Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO for $140

For a limited time, Amazon is offering the four color options of the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless for $140 with free US shipping. Up to three per color per customer at the sale price, when sold and shipped by Amazon actual…

Samsung Galaxy Buds Prime sale: Live for $80, Buds 2 for $100, PRO for $120 [Prime]

And now something more of the utilitarian kind, Samsung truly-wireless, also participating in the Amazon Prime deals of 2022! These are the US version. There’s also International (grey-market) and used and refurbished and dubious options at Amazon at lower prices.

We start with the Buds PRO going for $120 in three color schemes, along with the Urban X.

Then we have the Buds 2 going for $100 in four color schemes.

Next up it’s time for the Buds Live model on sale for $80 in three of the five color schemes.

Monday: Samsung MX-T40 300W Bluetooth Speaker for $78 AC

We don’t normally post speaker deals here, but this is a whooping $220 off in-cart discount, so until 5/2/22 at 11:59pm eastern time (or before that if sold out), New York’s B&H Photo is offering the new condition Samsung MX-T40 300W Bluetooth Speaker for $78 with free US shipping. The discounting happens automatically in the shopping cart, you don’t have to enter a coupon code!

As of the time of writing this averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 66 customer reviews at B&H Photo, most of which are from product testers collected from Samsung and “The Insiders”…

Based on 568 ratings, it averages 4.5 out of 5 (together with two other models in the same series) at the Amazon website where it goes for $148 as of the time of writing…

PS: accepts USB audio…

Thursday: EPOS amplifier, Samsung TW

Thursday 4/28/22 has a headphone-related theme at Amazon!

We start with a PC products sale that includes the new condition EPOS Sennheiser GsX 1000 gaming audio amplifier for $120, along with a Corsair wireless gaming headset for $140…

Then the headliner deal of the day is the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds Live truly wireless going for $90 in two color options… You can be forgiven for not remember the various options Samsung has, but thankfully Wikipedia and your favorite search engine can be your friends in helping sort them all out…

Spring Sale: JBL, Bose, Klipsch, Razer, Etc

Woot has two types of offers. The more well-known daily deals but also the longer running deals, the “Woot Plus” offers. Of the latter, they have an Electronics Spring sale running until 4/4/22 at 11:59pm central time, or earlier if sold-out (some of them do sell-out). These include some head/audio-related products such as:

  • JBL Live 300 Premium truly-wireless for $38
  • Razer Nari essential gaming headset for $40
  • Klipsch T5 2nd generation truly-wireless for $90
  • Echo Buds 1st gen truly wireless for $40
  • refurb Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 truly wireless for $73
  • Bose SoundSport necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $70
  • and some other related products

As of the time of writing the Bose 700 ANC/BT over-ears for $270 has sold out…

Tuesday: Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO TW for $130

If you are part of the Samsung Galaxy universe, one of the Tuesday 3/22/22 Amazon deals of the day is the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless going for $130 with free US shipping. Sold and shipped by Amazon itself. They are available in three color options. Up to three pairs per customer at the sale price.

As of the time of writing these average 4.4 out 5 based on nearly 19,000 global ratings with 350+ answered questions…

Sunday: Used Echo Buds (1st G) TW for $30

For Sunday 11/14/21, one of the Woot deals du jour is an Amazon Echo sale that includes the “Used – Like New” first generation Echo Buds truly-wireless for $30 with a 90-day Woot warranty. Up to six pairs per customer. Per the listing (in the pumpkin-orange background text) these have been “tested and verified internally by Amazon… but may have cosmetic blemishes”.

What do you think Jeff Bezos does on his luxury yacht? He refurbishes Amazon devices 😉

NEXT UP at the Best Buy dailies for Sunday they have two offerings:

+ refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless for $85

+ Insignia bluetooth turntable for $55
+ regular, not suitcase or other cutesy configuration

Monday: Sony WH-XB910N “Extra Bass” ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $138

Headphone action at the Monday Amazon Gold Box as well with the following related offers:

+ Sony WH-XB910N “Extra Bass” ANC/bluetooth over-ears in the blue color scheme (Amazon exclusive) for $138
+ up to three per customer

+ Samsung Buds Plus for $100

+ JBL Tune truly wireless for $30 to $60

+ Blue Yeti microphones for $100

+ basic Kindle for $50

Friday: Samsung Deals Galore including Buds and Audio

If you are a Samsung fan-person, you are in luck if you are reading this during Friday October 22 in 2021 because Samsung has flooded the Amazon USA Gold Box with all kinds of offers!

Too many to list here individually, but they include some of the models in their Galaxy Buds line-up, some of their other audio gear (soundbars, bluetooth speakers, etc), TVs, and for fans of DAPs and PADs and phone/tablets, they have both microSD and SD cards on sale.

And a lot more!

Monday: Samsung Galaxy Buds LIVE truly-wireless for $105

Good until Monday 9/13/21 at 11:59pm pacific time (or earlier if sold out) the four color schemes of the Samsung Galaxy Buds LIVE truly-wireless are on sale for $105 at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three per color per customer…

As of the time of writing, these average around 4.5 out of 5 based on over 37,000 customer ratings over there…

PS: Beyerdynamic and Logitech headphones return in the Tuesday NewEGG daily deals. More on those tomorrow…

Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly wireless for $127

The new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless, in three color choices, are on sale for $127 with free US shipping at B&H Photo until Saturday 8/21/21 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out; however orders are not accepted during the Sabbath).

Elsewhere, running until Friday 8/20/21 at 11:59pm pacific, among the NewEgg dailies you can find the Corsair VOID ELITE SURROUND Circumaural Premium Gaming Headset with 7.1 Surround for $60 after promo code and you can score a 64GB A-Data microSDXC for $7, or less if you buy it in a combo-savings promotion shown over there…

Also at NewEgg’s they have the Anker Soundcore Life Q30 ANC/bluetooth over-ears going for $70 after promo code, and all sorts of other computer-related tech items…

We are not done yet, at the Friday 8/20/21 Best Buy dailies they offer:

+ Skullcandy Ink’d wired earphones for $7.49 on clearance

+ 512GB Samsung EVO microSDXC for $70 or 256GB for $45
+ feed the DAPs, the PADs, the phones, the tablets and the laptops!

Saturday: Random Audio Sale with headphones includes JVC HA-RX330 Closed Over-Ears for $5

Portable Audio killed the Radio Star? It’s not a song but a music-gear meta-essay waiting to be written? Well, may be it has already been written. Regardless, I’m not going to be the one writing it 🙂

But we have lots of portable audio offers in the Woot Random Audio sale running until Saturday 8/7/21 at 11:59pm central {or earlier if sold out}:

A total of 25 products are participating in the sale including headphones and earphones, mostly of the “mass market” kind…

NOTE: there are too many items to check individually, some are new condition, some refurbished; I am not checking – check at the individual Woot product page for any item(s) you might be interested in…

  • Sony WH-710N ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $75 (we have a text and pictures unboxing of the previous generation model here)
  • Beats Solo PRO ANC/bluetooth on-ears for $145
  • Skullcandy Venue ANC/bluetooth over-ears (Grade A) for $70
  • Panasonic Retro Wireless ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $50 (we have a text-n-pictures unboxing of a previous similar model (without ANC))
  • four JBL wireless/ANC type of over-ears
  • Skullcandy Crusher bluetooth over-ears for $70
  • and yes, one wired closed over-ear headphone, the JVC HA-RX330 for $5 (up to ten per customer; 90-day Woot warranty)

There’s also a bundle of sorts, the AmazonBasics Gaming Headset with a separate PC desktop mixer, together for $23, up to two per customer, in new condition with a 1-year AmazonBasics warranty to boot. The price is right for accessory cannibalization? (includes one audio and one USB cable) 🙂

Also included in the random audio sale are eight name-brand truly-wireless earphones as follows:

  • two Sony, including the WF-1000X M3 for $70 (Grade A)
  • three “Grade A” from Samsung including the Buds Plus for $45, the Buds LIVE for $65, and the Buds PRO for $100
  • three JBL Tune as well

Then we have two necklace style bluetooth earphone options (Philips ActionFits ($17 to $26) and HyperX Cloud Buds for $32).

Finally, they have four JBL bluetooth speakers of the small to smaller size…

Monday: Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless for $120 [international edition]

If you are fine with a 90-day warranty (instead of the usual 1-year manufacturer warranty), Woot is offering the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless earphones, in new condition, in the “Phantom Black” color scheme, for $120 with free US shipping for Prime members [non-members pay a flat shipping fee]. Up to two per customer…

Offer ends on Monday 7/12/21 at 11:59pm central time…

UPDATE: the Musician’s Friend Daily Deal (expires Tuesday 8am ET) is the new condition closed-back wired over-ear Tascam TH-300X going for $40 with free US shipping. This is an unpretentious type of a studio headphone 🙂

Friday: Razer Hammerhead iOS in-ears for $20

To the NewEgg daily deals we return, good until Friday 6/17/21 at 11:59pm pacific time you can get the new condition Razer Hammerhead iOS dual-driver in-ears for $20, sold and shipped by a marketplace seller…

Meanwhile at a Samsung sale under “Electronics” at the Woot dailies they have the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds Live truly-wireless going for $95 in two color options. Even though it’s new condition, it only gets a 90-day Woot warranty…

Last but not least, at the Best Buy dailies there is a sale of Blue Yeti headphone x microphone bundles. Blue is now owned by Logitech [purchased three years ago], that’s why you see these as a “Logitech” sale…

Wedn: Beyerdynamic DT-1990 PRO for $469AC

Beyerdynamic makes a triumphant return to the NewEgg daily deals [CORRECT LINK!], good until 6/2/21 at 11:59pm pacific time, you can get the new condition wired over-ear Beyerdynamic DT-1990 PRO headphones for $469 after using the promo code shown over there.

But that’s not all. For all you DAP and PAD and smartphone and tablet and action cam aficionados, over there you’ll find the new condition 256GB Samsung micro-SDXC EVO card for $28 with free US shipping, up to five per customer, sold and shipped by NewEgg proper…

BLANKET CORRECTION: some of the previous links to the NewEgg daily deals in previous blog-posts point to Woot. I will correct them at some point 🙂 #LAZY

Thursday: Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus for $100

Good until Thursday May 20 in 2021 at 11:59pm pacific time, Amazon actual is offering the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (US version) for $100 with free US shipping. Up to two per customer. These are available in four different color options.

Thursday: Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Open Over-Ears for $359 AC

Beyerdynamic returns at the Newegg daily deals, good until Thursday 3/11/21 at 11:59pm pacific time, you can get the new condition wired open-back over-ear Beyerdynamic Amiron Home for $359 with free US shipping after using promo code 93XQM59. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual…

Also part of the dailies is the Corsair VOID RGB ELITE Wireless USB Type-A gaming headset that gets further discounted using the limited time promo code 93XQN53…

Meanwhile among the Thursday daily deals at the Woot website you can get the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds Live truly-wireless for $105 with free shipping for Prime members only… Even though they are new condition, they get a 90-day Woot warranty per the listing…

Speaking of the Samsung truly-wireless, the The Headphones Show YouTube channel just posted a video comparing the latest model (“Galaxy Buds PRO”) vs the above (“Live”)… The video is YouTube-embedded below…

Wedn: Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO drop to $170

We have the first discount of the new Galaxy Hype, the new condition Galaxy Buds PRO, in three color options, are on sale for $170 at the Woot website, one of their daily deals until Wednesday 2/10/21 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out)…

In other daily deal action, at the Best Buy dailies they have:

+ Skullcandy Method bluetooth necklace-style earphones for $30

+ feed the DAPs: 256GB SanDisk ExTreMe PlUs micro-SDXC for $58

+ wireless mini projector for $100

Sunday: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live TW for $110

Good until Sunday 1/24/21 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out), Woot is offering as one of their deals of the day the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds Live truly-wireless earphones for $110. Three “mystic” color options are available but one per customer at the sale price. They come with a 90-day Woot warranty. Shipping is free for Prime members (must needs connect your Prime-Woot accounts, a one-time activity). Otherwise you pay the standard flat calendar-day shipping fee (I think it’s $6 nowadays)…

Now shipping: Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO for $200

Speaking of Galaxy Buds, their brand new “hype train du truly-wireless” “Buds PRO” are, as of the time of writing, in-stock and ready to ship for their starting price of $200 at Amazon by Amazon actual in the Phantom Silver and in the Phantom Black color schemes…

If you prefer the Phantom Violet, that one is expected to be in-stock February 5. Keep in mind though Amazon’s estimates, especially for low-supply / high-demand items are rather volatile and change as the minutes and the hours go by…

Wedn: refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds Live TW for $80

The brand new $200 Galaxy Buds PRO are the peak of Galaxy anti-Airpods hype train, but if you want to pay less and get a previous generation model, for Wednesday 1/20/21, one of the Best Buy daily deals is the Geek-Squad refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds Live for $80 with a 90-day warranty…

Meanwhile at Woot there’s a many and more accessories sale of the electronics and technology kind that includes cables, chargers, audio-ish gear and such. Nothing big or name-brand audio-wise but more on the trinkety side of things 🙂

Pre-order the all new Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless ($200 new, $150 with trade-in)

Samsung has now revealed their new Samsung Galaxy S21 flagship smartphones for which they are having pre-order store credit bonuses along with more generous than usual smartphone trade-in promotions (up to $700 credit on select Galaxy, iPhone and Pixel models)…

OF headphone interest, they revealed the new Galaxy Buds PRO truly-wireless which have been building some pre-release hype (mayhaps as a counter-weight to Apple/Beats hype?). Not only that, but they were the Opening Act of the presentation, they were the first product revealed and Samsung spent considerable time on them!

The video embed below starts playback right at the Buds PRO segment:

Samsung made some bold statements about these (as it is often the case with hype-presentations). These are the notes I took while watching it live:

  • using real-world-speaker-inspired 2-way speakers
  • system-in-package breakthrough in the assembly to fit them in
  • 2mm vent for airflow and circulation
  • mesh and inner chamber thing for dealing with wind noise
  • ANC using inner and outer mics
  • intelligent ambient aware mode
  • 360 audio motion and head tracking
  • audio by AKG
  • auto-switch between phone and tablet and such
  • IPX7
  • stay-on while running
  • beam forming mic technology
  • work with Galaxy Buds Live accessories

All this hype can be yours in three colorful color scheme options for $200 at B&H Photo and Amazon actual and such…

OR if you buy it from the store, where you can optionally get it for $150 with an eligible trade-in. This should not be confused with the “up to $700 smartphone trade-in promotion”. The $50 trade-in credit is separate and for the Buds. Not sure exactly how it works: the trade-in info is buried in the fineprint. It is mentioned on the left of the blue “BUY NOW” button at the top right corner of the page over there.

YMMV: Samsung Galaxy Buds TW for $49

This is YMMV because sometimes I see them as orderable and sometimes as unorderable. This can happen with some combination of Amazon servers de-syncing and high-demand items, or something like that. Anyway, as of the time of writing I’m seeing the black color scheme of the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds truly-wireless on sale for $49 with free US shipping and one per customer. The other colors are either not on sale or unorderable.

Given that, consider this as a very YMMV deal. This deal has helped propel it to the #3 spot in the Best Selling Earphones at Amazon

NOTE that the “Buds” are an older model, the first generation in this line released in February 2019 per Wikipedia

So this $49 on-and-off sale should not be confused with the brand new just-released $200 Galaxy Buds PRO

PS: a couple of the previous Galaxy Buds models are also on sale, the Buds+ for $110 and the Buds Live for $140, eg at B&H Photo

Sunday: Samsung BTS truly-wireless for $90 [also: Braven Flye offers at Meh]

If you are a fan of Meh, which tries to keep alive the original pre-Amazon spirit of Woot, their Sunday 1/3/21 daily deal at the Meh website are Braven Fry bluetooth earphones. And you have two options:

+ one pair of Braven Frye truly-wireless for $19

+ two pairs of Frye bluetooth necklace-style earphones for $19

Shipping is extra BUT if you are signed up to their for-pay membership plan, you get free shipping…

UPDATE: under “Electronics” at the Woot daily deals they have the new condition Samsung Galaxy Buds+ (Wireless Charging Case included) in the BTS Special Edition (oh my *faint Beatle-mania style*) for $90, one per customer, with a 1-year Samsung warranty…

Sunday: Sennheiser Momentum TW, Samsung / Harman, Etc

Audio is a theme at the Sunday 10/25/20 Woot daily deals with the following offerings:

+ under “Electronics”, it’s the new condition Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $170

+ under the main Woot there is a big Home Theater & Audio sale that includes a Samsung 7.1 HT, Klipsch Soundbar with wireless sub-woof-woof, Vizio 5.1 speakers, Onkyo home audio system with *gasp* audio CD, and various Samsung Harman Kardon branded options with Dolby Atmos

+ last but not least, it’s Sennheiser-time, the new condition Momentum Truly Wireless going for $100

Sunday: Jaybird Tarah for $30, 1-Year Prepaid TIDAL for $65 [not the high-res], Etc

Sunday is here and the Best Buy dailies have two audio-interest products. First up, the new condition Jaybird Tarah bluetooth earphones [necklace style] going for $30 [averages 4/5 on 600+ customer ratings as of the time of writing]…

Then for prepaid music listeners, you can get a 1-year prepaid TIDAL Premium music subscription for $65 for the first year [cannot append to an existing live subscription]. This comes out to a very nice $5.5~ per month. Note that this is the standard resolution service, similar to Spotify, Apple Muzak, etc. Their Hi-Res service costs more and it is not included in this offer…

Elsewhere, at the NewEgg Daily Shockers you can get the new condition bluetooth (with a battery block type thing) Pioneer SE-CL5=BT earphones for $15…

Samsung couldn’t just stand having simple names for their truly-wireless, so they have now “Galaxified” them. One of the Amazon deals of the day is the new condition Galaxy Buds+ Plus truly-wireless going for $140 with free US shipping. These come with a Fast Charge wireless chargepad with a cooling fan. One per customer at the sale price. As of the time of writing, they average 4.7 out of 5 based on 170+ customer ratings…

UPDATE: not daily deals, but I didn’t want to create a separate post for them, Woot is running another Staff Picks sale, running until 7/29/20 [or earlier if sold out ~ and they do sellout] and it includes two headphones:

+ JBL Live 400 bluetooth on-ears for $45
+ Sony MDR-NC7 ANC on-ears for $45
+ SOL REPUBLIC Jax 1-button wired earphones for $13
+ eMedia FD05107 Piano Keyboard Starter Pack For Dummies for $80

PRO TIP: you can use a music keyboard as part of your headphone testing. I have been doing this ever since I got my previous music keyboard. Now that I upgraded from Casio to a higher Yamaha model, even more so 🙂

Monday TW: Skullcandy Sesh for $30, Indy EVO for $70

Monday is a Skullcandy truly-wireless day at Amazon USA, where competition is bringing down the prices even of name-brand TW earphones. Two of which are on sale for a limited time by Amazon actual, the new condition Skullcandy Sesh going for $30 in three color options, and you can buy as many as you want…

The other is the Indy Evo with “Airpod-y” pod-legs going for $70 per pair. As of the time of writing, two of the five colors can be ordered. The other three are out of stock and un-orderable…

Then we move to the Best Buy dailies where they have their house-brand Insignia ANC/bluetooth over-ears on sale for $45, and the Samsung 5.1.2-Channel 450W Soundbar with 8″ Wireless Subwoofer and Dolby Atmos (with Alexa) as the headliner of the day’s show on sale for $850…

Thur: Bower & Wilkins PX-7 ANC Over-Ears for $325

Best Buy strikes again with their June 11 (2020) deals of the day as they have the new condition Bowers and Wilkins PX-7 ANC closed-back over-ear headphones on sale for $325 and the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds (truly wireless) for $60… And if you need to store or transport your music or feed your DAPs and PADs, they have a Sandisk and WD sale with hard drives, flash drives, microSD and full-size SD cards and more!

NewEgg continues to put headphone-eggs in their daily deals basket, this time around they have the white Pioneer SE-MJ-722-TW closed-back on-ears going for #21.50 with free US shipping…

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Amazon Germany offers the new condition Arbily truly wireless for 32 euro…

Tuesday: Samsung Galaxy Buds, refurb Jabra Elite 65t, Etc

Truly wireless is the name of the game for now, until Apple releases the over-ear “Air Pods” and all of sudden the unwashed mashes will “discover” over-ear headphones. Hopefully a percentage of those will actually explore more audiophile over-ear headphones 🙂

At Best Buy, 6/2/20 is Samsung day with all kinds of Samsung products, including their Galaxy Buds truly-wireless going for $100.

At NewEGG there are a couple of options, starting at 3am ET as usual:

+ Pioneer SEC-7B-TB neckband bluetooth earphones for $23

+ refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t sporty truly-wireless for $50

Thursday: Samsung U-Flex, MEE BTR, Venax 8e In-Ears, Etc

One of the Woot deals du jour for 5/21/20 is the new condition Samsung U-Flex Wireless neckband-style earphones going for $40 with up to three pairs per customer. They are available in two color-schemes and come with a 1-year Samsung warranty…

Among the Best Buy deals du jour you can get:
+ MEE Audio BTR portable bluetooth audio receiver for $23
+ Insignia wired earpod-style earphones for $10

Meanwhile among the Amazon Germany deals of the day is a sale on Venax brand headphones including the M6 in-ears (which include a waterproof little bag) for 8.22 euro. They also have 27~ bluetooth on/over-ears…

Thur: refurb Samsung Galaxy Buds TW for $60

The headphone daily deals continue, for Thursday 5/14/20, the headliner of the Best Buy deals du jour is the Geek-Stink-Breath certified refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds truly-wireless going for $60…

Friday: Sennheiser Momentum Truly Wireless for $180, Samsung Galaxy S10e PAD, Etc

Lots of audio options are available in the April 17 in 2020 deals of the day at the Best Buy website. They are:

+ Sennheiser Momentum truly wireless for $180

+ Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO truly wireless for $130

+ MEE Audio BTR bluetooth audio receiver for $25

+ on the smartphones with a headphone jack front, there are various offers on the new condition Samsung Galaxy S10e, with the lower prices on the carrier-versions. Some of them also get a $50 Best Buy e-gift-card. Per the listing this includes in the phone’s box “AKG tuned” earphones.

+ the $60 ION bluetooth speaker type thing is sold out

Wedn: Thorens TD-201 w/BI-Preamp, refurb Samsung Galaxy Buds, MEE BTR, KLIM, Apple Lighting to 3.5mm, Etc

April Fool’s Day in 2020 greets us with a few audio-related daily deals at various retailers as follows:

We start with the biggest item, it is the new condition Thorens TD 201 Manual Two-Speed Turntable with Built-In Switchable Phono Preamp offered for $300 with free US shipping in two color schemes at B&H Photo

At the Best Buy website they have plenty:

  • refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds truly wireless for $60 (Geek Stink Breath Certified)
  • MEE Audio BTR bluetooth audio receiver for $25
  • Insignia bluetooth speaker for $25
  • and for music, 64GB PNY USB 2.0 flash drive for $9

At and Woot, they have a Tech Favorites sale with 17 items, a number of which are audio-related:

  • KLIM Fusion in-ears w/mic-remote for $13
  • ISOTunes exercise bluetooth earphones for $56
  • Guning truly wireless for $25
  • Monster bluetooth speaker for $25
  • Apple Lighting to 3.5mm headphone adapter for $6 with 90-day Woot warranty

All of the above are only good for April 1st in 2020, and in the time zone of each particular retailer ~ or earlier if any of the individual products sells out…

Tuesday (Phones as DAPs): Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $649

Betrayed by Samsung, headphone jack fans can say goodbye to the Note 10, and can mayhaps hold on to the Galaxy Note 9 which is the most recent (and previous generation model) that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. And as fate would have it, the factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on sale for $650 in the 128GB edition or $840 in the 512GB edition (FLAC fans unite and takeover) as one of the Amazon Deals of the day for Tuesday December 3 in 2019.

Up to three devices per customer at the sale price (ends 11:59pm pacific time or earlier if sold out). Three is also the number of colors the phone is available in. Unlike the Note 10, there was just one Note 9. This is sold and shipped by Amazon actual, so no worries about the warranty…

Samsung Galaxy Buds (TW) for $100

Samsung continues to attack the earphone market with various options and one of them is their latest Galaxy Buds truly wireless earphones, currently on sale as part of the Cyber Monday festivities for $100 at B&H Photo and also at