Monolith Planar Headphones sale

Santa is a …Monolith and it’s bringing a Monolith headphone sale at the Monoprice website that among others includes:

+ M565C planar closed over-ears for $160

+ M570 planar open over-ears for $180

+ M1060 planar open over-ears for $240

+ M1060C planar closed over-ear for $250

+ M1070 open or M1070C planar over-ears for $280 each

+ M1570 open or M1570C planar over-ears for $380 each

+ Monolith AMT headphone for $700

+ five DAC/amps of the Liquid, Cavalli and THX kind

+ speakers and subwoofers as well

+ this is a limited time sale
+ I do not know the expiration date

Monolith headphones on sale

Monoprice is running another set of Black Friday sales and they include a large number of their Monolith audio products. And among those are many of their headphone and related products including:

+ M565C closed planars for $185

+ M1060 open or M1060C closed for $250 each

+ M1570 open or M1570C closed for $380 each

+ M1070 open for $320, M1070C closed for $280
+ yes, there’s a price delta here between open and closed

+ and many more, can’t list them all

Monoprice overstock sale includes 8323, Amplifiers, IEMs

Monoprice is back with another overstock sale and in the “Personal Audio” segment it includes a number of headphone-related products including:

+ the good old 8323 closed over-ears for $15
+ they now come with two cables, one with mic/remote
+ I had this a few years ago when it was riding the hype train, you certainly can’t go wrong for $15, considering you get two audio cables and a 1/4″ adapter
+ I haven’t posted an unboxing/review of this, but note that it expands a lot on your head (meaning that when you wear it you look like an android/robot from the 50s scifi movies), but it’s also not as big as it looks – of interest to those with big heads

+ THX AAA Monolith balanced headphone amp for $300

+ Quartet IEMs for $25
+ two balanced, two dynamic drivers
+ also for $25 is the Trio (1BA, 2DD)

+ there’s a few more headphone/audio related products as well as many tech things (cables, guitars, chargers, etc)

Sunday: Random Audio sale with Monolith Liquid, Etymotic ER4SR, Etc

Surprise-surprise, it’s the return of the Random Audio sale at the Woot website, this is edition #26 and runs until 9/18/22 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier for anything that may sell out beforehand):

+ Etymotic ER4SR in-ears for $140 with the 2-year Etymotic warranty

+ Monoprice’s Monolith Liquid Platinum Balanced DAC for $500

+ Master & Dynamic MW50+ bluetooth over-ears for $150

+ Lenovo $12 truly wireless

+ speakers from KEF, Jamo and Klipsch
+ various other audio gear things

BUT WAIT, there’s more! The main Woot deal of the day for Sunday is a Tech Stuff sale and it includes some headphones:

+ Skullcandy Crusher bluetooth over-ears for $60

+ Xbox X Razen X headset bundle for $270

+ Bose Soundlink Around Ear (over-ears, because BOSE has to be different) bluetooth headphones for $130

+ JBL truly wireless

+ refurbished Apple Airpods 2 with wired charging case for $90 with a 90-day Woot warranty

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Open Over-Ear Balanced Planars for $450

Headlining the Labor Day 2022 headphone sale at the Monoprice website is a new-ish planar-magnetic balanced headphone of their own Monolith brand, it’s the new condition wired open-back over-ear balanced planar M1570 going for $450 with free standard US shipping.

Note that per the notice at the Monoprice website they are expanding their warehouse which may cause delays in shipments…

Monoprice Planars: M565C for $175, M1060 for $240

If you page-down and down to the “Audio” section of the latest Monoprice End of Summer sale you will find some headphone-related products on sale:

  • M565C wired closed over-ear planars for $175
  • M1060 wired open over-ear planars for $240
  • Liquid Spark Headphone Amplifier by Alex Cavalli for $100
  • 3.5mm Onyx cables and Premium RCA cables

I do not know when the sale ends…

Refurbished Monoprice Monolith Power Amplifiers back in-stock

These are not headphone amplifiers. They are power or home-theater amplifiers. Of the Monoprice Monolith variety. And they are back in-stock. In factory refurbished / B-stock condition.

Prices range from $900 to $2000…

Monoprice M1060 Open Over-Ear Planars for $230

A Dads-n-Grads sale at the Monoprice website also includes various audio-related products. Not just the obligatory electric guitars (because Grads and Dads), but there’s also a wired over-ear open-back planar magnetic headphone!

During the sale, the new condition Monoprice M1060 goes for $230 with free standard US shipping. Also available is store pickup for those in SoCAL.

Also part of the sale is the Liquid Spark by Cavalli headphone amp for $100…

PS: I do not know when this sale ends, but given the name of the sale, you can triangulate a general time frame 🙂

Monolith USB DAC for $60, Liquid-Spark for $80, THX AAA Balanced for $250, Etc

Monoprice is having a Big Overstock sale and among the offerings there is some headphone related action, along with “Pro Audio” offerings!

+ Monolith USB DAC for $60
+ Monolith Liquid Spark head-amp by Cavalli for $80
+ Monolith THX AAA balanced head-amp for $250

+ Stage Right studio headphones for $22

+ Sonic Solace II ANC over-ears for $50

+ True Wireless Plus for $20
+ yep, that’s their name, easy and self-descriptive LOL

+ BA+Dynamic IEMs: Trio for $38, Quartet for $48, Quintet for $55

+ all kinds of cables and such

+ see them all at their Big Overstock sale

Monoprice Lightweight On-Ears for $14

If you are looking for a budget lightweight closed-back wired on-ear headphone, the Monoprice one (product code 13191) is on sale for $14 as part of a limited-time Monoprice headphone sale

I have this one and it is on the “TBR List”. It’s a bit like the spiritual successor of the AmazonBasics variant…

UPDATE: on the utilitarian front, good until 2/19/22 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out) Woot is offering the new condition Apple Airpods (3rd gen) for $150 with a 1-year Apple warranty. One per customer…

EU: Monoprice M1070 Planar Over-Ears for 240AC euro

If you are a fan of the Monoprice Monolith planar-magnetic headphones and you are in the European Union, you are in luck, because at Amazon Germany, the Monoprice GmbH online shop is offering a 30% off clip-on coupon (in Amazon-speaker they are called “vouchers”) on the new condition Monolith M1070 open over-ears.

As of the time of writing, the current price is 360 euro. Minus 30%, it is just over 240 euro, about 1/3rd of, a very generous coupon. It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 50 global ratings.

Monoprice THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amp for $250

Also part of the Black Friday festivities, a well-reviewed balanced headphone amp is on sale as well, the new condition for $250 with free standard US shipping, for a limited time, the Monoprice THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier (with THX AAA 887) at the Monoprice website

Over there, as of the time of writing, it averages 4.9 out of 5 based on 57 customer reviews, with over 120 answered questions as well…

Monoprice Monolith AMT headphones for $750

Tired of conventional drivers? And have $750 ready to go? That’s how much the Monoprice Monolith AMT headphones have dropped down to, from their standard price of $1000. They have zero customer reviews, so you would be boldly going 🙂

AMT stands for “Air Motion Transformer”. They may look like electrostatics from afar, but they are not. This technology comes from the world of speakers – see Wikipedia and of course your favorite audiophool forums and websites and such…

Needless to say, these are definitely for the boldly going!

Monolith Planar headphone sale ($300 to $400)

AS part of the Black Friday festivities, Monoprice is having a sale on their Monolith audio gear which includes four over-ear planar-magnetic headphones as follows:

  • M1070 open-back for $300
  • M1070C closed-back for $300
  • M1570 open-back for $400
  • M1570C closed-back for $300

At the same page above, there’s various Monolith powered speakers, subwoofers, tower speakers, bookshelf, etc…

If you are not fond of “magic cables”, there’s also a big Monoprice cable sale with prices starting at $1.50 (eg 1.5m mobile 3.5mm M/M gold-plated)… In addition to 3.5mm cables, there’s RCA, optical TOSLink, and adapters and such…

But that’s not all. They also have a general purpose Black Friday sale with many product categories, including a Portable Audio category that includes more of the consumer-tier headphones and earphones…

Monoprice 43242 Semi-Open Over-Ears for $40 w/FS

Monoprice’s more recent line of nicer-looking headphones include the new condition wired semi-open over-ear nameless headphones, product number 43242, on sale for a limited time for $40 with free standard US shipping…

It comes with a drawstring pouch, a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee and hassle-free packaging.

As of the time of writing it has three customer reviews, all five stars. It’s just waiting for the first headphone YouTube / forum power-user to start the hype machine once they run out of new chi-fi models 😉

Overstock Audio and Other Monoprice cables

If you are a fan of Monoprice cables, as of the time of writing they are running an Overstock sale that includes their 1.5ft premium 3.5mm 22AWG male-to-male cable for $1.79 and the Onyx 6-inch 3.5mm male to two 3.5mm female for $3.14…

There’s also DisplayPort, VGA, HDMI, and a giant 25ft extension HDMI cable and a 50ft RCA cable among others…

Unfortunately these are not “magic cables” because their prices are low 🙂

Doorbuster: Monoprice BT-210 Bluetooth Lightweight On-Ears for $10 w/FS [Currently OOS]

The Monoprice website has launched a doorbuster deal, which, as of the time of writing is out of stock and cannot be ordered, but I’m mentioning it for reference/historical purposes and in case anyone is interested in it and wants to track/babysit it… One per customer…

For $10 with free standard US shipping they offer(ed) the new condition closed-back bluetooth lightweight on-ears Monoprice BT-210, PID 34705. It averages 3.7 out of 5 based on 23 customer reviews… It has 31 answers on 13 questions…

Per the specs these are bluetooth 4.0, with only the basic protocols, (no AAC, no apt-X, no LDAC)…

Monoprice Year-End Clearance includes Monolith Liquid Platinum Balanced Head Amp by Cavalli for $400

The Monoprice website is having a Year-End Clearance Sale and among them they have some headphone/audio-related products.

All the headphones in the “Audio” category and all the items in the “Pro Audio” come with free standard US shipping, so I won’t repeat this in the listings below. This is for a limited time only.

Of headphone and audio interest:

+ Monolith Liquid Platinum Balanced Headphone Amplifier by Alex Cavalli for $400

+ a trio of BT-series bluetooth overons for $25 to $27
+ overons = over-ears or on-ears
+ separately, featured on their homepage the BT-205 bluetooth over-ons go for $20 w/FS and no reviews

+ AVOID: a badly reviewed truly-wireless for $30

+ NB-BT bluetooth neckband for $30

+ Monolith K-RAS Reference Series Bookshelf Speaker (one) for $160

+ and the previously mentioned 8323 bluetooth over-ears for $18

AND while we are diving into the Monoprice World, they are highlighting some of their Best of 2020 product launches which includes the new condition open-back over-ear M570 open-back planars for $200 with free standard US shipping…

Monoprice 8323 with Bluetooth Over-Ears for $18 w/FS

Headlining the Monoprice Year-End Clearance at the bottom end of the price-range, and with FREE US standard shipping is the new condition Monoprice 8323 with Bluetooth [CORRECTED LINK!] closed-back over-ear going for $18! Eighteen dollars, not 18 factorial 🙂

The bluetooth aspect of this includes apt-X support. The one-page “Quick Start Guide” PDF file linked-to from their product description points out that these have controls on the outer side of the earcup (no need to fumble for buttons at the edge of the earpads perimenter like some other models).

Just like their 8323 wired predecessor, these also have a 3.5mm audio input.

I’m not sure what the bluetooth version is, but breezing through some of the Q&A at the Monoprice website it looks like it is some version of 4.x, not 5.0.

I had the older 8323 wired-only headphones and for the price they are definitely worth it, despite being old-hype now-a-days 🙂

The only issue I had with them is that even though they expand on your head making you look like one of those robots from the 50s low-budget scifi movies, they are actually not as big-head-friendly as they look. I could just barely fit inside at maximum extension. For my head, this is about the same as a maximum extension fit in the Grado SR60e, but the Grados do not apply clamping pressure on the sides and their headband is more of a suggestion than an oppressing force 😉

Monoprice BT-205 Bluetooth 5 Over-Ears for $20 w/FS

If you are the boldly going type who wants to be among the first to try new headphones, and don’t mind parting with $20, Monoprice is offering their new Monoprice BT-205 bluetooth closed-back over-ears for $20 with free standard US shipping…

Monoprice is stingy with free shipping, especially for lower cost items, so this is part of the offer… [of course anyone who has tried to mail anything at the Post Office or FedEx or UPS discovers that every shipment has a cost and free shipping is only something that Retail Titans of the Amazon and Wal*Mart size can afford]…

These are bluetooth 5.0 (basic profiles only) and they fold and they are lightweight. Lightweight however has its downside as they are advertised as maximum eight hours of playback. On the other hand, lighter on the head can be a plus.

Granted, it’s a $20 headphone but for the cable organizers out there, these use micro-USB, not USB-C. They also have a 3.5mm audio input.

The full 12-page user manual is available as a PDF link on their website HOWEVER there is some confusion because the manual says there is a microSD slot (cards up to 32GB) for mp3 playback and the slot in shown in the user manual product pictures.

However, on the website’s product page, the text does not mention a microSD slot, and none of the pictures in the product gallery or description show the microSD slot.

Assume it does not have a microSD to be on the safe side!

Does anyone even read or proof-read user manuals these days? 🙂

Monoprice headphones, speakers and tube amps sale

Monoprice is running a big headphones and speakers sale. We already mentioned a couple of them, but they have a total of 37 headphone options on sale, seven speakers and three tube amps…

+ the good old 8323 closed over-ears for $16 with free US shipping

+ Modern Retro over-ears for $21
+ closed-back, clone cousin of Superlux/Samsons

+ some of their more recent multi-driver IEMs

+ three tube amps (not dedicated headphone amps)

Monoprice SonicSolace ANC/BT Over-Ears for $23 w/FS [updated]

Monoprice has an actual doorbuster! The new condition SonicSolace ANC/BT Over-Ears are on sale for just $23 with free US shipping in your choice of brown or black color scheme. This is a big drop in price indeed.

As of the time of writing this averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 400 customer reviews and they have 100 answered questions…

UPDATE: thanks to one of our readers for the comment! Apparently these have been on sale in this range; the last time I was tracking them these were going for 2X, that’s why I thought they were a BF doorbuster!

Monolith Black Friday sale at Monoprice

Monoprice’s Monolith high-end audio brand is having its Black Friday sale as well. This includes speakers and subwoofers, but when you further page down over there you will find their headphone offerings. A total of eight products are on offer, five headphones and three DAC/amps!

Planar Open-Back Over Ears
+ M570 for $200
+ M1070 for $300
+ M1570 for $400
+ staircase prices in full octaves 🙂

+ M350 planar earphones for $90
+ M-TWE truly-wireless for $100

+ Monolith USB DAC for $70
+ Monolith THX AAA Balanced Headphone Amplifier for $330
+ Monolith Liquid Platinum Balanced Headphone Amplifier by Alex Cavalli for $400

Monoprice Headphone Sale includes Planars and DACs

Monoprice continues to march on with their headphone products and as such, they are having a limited-time headphone and earphone sale that features a soccer team [= eleven] products as follows:

+ Closed-Back Planar Magnetics: M565C for $175, M1060C for $270

+ Modern Retro closed over-ears for $23
+ may remind you heavily of Samson/Superlux 🙂
+ I have here a text and pictures unboxing of their semi-open cousin 🙂

+ Quintet (2 dynamic, 3 BA) wired in-ears for $50

+ two truly-wireless ($60 each) and two bluetooth over-ears ($34 and $60 each)

+ Monolith portable headphone DAC/amp with THX AAA for $270

+ Monolith balanced headphone amp for $375

+ Monolith desktop balanced DAC/amp for $450

And that’s it 🙂

Monoprice with Free S&H: Eapards for $9, Triple IEMs for $28, Planars for $70+

As part of the Green Monday festivities, Monoprice too has a Green Monday sale and they also have an Overstock/Clearance sale and in that sale they feature 10 headphones/earphones on sale as follows:

+ Memory Foam protein leather earpads for $9

+ Triple Driver IEMs for $28

+ Sonic Solace ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $50 in two colors

+ Monolith M300 planar earphoness for $70

+ M565 open-back over-ear planars for $157~

+ M600 open-back over-ear dynamic for $60

+ Monolith electrostatic headphone with amplifier for $300

+ space-eater Monolith Tube Amplifier with ESS Sabre for $190

+ all the items mentioned above in this post come with free US shipping

Monoprice Triple Driver IEMs for $28 w/FS

In addition to the just posted Monolith sale, there is also a Monoprice non-Monolith headphone sale and the headliner of this lot is the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears with a 1-button remote and mic combo going for $28 with free standard US shipping, with up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

These average 4.3 out of 5 based on 102 customer reviews…

And that’s it for Monoprice deals for this week ~ unless something even better comes along of course 🙂

UPDATE: how could I forget? The bluetooth version of an all-time classic, the 8323 closed-back over-ears with apt-X is on sale for $20 with free US shipping with up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. I had the non-bluetooth and it’s definitely worth the price ~ however it’s not as big as it looks (for those with really big heads) and fully extended, you look like one of those robots from the 50s scifi movies ~ at least they are not silver 🙂

Big Monoprice Monolith sale with new low prices (17 options, headphones, amps, etc)

Monoprice has launched a big Monolith audio sale featuring 17 different products, mostly of headphone interest!

On the headphone front, the open-back over-ear M1060 planars go for $200 while their closed counterpart (the M1060C) go for $250. On the dynamic front, the M600 open over-ears are down to $60, while the M650 are down to $80. A not-so-subtle name-homage to the world-famous Sennheiser HD6?? duo 🙂

Back to the planars, the M560C closed-back (as that “C” hints at) is down to $170, while the sole earphone (can’t really call them in-ears) of the lot, the M300 is down to $70.

Come on Barbie, let’s have an electrostatic party because their Electrostatic headphone with amp combo is down to $354~.

Find them all at the Monolith audio sale

Speaking of amps, the big old Tube amplifier is down to $190, while vinyl fans have the Monolith turntable at their disposal for $150.

On the balanced headphone amp front, the Cavalli Liquid Platinum is down to $700, while their portable THX AAA DAC/amp goes for $250.

The rest of the sale items are speakers of different kinds. For those, check our imaginary speakers blog 🙂

Monoprice SonicSolance ANC/BT Over-Ears for $40 w/FS

Monoprice is running their variant of the Black Friday sale and among the items offered is the new condition Sonic Solace ANC/BT Over-Ears, their attempt at this popular and populous market segment of double-figure options. It goes for $40 with free standard US shipping with up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price.

The price you see is the price you pay, no coupons for this particular offer. Note that these come in bulk packaging so keep that in mind if you are buying it/them as gifts for others…

UPDATE: there’s a total of 30 different headphone-related consumer products on sale at Monoprice, too many to list here individually as it would become a Monoprice blog 🙂

Monoprice Refurbished and Open-Box sale

Monoprice is running a refurbished & open-box sale with a variety of products on their website including headphones. The link above points to the headphone-related products. If other product categories interest you, you can use the options on the left side of the page over there.

Of headphone interest, a number of the over-ear headphones are available (planar and dynamic) starting at $99. Also part of the sale are their planar earphones (M300) going for $79, the giant Monolith tube head-amp for $299, the Monolith Cavalli Liquid Spark head-amp for $80, etc.

AS usual with Monoprice, price-check both the new condition and the refurb/open-box products as the sale prices may not be in-sync (eg you may be better off getting the new condition).

These inspected and tested refurbs and open-box products get a 90-day warranty along with 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you are not left twisting in the wind in case of a lemon or a non-agreeable product.

Monoprice HR-3 triple driver IEMs for $35 w/FS

There’s a new sale at the Monoprice website, with free US shipping as of the time of writing, you can get their new condition HR-3 triple driver IEMs for the very specific price of $35.01 with up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. These IEMs average 4.6 out of 5 based on a soccer team (= eleven) of customer reviews with about as many answered-questions.

Speaking of Monoprice, one of their classic headphones now with bluetooth is back on sale, the new condition 8323 with bluetooth closed-back over-ears go for $24 with free US shipping with up to twenty pairs per customer. I had the original non-bluetooth version and the price was definitely right, however, there is a warning for big heads – despite its over-ear status and despite the fact that the headband extends widely making you look like a 1950s scifi robot, it is not as roomy as it looks. I was able to just barely fit in and I don’t have the biggest of big heads.

Monoprice Triple Driver IEMs for $30 w/FS

On the budget side of triple driver IEMs, with a reasonable 4.3 out of 5 based on 99 customer reviews, the Monoprice website is offering the new condition Triple Driver IEMs for $30 with free standard US shipping. No coupon needed but it is a limited time sale. It has a 1-button remote/mic and thankfully the “XXX” has been removed from its name 🙂

Speaking of Monoprice, they are offering the new condition M565 planar open over-ears for $170 with free US shipping…

Monoprice Retro closed over-ears for $26 w/FS

If you don’t want to wait for the Samson and Superlux variants to go on sale on their own, Monoprice is here to help because their website is offering the new condition Monoprice Retro closed over-ear headphones for the very specific price of $25.69 with free US standard shipping for a limited time only.

The headphones average 4.5 out of 5 based on 160+ customer reviews at the Monoprice website. I haven’t looked for comparisons between these and the Superlux/Samson variants, so your favorite forum and search engine are your friends…

NOTE that their non-detachable cable is nearly 10 feet long (three meters)…

For the speed readers out there, this is the closed back model. Not to be confused with a semi-open variant. We have a text-and-pictures unboxing here of the semi-open model, the Samson SR-850. A closer look at the earcup shells easily distinguishes the closed from the semi-open…

And with all that, we reach the conclusion of this blog post 🙂

Monoprice Summer Clearance with FREE US shipping: Protein Leather Pads for $10, M600 Open Over-Ears for $60, Monolith Tube amp for $280, Electrostatic Headphone + Amp for $350, Etc

The Monoprice Overstock sale has some potentially interesting offerings for headphone fans as well. A total of seven options show when you filter for headphones including:

+ Memory Foam Protein Leather earpads for $10

+ MP20 in-ears for $12

+ M600 open-back dynamic over-ears for $60

+ M1060 planar open over-ears for $250

+ monster-sized Monolith Tube amplifier for $280

+ Electrostatic headphone with dedicated amplifier for $350

+ the M300 planar earphones go for $100 [corrected typo] which was their previous price

+ find them all in the Headphones Clearance page

All the items mentioned above come with free US standard shipping during this promotion. No coupon is needed. When the free shipping offer ends, it will simply stop being mentioned at the individual Monoprice product pages.

Now shipping: Monoprice multi-driver IEMs including the Quintet

The “Driver Wars” did not fail to gain traction at the Monoprice website and now they have up to five drivers in their latest in-ears. The Quintet (five drivers per side as the name suggests) goes for $80, the Quartet goes for $60, and the Trio goes for $50.

That’s about $16 per driver because headphone drivers are just like buying groceries by the pound or storage by the gigabyte 🙂

These have a detachable cable and they are new enough they don’t have any customer reviews on the Monoprice website. This is the first time I’ve heard of these, so I know nothing Jon Snow about them 🙂

Speaking of which, this is a handy link, it shows the last new products to hit the Monoprice online store. This is all products, not audio-related only…

Monoprice 8323 Closed Over-Ears for $17 [Prime Deal]

Be patient non-Prime members, the party is almost over. Already Amazon Germany’s Prime Day festivities are over and Amazon USA has just under 9 hours to go…

Which brings us to another Prime deal that went live, it is the new condition good old Monoprice 8323 closed-back over-ears going for $17~. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 1670+ customer reviews.

As most hyped headphones, they are not the miracles and wonders the forum hype made them out to be, and for over-ears they are not as big-head friendly as many others, but they are definitely worth the price of admission. They have a detachable cable even, and you get two of them in the box.