JBL Synchros Relfect-i Earphones for $10 w/FS

The Green Monday sale at Harman Audio has an earphone doorbuster. The red color scheme of the new condition JBL Synchros Relfect-i in-ears is offered for $10 with free shipping for all. Up ten pairs per customer at the sale price. They average 3.5 out of 5 based on 130+ customer reviews. They come with a 3-button remote/mic combo.

Refurb JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC On-Ears for $90

The certified refurbished JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC On-Ears are currently offered for $90 with free shipping by both Woot and Amazon actual, in the black color scheme, fulfilled by Amazon (in the case of Woot). Amazon’s own listing is “temporarily out of stock” but still orderable.

[DEAD] Sunday: JBL Synchros E10 earphones for $15 w/FS

This daily deal expired and so did the B&H streak of five daily deals in a row featuring one headphone per day…

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Wedn: refurb JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC/BT On-Ears for $85

It’s a good thing I woke up before the birds today, there are many things happening, including the Woot Electronics daily deal running until 1am ET on Thursday (or earlier if sold out), it is the certified refurbished JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen ANC/BT on-ears offered for $80 plus $5 flat shipping. Maximum three pairs per customer as per usual Woot terms. They come with a 1-year JBL warranty per the listing.

FREE JBL Aware C USB-C earphones with HTC U11 purchase for $599

During the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities, the HTC website has dropped the price of their U11 smartphone (no headphone jack) to $599 factory unlocked with USA warranty BUT they are also including for free the JBL Aware C USB-C earphones. The product page there just mentions “FREE JBL earphones”, it’s when you add the U11 phone to the shopping cart that you see more details about the free JBL USB-C earphones.

Here’s a screenshot of the shopping cart with more details on the earphone:

JBL Everest 710 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $125

The NewEGG Black Friday sale is up and running with over 3K products participating. Among them is the new condition JBL Everest 710 Bluetooth Over-Ears in the gunmetal color scheme offered for $125 with free shipping. This is sold by Electronics EXPO through the NewEGG website. Limit three per customer.

But this appears to have propagated through the interwebs as well, a trio of sellers offer it for the same price fulfilled by Amazon, and so does the Harman Audio eBAY store and the official JBL / Harman store. It’s a small internet world 🙂

Free JBL E45BT Bluetooth On-Ears with 15.4″ late 2016 MacBook PRO with TouchBar

The closed-back JBL E45BT Bluetooth On-Ears are included for FREE when you purchase the new condition 15.4″ late 2016 MacBook PRO with TouchBar (16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Retina, Radeon PRO 450, etc) for $1799 at B&H Photo in gray or black. You also get one year of the Microsoft Office subscription. This is a limited time offer.

[DEAD] JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen ANC/Bluetooth On-Ears for $105

These expired too…

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[DEAD] Refurbished JBL and Harman sale with Everset, Synchros, NC Squares, and more

These weekly sales expired…

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[DEAD] Sat: JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen ANC/BT On-Ears for $110

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Refurbished JBL S500 Powered Headphones for $80

This weekly sale expired…

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Refurbished Weekly Deals: JBL E30 for $20, Harman CL for $40, BT for $90

The official Harman Audio / JBL online store [now part of the Samsung Empire of Touch Wiz] changes their featured refurbished deals every week. This round of offers running until Sunday night (9/24/17):

+ refurbished JBL Synchros E30 on-ears for $20
+ refurbished Harman CL rectangular ear-pad on-ears for $40
+ refurbished Harman BT rectangular ear-pad bluetooth on-ears for $90

They offer free shipping and original warranty with their recertified offers.

Weekly Deals: Refurbished JBL J55 On-Ears for $17, Under Armour BT Earphones for $40

A new week has arrived and that means the refurbished deals at the official Harman Audio store (owner of JBL, AKG, Yurbuds brands; and the company itself’s parent company now owned by Samsung), and among them are two deals of the week running until 9/17/17 or earlier if sold out:

+ refurbished JBL J55 on-ears for $17 in three colors

+ refurbished JBL Under Armour wireless (bluetooth) earphones for $40 in black

+ free shipping on all purchases, original warranty included unless otherwise indicated in the listings

[DEAD] JBL Synchros S300A On-Ears for $50 w/free S&H

This item sold out and can longer be ordered. The listing is being removed, so the chances of returning are as close to zero as you can get…

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JBL BassLine DJ-Style Over-Ears for $25 w/free S&H

Sale time! The new condition JBL Bassline closed-back over-ear DJ-styled headphones are on sale as a special sale for $25 with free shipping at Adorama.com. A carrying case is included. Here’s a short 360-video of the headphone from the JBL YouTube…

[DEAD] Refurbished JBL Synchros S700 Powered Over-Ears for $100

This weekly sale expired…

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[DEAD] JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC and Bluetooth On-Ears for $125

This offer expired…

The Best Buy eBay store is offering the new condition black color scheme JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC and Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones for $125 with free shipping, with up to three pairs per customer during this sale. Their Bluetooth is 4.1 and have a built-in rechargeable battery but they can also play audio via a standard 3.5mm port.

[DEAD] JBL Inspire 100 Vivid earphones for $5 w/free S&H

This limited time promotion is expired…

This is the deal of the week at the official Harman/JBL online store, running until 8/6/17, it is the new condition JBL Inspire 100 Vivid earphones going for $5 with free shipping (even if you only buy one pair), available in bright green or yellow color schemes. Limit ten units per order. As you can see from the pictures, these are somewhere in-between an earbud and an in-ear model.

Refurbished JBL Synchros E30 On-Ears for $20 w/free S&H

On the budget side of things, the manufacturer refurbished JBL E30 closed-back folding on-ears are on sale for $20 with free shipping in three different color schemes by the official JBL store through the NewEgg website. The offer ends Saturday night.

JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ears for $48 with free S&H after coupon

One of the offers participating in the new 10% off eBay coupon code PJUNESAVINGS10 that gets you 10% off qualifying products priced $25+ is the “New – Other” condition JBL Synchros S500 Powered Headphones [CORRECTED LINK!] offered for $53 with free shipping before coupn. The 10% off coupon drops them to under $48.

Their condition in the listing over there is described by Brooklyn seller “Poppy Deals” (99.6%) as being new condition but not in the retail packaging to save on shipping. As usual, these type of offers have a higher risk than buying new-in-retail-box from authorized and well-known dealers, so it’s up to you to decide where you draw the line on risk taking.

These are wired but powered. Their circuit is powered by two AAA batteries, which is a plus if you are a fan of rechargeables or have a giant container full of single use batteries. The carrying case and the two cables are included in the package.

The coupon expires 6/9/17 at 11:59pm PST.

JBL NBA licensed On-Ear headphones for $50 (six teams)

The NBA Playoffs are here, so if you feel particularly motivated to externalize team spirit through your audio purchases [that almost sounded like audiophile-magazine-speak] the official JBL store is offering the JBL Synchros S300 NBA Edition on-ear headphones for $50 per pair in six licensed NBA team designs: the Bulls, the Fakers, the Knicks (SAD!), the Oklahoma Thunder-Sonics, the Duncan Spurs, and the Boston Celtics. Free shipping.

Speaking of JBL, their Synchros Chrome Edition Over-Ears (powered headphones) are on sale for $95 with free shipping. The powering is done with 2 AAA batteries, not a built-in battery, so a plus for fans of rechargeable/removable batteries (eg Eneloop 8pk for $15~).

JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C sport earphones for $50 with coupon

The prices keep on dropping for this, if you are looking for USB-C headphones (not as populous as lightning cables that have Apple’s hype train behind them), the JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C sport earphones can be yours for $50 with free shipping at A4C (All4Cellular) when you use limited time coupon FLASH50 (a flash sale coupon).

JBL Coach E40 BT On-Ears for $30

This is a NewEgg “daily” deal, so it is offered for two days. On Day #1 (Friday), promo code EMCSREBE2 gets you the new condition JBL Coach E40 Bluetooth On-Ears for $30 with free shipping. You may have to be a NewEgg email subscriber to use this coupon. On Day #2 (Saturday), it becomes one of the daily deals posted on their ShellShocker daily deals.

PS: I can’t see the benefit of this convoluted way of doing daily deals, but what do I know? 🙂

JBL S300 NBA-licensed On-Ears for $50 (six teams)

For NBA fans, the JBL S300 closed-back on-ear headphones that are NBA-licensed are on sale again for $50 with free shipping at the official JBL store. These are new condition available in Bulls, Knicks, Thunder, Lakers, Spurs and Celtics. Per the listing there, they come with a carrying case and a detachable cable. It’s not clear whether you get the Android or iOS 3-button cable or both.

Refurbished JBL S300i or S300a Closed On-Ears w/full warranty for $40 with free S&H

White color headphones can look nice but they also absorb stains like no other. It can be a plus if you want to “life decorate” your headphones, a combination of coffee, tea, wild blueberries and beets will definitely make them a head-turner 🙂

But if you like the white color scheme, you are in luck! The new condition JBL Synchros S300 with the Apple remote buttons are available in new condition for $39 with free shipping by a variety of sellers fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). “HiDEF Lifestyle” is the most recognizable of the lot (a real world B&M A/V store).

If you prefer other color and OS combinations, the official Harman Audio and JBL websites (they have the same content with different styling and domain names) have a factory reconditioned section that does not show up in the search-results when you use the search-box on their web store. The headphones offered there come with the original warranty and offer a 30-day return guarantee.

The current headliners among the refurbished headphones there are the JBL Synchros S300A (Android buttons) and S300i (iPhone buttons) closed-back on-ears offered for $40 with free ground shipping. They are available in multiple colors each. There is a limit of five units per order, but I don’t know if the limit is per color or per OS or overall. They have a detachable cable, so you can repurpose the cable with other headphones (assuming it fits – I haven’t seen these in person so I don’t know how their cable connects).

Since you get the original warranty, certified by the manufacturer and free shipping, the thrifty way to go is with the factory reconditioned.

[DEAD] Friday: JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C Earphones for $70

This deal of the day expired…

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[DEAD] JBL Synchros S300 NBA Team On-Ears for $50 (six team options)

This weekend sale expired, they are back to $150 as of 3/13/17 AM…

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Refurbished JBL J55A Closed On-Ears for $20 with free S&H

The official Harman Audio store (now part of Samsung, so Galaxy fanpersons may decide now to shop there instead of Beats) is offering the factory recertified JBL J55A Closed On-Ears for $20 with free ground shipping. As the “A” in the model name semi-hints at, this is the “Android buttons” model. It comes with a detachable 1-button cable and a carrying pouch, so they can become extra accessories even after the headphones reach their end of life. They have 32 ohm impedance which matches their main use-cases profile. Limit five units per customer.

Wedn: JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C Earphones for $80

The price of this continues to drop, the JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones are down to $80 with free shipping, in your choice of black or white, as one of the A4C Wednesday daily deals ending by 11:59pm ET. This works with USB-C devices (that can output audio over the USB-C connection).

JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C Earphones for $85 w/coupon

For a limited time, coupon code FLASH50 cuts the price in half of the new condition JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones, in either black or white. After coupon is entered (you don’t have to login to try the coupon, just add item to cart and then enter the coupon) the price is $85. This is a limited time flash sale coupon.

[DEAD] JBL Reflect Aware USB Type-C earphones for $100

These daily deals expired, but most of the A4C offers return every few days/weeks…

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[DEAD] Refurbished JBL E50 Synchros Bluetooth Over/On-Ears for $75

This daily deal expired…

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JBL Reflect i Bluetooth earphones for $15 w/free S&H

The official Harman Audio eBay store (now part of Samsung) is offering the new condition JBL Reflect i Bluetooth earphones for $15 with free shipping. They are available in four different color schemes, with a limit of up to five units per customer. The “i” in its name is for iOS/Apple remote buttons.

JBL Synchros E40BT Bluetooth On-Ears + Honor 6X phone + Extras for $250

It’s a PAD bundle again (PAD = phones as DAPs (DAPs = digital audio players)). And it is in pre-order state. If you prefer the new Huawei Honor 6X phone for $250, you will also receive for free the closed-back on-ear JBL Synchros E40BT bluetooth headphones, along with an ASUS 10,050 mah portable battery and a VR headset at B&H Photo. The phone is available in three colors, all three get the same three freebies. The headphones currently go for $80 on their own.

JBL Coach E40 Bluetooth On-Ears + Huawei Honor 8 Dual Camera smartphone for $300

The JBL Coach E40 bluetooth on-ear headphones appear to be NewEgg’s favorite smartphone bundle. Earlier on they were bundled with a ZTE Axon, now they are bundled with the Huawei Honor 8 Dual Camera smartphone, together for $300 with free shipping. This is an unlocked phone with 32GB storage, USA warranty. They also include a few more phone accessories for free.