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Sennheiser HD 471G Closed Over-Ears for $40 w/free S&H

Newegg is back with another one of the Sennheiser HD 4XX closed-back headphones. It is the new condition HD 471G (G for Galaxy, aka Android buttons) going for $40 with free shipping until Monday night, sold by NewEgg actual. This should not be confused with the 461G / 461i which is on sale on a regular basis.

This line got rolled out at IFA 2016. Sennheiser has been on a busy product cycle the last few months with lots of rollouts high (Orpheus, HD 800S) and low and in-between (HD 6XX).

Beyerdynamic DT 131 On-Ear Headphones for $39 w/S&H with coupon

Beyerdynamic too has “two story” headbands. Their DT 131 On-Ear Headphones can be yours for $39 with free shipping by entering promo code 06304TH15 at checkout. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual.

Sennheiser HD 558 Open Over-Ears for $70

It’s back on a sale cycle again, the open-back over-ear new condition Sennheiser HD 558 go for $70 with free shipping at the Best Buy website or with free Store pick-up where possible/available. These are a “Magnolia” item.

This is the previous generation of the Sennheiser HD 5*8 line-up that got replaced with the HD 5*9 line-up at IFA 2016. Speaking of which, IFA is not that far away!

[DEAD] Beats Solo 2 RED (or white) for $100

As of 7/4/17, the sale is over, they are back to $150…

If you are looking to get the wired Beats Solo 2 headphones, in new condition, in either the Product RED red color scheme or the standard white, these two colors are currently on sale for $100 with free shipping at the Verizon Wireless online store. No contract or lease or upgrade plan needed 😉 The other colors are sold out. They are new condition with a 1-year warranty.

Used V-MODA REMIX Amp and Speaker for $223

V-Moda tried to be more creative with their portable speaker, they combined it with a VAMP headphone amp, their new V-MODA REMIX goes for $300 in new condition, but if you are comfortable with used products, you can get the black color scheme of that in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging) for $223~ or in “Used – Very Good” condition (likewise) for $238~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Together they average 4.6 out of 5 based on 21 customer reviews.

Philips A5 PRO DJ headphones for $150

DJ headphone action now. The new condition closed-back over-ear Philips A5 PRO, blessed by Armin Van Burren, are on sale at the moment for $150 with free shipping and free returns at Groupon Goods.

Meanwhile the sale of the entry-level A1 PRO of that line-up ends tonight, going for $30 with free shipping at NewEgg.

4 Months Prepaid Amazon Music Unlimited for $0.99 total (new subscribers; Prime only)

Prime Day festivities officially begin July 10 at 9pm ET but Amazon has already began a slow steady drip of offers of their products and services. Launched as part of the “pregame show” is a 4-Month Prepaid Amazon Music Unlimited subscription for $0.99 total. You pay 99 cents once and you get four months of their full service music subscription service. This is good for New Subscribers to the service only. Prime members only!

Speaking of music subscription services, you can get a free 3-month Apple Music subscription through Groupon. Google Play Music is also offering similar promotions through the Google Play store and other avenues.

If you are on the Spotify free membership, check your emails for offers to go on a prepaid 3-month Premium subscription for 99c total.

In-Stock Now: Hifiman RE 2000 IEMs for $2000

If you remember the model number, you can remember the price, and vice versa 🙂 IEM prices too are jumping on the wallet-busting bandwagon of over-ear headphones, and the new Hifiman RE 2000 earphones are now in-stock and shipping from the Hifiman store through Amazon for $2000 with free shipping. They are not Prime eligible. They ship from Illinois.

For this price, you can buy forty (40) pairs of the Hifiman RE 400 series earphones ~ all variations of those continue to be on sale ~ find them under the Earphones section of the Latest Deals Summary.

Used Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic for $1490 [one left]

UPDATE: yes, it is funny, the Hifiman store is selling a used Audeze headphone 🙂

The Audeze LCD3 Planar Magnetic headphones are available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $1490 with free shipping by the Hifiman store through Amazon Warehouse Deals. Hifiman’s Amazon store includes a gallery of pictures of the actual unit they have for sale (there’s only one unit available). Clicking on one of those tiny thumbnail pictures over there will bring up the gallery with the six pictures.

Make sure the seller is the Hifiman store, and not the “Just Launched” sellers who sadly continue to troll Amazon listings. Here’s a screenshot of what to look for if you are not familiar:

Clicking on one of the thumbnails over there at their Amazon listing (not above, it’s just a screenshot), brings up the gallery of six pictures, a screenshot of those right below:

Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2 Square Pad for $180 OR USED for $98

The new condition closed-back Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2 headphones, with their distinct square (okay, a bit more rectangular than square) earpads are on sale at the moment for $180 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer. These are the wired model.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with used, you can get them for almost half off. They go for $98 in “Used – Very Good” condition by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual (missing “earbud” [they mean “earcup” I assume] cover/pad, minor cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging). Or you can get them for $90~ in “Used – Good” condition from seller “Cellular Stream” (95%) with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime eligible.

Prime Day 2017 starts 7/10/17 at 9pm Eastern

Another year flew by, and Prime Day 2017 is almost upon us! This year it starts six hours earlier, the sales will start rolling out at 9pm Eastern on Monday 7/10/17, and continue throughout Tuesday 7/11/17 which is the actual Prime Day. The party will wind down at 3am Eastern on Thursday.

Just like last year, we’ll keep track of as many of the sales as we can throughout the 30-hour period!

[DEAD] 8GB FecPecu MP3 Player with Bluetooth for $23

This lightning deal expired. It was $4 off the current price. With prices so low, there is a pretty low ceiling on how much they discount them ~ unless it’s a fire sale 🙂

Good until 5:34pm ET today, as one of the lightning deals at Amazon, you can get the 8GB FecPecu MP3 Player with Bluetooth for $23~ in two color options. This plays a number of audio files, but not DRM files. It has 8GB storage of its own, and can support microSD cards up to 64GB.

[DEAD] Saturday’s Offers: Status Audio CB-1, Brainwavz, Symphonized, etc

These lightning deals expired…

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20% off most headphones at A4C with coupon

Until the end of June 2017, coupon JUNE20 gets you 20% off most headphones (and most everything else) at All 4 Cellular. They have a variety of older products there. Also pay attention to their condition since they have various conditions. Refurbished items are by them and carry their own 90-day warranty (not from the manufacturer ~ unless otherwise indicated).

The coupon will not work on iPads and will not work on deals of the day. They mostly have consumer-type headphones, you are not going to find Sennheiser HD700s or Koss electrostatics there 🙂

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ears for $170

If you’ve graduated Tripe Driver School, and you are ready for Quad Driver School, the 1More Quad Driver in-ears are currently on sale for $170 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual, while the used inventory is building up price pressure at Amazon Warehouse Deals where there are many listings in “Used – Very Good” condition for $136. If you don’t need it right now, it’s probably a good idea to wait since both new and used prices may be facing price pressure.

Philips A1/27 PRO Closed for $30 w/free S&H

The new condition Philips A1/27 PRO DJ closed-back headphone is currently on sale for $30 with free shipping at NewEgg by NewEgg actual, with a limit of up to 20 units per customer. This is an organic sale, it is not part of their Shellshocker daily deals.

PS: speaking of NewEgg daily deals, thankfully they ended the silliness that was their convoluted 2-day “daily” deals. They are back to normal again. What were they thinking? Probably a decision by committee? 🙂

[DEAD] Thursday: Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset for $25

This daily deal expired…

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iFi micro iDSD Black Label Edition for $380

The iFi portable headphone DAC/amps go on cyclical sales, and it’s a sale cycle again, the iFi micro iDSD Black Label Edition is on sale for $380 with free shipping at for a limited time only (ends by 7/15/17).

Phones as DAPs: pre-order Nokia 6 for $180 to $230

On the “Phones as DAPs” front, the Nokia 6 is finally coming to the US market (with Google PLAY access and USA warranty), July 10 is the estimate, and Amazon is accepting pre-orders for $230 in the Standard version for $180 in the Prime Exclusive With Ads version.

GSM Arena reviewed the Chinese version a couple of months ago, and found the headphone output “impressively clean”. It takes microSD cards and runs Android 7.1, so you have flexibility there.

Used Sennheiser HD7 DJ Closed for $84 + S&H

If you missed them when they were more readily available, and if of all the millions of Sennheiser headphones it is the Sennheiser HD7 DJ Closed Back Over-Ears the one you want, they are available in “Used – Demo” condition for $84 plus shipping (starts at $8 and varies by zipcode) at authorized dealer

PS: their used gear urls have spaces in them which may confuse some web browsers, so you can use this search results link. But note that if/when they sell out, you will no longer see it there.

Bose SoundSport Wireless (bluetooth) for $135

Shhhh! Don’t let the audiophiles see you read this post. It has two of the four triggering Bs 😉

The various color schemes of the Bose SoundSport Wireless (as in bluetooth) are on sale for $135 with free shipping at some authorized dealers, including and Amazon and B&H Photo.

PS (SPOILERS): the other two triggering Bs being Beats and (Extra) Bass(y)…

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ears (RED, iOS) for $66

It looks like a marketplace seller has baited Amazon’s Price Bots to discount the red color scheme of the iOS buttons version of the Sennheiser Momentum in-ears down to $66.23 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three per customer. The other color/OS combos go for $100.

NOTE that this is a previous model. Sennheiser abandoned the Momentum branding in the US market and at CES 2017 they relaunched the line as “HD 1”. The equivalent HD1 in-ears go for $100 at the moment.

Blue MO-FI (powered, wired, over-ears) for $245

The Blue LOLA Closed Over-Ears (wired, unpowered headphones) continue to be on sale for $137 (ship in 1-3 months; limit up to three per customer), but now the sale is joined by their Mo-Fi Powered Headphones (wired, powered, closed-back) going for $245 by Amazon actual. The shipping estimate for these is 2-5 weeks. Amazon’s shipping estimates can be conservative at times, however, if you need something by a specific date or a specific occasion, do not assume they’ll arrive faster or on-time.

A quick refresher on the Blue Microphones line-up. The powered Mo-Fi were their claim to fame, along with their unique design. Then came Lola (a wired, unpowered, un-wireless headphones). Then at CES 2017 they introduced a trio of new headphones. Mo-Fi got a follow-up in the powered headphones category with the Sadie. They also entered two new market segments, planar-magnetics with the Ella (how does it sound with Ella Fitzgerald?), and bluetooth with the Satellite.

[DEAD] Symphonized PRO In-Ears (not wood) for $10

This offer expired but Symphonized are recurring deals ~ it will return in the future ~ other things equal of course 🙂

One of the few non-wooden Symphonized earphones are on sale until 10:15pm ET tonight, the Symphonized PRO In-Ears going for $10 with free shipping for Prime members (or with a $35+ order) as one of the Amazon lightning deals. Their price before the sale was $30 last night when I checked upon them. They average 3.5 out of 5 based on 50+ customer reviews.

[DEAD] Thursday’s Offers: Brainwavz B100, M5, JVC, Bluedio, Sharkk, etc

These lightning deals expired…

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[DEAD] Wednesday’s Offers: Noontec, Symphonized, Earplugs, Etc

Wednesday’s offers expired…

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[DEAD] Sennheiser HD6XX drops to $200 at Massdrop [still ship December 2017]

As of 6/30/17, this offer expired. Those who ordered the HD 6XX should expect to receive it in mid-to-late December 2017…

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B&O PLAY H4 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $245

The charcoal gray color scheme of the new condition B&O PLAY H4 Bluetooth Over-Ears is on sale at the moment for $245 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. This is an organic sale, not part of the Gold Box lightning deals. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 52 customer reviews. In addition to Bluetooth 4.2, they also play audio via a standard 3.5mm input.

Sennheiser HD 200 Closed Over-Ears with $30 Gift Card for $70

One of the more recent Sennheiser over-ear headphones is the HD 200 closed-back studio monitors, and this model is bundled with a $30 B&H Photo Gift Card, while still selling for its standard price of $70 with free shipping at B&H Photo, same price but without the gift card as Amazon and other reputable online dealers.

Assuming you have no trouble spending the $30 gift card in the future at B&H on things you want or need, this is an “effective” $40 price on the headphones!

Sennheiser HD 6XX for $250 (over 4650 units available; ship December 2017)

What a difference $50 makes 🙂 The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX are now live at the Massdrop website, going for $250 with free shipping instead of their original run price of $200. The new higher price has a silver lining though, it means you can actually buy them without fighting the internet like it’s dial-up 1999, and not only that, but you also have more time to research them and deliberate and get official permission in writing from the Spouse C.F.O 🙂

As of 11:40am ET, 2819 units were purchased out of 7500 units available. The offer runs for the next three days. The HD 6XX are based on the open-back over-ear HD 650. They come with a 2-year warranty. Note however that all sales are final.

NOTE also that these are estimated to ship mid-December 2017. I repeat December 2017. That’s half a year from now! I repeat, half a year from now!

USED Status Audio HD One Closed On-Ears for $7.50 [Two Units Left]

In addition to the previously mentioned new condition Status Audio HD One Closed-Back On-Ears being half off by Status Audio through Amazon, their used inventory is apparently half-off as well.

As of the time of writing, they have two units of the all black color scheme in “Used – Good” condition, sold by Status Audio with the order fulfilled by Amazon Warehouse Deals so it is Prime eligible. The used price is $15, but when you add it to the shopping cart, it drops to $7.50! The discount happens automatically while this promotion is running, there’s no coupon code to enter. Only those units with Status Audio as the seller are eligible for the 50% off.

As of the time of writing, only the all black color scheme is available in used condition, and only two units of it are available. Since the orders are fulfilled by Amazon, Prime members get free 2-day shipping on them. Non-members have the usual $25+/$35+ threshold to clear…

Status Audio HD One Closed On-Ears for $22 in three colors

Status Audio is running a limited time in-cart discount at Amazon for their Status Audio HD One Closed-Back On-Ears. They get a half-off discount when you add them to the shopping cart. No coupon code is needed. Their current new condition price is $44. Adding them to the shopping cart drops them to $22. The offer is available in all three colors, with Status Audio being the seller, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (so they are Prime eligible).

The colors are all black or red on black or black with a little red. Here’s the shopping cart with the discount automatically factored in:

They are all on the same listing where they average 4.3 out of 5 based on 700+ customer reviews and have 100+ questions answered.

While this promotion is running, it is shown in the Special Offers section as follows:

[DEAD] 5-pack of Coolsell Zippered Square Earphone Cases for $8.50 (five different colors)

This lighting deal expired…

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[DEAD] Symphonized Wraith Wood On-Ears for $47 to $60

This lightning deal expired…

Symphonized also makes wood on-ear headphones, not just in-ears, and good until 8:54pm ET tonight (Tuesday 6/27/17), you can get their Wraith Wood On-Ears for $47 to $50 in various wired options, and for $60 in two Bluetooth options with 3.5mm input as well. All together they average 4.5 out of 5 based on 1000+ customer reviews and they have over 180 questions answered.

[DEAD] Sony XB950B1 Extra Bass Bluetooth (LDAC) for $150 (RED only)

As of a late 6/27/17 PM re-check, their price returned to $200…

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