Archives for September 23, 2015

Refurbished Sennheiser HD 518 for $45.50

The Sennheiser HD 518 get offered for $60 through the Fry’s promo codes every few days, but if you prefer to pay even less, and you are comfortable with refurbished, you can get them in that condition for $40 plus $5.50 flat shipping by Adgtron thru Amazon Warehouse Deals.

This is a screenshot of their listing, with the interesting parts “highlighted”:


Correction: corrected total price in blog-post title, $45.50, not $55.50 🙂

Massdrop Unlocked: FiiO E10K for $67

A new round of specials is up at members-only Massdrop, and as of the time of writing, with 7 days to go (from blog-posting date) the FiiO E10K USB DAC/amp is fully unlocked (= the lowest price possible under this offer), going for $63 plus $4 flat shipping.

Also offered there, but not fully unlocked, with five days to go, is the FiiO X5 2nd Generation Player that could go as low as $318~ shipped. Meanwhile the Creative Sound Blaster E5 USB DAC/Amp Combo, with six days to go, could go as low as $160~ shipped.