Sunday: Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 bluetooth over-ears for $70

One of the deals of the day at the Best Buy website is the new condition closed-back over-ear Plantronics BackBeat FIT 6100 bluetooth headphones for $70 with free US shipping and/or free store pickup…

Meanwhile at the Amazon Germany gold box there’s the new condition Jabra Elite 65t truly-wireless earphones for 90 euro…

And some action at the NewEgg dailies as follows:

+ Anker SoundCore Spirit X bluetooth sport earphones for $14 with promo code 93XPK79

+ Voxoa VXH330 square-pad bluetooth closed-back for $30

+ JBL LIVE500 bluetooth over-ears for $60 after promo code 93XPK74

Thursday: JBL, Anker, Klipsch, Philips, Culture V1

UPDATE: the Musician’s Friend deal of the day good until Friday at 8am ET is the new condition Culture V1 ANC + bluetooth over-ears for $80 with free US shipping… Not to be confused with the Culture book series by Iain Banks 🙂

The streak of headphones in high profile retailer daily deals continue for Thursday 6/4/20 as well with this lot:

+ among the NewEGG offers they have the new condition Philips SHB-5950-BK/27 neckband bluetooth earphones for $16.50, although the reviews are in the 3 out of 5 range…
+ also at NewEgg, a pair of Klipsch CB-5 Bookshelf speakers for $70, and a CC-5 Center Speaker for $60

+ among the Best Buy offers is the JBL LIVE 400BT closed-back bluetooth on-ears for $60

+ and at Amazon Germany it’s the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO truly-wireless for 100 euro
+ Anker really needs to optimize their model naming scheme ~ too many words and the thing that changes gets lost in the railroad!

Thursday Daily Deals: JBL, B&O Truly Wireless, and Sony 1000XM3 bundled with 65″ UHD TV

It’s headphone day in the Best Buy daily deals for Thursday April 23 in 2020 as follows:

+ JLab Epic Executive neckband bluetooth earphones for $45

+ Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E.8 2.0 truly wireless for $200

+ Sony WH-1000X Mark III headphones bundled with the Sony 65″ 4K UHD TV (with HDR) for $1030

But that’s not all. At Woot, they are offering the new condition JBL T450 wired closed on-ears for $20, available in either blue or white color-schemes, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with a 1-year JBL warranty…

Saturday: JBL Live truly wireless for $50

It’s the truly wireless party train at Best Buy, as one of their Saturday April 4 (2020) deals du jour is the new condition JBL Live truly wireless going for $50.

But that’s not all for Saturday ~ if you want to feed your DAPs or PADs or tablets and such, is offering the 256GB Samsung microSD memory card for $40, and you can buy up to three of them at the sale price. These are sold by Newegg actual, not iffy marketplace sellers 🙂

Harman Kardon Soho closed bluetooth on-ears for $60

For a limited time, the official Harman Audio store on NewEgg is offering the new condition closed-back wireless on-ear HK Solo headphones for $60 with free US shipping. No coupon code, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed to checkout during this limited time promotion…

UPDATE: part of the same sale, their sister company’s NewEgg Audio store is offering the new condition JBL E25BT bluetooth in-ears for $18 with free US shipping…

Friday: Even H4 Glasses (???), Beats, JBL, Etc

It looks like a number of headphones are featured in various retailer daily deals for Friday January 31st in 2020 as follows:

It’s a headphones party at the Best Buy website with the following daily offerings:

+ Even H4 Glasses for Your Ears (that’s what they call them, don’t blame me for this one 🙂 for $100
+ bluetooth 5.0 (about time for this to appear in wireless headphones and laptops); can’t tell exactly how “over the ear” they are from the pictures though;

+ Beats Studio ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $180

+ Beats PowerBeats PRO truly wireless, GeekSquad recertified for $130

Then we scoot on over to the Woot daily deals where they have the JBL E-55-BT closed back bluetooths for $50 in the blue color scheme, new condition with a 1-year warranty

The Woot party continues with a Tech Items You Need sale that includes a number of headphone/audio-related products:

+ Symphonized NRG Premium wood in-ears for $12
+ Symphonized has many variants of this, we have a text and pictures unboxing of the NRG 2.0 variant

+ Jabra Evolve 75 MS wireless on-ear headset for $160

+ AfterShockz Aeropex stiff neckband wireless for $100

+ Hifeer phone-use bluetooth headset (waterproof allegedly) for $12

+ DigitNow suitcase record player for $29 (!) with a built-in battery but only a 90-day Woot warranty

+ Ukelele time, VIVICTORY Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Mahogany Aquila String with Beginner kit for $35 but with only a 90-day Woot warranty

Wedn: JBL earphone charging case for $15 after coupon

Wednesday loves headphones it seems because the NewEgg daily deals [now with a more organized website that makes it easier to quickly skim and scan the daily offers] include one headphone item, it is the new condition JBL headphone charging case going for $15 with free US shipping after you enter coupon code 93XPC48 over there. Limit up to three per customer at the sale price.

This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual. The charging case promises UP TO 16 hours of playtime, and UP TO one hour of playtime with 15 minutes of charge. This of course depends on the individual earphones and such. Picture #1 shows wireless earphones but I’m not sure if they are included or not. This is an earphone-sized case, not a full-size headphone case. You can guestimate the size by looking at the size of the charging cable.

This is the first time I’ve seen this, so I know nothing Jon “Audio” Snow 🙂

Monday: JBL Reflect Mini 2 bluetooth earphones for $30 AC is also having its very own Pseudo-Prime sale and of those offers that have been unlocked as of the time of writing they are offering the new condition JBL Reflect Mini 2 necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $30 with free shipping AFTER you enter promo code EMCFTCUA36 in the shopping cart over there. But in order to do that, you must give them your email address (or be already logged-in with a NewEgg account). Free to join, it’s just the peculiarities of their marketing and/or because of MAP pricing?

Wednesday: JBL E55-BT Closed Over-Ears for $50

Wednesday 5/29/19 brings us some headphone action among the B&H Photo deals of the day, running until 11:59pm eastern time (or before then if it manages to sell out). It is the new condition JBL E-55-BT bluetooth headphones of the closed-back over-ears kind, going for $50 with free US shipping. Only the black color scheme is on sale at this low price. Some of the other colors are on sale for $75 when you “add to cart” but that’s a sale of their own, not linked to this daily deal that runs for 48 hours.

These have bluetooth 4.0 and also take 3.5mm audio input (1-button cable included). Note that this does NOT have NFC. NFC can be great when there are Bluetooth Air Wars in the areas you try to use your devices: multiple music sources and/or multiple music receivers ~ more so if you have more than one music source paired with a specific music receiver and they are both/all active at the same time 🙂

Tuesday (EU): JBL and Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speakers

There is a music theme in the Tuesday Amazon Germany Gold Box daily deals with two big groups of sale. The Logitech Ultimate Ears bluetooth speaker sale ranges from 50 to 160 euro with various models with a total of 15 options available… Meanwhile the JBL sale, in addition to bluetooth speakers, it also has a bluetooth closed-back on-ear headphone, the T450BT going for 30 euro…

Tue: JBL Reflect Mini bluetooth earphones for $18 w/FS

Merry Christmas with bluetooth! Good until Tuesday at 11:59pm ET, in two color schemes, B&H Photo is offering the new condition JBL Reflect Mini bluetooth earphones for $18 with free US shipping. These are necklace style, with angled ear tips…

JBL bluetooth headphone sale [30 options]

If your headphone interests intersect at JBL [also part of the Samsung Empire] and Bluetooth, B&H Photo is running a JBL bluetooth headphone sale with a total of 30 options, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. This is a mix of over-ears, and on-ears and in-ears in this sale. Their Everest line is also included in the sale.

Tuesday (EU): Sennheiser Momentums, Sony, Denon, Polk, JBL, Sonos, Gaming, Etc

Amazon Germany has launched a whole lot of deals for Tuesday OCT-30-2018 on various things, including, of audio/headphone interest:

+ select Sennheiser Momentums on sale:
+ M2 AEBT (bluetooth, closed, over-ears) for 219 euro
++ Momentum 2.0 closed over-ears with Apple buttons for 120
+ CX 7.00 bluetooth neckband earphones for 80
+ the Momentum name remains in most of the world; the US Sennheiser changed it because of legal/naming issues

++ Mixed Audio Sale includes:
+ Denon AH-MM440 (walnut wood) closed over-ears for 240
+ Denon AH-D2100 over-ears for 139
+ Denon AH-C821 in-ears for 100
+ various Polk and Denon speakers, soundbars, etc

+ Sony sale including the ZX-330 BT closed bluetooth on-ears for 45, PS-HX500 turntable for 280, various speakers, micro HiFis, etc

+ JBL Control Wireless Bluetooth speaker for 179 euro

+ SONOS ONE with Philips LED Starter Kit bundled together for 269 euro

+ various modern HAMA internet radios some with CD players, some with streaming support, DAB, bluetooth, FM, WLAN, multiroom, etc with prices ranging from 100 to 269 euro

++ Feed your DAPs, Save your FLACs!
+ Samsung EVO Select microSD sale going from 32GB to 256GB (11 to 75 euro; best value per GB are the 128GB and 64GB)
+ big Sandisk sale includes 128GB and 200GB Ultra microSDXCs, along with 64GB Transcend microSDXC; also SSDs and external HDDs for your digital music collection or backups or transfers

+ PC and Gaming Sale including gaming headsets from Logitech and Trust

+ lots of technology and computer deals, and Samsung and LG HDTVs too, see them all at the Amazon Germany Gold Box
+ for EU residents, VAT is included and no customs are collected on delivery

Mon: JBL Reflect Aware Sport Earphones for $60 w/FS [Lightning]

Good until Monday at 11:59pm eastern, B&H Photo is offering the new condition JBL Reflect Aware Sport Earphones with the lightning connector for $60 with free shipping in your choice of four different color schemes. They have active noise cancelling but not bluetooth…

Audio Deals round-up: JBL, KEF, Logitech, Etc

There’s some non-headphone related deals currently in progress with a variety of audio gear at Amazon, so this post rounds them up right here…

+ Pair JBL Arena B15 Black Bookshelf & Surround Speaker with Special Edition Grilles & Logo for $79 (up to four pairs per customer at the sale price)

+ JBL Arena S10 Black 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer with Special Edition Grilles & Logo Black for $109 (up to four per customer)

+ KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – Black Oak (Pair) for $249

+ Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker for $24 (up to three per customer)

+ three color options of the Anker SoundCore 2 portable bluetooth speakers for $30 each

Weekly Harman/JBL Store Sale w/Free S&H: AKG K81 for $27, AKG K181 for $64, JBL NBA Synchros for $40, Etc

The sales below are happening at the official JBL/Harman stores and are good until 4/15/18 or earlier if individual products sell out ahead of time. Their offers are a mix of new condition and refurbished, so always check each listing before buying…

We have a new lower price for these “classic” DJ headphones! The new condition AKG K81 DJ headphones (closed, lightweight, on-ears) are on sale for $27 with free 2nd-day air at the official Harman store. You can buy up to five pairs at the sale price. Sael ends 4/15/18.

In parallel the new condition AKG K181 DJ UE headphones with detachable cable, mono/stereo switch, and bass boost are on sale for $64 with free shipping and up to five pairs per customer.

With the NBA season heating up, the JBL Synchros S300 NBA-licensed headphones for six popular NBA teams are back on sale again for $40 with free shipping These are new condition.

[DEAD] Thur: JBL Focus 100 Sport Earhook Earphones for $5 w/FS

This promo code offer expired…

Among the Thursday NewEGG NOW specials you can get the new condition JBL Focus 100 Sport Earhook Earphones for $5 with free shipping using promo code NEN050 for the rest of Thursday 4/12/18. It has one customer review, an unhappy camper.

JBL T280A earphones for $15 w/free S&H

On the budget side of things, with free shipping (but not the faster 2nd-day air shipping because they are under $20) you can get the new condition JBL T280A earphones for $15 with free shipping in your choice of three color schemes from the official JBL store’s weekly sales where they average 3 out of 5 based on 42 customer reviews, so read up on them if not familiar – the score is a sign of issues and/or trade-offs (and/or user-confusion).

[DEAD] Monday Daily Deals: JBL Everest Elite 700 NXTGen for $90

This sale ended…

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JBL Synchros S300 NBA Edition Headphones for $40 w/FS

The NBA basketball season is heating up as we get closer to the Playoffs, and with it we have the return of the JBL Synchros S300 NBA team licensed headphones at the official Harman Audio Online Store for $40 with free 2nd-day air shipping. These closed-backs are available for six teams, the Lakers, the Knicks, the Bulls, the Celtics, the Spurs, and the Seattle Super-Thunderoma 🙂

Stephen Curry Signature Edition JBL Reflect Mini BT for $30 w/FS

The NBA season is heating up, and fans of the wild magic that is the Golden State Warriors may be interested in the refurbished Stephen Curry Signature Edition of the JBL Reflect Mini BT bluetooth earphones going for $30 with free 2nd Air shipping from the official JBL store. Steph Curry NOT included 🙂

Speaking of the official JBL/Harman stores, a number of AKG headphones are on sale this week (the sales week is typically Monday to Sunday)…

Wedn: refurb JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $80

Another daily deal, running until Thursday at 1am ET are the factory recondition gray-color-schemed JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth Over-Ears going for $80 with free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat shipping for non-members (this is good for everything you buy from Woot during a single day in the Central time zone (the Woot “deal day”)), with up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price.

PS: Amazon warehouses apparently are giving Woot flexibility on quantities, I’m seeing more products with a “limit 10” instead of the customary “limit 3”.

Weekly Sales: AKG N-Series and JBL Reflect In-Ears

We begin our weekly Harman-AKG-JBL sale round-up with new condition action. The official Harman Audio store has a 20% off sale on the AKG N-series which is currently a mix of in-ears and on-ears. The price you see is the price you pay, there’s no coupon/rebate. A total of seven models are participating. If you are not familiar with their price ranges, do price check, as AKG prices can be all over the place.

Meanwhile their friends at JBL have a sale on select Reflect earphones

Sun: JBL Inspire 700 bluetooth earphones for $30 w/FS

One of the Best Buy Sunday daily deals is the new condition JBL Inspire 700 bluetooth earphones offered for $30 with free shipping or free store pickup where available. It has zero customer reviews so it may be a new product.

JBL and Harman offer up to $50 off coupon with email sign-up [NEW customers only]

The official JBL online store is offering a variable-discount coupon if you are willing to sign-up for their email newsletters. The amount of the discount will depend on your order total. The best discount is $50 off orders of $550+, while the smallest discount is $10 off orders of $150+. Or $30 off orders of $350+.

The coupon is for NEW customers only. Promotion ends March 31st in 2018. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts or marked down items.

The same offer is also available for the Harman Audio official store. I do not know if these have the same customer database or they are separate. Their websites seem to have similarities but I haven’t tested this.

JBL is owned by Harman and Harman has been recently purchased by Samsung.

Refurb JBL Everest 300 Wireless On-Ears for $45 w/FS

Another one of the weekly Harman/JBL deals is the factory recertified JBL Everest 300 Wireless On-Ears going for $45 with free 2nd-day Air shipping and a 1-year warranty in your choice of multiple color schemes. This is backordered but you can still order it if you like the price. Limit up to five per customer. The wireless part is Bluetooth 4.1.

[DEAD] Tue: refurb JBL Everest 700 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $90

This offer expired…

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Refurb JBL E25bt bluetooth earphones for $30 w/FS

In addition to the previously mentioned Beyerdynamic DT 770/990 duo running at NewEggFlash, they also have a sale on the refurbished JBL E25bt bluetooth earphones for $30 with free shipping in four different color schemes. These are sold by the official JBL Store through NewEgg flash and come with a 90-day warranty. Sale ends Tuesday 2/27/18 or earlier if sold out.

[DEAD] Sunday: JBL Everest Elite 700 NextGen for $120

This daily deal expired…

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Two refurbished JBL Reflect Mini BT bluetooth earphones for $70 w/free 2nd-day Air

The official JBL store is having a “Buy One Get One FREE” promotion on their recertfied JBL Reflect Mini BT bluetooth earphones. You pay $70 and you get two pairs. And you get free 2nd-day air shipping (with orders of $20+ in headphones or speakers). No coupon needed, the magic happens in the shopping cart. Four different colors are available so you can mix and match, handy for housemates and kids, everyone has a different color so they don’t get confused about who owns what. Limit up to six per customer. Sale ends 2/25/18 or earlier if sold out.

Refurbished JBL Synchros Chrome Edition (Powered) for $90 with FREE 2nd Day Air

The official JBL store is offering the recertified JBL Synchros Chrome Edition closed-back over-ear powered headphones for $90 with free 2nd day air shipping. All headphones and speakers of $19.95+ get this free 2nd day promotion in the shopping cart (select appropriate option).

These are powered using JBL’s “Live Stage” technology/buzzword, but they are not bluetooth or ANC. The powering is done by two AAA batteries [you can get a 12 AmazonBasics rechargeables for $12].

JBL Synchros S300 NBA-Licensed On-Ears for $40 w/FS

Are you ready for some basketball (now that football is over)? A new weekly offer is running at the official JBL/Harman website, you can get the new condition JBL Synchros S300 NBA licensed headphones (closed-back, on-ears) for $40 with free shipping in your choice of Bulls, Celtics, Lakers, Knicks, Spurs and Thunder.

Thur: JBL Reflect Mini Wireless Earbuds for $45 w/FS

Good until Thursday at 11:59pm eastern, five different color schemes of the JBL Reflect Mini Wireless Earbuds are on sale for $45 with free shipping as one of the deals of the day at B&H Photo.

[DEAD] JBL E45BT Bluetooth On-Ears for $50 w/FS

This offer expired…

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Refurb JBL Reflect Mini BT Stephen Curry Signature Edition for $50 w/FS

The weekly refurbished deals at Harman Audio might be of interest to Stephen Curry fans, because his co-branded JBL Reflect Mini BT Stephen Curry Signature Edition are on sale in certified refurbished condition for $50 with free shipping and an original warranty and 30-day returns as usual. No other headphones are participating in the refurbished weekly deals which typically end Saturday night.