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The built-in WordPress search-engine has improved a whole lot since the last time I tested it. So much so that I added to the header of the website, towards the right hand side. I also added a tagline to make it visually balanced. If there are any issues with it, please leave a comment or contact us.

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As you may have noticed by their absence, we have very minimal advertising here compared to most of the websites out there. If you like this and find this website useful, then please help fund us by making your holiday season purchase using the various affiliate links to the various online retailers in the posts here and the blog sidebar and the Black Friday Deal round-up mega-post.

Everything you buy helps. You don’t have to purchase the item mentioned or linked-to. You can buy something from a competing manufacturer, or something totally different or random. It all helps! Thanks 🙂

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Bookmark This: our brand new on-going Black Friday 2017 Deals MEGA POST!

I just finished this, our brand new and on-going Black Friday 2017 Deals MEGA round-up. This will be updated throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities. We will continue to post deals here as well, one by one as they come up. You can also follow the madness using our FREE full-text RSS feed.

If you have any feedback on how you want to see it organized, or what type of headphones and assorted gear you want to see included, please leave a comment or use the online contact form.

Tracker Updated: Black Friday Circular Ads of 2017

I just updated the Black Friday 2017 Ads Tracker that lists various headphone and earphone and headset offers at various retailers. I am grouping these by product type, not by retailer, making it easier for people to look for the product categories they like. Among the latest additions was Gamestop with a handful of different gaming headsets…

Here is a partial screenshot sample of the tracking page:

New Unboxing Post: the B&O Play Form 2i On-Ears

When I posted the B&O Play deal yesterday, I remembered that I had taken “unboxing pictures” of the B&O Play Form 2i Lightweight (3 oz) On-Ear headphones! So today I went through all the pictures, and posted our customary Text and Pictures Unboxing of this headphone. No audio, no video, but there are 22 pictures there 🙂

I am still trying to settle down on review formats for posting headphone reviews here, because, as many of you are well aware, a headphone review is never-ending since there are infinite things one can test and re-test 🙂

New Reference post: the New Headphones of IFA 2017

IFA 2017 is upon us, and to celebrate this, we have began our customary mega round-up post, the New Headphones at IFA 2017. As with previous iterations of CES and IFA reference posts, they will be updated multiple times in the next few days as more and more items are revealed and added to the posts.

Coming early in the day on 8/31/17 will be the official reveal of the LG V30 with its magical audio features 🙂 You can even watch the event live from Berlin (YouTube embedded below):

New Weekly “Headphoolia” Round-Up is Here!

We have a new Weekly round-up, a Plain Jane e-Zine of the week that was in the world of headphones, covering up to today July 16 (2017). So while you are anxiously waiting for Game Of Thrones Season 7, escape to the new This Week in Headphoolia. Among other things, a new blind test audio experiment has been launched (MQA vs HiRes Audio), Innerfidelity has a new set of monthly measurements, and more audio show reports.

If you missed any of the previous installments, or if you want to revisit them, there are exactly 20 previous versions in the Headphoolia archives.

This was a two for one special week, as we posted in mid-week the Headphoolia installment that covered the previous week.

New “This Week in Headphoolia” is POSTED!

This was supposed to come out last Sunday. But the pre-Prime-Day madness got in the way. Thankfully I had already earmarked all the interesting posts, so today I finally got around to assembling them into the e-zine format that is this week’s This Week in Headphoolia.

Trigger warning for bad puns and horrible segues: because I’m writing this early in the day, my brain is more active, which means every other sentence is either a bad pun or segue 🙂 You have been warned!

We reached a mini milestone for these! Twenty editions are in the book, almost half a year worth of these. You can find them all in the Headphoolia Archives. Or if you prefer to read these type of things through an RSS Reader or services that rely on RSS (eg Feedly), you can sign up for the FREE Full-Text RSS Feed of our parallel content blog which has been picking up momentum (in terms of actual posting things there) the few weeks 🙂

Tell Your Friends, Bring Them Over!

If you like our coverage of the Prime Day headphone madness 2017, then please tell your friends and bring them over! The more the people, the better! This is one of the best ways to help this website, spread the word! We also have a full text RSS feed so you can also follow with your favorite RSS reader. The feed is hosted at Feedburner, so it also serves as a backup in case of website technical issues.

New Reference page: List of Smartphones Without a 3.5mm Headphone Jack

We have a new reference page up now, a List of Smartphones without a 3.5mm Headphone jack. Since the vast majority of smartphones have one, it is easier to list the exceptions 🙂 This will be updated throughout space and time, and a “Latest Update” date is included, so you’ll know how fresh it is.

PS: please feel free to leave comments for corrections, additions, suggestions, feedback, etc!

New Weekly Round-UP is UP!

It’s here with another week with lots of new reviews, a new weekly round-up that is This Week in Headphoolia, covering up to Sunday June 11 in 2017. If you missed any previous editions, or want to revisit them, you can find them in the Headphoolia archives

New Weekly Round-Up is UP!

Yes, another week is gone, and we have another new Weekly Round-Up with a variety of reviews and opinions and such from the week that was. Among other things, this week brought us a new $2700 metal and maple Grado flagship!

You can find links to this in the sidebar of this blog, and also you can see all previous (and future) editions Headphoolia archives.

FREE Full-Text RSS Feeds now available for both sites through Feedburner

If you like to keep up with all our latest posts using RSS or any other services that use RSS as their source/base, we now have Feedburner feeds for both this website (the deals) and the main website (the content). The benefit of using Feedburner for the feeds is that is is separately hosted by Feedburner, so even if the website goes down for technical difficulties or maintenance, the RSS feed will stay up because it’s hosted/cached by Feedburner.

This is the FREE Full-Text RSS Feed for this site, that has all the headphone deals.

And this is the FREE Full-Text RSS Feed for the main website which has reviews, unboxings, opinions, Headaphoolia Weekly round-ups and many more to come.

There are many and more RSS feed readers available on all platforms, using web browsers, browser plug-ins/extensions, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone/Mobile/Metro, etc; even Firefox OS has an RSS reader 🙂 You can also add RSS feeds to other services like Flipboard. Most of these services/apps are free, but if you want more advanced features, there are some for pay services as well. Feedly is one of premium for pay services (but you can also use it for free without all the features/benefits), being the spiritual successor of good old Google Reader.

Both of our feeds are full-text, meaning the whole text of the blog-post is also in the RSS feed, not just the first sentence. We believe in giving you the choice of how to consume the content 🙂 The only things that don’t work as well in RSS feeds are Javascript and Embeds but RSS readers are getting better at dealing with those too.

New jam-packed “This Week in Headphoolia”

A day late, but this is a jam-packed new edition of This Week in Headphoolia, with the Bose SpyGate being the headline story, but there are plenty of headphone reviews and comparisons dominating this edition, along with show reports.

You can find all previous and future editions in the Archives. There are nine installments so far 🙂

New “This Week in Headphoolia” round-up

A new This Week in Headphoolia round-up just went up on the parallel content website, with more reviews (including a 7-way closed top-of-the-line comparison), more CanJam action, and a detailed Bluetooth 5 explainer in text and video!

For previous editions (or future one if you are reading this in the future) check the Phoolia archives 🙂

If you have any feedback or suggestions or recommendations, please leave a comment in any of the relevant posts!

New “This Week in Headphoolia” round-up is up!

A new installment of our kinda-weekly round-up of some of the things happening in the world of headphones. This new installment covers the time period up to April 11 with the 2017 Southern California CAN JAM event being the headliner as it brought a number of inverse-Monks-priced headphones with it 🙂

PS: you can find all previous versions of these round-ups in the Headphoolia category. If you have any feedback or like other sources/websites to be included, please leave a comment (including your own impressions/reviews/opinions/etc)!

New Weekly Round-Up is Ready!

Another week flew by, and another weekly round-up is cooked and ready to go. Just posted is the 6th edition of This Week in Headphoolia rounding up related and semi-related topics 🙂 You can also check all previous editions using the Category archives and please feel free to opine on what else you want to see covered (or not covered) there.

New “This Week in Headphoolia” is out!

Pardon the interruption, but after a 1.5 week delay [all apologies for the delay!], our “weekly” round-up of things happening in the world of headphones is back with a new edition. Did the new V-Moda Wireless II reveal how much Qualcomm charges for their apt-X technology? A new Stereophile Components Guide is out, reviews and opinions aplenty, and more!

PS: you can find all past, present and future editions in the This Week In Headphoolia archive. Future editions are only available in the future 🙂

New “This Week in Headphoolia” round-up

Sunday is here, and we have a new “the week that was” round-up of some of the action with our latest This Week in Headphoolia round-up. This is the fourth one. You can find all previous editions in the Headphoolia archives. You can also find links to these in the blog’s sidebar (the sidebar goes to the bottom of the page if you are reading on a mobile device).

If you have any suggestions, or feedback or recommendations or corrections ~ or if you post your own reviews or commentary on headphone-related matters, please feel free to leave a blog-comment or use the private contact form or the public Twitter.

New Weekly Round-Up post is UP!

If you like to read a weekly round-up of things happening in the world of headphones, I just posted the third edition of This Week in Headphoolia, with a special segment on the Monoprice M1060 hype train. Other segments include review round-ups, news-related summaries (another mega merger), more streaming options, and more!

Please feel free to give us feedback on this in the comments here or there! I’m making this for you all, so your feedback can help shape them 🙂 Also, if you posted any reviews, first impressions, mods/hacks, or opinions on related matters, please let me know so I can include them in future updates!

You can find all previous editions (three total so far) in the This Week in Headphoolia Archives.

New Weekly Round-Up “This Week in Headphoolia” is up!

Hooray! We have a new installment of our new weekly feature “This Week in Headphoolia”, a lighthearted round-up of some of the headphone-related action of the last week. You can also check the First Edition. The format and style will be evolving as the weeks go back. What do you think about it? What topics would you want covered? Let us know in the comments here or there or on Twitter.

New Blog Series: “This Week in Headphoolia” (weekly round-up)

A brand new website feature has just gone live! A weekly round-up of potentially interesting things happening in the world of headphones, with an underlying (attempt of a) humor layer where relevant. It is “This Week in Headphoolia”. The segments are: News, Influential Reviews, fun Forum Threads, and YouTube videos. The format and segments will be tweaked in future editions.

What do you think about it? What topics would you want covered? Let us know in the comments here or there or on Twitter.

Headphone Tracker Updated with CES 2017 models

This version, Version I of the Headphone Tracker has been retired. But fear not, Version II has now been launched at our main website, which holds all the reference and longer posts. Version II launched in October 2017!

[Read more…]

Twitter account for this blog is now LIVE!

My Christmas gift to you, dear readers, a twitter account as was promised. Well, it’s a couple of weeks late, but better late than never 🙂 Here it is, the twitter name matching the website name to make things simpler: @headphonesnao. The twitter will be even sillier in tone than the blog, so you have been warned 🙂

Meanwhile, the list of new headphones at CES 2017 continues to be updated. They are coming out faster than I can keep up with them at the moment, so I added a built-in “to-do list” 🙂

Coming Up: Black Friday Ads digest

In the next couple of days I will begin diving into the published and leaked Black Friday ads looking for headphone-related offers. I will create a new perma-post that will keep getting updated as I discover more. Off the top of my head, there are going to be free after Plenti Rewards Philips earbuds at Rite Aid stores. These should be an easy and comfortable get, since most of the Black Friday brick and mortar crazy traffic is near malls and big superstores like Best Buy and Costco and Tarjay and such.

Save the Date: Tuesday July 12 is Amazon Prime Day

I have no advance notice of what will be offered, so it’s a YMMV as usual, but there might be some good deals offered on Tuesday July 12 in 2016, it is the annual Amazon Prime Day. I am planning to cover as much of the day as possible, but I can’t do it 24×7, I have to sleep and eat and things of that nature 🙂

The offers will only available to Prime members, but if you are not a Prime member and want to join the party, you can do so by starting a 30-Day Prime Free Trial. If you don’t like the membership, just cancel it before the 30 days are over and you won’t be charged. TIP: start the free trial early so you can get set-up and be ready to go on Prime Day!

RFC: What do you think of this format for Useful Unboxing posts?

This is a Request For Comments. What do you think of this experimental format for Useful Unboxing posts with pictures and text, but without audio and video? By “this”, I mean this headphone unboxing post for a *gasp* Skullcandy *double gasp* bluetooth headphone. Bluetooth has more parts (more buttons and ports and such) which makes it a versatile guinea pig for this experiment.

The idea behind the format is to give someone who hasn’t seen the headphone an overall idea of what to expect when they open the box, what’s included inside, and pictures of the relevant body parts (headband, slider, inputs, earcups, buttons, accessories, etc).

As far as the audio/sound part of reviews, I am still soul-searching on how to best do it. I really don’t want to be saying things like “creamy treble” or use inside baseball terms that mean different things to different people and such. More on that later, I may experiment with different formats before I settle on one.

Tracking the new headphones of CES 2016

CES 2016 brought some new headphones, or at least shone the spotlight on some of the headphones that got quietly mentioned during the holiday shopping season. So I started a new tracking post to round up some of the many new headphones that generated some buzz at CES 2016. More will be added, but if there are any models you want to see added specifically, please leave a comment!

New Feature: eBay Store links in the Sidebar

We are working on a new feature in the Sidebar of this blog, a convenient list to eBay stores that sell headphones over there, for example, Headroom, Hifiman (Head Direct), Harman, etc. More are being added, and if you have any favorites, please let us know in the comments or using the contact form.


New WordPress Template installed now!

We have a new WordPress template installed, hopefully this one will prove more helpful than all the previous ones. It is a responsive theme based on the Genesis framework, so there is flexibility for future upgrades and such. More adjustments and refinements will be made and I will add some hopefully useful deal-related links in the Sidebar for quick reference. For feedback, ideas, corrections and the like, please leave a comment or use the contact form.

New WordPress Theme Installed

UPDATE (5/16/15): the “Read More” issue is now fixed. It only appears when there’s something more to show!

ORIGINAL: If this website looks different since the last time you visited, it is with good reason! I just installed a brand new WordPress theme, moving away from the 2015 WordPress default. This is not perfect, but I think it’s a functional improvement over the previous one. The sidebar is now on the right, it is still responsive, the font and font size is easily adjustable, and such. The only issue I haven’t been able to fix is the “Read More” that appears on every post even though most posts are short and are fully posted on the main page.

Tell us what you think in the comments or use the contact form.

New Responsive Theme on this website

This website is now using a new responsive WordPress theme, to make it easier to read on tablets and smartphones in addition to notebooks and desktop PCs. The options will be adjusted and optimized in the next few days. If you are reading on a smaller screen (eg tablet or smartphone) and want to see the menu and desktop-sidebar, press the Menu icon (three parallel lines) on the top corner of the page. It will expand in place, above the regular content.

Strategy session: lots of new Sennheiser headphones

If you were thinking of getting headphones from some of the existing Sennheiser product lines (Momentum, RS, or bluetooth/ANC), please note that at CES 2015, the company announced, among others, the second generation of their Momentums, new Bluetooth + NFC + ANC versions of Urbanites and Momentums, and a brand new RS-series lineup. As of the time of writing, these are not yet available for pre-order from the major online retailers but some can be ordered through the Sennheiser website at the wallet-lament MSRP prices. I am slowly putting together a list of the new headphones at CES 2015, but I am slightly behind 🙂

Menu options added at the top

I added a trio of menu options at the top of the blog (the black navigation bar) to make it easier to quickly filter through things. The options will increase over time. I can only post the categories that already exist, so the more deals get added, the more manufacturers will be added to that list.

The three new menu options are:

  • HEADPHONE TYPES: Over and On Ear (one category), In-Ears, Earbuds, Bluetooth (and will add ANC and others later on), Amps and DACs (one category for now to keep things simple). Some deal-posts will be in multiple categories if they mention products that fall into multiple categories
  • MANUFACTURERS: a lot more will be added as more deals get posted – I can only include the ones that have deals posted, if I put placeholders, you’ll be seeing empty pages, and that’s not fun
  • AUDIOPHILE: it is tricky to define scope on this one. I’m doing it by ear (ha!) and by gut feeling for now. If you have strong opinions on what should be included/excluded please leave a comment or use the contact form

Welcome to the new Headphone Deals blog

Welcome to our new Headphone Deals blog! This is operating as a sub-domain on our main headphones blog. Here we will feature deals on headphones and related accessories (amps, dacs, cases, etc).

What to Expect

This blog will cover new, refurbished, used, open-box, and everything in-between. New condition items are the default, so it won’t be mentioned in the title or have a WordPress Tag, but it will be mentioned in the blog-post text. Anything that is not new condition will mention its condition (used, refurbished, open-box, etc) in the blog-post title, and in the blog-post text, and it will also have an appropriate WordPress Tag indicating its status.

To prevent wasting space in the blog-post title, we will only mention “+ S&H” if shipping is mandatory for all shoppers. If something has free shipping, or free shipping under some conditions (eg orders over $35 or for Prime members), we won’t mention shipping in the blog-post title to keep things clean. Otherwise every post will have a long and winding title that will clutter things up (even more).

In order to keep things simple and easy, at the moment, for WordPress Tagging purposes, I decided not to divide headphones into open-back and closed-back and in-betweens or over-ear vs on-ear. I may do that in the future, but for now, I want to keep things as simple as possible. Likewise, I won’t create Tags for headphones with or without mic/remote or differentiate between 1-button and 3-button remotes. Again, for the sake of speed and simplicity. If any of these are important enough, please feel free to make a case for them.

I am still trying to figure out on where to draw the line on which headphones to tag as “audiophile”. There are never-ending forum discussions on what on “audiophile”, so it’s tricky business. I may have to write a 5000 word essay in order to explain where I draw the lines 😉

Let us know!

As with every online endeavor, there is always the risk of errors, mistakes, confusion, typos, and the like.

For questions, feedback, ideas, errors, suggestions, problems, and more, please use the online contact form or leave a comment below.