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Philips Earhook Earbuds for $6 w/free s&h

On the single figures shipped front, among the latest offers at eBay, you can get the new-other condition (bulk packaging, not retail packaging) white Philips Earhook Earbuds, model SHS3200/28, for $6 with free shipping, with a limit of five per buyer. Nearly 6000 units got sold from this listing so far. This offer is only available in the white color scheme.

Massdrop Unlocked: ATH-M50x Velour Earpads shipped for $22

With seven days to go from blog-posting date, the ATH-M50x Velour Earpads have reached their lowest price at members-only Massdrop, going for $20 plus $2 flat shipping. You can choose between five different color options at checkout, not just the ones shown at the main picture. The colors are shown in the middle of the page over there. They ship late August.

Massdrop: JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth for $115

Fully unlocked, with seven days to go (from blog-posting date here) at members-only Massdrop are the JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth earbuds going for $110 plus $5~ flat shipping. Also added there, but not unlocked as of the time of writing, are the Superlux HD668B over-ears that could go for $38~ shipped (they are a binary offer, it either unlocks or not, no middle ground), and the Sennheiser G4ME ONE Gaming Headset that could go as low as $150 shipped.

[DEAD] Used HIFIMAN EF2A USB Headphone Amplifier for $112

As of re-check, the $112 offer got scooped up, the lowest price as of early 8/1/15 is $130… The HIFIMAN EF2A USB Headphone Amplifier is currently available in “Used – Acceptable” condition for around $112 by Audio Advisor with the order fulfilled by Amazon so it is eligible for the free 2-day Prime shipping. This hybrid tube amp averages 4 out of 5 based on 67 customer reviews.

[DEAD] Ends Sat 1am ET: Onkyo ES-CTI300 On-Ears for $65

This daily deal expired…
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Refurbished Sennheiser HD 6 Mix for $85

The closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 6 Mix studio headphones are currently available in refurbished condition for $79 plus $6 flat shipping by adgtron thru Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Buy Skullcandy Grind On-Ears, Get Titan Earbuds for FREE

For a limited time, the official Skullcandy store has a freebie promotion. If you buy the Skullcandy Grind, the shopping cart over there will automatically add the Titan earbuds for FREE to the cart. No coupons needed. Free shipping. I don’t know when this offer expires but you’ll know it’s over when the Titan does not automatically appear in your cart. The current price for the Grind is $60, which is the same as where they average 4.6 out of 5 based on 66 customer reviews.

Massdrop Unlocked: Dunu Titan 1 IEMs for $98

Unlocked at members only Massdrop, and with seven days to go from today (= posting date here), you can get the Dunu Titan 1 IEMs for $90 plus $8~ flat shipping. They come with nine eartip pairs, a carrying case, a clip and also a 1/4″ adapter. They ship mid-August.

Also added there but not fully unlocked are the Audio Technica M50x that could go as low as $127 shipped. Not the lowest price, they’ve been seen as low as $100 in flash sales at authorized dealers.

[DEAD] Wedn: Blue Microphones Mo-Fi headphones for $200 (limit 1)

This daily promo code deal expired…
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[DEAD] Wedn only: Sennheiser HD 205 II for $25

This daily promo code deal expired…
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100pk Earbud Sponge Pads for $3 w/free s&h from Hong Kong

If you need a lot of earbud sponge pads and don’t need them to arrive immediately, a quartet of Hong Kong based sellers are selling 100 packs for $3 with free shipping from Hong Kong through They have delivery estimates over there. Pay attention to the ratings profile of each seller, not just the price. These average 4.6 out of 5 based on 27 customer reviews.

These are earbud pads, not tips for in-ears. The product page has details and dimensions. I suppose these could also be handy in some arts and crafts projects 🙂 Speaking of which, there’s also a 100pk in red for $4.32 with free shipping from Asia. Only one seller, probably why the price is higher?

Open box Audioengine D1 DAC for $140

The Audioengine D1 DAC goes for $170~ in new condition but if you want to save some, you can get it for $140 with free shipping in “Used – Like New” Open-box condition by Gramophone thru Amazon, who is an authorized dealer per their listing. It ships from Gramophone which is located in Maryland. Gary Williams not included!

Monoprice 8320 In-Ears (enhanced bass) for $5 w/free s&h

For a limited time, Monoprice is offering the 8320 In-Ears (enhanced bass) for $5 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer during this promotion.

PS: the earbud looking thing on the left side of the first gallery picture there is actually the outer shell. Both earheads are like the one on the right side. It can be confusing if you never saw these before. No mic/remote.

Massdrop: Creative Sound Blaster X7 LE DAC/amp for $410

Added to Massdrop today, with seven days left (as of blog-posting date) is the Creative Sound Blaster X7 Limited Edition DAC/amp that could go as low as $400 plus $10~ flat shipping. This is a do-it-all type of DAC/amp, serving speakers and headphones alike. It is not a dedicated headphone amp. One of the pictures over there shows all the connectors at the back (zoom in). It has both 1/4″ and 1/8″ headphone inputs on the front.

Here’s a seven minute video with Creative guy talking about it:

Optionally, you can add to your order the Creative E-MU XM7 Bookshelf Speakers for +$120 (they go for $270 on their own – eg

Skullcandy Navigator On-Ear with Mic3 for $20 (limit 3)

Target is making a push for prominence at the eBay deals and they are currently offering the new condition Skullcandy Navigators with Mic3 on-ear headphones, in the black color scheme, model S5AVDM-161, for $20 with free shipping, with a limit of three per customer. Already nearly 350 units sold from this feature.

[DEAD] Tue w/promo code: AKG K512 Mk II for $25 (limit 2)

This daily deal expired…
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JLabs JBuds earbuds for $3 (many colors)

The JLabs JBuds earbuds are on sale for $3 per pair, in different color schemes at OfficeDepot and OfficeMax brick and mortar stores and also at their website. They may be able for free store pickup if any of your local stores have them. Conventional shipping to your home is free with an order of $50 or more. Offer ends 8/1/15.

PS: they call them earbuds, they are a bit in-ears, but not quiet – perhaps one could call them very shallow in-ears, since they don’t go that much. They average 3.2 out of 5 based on over 7800 customer reviews at amazon.

Beyerdynamic DT 1350 On-Ears for $150

The action never stops on eBay, where the Focus Camera eBay store is offering the new condition Beyerdynamic DT 1350 On-Ears (closed back) for $150 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer.

Audio Technica M40x + Mackie CR3 3″ 50W Monitors for $135

IF you happen to be looking for both headphones and studio monitors, Adorama is offering a bundle for $135 with free shipping: you get the new condition Audio Technica M40x headphones and the new condition Mackie CR3 3″ 50W Creative Reference Multimedia Monitors. Each one goes for $100 on its own at authorized dealers. In fact the CR3 is currently the best selling studio monitor at with a 4.5 out of 5 based on 194 customer reviews. Offer ends by 8/9/15 or earlier if they sell out.

Used Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On-Ears for $165

If you want to have the second generation Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears, aka the “Momentum 2.0” model, you can get them for $165 in the black Android version in “Used – Like New” condition (original packaging, may be damaged) by Amazon Warehouse Deals. The lowest Apple version price is $169 in “Used – Good” condition for the black color. The page linked there shows the lowest price for each color and OS combination. To see more options for an individual model, click on the options over there (screenshot below)


Bose SoundTrue On-Ears (white) for $100 [Over-Ears for $120]

If you like white color-themed headphones, the Bose SoundTrue On-Ears are currently on sale for $100 with free shipping at Amazon. The other three colors go for $120 to $130. Limit five per customer at this time.

In a parallel sale, their Around The Ear (aka over ears) in the white or cyan color schemes are also on sale, going for $120 per pair, with a limit of five per customer. The other two colors go for $135 (black mint) and $140 (black).

Sennheiser RS120 Wireless (RF) for $70

The RF wireless (not Kleer) Sennheiser RS120 headphones (one pair of headphones plus charging/transmitter dock) are on sale again for $70 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. These average 4.1 out of 5 with over 8500 customer reviews.

Massdrop Unlocked: CustomArt Harmony 8 or 8 Pro Custom IEMs for $840

New “droppings” at Massdrop, with the CustomArt Harmony 8 or 8 Pro custom IEMs already getting fully unlocked for $790 plus $50 shipping. The shipping fee does NOT cover the shipping of your impressions to CustomArt. Optionally you can add a copper cable for +$120. This will take a while though, so don’t buy if you need them soon. Promotion ends in about 7 days from blog-posting date.

Also added over there (with 7 days to go) but not fully unlocked as of writing time are the following:

  • Shure SE535 IEMs as low as $380 shipped
  • Sieveking Omega Headphone Stand as low as $140 shipped

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Closed-Back for $50

The Symphonized Wraith 2.0 closed-back (it’s hard to have an open back when the earcup is made of solid wood) headphones are currently available at fulfilled by Amazon for $50 with free shipping in four different wood color options (including maple, cherry, walnut). No, this is not a trail mix, they are headphones 🙂 They average 4.4 out of 5 based on 24 customer reviews over there. They come with two different cables (plain and in-line).

Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears (first gen) for $70

The first generation new condition Sennheiser Momentum On-Ears are currently on sale for $70 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. Click on the thumbnail for the color of your preference to get that one instead.

V-MODA VAMP Verza DAC-Amp for Smartphones for $400

The V-MODA VAMP Verza portable DAC-amp designed with smartphones in mind is now available in new condition for $400 with free shipping in the black color scheme by V-Moda Direct thru Amazon. There are nine units left as of the time of writing. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 23 customer reviews.

Used Sony PHA1A Portable DAC-amp for $229

The Sony PHA1A Portable DAC-amp goes for $300 at authorized dealers, but if you want to save some but still get it from authorized dealers, it is available in “Used – Like New” condition for $228~ by OneCall thru Amazon with two units left as of the time of writing. Original box with everything included says their listing.

Used Teac HA-P50 portable headphone amp for $160

The black color scheme of the portable Teac HA-P50 headphone amp is currently available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $160 by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Audio Annual 2014: The Definitive Audiophile Reference for $4.59

If you like glossy magazines featuring 3 to 5 figures audio gear (not just headphones), and if you are an Amazon Prime member (or planning a $35+ order), you can get the Audio Annual 2014: The Definitive Audiophile Reference (look for the Prime shipping option in the full listings if you don’t see it there) by the Thalakoturs for $4.50. It comes sealed in protective cellophane if you are collecting these. I am posting this right after mine arrived, which is how I know this 🙂 The order is fulfilled by Amazon, that’s why the shipping blurb above.

It features all kinds of audio gear, this is not headphone-centric, but Grado has the back cover (ad) showing the RS2. The Grado entry inside the magazine is the PS500. It is 170 pages long.

Used HIFIMAN HM-901 DAP for $800

The HIFIMAN HM-901 DAP goes for $1000 in new condition but if you are comfortable with used, you can get it in “Used – Like New” condition, with the description saying mint condition with original packaging and original accessories by authorized dealer HeadAmp through Amazon Warehouse Deals. It is fulfilled by Amazon, so it is eligible for Prime shipping benefits.

Massdrop: Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium (600 ohm) for $228

Fire up the amps, the 600 ohm version of the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Premium is fully unlocked at members-only but free-to-join Massdrop for $220 plus $8~ flat shipping. The offer ends in about five days from blog-posting date. Only this option is offered, no other “ohmages” as part of this particular listing.

Sennheiser HD 558 drops to $100 again

Up and down go the prices, and the open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 558 is back down to $100 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 600+ customer reviews.

Shipping next week: Philips L2 Semi-Open for $280

Hot on the heels of their X1 and X2 success, Philips continues onwards with a new headphone release scheduled for around July 30 at, it is the Philips L2 (aka L2BO/27) with a current price of $280. These are over-ear semi-opens with universal mic/remote. Pictures and specs comparison to the other various recent Philips headphones over there.

Sennheiser HD 419 for $28 w/free shipping

The new condition Sennheiser HD 419 closed-back over-ears are currently on sale for $28 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer by SonixElectronix on eBay. These average 4.2 out of 5 with 410 customer reviews at amazon with free shipping only for Prime members.

Massdrop unlocked: Objective O2 head-amp for $70 shipped

Now available at Massdrop is their custom version of the Objective O2 headphoone amp for $70 with free shipping. They are accepting suggestions and voting for tweaks in the comments over there that are multiplying like rabbits. Keep in mind however,  this will start shipping in mid-September 2015, so not for the impatient 🙂