Sat: AKG K240 II Studio headphones for $60

Good for Saturday June 3 in 2023, Adorama is offering, as one of their deals of the day, the new condition semi-open over-ear AKG K240 Mark II headphone for $60. There’s plenty written about these and the Mark I in the audiophile-phool forums, including endless Austria debates. I’ll leave all that fun to you πŸ™‚

Sat: AKG K92 Studio Headphones for $30

The Adorama daily deal for Saturday May 6 in 2023 is the new condition wired closed-back over-ear AKG K92 headphone, designated of the studio kind, going for $30. It only comes with one accessory, a 1/4″ screw-on adapter. It has a 2-year AKG warranty.

Reminder that AKG is part of Harman, which in itself is part of Samsung πŸ™‚

Saturday: AKG Podcaster Kit with K371 for $99

If you are looking to get the AKG K371 headphones or want a “podcaster kit”, for Saturday April 22 in 2023, one of the Adorama deals of the day is an AKG Podcast Kit for $99 that includes:

  • AKG K371 clsoed-back over-ears
  • Lyra USB Microphone

AKG K240 Mark II Studio Headphones for $60

For a limited time, the Adorama daily deal is the new condition semi-open over-ear AKG K240 Mark II studio headphones for $60. That’s the Mark II model. Check your favorite forums for Austria and China and other assortedly related discussions on this πŸ™‚

AKG K612 PRO Open Over-Ears for $129

It looks like we have a sale and a price-match at the same time! The AKG K612 PRO open-back over-ear headphones are currently a daily deal sale for $129 at Adorama but at the same time, it looks like they may have been price-matched at Amazon as well.

There are countless open-back options in the market these days, and countless forum posts and countless YouTube videos to help you decide πŸ™‚

PS: speaking of AKG, for a limited time, a 25% off clip-on coupon drops the price of the good old new condition AKG K240 studio headphones from $79 to $59~ at B&H Photo…

AKG K612 for $110, K240 II for $69, K371 in Bundle

It’s AKG time at the current round of Adorama daily deals running up until Sunday 8/28/22 at 10am ET:

+ AKG K612 PRO for $110

+ AKG K240 mk II for $69

+ AKG Podcaster Essential kit that includes the Lyra USB microphone and K371 headphones for $189

+ AKG P420 microphone for $130
+ interesting model number πŸ˜‰

Saturday Headphones Party at Woot!

It’s a headphones party at the Woot daily deals running until Saturday 7/24/21 at 11:59pm central time {or earlier if sold out}:

At the Tech Favorite sale they have these options:

  • refurbished Sony WH-1000X M4 ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $180 with a 1-year warranty from the refurbisher
  • international (grey market) Samsung Galaxy Buds+ truly-wireless for $63 with a 90-day Woot warranty
  • Apple Airpods 2 with wired charging case for $110 with a 1-year Apple warranty
  • also: Klipsch Reference surround system
  • three Sony “Extra Bass” bluetooth speakers

In parallel, at the Woot Random Audio sale they have these offerings:

  • refurbished Sony WH-1000X M3 ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $145 with a 1-year warranty from the refurbisher
  • refurbished Sony WH-XB-900N “Extra Bass” ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $100 with a 1-year warranty from the refurbisher
  • AKG Y100 neckband bluetooth earphones for $38
  • HELM Audio Bolt DAC/Headphone Amplifier, USB-C to 3.5mm (MQA Playback, THX Certified, Android, iOS and PC Compatible) for $85 with 1-year warranty
  • AmazonBasics bookshelf speakers for $25 (WOW!)
  • more Sony bluetooth (mostly) speakers
  • Sony CM-TS-BT-100 Micros Shelf System with Bluetooth for $100
  • Klipsch BAR49 surround system for $480
  • Harman Kardon DPR A/V receiver for $700

Maximum quantities vary by product. Shipping is free for Prime members (you have to connect your Woot and Prime accounts, a one-time affair). Non-Prime members pay a flat shipping fee (I believe $6) for all purchases made during a single calendar day..

AKG N700NC M2 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $95

Prime members are getting this offer as a member-exclusive at another Amazon property, at Amazon. It is the new condition AKG N700NC M2 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears going for $95 with free shipping (since only Prime members can buy it). It comes with a 1-year AKG warranty. Up to three per customer… Offer ends in about a month (or earlier if sold out)…

Thursday: AKG N700NC M2 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $100

AKG returns to the Woot daily deals under the Electronics tab for Thursday 1/14/2021 until 11:59pm central time or earlier if sold out.

It is the new condition with a 1-year warranty AKG N700NC Mark II ANC and bluetooth closed-back over-ears going for $100 with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. More specifically this is model GP-N700HAHCIWA. Memorize it, it will be on the Headfi Entrance Exams for the next semester πŸ˜‰

This includes a carrying case and a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5mm cable and a flight adapter. It is compatible with the “AKG Headphones app” that has an “Ambient Aware” and a “TalkThru” mode.

PS: you can thank all those $50 unknown-brand best-selling ANC/BT combo over-ear headphones on Amazon for forcing the known manufacturers to offer lower price. Even Bose and Sony have lowered prices for some of their well-reviewed models…

Thursday: AKG N700 NC M2 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $120

Funny how “A Samsung Brand” is now a marketing point for AKG headphones now-a-days πŸ™‚ But let’s start from the beginning…

In a sale of …Gifts Santa Forgot, as part of their Thursday 12/24/20 daily deals, Woot is offering the new condition closed-back over-ear AKG N700 NC Mark II bluetooth/ANC headphones for $120 with up to three per customer at the sale price. They come with a 1-year AKG warranty…

A carrying case, and USB-C charging [FINALLY!] and 3.5mm cables are included. The specs promise 23-32 hours of playing time (depending on which features you use (bluetooth and/or ANC), with 3 hour charging time.

They have ambient mode, multi-point, and you get a 3-month Sirius XM free trial too…

Note however that per the Samsung website these are bluetooth 4.2, and they only support the basic bluetooth profiles (A2DP V1.3, AVRCP V1.5, HFP V1.6), no apt-Xes, no AAC, no LDAC…

They too have the now almost-obligatory house-app, in this case, the “AKG Headphone App” available for iOS and Google Play and Samsung Play [ha!]…

Their formal name is GP-N700HAHCIWA πŸ™‚

It is an interesting hodge-podge of specs, you go modern with USB-C, and ambient, and a custom app, yet they use the older bluetooth version and only the basic bluetooth profiles. It’s like someone went into the AKG/Samsung warehouse and pulled out whatever parts were available and built a headphone with them. Sort of like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite smartphone πŸ™‚

More headphones in daily deals, at Best Buy’s website they have the JLab Epic Air ANC truly-wireless going for $45, and for your PADs/DAPs a 64GB SanDisk EXTrEEmEE micro-SDXC for $20, and a 1TB SanDisk USB-C portable SSD for $125…

AKG K-702 Open Over-Ears for $149

Good until Wednesday 12/2/20 at 10am eastern, ADorama is offering, as one of their deals of the day, the new condition AKG K-702 open over-ear wired headphones for $149 with free US shipping. It comes with a 2-year AKG warranty…

AKG K-701 open over-ears for $159

An oldie is on sale until Sunday 11/29/30 at 10am eastern or earlier if sold out. IT is the new condition open-back over-ear wired AKG K701 going for $159 with free US shipping at Adorama as one of their deals du jour…

AKG K240 Semi-Open Over-Ears for $49

This is more of an homage buy, than a super-deal buy, and it may be useful for comparison/calibration of comments about other headphones since they’ve been around for a while and they’ve been had/used by many…

These refer to the semi-open over-ear AKG K240 (yes, first generation) going for $49 at authorized Samsung Harman Kardon AKG dealers πŸ™‚ This includes Amazon and Adorama (option to buy together with H&A clamp holder for +$8), and at B&H Photo (option to buy together with Auray headphone stand or clamp for +$16 each)…

AKG K92 Over-Ears with Tascam DR40X for $150

Part of the Black Friday – Cyber Monday festivities, Adorama is offering this AKG K92 + Tascam DR40X bundle for $150 with free US shipping. The K92 is a closed-back over-ear wired headphone while the DR40X is a 4-track digital audio recorder and USB audio interface. The Tascam is in the red color scheme.

AKG K240 II Semi-Open Studio Headphones for $100

Good until Saturday October 3 in 2020 at 10am ET, you can get the new condition semi-open over-ear AKG K240 II headphones for $100 with free US shipping as one of the Adorama deals of the day…

As of the time of writing, this model averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 1800+ global ratings at the Amazon website

PS: speaking of daily deals, one of the NewEgg daily deals is the new condition Sennheiser Momentum FREE necklace-style bluetooth earphones going for $80 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual… Up to five per customer… This is marked as “Special Edition”…

AKG Semi-Open Studio headphones with bonus Clamp for $50

Until 7/13/20 at 10am eastern, you can haz a classic studio headphone with a universal headphone clamp, all together for $50 with free US shipping at Adorama where it is their current deal of the day…

The headphone is of course the good old AKG K240 semi-open over-ears and the bonus item is the H&A Clamp holder. Hard to argue against the combo price!

AKG K702 open over-ears w/clamp for $150

It’s AKG time until 7/6/20 at 10am eastern at Adorama, where their deal du jour until such time is the new condition AKG K-702 open-back over-ears bundled with a H&A headphone clamp, together going for $150 with free US shipping…

And for Sunday 7/5/20 in the Best Buy time zone, their daily deals include the new condition Jaybird Tarah Pro bluetooth earphones [necklace style] for $90, but they also offer the V-Moda Crossfade 2 bluetooth over-ears for $200…

Dekoni Eartips for $12+, AKG Earpads for $35 [MD]

If you are a fan of Dekoni “ear-thingies”, you’ve found the right post. Two parallel offers are currently running at Massdrop as follows…

The Dekoni Bulletz Ear Tips are offered for $12 in a multi-pack that contains three pairs, one in each size. You have options in the shopping cart for size (3mm or 4.9mm) and for +$3 you can get the “truly wireless” and for +$2 you can select single-size packs.

It’s easier when you play with the options in their shopping cart than describe it here in words :)… You can buy up to ten pairs and they come with free US shipping… They ship in mid-May 2020… As of the time of writing, they average 4.3 out of 5 based on 200 customer reviews…

AND now to the earpads. If have AKG headphones (and anything compatible/similar), they are offering the new condition Premium Earpads for AKG for $35 with free US shipping. Additionally, you have three options in the shopping cart that cost more for different material (sheepskin, hybrid, fenestrated).

They average 4.6 out of 5 based on 69 customer reviews as of the time of writing. The listed compatibility is the AKG K7XX, and select K6-series and K7-series models, along with their equivalent Q-series models. For more compatibility, check the reviews, comments and of course your favorite head-audio forums…

Tuesday: AKG N30 In-Ears for $80 w/FS

The official AKG store on NewEgg is offering the new condition AKG N30 in-ears for $80 with free US shipping for Tuesday April 21 in 2020 in the pacific time zone! The headphone is available in black or white. The sale goes live at 12:01am pacific time on Tuesday.

NOTE: I’m writing this about an hour before it goes live, so I don’t know if both colors will be on sale or one of them!

AKG Cyber Monday sale: N90Q for $600, N5005 for $500, N40 for $145 and more

The official AKG online store is having its own Cyber Monday sale and among their offers they have:

+ AKG N90Q noise cancelling reference over-ears for $600

+ AKG N5005 Reference in-ears for $500

+ AKG N40 in-ears for $145

+ N20 NC (ANC) in-ears for $88

+ open-back K702 for $179, K712 PRO for $269

+ closed-back K553 Mark II for $89

+ good old semi-open K240 for $44, K240 II for $71

+ they also have headphone bundles with AKG microphones

Monday: AKG N700NC headphones with Galaxy Flagships starting at $699

The Union of Samsung with Harman Kardon (the parent company of (what was) AKG) is in full force at the Cyber Monday 2019 sales at the Amazon USA website. It’s a combo of Samsung flagship smartphones (choice of Note 10, Galaxy S10+ or S10) with the new condition AKG N700NC headphones (your choice of silver or black headphones). The prices start at $699 for the S10, $799 for the S10+ and $750 for the Note 10 and $950 for the Note 10+. The phones are factory unlocked.

A total of 30 (!!!) options are available…

These headphones are competing in the prestigious $300-ish price tier with Bose QC, Sony WH-1000X, Beats, Sennheiser and more.

AKG K240 Semi-Open Over-Ears for $44

An old classic headphone is on sale, the semi-open over-ear AKG K240 is now down to the very specific price of $44.10 at select authorized dealers such as B&H Photo and also at Amazon actual where it averages 4.4 out of 5 based on nearly 1,500 customer reviews…

At this point, it’s almost competing on price with the “homage versions” of it made under Superlux/Samson πŸ™‚

EU: AKG K702 Open Over-Ears for 109 euro

Austria is close to Germany, so mayhaps the rolled them down the mountains into the Amazon Germany warehouses, so they were able to get a great price. “Them” being the new condition open-back over-ear AKG K-702 headphones going for 109~ euro with free shipping within/nearby Germany.

AKG has released a number of AKG K7-series models, including Massdrop exclusives, so you have plenty of options and comparisons, not just in terms of price but also in terms of sound and ergonomics and things of that nature.

The price different of this particular model is quite big between the US and the EU, so if you are set on this, it is worth the extra time and customs and such bringing it in from the EU to the US.

PS: I do not know if these were made in Austria or China…

EU: AKG K612 Open Over-Ears for 99 euro

The benefits of being physically closer to Austria mayhaps translate to lower prices as well. The new condition open-back over-ear AKG K612 headphones are currently on sale for 99 euro with free shipping within Germany by Amazon Germany, where however they are not greeted like the Vienna Orchestra ~ they are averaging 3.2 out of 5 based on 39 customer reviews and they have 11 answered questions.

So be sure to read up on them before purchase if you are not already familiar with them and the alternatives out there…

EU: AKG K701 Open Over-Ears for $128

Thanks to its latest new parents, AKG is now touching three major continents, but that’s a story for another day. Their new condition good old open-back over-ear K701 headphones are currently down to 128 euro with free shipping in Germany by Amazon Germany actual with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. The price is such that the used options over there cost more than the new condition. They average 3.7 out of 5 based on 210+ customer reviews over there.

Note that AKG has released newer models since, including those Massdrop exclusives, so if you are not up to date with their open-back line-up, the forums and the search-engines are your friends.

Not far off in price, their K702 open over-ears go for 122 euro but they are currently restricted to Amazon Germany Prime members only…

Meanwhile the AKG K612 are currently available in “Used – Very Good” condition for around 79 euro by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual

EU: AKG K612 open over-ears for 90 euro

AKG is now touching three continents. An Austrian company, purchased by Harman Kardon, which in turn got purchased by Samsung. So it has local affiliations regardless. Which brings us to Amazon Germany, offering, for Prime members only at the moment, the new condition open-back over-ear AKG K612 PRO headphones for 90 euro.

Not a bad price if you happen to be looking for open under 100 euro from the EU. Note that there are plenty of models in this AKG line, so research them all if you are not already familiar with them…

AKG K167 Tiesto DJ headphones for $50

Actual DJ headphones! The new condition AKG K167 dj headphones under the Tiesto name, closed-back and over-ear, are currently on sale for $50 with free shipping at B&H Photo. The entry-point in this line is the K67. The one on sale is the K167. There’s also a K267.

AKG N60 NC closed over-ears for $80

The new condition AKG N60 NC (active noise cancelling) closed-back on-ears are currently on sale for $80 with free shipping as a Black Friday doorbuster at the official Harman Audio online store. Harman owns AKG and Samsung owns Harman. And the Reptilians own everything πŸ˜‰

AKG K702 Open Over-Ears for 117 euro

A marketplace seller fulfilled by Amazon is offering the new condition open-back over-ear AKG K702 headphones for $180 with free shipping, but depending on your location, you may be able to get a better deal if you shop from Amazon Germany where they currently go for 117 euro with VAT/customs included for the whole European Union. The price is so good that the used options sell for more (!) there…

AKG N90Q Reference ANC Over-Ears for $1000

For a limited time only, B&H Photo is offering the new condition AKG N90Q Reference class ANC over-ear closed-back headphones for a flat $1000 with free shipping and handling. Interesting choice to add ANC to a reference-priced headphone but if all the headphones were the same, it would be more boring πŸ™‚

Refurb Samsung AKG S9/S8 In-Ears for $8 w/FS

One of the latest (and recurring) deals at clearance specialist A4C (All 4 Cellular) is the seller-refurbished dual-name SAmsung AKG S9*/S8* in-ears offered for $8 with free US shipping. Everything at A4C comes with free shipping even the sub-$5 items they carry. But obviously it’s not Prime-like speed, especially if you are not on the East Coast.

These are wired in-ears. Samsung now owns AKG but this relationship began before Samsung purchased AKG’s parent company “Harman Kardon”. A4C offers a 90-day warranty for their seller-refurbished items….

Sat: refurb AKG N60NC for $80, N60NCBT for $130 [w/1yr W]

Good until Sunday at 1am eastern, Woot is offering a couple of factory refurbished AKG on-ears. The wired N60NC (noise cancelling) goes for $80, while the bluetooth + ANC N60NCBT goes for $130. They come with a 1-year AKG warranty.

Note also that Woot has added a new benefit for Amazon Prime members. Eligible products will get free two-day shipping, not just slow free shipping! This levels up the benefit to the regular Amazon website. Products that are not shipped/fulfilled by Woot-Amazon will not be eligible for free 2-day shipping as usual.

Monday: AKG N20 for $50, N20 Lightning for $70

Good until Monday at 11:59pm central time, Woot is offering the new condition AKG N20 in-ears for $50 or the N20LT (with Lightning cable connector) for $70. Shipping is free for Prime members, or $5 flat for everything you buy from Woot during a particular calendar day in the central time zone. They come with a 1-year AKG warranty. Up to ten per option per customer.

Daily-ish Deals: AKG N20U for $55, Denon Bi-A 2-Way Ref Monitors $80 to $100

Among the latest Woot headphone offers, the new condition AKG N20U Premium in-ears are on sale for $55 with free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat shipping for non-members. They come with a 1-year warranty.

Meanwhile good until Saturday 11:59pm ET, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Denon Bi-Amplified 2-Way Reference Monitor for $99 in the 8-inch (DN-308S) or $79 in the 6-inch (DN-306S). This is a single monitor, not a pair.

Among the Frday NewEgg shell-shockers, you can get the new condition Klipsch Reference Closed Over-Ears for $99 with free shipping using promo code EMCSXUSE5 until Saturday 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out). This offer is only available in the white color scheme. It is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual…

Sunday: refurb AKG N60NC for $90, Bluetooth for $140

Among the Woot daily deals for Sunday you can get two factory reconditioned AKG noise-cancelling on-ear headphones. The N60NC goes for $90 while the N60NC bluetooth version goes for $140. They come with a 1-year AKG warranty. Up to ten pairs per customer. Sale ends by Monday at 1am eastern. Daily deals are added to their on-going headphone sales and disappear from that page when the sale ends.