Wednesday’s Offers: MEE and Symphonized In-Ears; refurb Sony ZX300 and Plantronics, Etc

Things are much quieter for Wednesday in the Gold Box with this tentative schedule:

+ ending by 2:39am ET: Tuesday’s Lightning Offers

+ starts 4:44am ET: certified refurbished Plantronics GameCom777 Gaming Headset (price before sale $90)

+ starts 9:19am ET: MEE audio M7P Sports earphones (price before sale $38)

+ starts 10:19am ET: certified refurbished Sony MDRZX300/BLK On-Ears

+ starts 8:04pm ET: Symphonized DRM Wood In-Ears (price before sale $25)

Apps: Cross DJ Pro (Google Play) for $0.10

Just ten cents is all it takes to buy the “Cross DJ Pro” app from Google Play. This is the full version of the app, on sale for a limited time (I don’t know when it expires).

Meanwhile, more and more of today’s Lightning Deals are going live, but Amazon’s computers are not very generous with their discounting today, the discounts are fairly small…

In-stock again: Philips SHP9500S for $60 (New) or $48 (Open Box)

The “S” version of the open-back over-ear Philips SHP9500, aka the “SHP9500S” is back in-stock at NewEgg but not at the previous sale prices that caused it to sell-out. The new condition goes for $60 (was as low as $50 before), while the open box goes for $38 (was as low as $38 before). If you don’t need it right away, you can always wait for those prices to return.

Audeze LCD-3 Planars + iFi PRO iCan amp for $2300

This offer is back! The iFi PRO iCAN amp is bundled with the Audeze LCD-3 planar magnetic headphones (zebrano and leather), together for $2300 with free shipping at This is a limited time offer but some of their Audeze specials are recurring every few weeks/months.

Audeze LCD-2 (Shedua) and iFi micro iDSD for $995

It’s bundle time again, the Audeze LCD-2 planar magnetics (Shedua wood) is bundled with the iFi micro iDSD Black label edition, together going for $995 with free shipping for  a limited time at authorized dealers This is a limited time offer. No coupon/rebate needed.

Tuesday’s Offers: B+W, B&O, M-Audio, Philips, Tivoli, Etc

A busy day in the Amazon Gold Box with the following items part of the tentative schedule, but first, over 200 items (audio CDs or vinyl records) are scheduled to go through the Music Lightning Deals throughout the day on Tuesday

Also running throughout the day are Comply and other eartips, along with generic sub-$30 DAPs (Sylvania, Ematic, GG, Bush, etc). They are not included in the list below…

+ end by 3am ET: Monday’s late night lightning deals

+ starts 9:14am ET: Beyerdynamic EDT770S Headphone Ear Pads (price before sale $33)

+ starts 9:44am ET: Panasonic WINGS Wireless Bluetooth earphones (price before sale $166)

+ starts 9:54am ET: Philips SHQ2305WS/27 ActionFit earphones (price before sale $40)

+ starts 10:39am ET: Philips SHQ2300LF/27 ActionFit earphones (price before sale $20)

+ starts 11:49am ET: M-Audio Micro USB DAC/amp (16/48, price before sale $79)

+ starts 1:24pm ET: Comply NR-10i Noise Reduction Earphones with Mic for iPhone (price before sale $69~)

+ starts 3:49pm ET: certified refurbished Bowers & Wilkins P5 Square Pads (price before sale $147)

+ starts 4:04pm ET: Sony STRDN860 7.2 Channel Hi-Res WiFi Network AV Receiver (Black) (price before sale $398)

+ starts 4:04pm ET: Tivoli Audio RSWL Radio Silenz Walnut (price before sale $82)

+ starts 4:09pm ET: Beats Tour Wired In-Eas (price before sale $75)

+ starts 6:49pm ET: Monster NTUNE On-Ears (price before sale $82)

+ starts 7:09pm ET: Koss UR23iK Headphone (price before sale $13~)

+ starts 7:19pm ET: B&O PLAY Form 2I Iconic On-Ears (price before sale $99)

+ starts 7:34pm ET: AmazonBasics Micro Bluetooth Speaker (price before sale $9~)

+ starts 7:49pm ET: JLab Q1 JBuds Metal in-ears (price before sale $34)

+ starts 8pm ET: Monoprice 107116 Headphone Splitter with Separate Volume Controls (price before sale $4.80)

+ starts 8:09pm ET: Pyle Pro PHA40 4-Channel Stereo Headphone Amplifier (price before sale $17)
+ outputs are 1/4″; only works on AC power

+ starts 8:19pm ET: Audio Technica ATH-CKP500-BL Sporfit In-ears (price before sale $25)

+ starts 8:39pm ET: V-MODA Crossfade On-Ear Headphone Metal Shield Kit (Sun Orange) (price before sale $18)

Westone UM2 RC In-Ears for $180

The Westone UM2 RC In-Ears (with removable cable) are currently on sale for $180 with free shipping at B&H Photo as a limited time offer (expiration date unknown).

Fiio E12A Mont Blanc Special Edition for IEMs for $98 to $100

If you’ve sorted out the Fiio line-ups and decided that the E12A Mont Blanc Special Edition for IEMs is the one for you, you can get it for $98 to $99 fulfiled by Amazon, and $100 at B&H Photo.

Astell & Kern AK T5p Beyerdynamic Special Edition for $999

The Astell & Kern AKT5p Beyerdynamic Special Edition of Tesla-driver headphones is currently on sale for $999 with free shipping by seller “ProStudio Sound & Music” with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member.

Skullcandy Grindr Bluetooth On-Ears for $63

The new condition closed-back bluetooth on-ear Skullcandy Grindr are on sale for $63 with free shipping at, yet another Amazon property, operating under the tutelage of Zappos… We have an unboxing post of this headphone actually, and it is on the ever-growing list of things that need to get reviewed #procrastination…

Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00 Headphones for $400

The Wooden Headphones Club meets again at Massdrop where they are offering their own “x Fostex TH-X00 Headphones” for $400 with free shipping. The offer runs for the next seven days and will ship late January 2017, which is fairly fast for MD standards. They ship from Massdrop, so from the looks of it, they may already have these in their warehouse/facilities (my speculation; I have no clue).

PS: these are dynamic driver headphones, planar is not everything despite their increasing popularity 🙂

Beats EP On-Ears for $70 (all colors)

All four colors of the new conditin closed-back on-ear Beats EP headphones are currently on sale for $70 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer… Interestingly all new Apple-Beats product prices have fallen since their release – unlike the stubborn prices of iPhones/iPads…

[DEAD] M-Audio Micro USB DAC/amp for $59

These daily deals expired…

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Monday’s Offers: Panasonic HD10, Sol, B&O, Comply, Etc

Monday is here and it is moderately busy headphone-wise in the Amazon Gold Box. As usual, please remember the schedule is tentative, and some products/brands go live at the Amazon website directly, without being teased ahead of time (those are much harder for me to catch):

+ starts 10am ET: Comply Premium Replacement Foam Earphone Earbud Tips – Sport Plus Sx-500 (Small, Black, 2-pair) (price before sale $21)

+ starts 10:04am ET: Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Headphones Replacement Carry Case, White (price before sale $33)

+ starts 1:19pm ET: Panasonic RP-HD10C-K Over-Ears (price before sale $200)

+ starts 2:24pm ET: SOL REPUBLIC 1211-NWU Collegiate Series Tracks On-Ears (price before sale $82)
+ this is the Northwestern University headband (the headbands are easily user-replaceable)

+ starts 3:44pm ET: B&O PLAY Earset 3I (earbuds with earhooks – watch out VE Monks!; price before sale $157)

+ starts 6:39pm ET: SanDisk Clip Sport 4GB MP3 Player (price before sale $39)

+ starts 7:04pm ET: Comply Premium Replacement Foam Earphone Earbud Tips – Isolation Plus Tx-200 (Black, 3 Pairs, Small) (price before sale $20)

+ starts 7:44pm ET: Polk Audio AM4110-A Nue Era In-Ears (price before sale $40)

+ starts 8pm ET: Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones with DJ Capabilities and 3 Button Mic, NBA Boston Celtics (price before sale $115)

+ starts 8pm ET: Lift Audio Icon in-ears (price before sale $19)

+ starts 8:09pm ET: MEE audio Sport-Fi M6 in-ears (price before sale $16)

+ starts 8:24pm ET: BEHRINGER NEKKST K8 (price before sale $190)

+ starts 8:24pm ET: Panasonic RP-HF300M-K Over-Ears (price before sale $21)

+ starts 8:44pm ET: 25pk Verbatim Digital Vinyl 700 MB Multicolor CD-R Spindle (price before sale $14)

Used SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent On-Ears for $27

More used action, the closed-back on-ear SMS Audio Street by 50-Cent are available in the white-blue color scheme for $22.50 plus $3.75 flat shipping at I listened to one of these variations, they sounded very closed and of course bassy. As expected 🙂 These are listed as “Used – Excellent” condition.

Samson SR950 Closed Over-Ears for $24 with free S&H

Not to be confused with their more famous cousins the semi-open SR850, the SR950 is a closed-back over-ear headphone, still an “homage” to the AKG studio headphones, currently offered in new condition for $24 with free shipping at They average 4.3 out of 5 based on 57 customer reviews over there.

I picked up their “cousin”, the SR850 during a previous sale, they come in a cardboard box with no accessories. These too are in my “review list”. Perhaps I should publish a review list, so I can be “shamed” into making progress 🙂 Regardless, here’s the picture:

Used Sony XBA-BT75 Bluetooth In-Ears for $31 + $4 S&H

The Sony XBA-BT75 Bluetooth In-Ears are currently available in “Used – Fair condition” for $21 plus $4~ flat shipping at Check reviews for this if you are not familiar.

KZ ATE In-Ears for $13 with 2-day Prime shipping

You can get these for less from the Chinese markets with long shipping times, but if you don’t want to deal that and potential for customs, especially if you are a Prime member, the KZ ATE in-ears are currently offered for $13 by a marketplace seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. These too have their hype-train 🙂

[DEAD] Used iFi Micro iCAN SE head-amp for $202

As of a 1/16/17 recheck, this is sold-out. Used supplies are very limited (often one unit), so when they are gone, they are gone until more used options appear (trade-ins, returns, store demos, etc)…

The iFi Micro iCAN SE headphone amp is currently available in “Used – Demo condition” for $194 plus $7.55 shipping at

This was the first in a series of back-to-back posts after going through their used headphones inventory.

[DEAD] Used Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC/amp for $161

As of 1/16/17 recheck, this sold out… The Audioquest Dragonfly Red USB DAC/amp goes for $200 in new condition, but if you prefer used, you can get it in “Used – Excellent” condition for $154 plus $6.75 shipping at Used products from their website come with a 30-day return policy and a 90-day warranty from Adorama.

Beyerdynamic T90 Open Over-Ear Chrome Limited Edition for $239

Popular with some Cylons, the Chrome Limited Edition of the Beyerdynamic T90 open-back over-ear headphones is on sale in new condition for $239 with free shipping by BuyDig’s eBay store. Over 500 units got sold so far, and you can buy as many as you want (limit is up to 50 per eBay account).

Brainwavz Hybrid (PU/Velour) Earpads for $20

If you can’t wait for the next lightning deal or big sale for Brainwavz pads, at the moment, their Hybrid Memory Foam PU and Velour Earpads, in the black color scheme, are under $20, going for $19.50, fulfilled by Amazon, with Brainwavz being the seller. Check the 260+ customer reviews for ideas on what headphones they fit and what they won’t.

Sony MDR-100ABN Bluetooth + ANC Over-Ears for $228

This was a lightning deal for a couple of times for $200, but if you can’t wait for a future discount, the new condition black and the blue color-schemes of the Sony MDR-100ABN bluetooth + ANC are currently on sale for $228 with free shipping by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three per customer. These average 4 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews.

Bose SoundSport In-Ears for $65 to $85

The new condition Bose SoundSport In-Ears are on sale for $65 with free shipping by marketplace seller “uShopMall” through the Newegg website… On the other hand, if you prefer buying from more well-known sellers, you can get it for $85 by Amazon actual… Or wait for future discounts…

Rosewill RHTS-11002 In-Ears for $9 w/free S&H

Single-figures action now, the new condition Rosewill RHTS-11002 earphones are on sale for $9 with free shipping at NewEgg by NewEgg actual with a limit of up to 20 units per customer. Sale ends Monday night. They average 4 out of 5 based on 162 customer eggs (okay, reviews).

Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless (RF) for $68

On the RF wireless (not-bluetooth) front, the new condition Sony MDRRF985RK is on sale for $68 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer. This averages 4 out of 5 based on nearly 2000 customer reviews.

Note however that Sony revealed a new model at CES 2017, the MDR-RF-995-RK. Not a lot of details on the new one yet.

Massdrop round-up: a number of things got unlocked

Since my last check, a number of products got unlocked (=lowest price during a particular group-buy period over there), so here they are in a round-up post:

  • Massdrop x HiFiMAN RE-00 in-ears for $35 shipped (ends in 3 days; ships late January)
  • CEntrance DACport Slim (MD exclusive) $100 shipped (ends in 3 days; ships late January)
  • MEE Audio Air-Fi Matrix2 AF 62 for $63 shipped (ends in 3 days; ships early February)
  • Rooth C&P Earplugs for $21 shipped (ends in 3 days; ships early February)
  • Topping TP30-MARK2 DAC/amp for $73 (ends in 8 days; ships mid February)
  • AKG K812 Reference Headphone for $1008 shipped (ends in 8 days; ships early February)
  • the “ends in X days” is from the blog-posting date 1/14/17)
  • I am only calculating price + shipping; not taxes or imports and such since they vary from person to person

[DEAD] Panasonic RP-HF100M Over/On-Ears for $11.60

This lightning deal expired…

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[DEAD] MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ears for $159

This 6-hour lightning deal expired… Good until 9:29pm ET tonight, the new condition MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 in-ears go for $159~ with free shipping. The price before the sale was $199 last night.

[DEAD] Sat: Philips SHL3300 Over-Ears for $18 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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