Monoprice Summer Clearance with FREE US shipping: Protein Leather Pads for $10, M600 Open Over-Ears for $60, Monolith Tube amp for $280, Electrostatic Headphone + Amp for $350, Etc

The Monoprice Overstock sale has some potentially interesting offerings for headphone fans as well. A total of seven options show when you filter for headphones including:

+ Memory Foam Protein Leather earpads for $10

+ MP20 in-ears for $12

+ M600 open-back dynamic over-ears for $60

+ M1060 planar open over-ears for $250

+ monster-sized Monolith Tube amplifier for $280

+ Electrostatic headphone with dedicated amplifier for $350

+ the M300 planar earphones go for $100 [corrected typo] which was their previous price

+ find them all in the Headphones Clearance page

All the items mentioned above come with free US standard shipping during this promotion. No coupon is needed. When the free shipping offer ends, it will simply stop being mentioned at the individual Monoprice product pages.

Now shipping: Monoprice multi-driver IEMs including the Quintet

The “Driver Wars” did not fail to gain traction at the Monoprice website and now they have up to five drivers in their latest in-ears. The Quintet (five drivers per side as the name suggests) goes for $80, the Quartet goes for $60, and the Trio goes for $50.

That’s about $16 per driver because headphone drivers are just like buying groceries by the pound or storage by the gigabyte 🙂

These have a detachable cable and they are new enough they don’t have any customer reviews on the Monoprice website. This is the first time I’ve heard of these, so I know nothing Jon Snow about them 🙂

Speaking of which, this is a handy link, it shows the last new products to hit the Monoprice online store. This is all products, not audio-related only…

Monoprice 8323 Closed Over-Ears for $17 [Prime Deal]

Be patient non-Prime members, the party is almost over. Already Amazon Germany’s Prime Day festivities are over and Amazon USA has just under 9 hours to go…

Which brings us to another Prime deal that went live, it is the new condition good old Monoprice 8323 closed-back over-ears going for $17~. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 1670+ customer reviews.

As most hyped headphones, they are not the miracles and wonders the forum hype made them out to be, and for over-ears they are not as big-head friendly as many others, but they are definitely worth the price of admission. They have a detachable cable even, and you get two of them in the box.

Monoprice M1060 Open Over-Ear Planars for $220 after coupon

It’s a sale and a coupon promotion! For a limited time, coupon code 17M1060 drops the price of the new condition open-back over-ear Monolith M1060 planar magnetic headphones from $243 to $220 at the Monoprice website. The coupon expires on 7/21/19. Limit two redemptions per customer during this promotion… The headphones average 4.5 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews over there…

Monoprice 3.5mm M/M Mobile Audio cables start at $1~ [and lots more]

We have the opposite of “magic cables” here 🙂 The Monoprice 3.5mm male-to-male audio cables designed for mobile (the plugs are better designed to deal with headphone jacks and smartphone cases) are on sale, with prices starting at $1.06 for the 3-footer and slightly increasing as cable length increases.

Only the black color scheme is on sale. They average 4 out of 5 based on nearly 700 customer reviews at the Monoprice website…

Speaking of which, they are currently offering the new condition metal headphone stand in the black or silver color schemes for $17 with free US shipping. These are “compressed omega” shaped, the “omega shape” made popular mayhaps by the wooden headphone stands. The metallic Monoprice headphone stand averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 22 customer reviews over there.

If you are planning to place a Monoprice order anyway (eg one that already qualifies for free shipping), you could add as an appetizer this $3 wired earphones with mic/remote (one button type). They average 4.2 out of 5 based on 120+ customer reviews. I had these a while back, and the price is right for them, especially for utilitarian use. I suspect no one will buy these to listen to operas or audiophile jazz 🙂

With Amazon’s own Prime Day fast approaching, Monoprice too decided to have their own Prime Deals which include some headphones when you page-down towards the bottom of that page. One of which is the new condition Lightweight On-Ears (closed-back) going for $12 but shipping is not free, so you’d have to add them to an order that qualifies for free S&H on its own if you don’t want to pay shipping no matter what.

From the looks of it and the sound signature (although I don’t have both of them right now to compare them side by side) these look like they are closely related to the AmazonBasics On-Ears. I have the Monoprice version and will be posting an unboxing [spoiler alert: very spartan package] and opinions in the future. I’m wearing them right now, listening to Depeche Mode’s “Delta Machine” which tests a variety of things [in addition to me liking this album] and indeed, it is moderately bassy just as I remember the AmazonBasics headphones.

From what I recall, these were also sold under “Able Planet” and another brand I saw I think on BuyDig (or somewhere like that). And mayhaps even more chifi brands…

OOPS, this post has gone out of control in size. It’s like a Twitter feed but writteen in a blog-post 🙂

Monoprice Earpads (Velour or Pleather) for $13 w/FUSS

One thing that deserves a special mention from our previously mentioned Monoprice headphone-related sale are the new condition Monoprice earpads available for $13 with free standard US shipping in your choice of Protein Leather or Velour.

They both do well in the total of 15 customer reviews between them. You can buy upto twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. Free US standard shipping whether you buy one pair or ten.

The product description over there has a list of compatible headphones and for those and others not mentioned, don’t forget to check the customer reviews and the answered questions as well. The list includes many well-known headphones such as the Audio Technica M50X family (M40X, M30X, M50), their AD700X/900X open-backs, the AKG K551 and K553, Shure 840 and 440, Sony V6, MDR-1A, Fostex T50RP, Braiwavz HM5, Monoprice 8323, etc…

Monoprice headphone sale continues: planars, dynamic, Monolith, DAC/amps, Etc

The Monoprice headphone sale now has some teeth as they are not just offering their budget earphones but also a lot of their Monolith headphones and amps/DACs. A total of 39 items are participating including:

+ Electrostatic headphone with dedicated amplifier for $567

+ M1060 open planars for $243
+ M1060C closed planars for $270
+ M565C closed planars for $180

+ M300 earphones for $100

+ M600 open dynamic for $70
+ M650 open dynamic for $120

+ Big Tube amp for $340, portable DAC/amp with THX and AAA for $280, desktop balanced amp for $480, Liquid Spark Cavalli for $100

+ various budget over-ear, on-ear and in-ear

+ most (but not all) offered items come with free standard US shipping

Monoprice Monolith 12ft RCA cable for $15 w/FUSS

Cables but they are not magic cables. At least not in terms of their price 🙂 For a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering their 12-foot Monolith RCA cables for $15 with free standard US shipping (the “FUSS” in the blog-post title here). Limit up to twenty per customer. They average 4.8 out of 5 based on 59 customer reviews over there…

These are part of the Monoprice Early Summer Clearance sale that features a few more cables and a couple of headphones ~ you can filter by product categories using the left hand side of their website…

Monoprice sale w/FUSS: M650 Open Over-Ears $120, Mega Tube Amp for $340, MP10 IEMs for $8, Etc

All the offers mentioned in this post below include free standard US shipping as of the time of writing of this post…

Monoprice is running another headphone-related sale with a variety of products, big and small. From small earphones to boulder-sized amplifiers 🙂

+ speaking of which, the Monolith Tube Headphone amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC is going for $340

+ Monolith M650 open-back over-ears for $120
+ the M600 and M650 are not planar-magnetic; you are correct, the model names are an “homage” to certain “Heiser” headphones ^_^

+ metal headphone stand for $18

+ MP-10 in-ears for $8
+ yes, despite the low price, you still get free standard US shipping while this promotion is running ~ after all IEMs can ship easily and don’t take up lots of space and can probably be shipped easily even with USPS first class mail [only guessing here, I have no clue how they will ship these]

+ Retro over-ears for $22.49
+ you are correct if it reminds you of a certain Superlux/Samson headphone 🙂

+ Monoprice 8323 with bluetooth for $23
+ the good old model now with bluetooth (and apt-X). I haven’t seen this new model but I had the 8323 and larger heads were not an easy fit. It also expands a bit strangely on your head, so if you are image-conscious note that when you are using it at coffee shops and libraries and such

PS: “FUSS” = Free US shipping and handling…

Monoprice HR-5C Closed Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

More sale action at the Monoprice website, they are offering the new condition Monoprice HR-5C, a closed-back over-ear model going for $50 with free US standard shipping. You can buy up to twenty units per customer. It averages 4.8 out of 5 based on nine customer reviews over there. It is a limited time offer.

As you can tell from the picture, it may look familiar to you ~ check the various head-audio forums for details on the headphone and which other models are “related” to it 🙂

Monolith audio sale including planars, open-back & electrostatics

For a limited time only, the Monoprice website is having a Monolith Audio sale featuring a variety of their latest products including:

+ Monolith Electrostatic system: headphone with its side-kick amplifier for $630

+ M1060 open-back planars for $270, M1060C closed for $300

+ M565 open-back planars for $180

+ M300 planar earphones (it’s very hard to call them in-ears) for $100

+ open-back over-ear non-planar M600 for $70+

+ various amps, also Turntable for $200, and of course various cables

Monoprice M600 Open Over-Ears for $70 w/free S&H

Curiosity may have killed the cat but it won’t kill your e-wallet if you are curious about Monoprice’s relatively new non-planar and curiously-named open-back over-ear M600 headphones. They are currently on sale for $70 with free US shipping at the Monoprice website

There they average 4.3 out of 5 but based on only three customer reviews so mayhaps of interest if you are the curious and boldly-going type. The only long review of the three is the 3-star review that brings the average down, written by a Sennheiser HD 600 fan, so you can get a good comparison. Said reviewer in there states that they are not big enough for his growing ears.

They are not stingy with the in-the-box accessories, you get a zippered carrying case, an extra set of earpads and a removable cable. The included accessories are shown on gallery picture #3 over there… One earpad set is velour, the other is leather (protein leather? it doesn’t say for sure). There’s no mic/volume on the cable but since it is removable you can use your own.

Monoprice Retro Closed Over-Ears for $20 w/free US S&H

If you are want a budget studio-ish headphone delivered to your door for $20, for a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering the new condition Modern Retro closed-back over-ears for $20 with free standard US shipping. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews at the Monoprice website and it has plenty of answered questions over there…

Keep in mind, despite the hype train, this is not a miracle/magic headphone. As reviewer Greg D. puts it,

“but I was hoping for a $200 sound in a $22 headphone”

If this looks familiar, it is probably because it looks like it has common ancestry with their Samson and Superlux cousins. And as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of the Samson SR-850 which is a semi-open.

BOTE that this has a long-ass cable [yes, that’s a technical term], around 10 feet…

Monoprice Triple Driver In-Ears for $20 w/FS

For a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears for $20 with free standard US shipping. No coupon needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. They average 4.3 out of 5 with nearly 100 customer reviews at the Monoprice website.

PS: I believe these used to go by the name of “XXX” as well but someone must have informed Monoprice Marketing that there is a certain other meaning to that ~ beyond latin numerals…

Monoprice Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC for $330 w/FS

CORRECTION: the post-title had the sale price as $320 instead of $330. The text of the post had the correct price of $330…

This came out during the Monoprice big bangs of new products, and it is currently on sale and with free standard US shipping, which is a big plus, because this is a big boy, it’s not a tiny portable headphone amplifier – quite the opposite.

Not to turn this into a reading comprehension exam, but in this case, “this” refers to the new condition Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC on sale for a limited time for $330 with aforementioned free standard US shipping. You can buy up to twenty ~ although I doubt any non-commercial customer will get anywhere near that number.

Monoprice Retro Semi-Open Over-Ears for $22.49 w/FS

Samson and Superlux are not the only ones selling these headphones. They go by some other brands, and from the looks of it, Monoprice too is on the game, and they are now on selling, their Modern Retro closed-back semi-open over-ears are going for the very specific price of $22.49 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price.

Speaking of which, the Monoprice website is also having on sale the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears for $30 with free standard US shipping. Finally someone at Monoprice realized that their previous name of “XXX” had other …connotations. Limit up to twenty per customer as well.

BREAKING! Monoprice launches Monolith High-End Cassette Tape systems

UPDATE: April 3 (2019): with magic cables and centuries-long burn-ins, it may be a good idea to expicitly point out that this had been an April Fool’s Day joke by Monoprice for 2019 🙂

It is quite trend on Bandcamp, especially among lo-fi and noise-pop style bands to have their music not only available in digital, CD and vinyl BUT also a cassette tape.

So perhaps it is not surprise that today, April 1 (2019) Monoprice decided to reveal their brand new Monolith Cassette Tape series of audio products. As of the time of writing, there are three products with prices ranging from $200 to $1300.

The new products are doing very well in the initial reviews just posted at the Monoprice website 🙂

Monoprice portable DAC/amp w/THX AAA for $250, Bluetooth Receiver with apt-X for $40

One of the big bang Monoprice audiophile products is currently on sale, it is the new condition portable Monolith DAC/amp with THX AAA going for $250 instead of its standard price of $280…

Meanwhile the new condition Monoprice bluetooth streaming receiver with apt-X and NFC is on sale for $40 with free standard US shipping. It averages 3.9 out of 5 based on 80+ customer reviews at the Monorprice website… It receives music through the ether (the bluetooth receiver part) and outputs it either via 3.5mm or S/PDIF TosLink digital optical… A couple of audio cables (for the 3.5mm port) are included…

Monoprice 8323 with Bluetooth Over-Ears for $23 w/FS

If you are looking for a budget or utilitarian type of a bluetooth headphone and with free shipping to boot, for a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering the new condition 8323 with bluetooth for $23 with free US standard shipping. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. This is based on the good old 8323 closed-back over-ears, with the addition of bluetooth (supports apt-X as well).

On the other hand, if you are a fan of wired in-ears, they also have a limited time sale on the new condition HR-3 Triple Driver IEMs for $45 with free standard US shipping.

Also continuing is their Quarter End sale that includes some of their more audiophile-friendly headphones:

  • M600 open over-ears for $90
  • M560 open over-ear planars for $170
  • M1060 open over-ear planars for $250
  • M300 planar earphones for $100
  • various other items on sale as well

Monoprice M300 Planar Earphones for $100 w/FS

Monoprice is having another quarterly sale (yes, the first calendar quarter of 2019 is about to end) and as part of said sale you can get the new condition M300 Planar Earphones for $100 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price…

Monoprice Retro semi-open over-ears for $22 w/FS [also: Turntable w/AT100E for $180 and more]

One of the budget options in studio-ish headphones is a common lineage design used by Superlux and Samson among others. That design is also part of the ever-expanding Monoprice line-up, and as of the time of writing, their new condition Retro semi-open over-ears go for $22 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

But that’s not all. Monoprice is currently running various sales on some of their other headphones and they pair the sale with free standard US shipping. Among them:

+ M650 open-back over-ears for $110
+ I previously posted this but had a typo in the price in the blog-post title, so those of you skimming may have ignored it as not a good price 🙂

+ Turntable with AT100E Cartridge for $180

+ HR-5C closed over-ears for $55

+ IPX4 truly wireless for $45

+ 8323 with Bluetooth for $27
+ this is a bluetooth version of the famous 8323 closed-back over-ears

+ all the above come with free standard US shipping

Note that the free shipping offer is as of the time of writing. I do not know when it will expire for each headphone mentioned above!

But wait, there’s more! The Monolith line of high-end audio is also expanding at Monoprice with two new models coming out. These are not headphone amps. The 9-Channel Power Amplifier with XLR goes for $2000, while the 11-channel model goes for $2500

Monoprice M650 Open Over-Ears for $110 [corrected], MP30 IEMs for $12

Monoprice did not hide their intent to go after the Sennheiser HD600 and HD650 duo when they released two new open-back headphones going by the names of M600 and M650. Of those two, the new condition M650 is currently on sale for $110 with free US ground shipping with up to twenty pairs per customer…

If you have any coupons, it doesn’t hurt to try them, although more often than not, specials offers are not stackable with coupons. However, enough times they are, so, as I said, it doesn’t hurt to try them in the shopping cart…

Speaking of the Monoprice website, they are also offering the new condition MP-30 earphones for $12 with free US standard shipping, with up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. This model has two tuning nozzles as well ~ the look/design looks familiar but off the top of my head I can’t tell/recall which model(s) these are “related” to 🙂

Monoprice HR-5 Open Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

Monoprice continues to add more headphone gear to their line-up, one of which is the brand new HR-5 open-back over-ears, and as of the time of writing, they are on sale for $50 with free standard US shipping at the Monoprice website. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. They don’t have any reviews at the Monoprice site, so your favorite search engines and forums are your friends…

They come with a generous package for the price, two sets of earpads included (protein and velour), a carrying case and a good old 1/4″ adapter. As you can tell by the accessories, the earpads are removable/replaceable…

AND in a parallel promotion, they are offering the HR-5C closed-back over-ears for $55 with free standard US shipping. This one has two customer reviews with a 4.5 out of 5 average, and it also has a few questions answered…

Tuesday: 20% off most Monoprice headphones and such under $500

A parallel coupon, promo code SURPRISE1 gets you 20% off most Monoprice brand products under $500 at their website. The maximum discount with the coupon is $100, so you have to prioritize what you want to get if your order total is over $500. As you can see at the aforelinked page, a number of headphone-related products drop interestingly:

+ M600 open over-ears drop from $80 to $64

+ M300 planar in-ears drop from $100 to $80

+ M1060 planar open over-ears drop from $250 to $200

+ Truly Wireless drop from $50 to $40

+ the above four items mentioned come with free standard US shipping

More headphone-related items are eligible, but these days Monoprice has so many headphones, earphones, DACs, amps and assorted cables and accessories that due to time constraints I cannot coupon-test right now…

Exclusions and restrictions apply. The linked-to page above has a link to the exclusions list, or more easily, you can test the coupon in the shopping cart and it will show what qualifies. You don’t need an account/login to test the coupon

Tuesday: Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone System for $560

Good until the end of day on Tuesday FEB-26-2019 in the pacific time zone, promo code SURPRISE2 gets you 20% off most Monoprice brand products priced over $500, and among them is the Monoprice Electrostatic Headphone System which, thanks to the coupon discount, drops from $700 to $560. It also comes with free standard US shipping.

It has one detailed customer review over there, so for more on it, your favorite audio forums, websites and search engines are your e-static friends 🙂

Monoprice Triple Driver earphones for $30 w/free S&H

Speaking of Monoprice, for those not interested in waiting for coupons or assembling a large enough offer so you can use the coupon, they are currently having an offer on the new condition Triple Driver earphones, they are going for $30 with free standard US shipping… I haven’t tested them with any coupons to see if they are stackable, so YMMV… These have a 1-button remote and mic, and average 4.3 out of 5 based on 95 Monoprice customer reviews..

NOTE: this used to go by the name “Triple Driver XXX” but someone at Monoprice marketing woke up one sweet day to the realization that “XXX” has another rather more famous meaning 😉

UPDATE: speaking of Monoprice, their closed-back over-ear 8323 with Bluetooth aka PID 24735, is down to the very specific price of $25.60 with free standard US shipping with up to 20 units per customer. Note that the reviews are blended with the good old 8323 headphones and the vast majority of those reviews are of the older 8323.

Monoprice Metal Omega headphone stand for $18 w/FS

There are plenty of acrylic and wooden omega-shaped [as in the greek letter “omega”] headphone stands, but if you are a fan of metal, Monoprice is having both a discount AND a free standard US shipping promotion on their silver headphone stand for $18 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price…

I haven’t tested this with any coupons, so YMMV if it is stackable [sometimes sale items are not coupon eligible, sometimes they are ~ it’s hard to guess without trying them in the shopping cart]…

Monoprice Aluminum headphone stand for $16 w/free US shipping

If you like aluminum thin-omega shaped headphone stands, for a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering their model for $16 with free standard US shipping with no coupon code needed. Limit up to twenty units per customer at the sale price. This is available in the black color scheme and also the silver color scheme… It is averaging 4.8 out of 5 based on a lucky thirteen customer reviews at the Monoprice website…

Mon: 20% off many things at Monoprice

To celebrate today, aka Green Monday, aka 12/10/18, coupon code GM2018 gets you 20% off many things [may most things] at There are restrictions on brands and also on some products that are already on sale [but some sale items are eligible for the coupon]. There’s only one way to know for sure, add the items to the shopping cart and then type in the coupon. You don’t have to login or create an account to see if the coupon works!

2-Pack Monoprice earphone sales with free S&H

On the budget side of things, eg if you want to have some earphones to hand off to friends and relatives when they visit during the holidays so they won’t try to use your own stuff, Monoprice is selling 2-packs of their earphones with free US ground shipping to boot! Two MP5s go for $6 total [and they are doing well review-wise considering], two MP10s go for $10 total [doing worse of this trio review-wise], and two MP20s go for $20 total.

IF budget earphones are not your thing, Monoprice is offering their new condition open-back over-ear M565 planar-magnetics for $150 with free US ground shipping.

Monoprice weekend Audio sale

Monoprice is taking audio more seriously these days [compared to their early days of 8323 and seashell earphone glory], and they have launched another 2-day Audio sale that includes a handful of Monolith products including some of their planar magnetic headphones: M1060 for $230, M1060C for $250, a quarter of amplifier, the Monolith Turntable for $200, various ANC/BT headphones on sale, along with a handful of earphones and such… In parallel, they also have a Home Theater sale

Monoprice M1060C Closed Planars for $250

Monoprice is offering nearly 500 items in their Cyber Week deals and one of those is the new condition closed-back over-ear planar-magnetic Monolith M1060C headphones for $250 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

Monoprice 8323 Wired Closed Over-Ears for $17

The good old Monoprice 8323 closed-back over-ear wired headphones are on sale, going for $17.24 by Amazon actual and if you are a Prime member, you get these in about two days. Limit up to three pairs per customer at the sale price.

For more action, check the latest Amazon Audio deals

Monoprice w/FS: USB DAC for $70, M560 Planars for $150, Etc

Monoprice has been very aggressive during the 2018 Black Friday season with their discounting offers. We have yet another round of discounts that went live today:

+ Monolith USB DAC for $70 w/FS

+ Monoprice M560 open over-ears for $150 w/FS; these offer the open/closed option

+ 2-Speed Bluetooth Turntable System with Stereo Speakers for $50 w/FS; this is a budget option, not to be confused with the Monolith turntable

+ 10,000 mAh Portable Cell Phone Charger for $13 w/FS

UPDATE: I don’t want to fill up the website with Monoprice posts, so I’m appending two more offers here:

+ Monoprice SB-100 2.1-ch 36in Soundbar with Built In Subwoofer, Bluetooth, Optical Input, and Remote Control for $40 with free US shipping

+ Strata Home by Monoprice Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, 1.7 Liter for $20 with free S&H
+ you can use this to test the noise cancelling feature of headphones and also how much outside noise/sound gets into open/semi-open headphones and also to test the seal of closed-back and in-ears? 🙂

+ Monoprice MP-65RT 6.5in and Ribbon Tweeter 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) for $35 with the all-important free standard US shipping since speakers take up space and they are not exactly feather-weight shipping-fees-wise…

Monoprice M1060 Planar Magnetics for $200 w/FS

One more Monoprice offering as they are being quite aggressive with their BF 2018 offerings. It’s planar time! The new condition open-back over-ear M1060 planar-magnetics are on sale for a limited time for $200 with free US shipping. This is one of their doorbuster deals…