesla girls continue their eBay parade. Buydig’s eBay store (authorized dealers) is offering the new condition BeyerDynamic T5p Tesla headphones for $650 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer… As usual, these eBay deals are typically limited time offers, that last from a few hours to a few days…

[DEAD] Monday at Fry’s with email promo: Blue MoFi headphones for $200

These 1-day offers expired…

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UrbanEars Plattan On-ears for $25

The UrbanEars Plattan on-ear headphones, available in either black or white, are currently going for $25 per pair, sold by a marketplace seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon so you get the Prime shipping benefits. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews and they have 30+ questions answered.

NOTE: the product title there calls them “Over Ears” but further down the product description and a close look at the pictures show that these are On Ears.

Used JBL J88a over-ears for $40~

If you are comfortable with used headphones, there is a trio of listings for the black JBL J88a (A for Android) over-ears at Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) ranging from $39~ to $41 depending on condition (Very Good, Like New). The lowest priced item is from a marketplace seller, the other two by AWD actual. All three ship from Amazon warehouses. The headphones average 4.3 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews.

Massdrop unlocked: JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth in-ears for $148

The JayBird X2 Sport Bluetooth earphones are currently fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop going for $144 plus $4~ flat shipping. Offer ends in about seven days from blog-posting date. These are the second generation and come with the removable earwings

[DEAD] Starts Monday at 9pm ET: Philips SE-CL31t and Ausdom M08 BT

These 4-hour lightning offers ended…

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[DEAD] Starts Monday at 9:50am ET: Sony MDR-V6 Sale

This 4-hour offer ended. The sale price this time was $60…

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[DEAD] Monday: Open Box Beats Solo 2 for $100

This daily deal expired…
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Beats Solo 2 Wireless (BT) On-Ears for $203~

Nothing like the combination of Beats and Bluetooth to make some audiophiles seeing red. Which would not be inaccurate in this case, because the red color scheme of the Beats Solo 2 Wireless (Bluetooth) On-Ears is on sale for $203~ by If you buy two or three, you get additional “volume” discounts. Maximum three per customer. The other colors go for more.

Next best price is $208~ at Amazon by Amazon actual which is now carrying Certified refurbished models as well.

Weekly Headphone Offers with Frys Coupon Codes

Every Sunday, Fry’s reveals their weekly promo code deals, which run from Sunday AM until Saturday PM, following the “Weekly Ad” cycle of most retailers. To use these promo codes, you must needs be subscribed to their email newsletters, because the promo codes included there are unique for each subscriber. With that intro out of the way, these are the offers for the week of 9.27 thru 10.3 in 2015:

* Sennheiser HD 518 open-back over-ears for $60
* JVC HANC80 (active noise cancelling) for $30
* Neil Young’s Pono DAP for $300
* Audio-Technica Turntable (AT-LP60-USB) for $87

Used M-Audio portable 2-output amp/dac for $21~

The M-Audio portable Bass Traveler amp/DAC little thing (think Fiio E6 competitor) is currently available in “Used – Good” condition for $21~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. The new condition price is $29. Its defining characteristic is that it has two headphone-outputs instead of one.

Headphone case for Beats Solos for $4 w/free s&h

Back to the budget accessories, for just $4 with free shipping, you can get this carrying case for Beats Solos from eBay seller “BuySPRY” (99.3%). Over 2670 units sold from this listing. Limit 50 per customer. This ships from USA, not China.

Philips SHL3060 DJ headphones for $15 w/free s&h

On the budget front, NewEgg is offering the Philips SHL3060 DJ headphones (32mm drivers, fold flat, 24 ohm) for $15 with free shipping, with a limit of five pairs per customer.

Massdrop: Beyerdynamic Manufaktur DT 990 (600 Ohm)

Another new addition to Massdrop, the Beyerdynamic Manufaktur DT 990 (600 Ohm) could go as low as $250 plus $10 flat shipping. This has five days to go from blog-posting day.

Auvio Wireless FM Transmitter for $4 [Add-On]

On the accessories front, the Auvio Wireless FM Transmitter is currently on sale for $4 by three different marketplace sellers at You can buy as many as you like. There’s one catch though, it is part of the Add-On program, so you must place an order of $25 or more (otherwise the shopping cart won’t let you buy it). This restriction applies to both Prime and non-Prime members. Perhaps add it to your next order…

[DEAD] Sony MDR-ZX770-BT/B Bluetooth Over-Ears for $85

This particular offer ended but these headphones have been making the daily deals rounds across the interwebs…

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Massdrop: Grace Design m920 as low as $1511

Up at members-only Massdrop, with only a maximum of 25 units available for this promotion, the Grace Design m920 could go as low as $1500 plus $11~ flat shipping if it fully unlocks before it ends. The offer ends in about seven days (from blog-posting date).

Massdrop: Fostex TH500RP, Geek Out 1000

Massdrop has more new offers loaded, good for the next 6-7 days (from blog-posting date). Neither is fully unlocked as of the time of writing. The offers are:

+ Fostex TH500-RP as low as $460~ shipped
+ Geek Out 1000 USB DAC/Amp as low as $172~ shipped