Sunday: Jaybird Tarah for $30, 1-Year Prepaid TIDAL for $65 [not the high-res], Etc

Sunday is here and the Best Buy dailies have two audio-interest products. First up, the new condition Jaybird Tarah bluetooth earphones [necklace style] going for $30 [averages 4/5 on 600+ customer ratings as of the time of writing]…

Then for prepaid music listeners, you can get a 1-year prepaid TIDAL Premium music subscription for $65 for the first year [cannot append to an existing live subscription]. This comes out to a very nice $5.5~ per month. Note that this is the standard resolution service, similar to Spotify, Apple Muzak, etc. Their Hi-Res service costs more and it is not included in this offer…

Elsewhere, at the NewEgg Daily Shockers you can get the new condition bluetooth (with a battery block type thing) Pioneer SE-CL5=BT earphones for $15…

Samsung couldn’t just stand having simple names for their truly-wireless, so they have now “Galaxified” them. One of the Amazon deals of the day is the new condition Galaxy Buds+ Plus truly-wireless going for $140 with free US shipping. These come with a Fast Charge wireless chargepad with a cooling fan. One per customer at the sale price. As of the time of writing, they average 4.7 out of 5 based on 170+ customer ratings…

UPDATE: not daily deals, but I didn’t want to create a separate post for them, Woot is running another Staff Picks sale, running until 7/29/20 [or earlier if sold out ~ and they do sellout] and it includes two headphones:

+ JBL Live 400 bluetooth on-ears for $45
+ Sony MDR-NC7 ANC on-ears for $45
+ SOL REPUBLIC Jax 1-button wired earphones for $13
+ eMedia FD05107 Piano Keyboard Starter Pack For Dummies for $80

PRO TIP: you can use a music keyboard as part of your headphone testing. I have been doing this ever since I got my previous music keyboard. Now that I upgraded from Casio to a higher Yamaha model, even more so 🙂

Monday TW: Skullcandy Sesh for $30, Indy EVO for $70

Monday is a Skullcandy truly-wireless day at Amazon USA, where competition is bringing down the prices even of name-brand TW earphones. Two of which are on sale for a limited time by Amazon actual, the new condition Skullcandy Sesh going for $30 in three color options, and you can buy as many as you want…

The other is the Indy Evo with “Airpod-y” pod-legs going for $70 per pair. As of the time of writing, two of the five colors can be ordered. The other three are out of stock and un-orderable…

Then we move to the Best Buy dailies where they have their house-brand Insignia ANC/bluetooth over-ears on sale for $45, and the Samsung 5.1.2-Channel 450W Soundbar with 8″ Wireless Subwoofer and Dolby Atmos (with Alexa) as the headliner of the day’s show on sale for $850…

Thur: Bower & Wilkins PX-7 ANC Over-Ears for $325

Best Buy strikes again with their June 11 (2020) deals of the day as they have the new condition Bowers and Wilkins PX-7 ANC closed-back over-ear headphones on sale for $325 and the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds (truly wireless) for $60… And if you need to store or transport your music or feed your DAPs and PADs, they have a Sandisk and WD sale with hard drives, flash drives, microSD and full-size SD cards and more!

NewEgg continues to put headphone-eggs in their daily deals basket, this time around they have the white Pioneer SE-MJ-722-TW closed-back on-ears going for #21.50 with free US shipping…

On the other side of the Atlantic ocean, Amazon Germany offers the new condition Arbily truly wireless for 32 euro…

Tuesday: Samsung Galaxy Buds, refurb Jabra Elite 65t, Etc

Truly wireless is the name of the game for now, until Apple releases the over-ear “Air Pods” and all of sudden the unwashed mashes will “discover” over-ear headphones. Hopefully a percentage of those will actually explore more audiophile over-ear headphones 🙂

At Best Buy, 6/2/20 is Samsung day with all kinds of Samsung products, including their Galaxy Buds truly-wireless going for $100.

At NewEGG there are a couple of options, starting at 3am ET as usual:

+ Pioneer SEC-7B-TB neckband bluetooth earphones for $23

+ refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t sporty truly-wireless for $50

Thursday: Samsung U-Flex, MEE BTR, Venax 8e In-Ears, Etc

One of the Woot deals du jour for 5/21/20 is the new condition Samsung U-Flex Wireless neckband-style earphones going for $40 with up to three pairs per customer. They are available in two color-schemes and come with a 1-year Samsung warranty…

Among the Best Buy deals du jour you can get:
+ MEE Audio BTR portable bluetooth audio receiver for $23
+ Insignia wired earpod-style earphones for $10

Meanwhile among the Amazon Germany deals of the day is a sale on Venax brand headphones including the M6 in-ears (which include a waterproof little bag) for 8.22 euro. They also have 27~ bluetooth on/over-ears…

Thur: refurb Samsung Galaxy Buds TW for $60

The headphone daily deals continue, for Thursday 5/14/20, the headliner of the Best Buy deals du jour is the Geek-Stink-Breath certified refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds truly-wireless going for $60…

Friday: Sennheiser Momentum Truly Wireless for $180, Samsung Galaxy S10e PAD, Etc

Lots of audio options are available in the April 17 in 2020 deals of the day at the Best Buy website. They are:

+ Sennheiser Momentum truly wireless for $180

+ Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO truly wireless for $130

+ MEE Audio BTR bluetooth audio receiver for $25

+ on the smartphones with a headphone jack front, there are various offers on the new condition Samsung Galaxy S10e, with the lower prices on the carrier-versions. Some of them also get a $50 Best Buy e-gift-card. Per the listing this includes in the phone’s box “AKG tuned” earphones.

+ the $60 ION bluetooth speaker type thing is sold out

Wedn: Thorens TD-201 w/BI-Preamp, refurb Samsung Galaxy Buds, MEE BTR, KLIM, Apple Lighting to 3.5mm, Etc

April Fool’s Day in 2020 greets us with a few audio-related daily deals at various retailers as follows:

We start with the biggest item, it is the new condition Thorens TD 201 Manual Two-Speed Turntable with Built-In Switchable Phono Preamp offered for $300 with free US shipping in two color schemes at B&H Photo

At the Best Buy website they have plenty:

  • refurbished Samsung Galaxy Buds truly wireless for $60 (Geek Stink Breath Certified)
  • MEE Audio BTR bluetooth audio receiver for $25
  • Insignia bluetooth speaker for $25
  • and for music, 64GB PNY USB 2.0 flash drive for $9

At and Woot, they have a Tech Favorites sale with 17 items, a number of which are audio-related:

  • KLIM Fusion in-ears w/mic-remote for $13
  • ISOTunes exercise bluetooth earphones for $56
  • Guning truly wireless for $25
  • Monster bluetooth speaker for $25
  • Apple Lighting to 3.5mm headphone adapter for $6 with 90-day Woot warranty

All of the above are only good for April 1st in 2020, and in the time zone of each particular retailer ~ or earlier if any of the individual products sells out…

Tuesday (Phones as DAPs): Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for $649

Betrayed by Samsung, headphone jack fans can say goodbye to the Note 10, and can mayhaps hold on to the Galaxy Note 9 which is the most recent (and previous generation model) that has a 3.5mm headphone jack. And as fate would have it, the factory unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is on sale for $650 in the 128GB edition or $840 in the 512GB edition (FLAC fans unite and takeover) as one of the Amazon Deals of the day for Tuesday December 3 in 2019.

Up to three devices per customer at the sale price (ends 11:59pm pacific time or earlier if sold out). Three is also the number of colors the phone is available in. Unlike the Note 10, there was just one Note 9. This is sold and shipped by Amazon actual, so no worries about the warranty…

Samsung Galaxy Buds (TW) for $100

Samsung continues to attack the earphone market with various options and one of them is their latest Galaxy Buds truly wireless earphones, currently on sale as part of the Cyber Monday festivities for $100 at B&H Photo and also at

Tuesday daily deals: B&O H9i, MEE Audio M6 II In-Ears, SoundMagic PL30+, 256GB Samsung microSD, Etc

We have some broader action with the Tuesday daily deals at various websites as follows:

+ at Best Buy, they offer the new condition B&O H9i ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $350 with free shipping or free store pickup (where possible) in the “Natural” color scheme

+ at NewEgg, they want to feed your DAPs and PADs, coupon code 92RDX3 gets you the 256GB Samsung EVO micro SDXC card for $38

+ at the Amazon Headphones Lightning deals, the following recognizable earphones are scheduled to go live during Tuesday:

+ starts 12:10pm ET: Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Wood Bluetooth Over-Ears (price before sale $73; there’s also a $5 off clip-on coupon on the listing)

+ starts 8:55pm ET: MEE Audio M6 PRO 2nd Generation (price before sale $39~)

+ starts 9:10pm ET: SoundMAGIC PL30+ Active Sport In-Ears (price before sale $24)

+ and of course throughout the day, it’s full of truly wireless and necklace (and some neckband) style earphones; oh, there’s also a cat-ears on-ear headphone (presumably for kids (of all ages?)? )

Feed your DAPs: 128GB Samsung microSDXC for $21

Time to feed the pets BUT also feed your DAPs and PADs and tablets and smartphones and such. The 128GB Samsung EVO Select micro-SDXC memory card is currently on sale for $21 by Amazon actual. If you want less storage, the 64GB option goes for $11, or if you want lots more, the 256GB option goes for $48…

Feed the EU DAPs: 128GB Samsung EVO Plus microSD for 23 euro

For audiophiles shopping in the EU, Amazon Germany has dropped the price of the new condition 128GB Samsung EVO Select microSD to 23 euro and you can buy up to five cards at the sale price. It is not a lightning deal, so you can buy as many as you like. It has many buzzword features (various element-proofs, SD adapter included, Class 10, U3, etc, etc, etc)…

There is some confusion as to the difference between these red/white cards and the green Select. The internet consensus appears to be that the green Select cards are simply exclusive rebrands for Amazon. This allows Amazon to set and adjust pricing without having to deal with the whole MAP song and dance.

As always, if you have older devices, make sure they are compatible with 128GB cards before you buy them. And by compatible I don’t just mean that it’s mentioned so in the manual, but you search in the forums to make sure actual people using them in actual devices have no problems or performance issues with them…

Feed your DAPs/PADs: 128GB Samsung microSD for $20

The time is right to feed your DAPs and smartphones and PADs and tablets and such! As of the time of writing, the 128GB SAmsung EVO Select microSDXC memory card is on sale for $20 per card, with up to five pairs per customer by Amazon actual. The other storage options are also available at good prices, but the 128GB wins on $/GB…

PS: “PADs” is a term we use here to describe “smartPhones used As Digital audio players”, thus PADs 🙂

Sun: refurb Samsung Gear IconX SM-R140 TW for $90

Another headphone-related Sunday daily deal, in addition to the previously mentioned Pioneer DAP. Good until Sunday 11:59pm, A4C is offering the certified refurbished Samsung Gear IconX (model SM-R140) truly wireless earphones for $140 with free shipping…

Refurb Samsung AKG S9/S8 In-Ears for $8 w/FS

One of the latest (and recurring) deals at clearance specialist A4C (All 4 Cellular) is the seller-refurbished dual-name SAmsung AKG S9*/S8* in-ears offered for $8 with free US shipping. Everything at A4C comes with free shipping even the sub-$5 items they carry. But obviously it’s not Prime-like speed, especially if you are not on the East Coast.

These are wired in-ears. Samsung now owns AKG but this relationship began before Samsung purchased AKG’s parent company “Harman Kardon”. A4C offers a 90-day warranty for their seller-refurbished items….

Samsung Galaxy AKG S9/S9+ In-Ears for $13 w/FS [updated]

The new condition Samsung Galaxy tuned by AKG earphones that are bundled with the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ and S8/S8+ smartphones are currently on sale for $13 with free shipping at All 4 Cellular (A4C). They went for $10 when they were a daily deal, so if you don’t need them right away, you can wait if/until they become a daily deal again…

[DEAD] Wedn: Samsung Level Active Bluetooth Earphones for $20 w/FS

These daily deals expired…

[Read more…]

Feed your DAPs: 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC for $20

Feed your DAPs and PADs (phones as DAPs)! The new condition 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC memory card (U3, elementproof, etc) is currently on sale for $20 at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to five cards at the sale price per customer. Free 2-day shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. This is a solid line of microSD cards, going from 32GB to 256GB.

Feed your DAPs: 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC for $20

If you need a 64GB microSDXC card for your digital audio player (DAP) or PAD (Phone as a DAP), the 64GB Samsung EVO Select microSDXC with 10 year warranty and four-proof protection (water, temperatures, other conditions) is on sale for $20 [was $19] by Amazon actual. No purchase quantity limits. It comes with a full size SD card adapter, so you can use it with devices that take full size SD cards (eg if you want to fill/refill it on your laptop or desktop).

Samsung U Flex Neckband BT Earphones for $40 w/FS

On the neckband front, for a limited time only, the blue color scheme of the new condition Samsung U Flex EO-BG950 bluetooth earphones is on sale for $40 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price.

Samsung Level Active Bluetooth Exercise Earphones for $20 with free shipping

Tech Rabbit is offering the Samsung Level Active Bluetooth Exercise Earphones for $20 with free shipping and a 1-year warranty in your choice of purple, black or white, in “New Hassle-Free” condition. This means they are new condition but they don’t ship in retail packaging.

Samsung Level On BT/ANC On-Ears for $70

Samsung’s answer at the Beats Solo, their Level ON wireless (bluetooth) closed-back on-ears with ANC are on sale for $70 with free shipping by none other than the official Samsung eBAY store with up to five pairs per customer at the sale price. Over 420 units have been sold so far from this listing per the eBAY page statistics over there.

Speaking of Beats, eBAY seller “BuySpry” (98.8%, Maryland) is offering the wired closed-back Beats EP On-Ears in New – Other condition for $65 with free shipping in either the black or white color schemes. Limit up to five per color per customer. This is an opened retail packaging that is inspected. The packaging may have blemishes per the listing over there.

Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) for $150 [updated]

On the truly wireless front, the all new Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) [they are so new they time-traveled from the future in 2018!] are on sale for $150 in all three color schemes at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to two per color per customer. They average 3.5 out of 5 based on 100+ customer reviews.

UPDATE 12/11/17: the price of the white increased from $140 to $150.

Needless to say, the truly wireless earphones are a matter of convenience and of utilitarian use, they are not a replacement for audiophile level headphones and earphones 🙂

UPDATE: meanwhile the previous generation model, the Samsung Gear Icon X are going for $60 with free shipping in refurbished condition as the All 4 Cellular deal of the day running until Monday 12/11/17 at 11:59pm ET. They come with a 90-day warranty from A4C.

Samsung Gear Icon X (2018) Truly Wireless for $150

It’s not 2018 yet, but that’s not gonna stop Samsung. Their brand new model, the Samsung Gear Icon X (2018) now got their first sale, they are going for $150 with free shipping in your choice of color scheme at Samsung directly and Amazon by Amazon actual (limit two per customer). It is important to have 2018 in their model name, otherwise you may be getting the older model which is worth a lot less market-wise. These are “truly wireless”.

Refurbished with 1-yr seller warranty and free S&H: Sol Tracks HD On-Ears for $18, Samsung Level U PRO $20, BackBeat Go $10, Etc

On the budget side of things, and with free shipping regardless of order total, Techrabbit is running a 20 items for under $20 sale that includes the following headphones:

+ refurbished Samsung Level U PRO neckband bluetooth earphones for $20

+ refurbished Plantronics BackBeat Go bluetooth earphones for $10

+ refurbished JBL YurBuds Focus 400 earphones for $5

+ refurbished Sol Republic Tracks HD On-Ears for $18

+ they come with a 1-year warranty from Techrabbit

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Earpods for $5

Doorbuster action at Groupon Goods too, where they are offering the new condition Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Earpods for $5 per pair. You can buy them as 1-packs, 2-packs or 3-packs at $5 per pair. You can buy up to five units, so if you want to max out, that’s 15 pairs.

Free shipping with orders of $34.99 or higher. They ship in two days. They are model EO-EG920LWEGUS. Offer ends Friday night.

Two Pairs of Samsung AKG earphones for $35 total w/free S&H

You can get the earphones that came with the Samsung Galaxy S8 without buying the actual phone. Samsung is now selling them by the bushell, offering volume discounts through Groupon Goods. One pair is $22 plus shipping which is not as good of a deal, but if you buy two pairs (get the 2-pack, not two of the 1-pack), then you pay $35 ($17.50 per pair) with free shipping. Or the 3-pack goes for $48 with free shipping ($16 per pair). Free returns as usual.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Earphones for $5

Appetizer time! The new condition Samsung Galaxy S6 Earbuds with In-Line Mic/Remote on sale for $5 per pair in the white color scheme at Groupon Goods,. They sell them as 1-pack or 2-pack or 3-pack, with a flat rate of $5 per earphone, so you get the same per unit price regardless of how many you buy.

This is model EO-EG920BW. Extra eargels included. As with most things Groupon, free shipping with an order of $35+. You can get to this with any combination of eligible products, or if you want to volume-buy these, seven units get you free shipping (you have to buy 2-packs and 3-packs since Groupon has a maximum quantity of five for an offer in their shopping cart).

Offer ends 9/30/17. They come with a 1-year warranty despite the low price. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 3000+ ratings at Groupon.

Samsung Gear X Icon Truly Wireless Earphones for $50

The official Samsung USA online store is having a doorbuster of sorts, they are offering the new condition Gear IconX Truly Wireless earphones on sale for $50 in three different color schemes to choose from.

These are bluetooth wireless, with 4GB built-in storage as well. They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews, but most of them bought them at notably more than $50.

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Earphones Tuned by AKG for $15 with free shipping

The new condition Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ Earphones Tuned by AKG, in the gray color scheme, are going for $15 with free shipping at All 4 Cellular (A4C). You can buy as many as you like!

This was a daily deal for $12 for two days in a row, so if you prefer to pay less than $15, you can wait for the next time they’ll be in the daily deal rotation (I don’t know when).

Samsung Earbuds with mic/remote for $2 w/free S&H

eBay doorbuster time now! The TechRabbit eBay store is offering “new in bulk packaging” Samsung 3.5mm Earbuds with In-Line Volume Control & Mic, model EHS64AVFWE, for $1.99 with free shipping. They ship from the US. You can buy as many as you like. Let the price set expectations as they say 🙂

Per the listing over there, more than 95% of available units are sold as of the time of writing, so it is on its way out.

Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth neckband earphones for $28

The new condition black color scheme of the Samsung Level U Pro Bluetooth earphones is currently on sale for $28 at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three sets per customer. Only this color scheme is currently on sale. All together they average 3.9 out of 5 based on over 1000 customer reviews, and they have nearly 300 questions answered (one way or another) by Amazon shoppers.

[DEAD] Friday: refurbished Samsung Gear IconX wearables for $55

Friday is over and so is this daily deal…

[Read more…]

Samsung Active Earpods for $12 (limit 3)

Of interest if you exercise, or you need earphones that will hold on to your ears if you frequently move, the black color scheme of the new condition Samsung Active Earpods are on sale for $12 by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three per customer. If you need more, a fulfilled by Amazon marketplace seller also has them for the same price.

They average 4 out of 5 based on 400+ customer reviews and have over 40 questions answered. The earpod design can be handy if you don’t feel comfortable with IEMs. The wingtips (popular with Bose and other makers) increase the chances of these not falling out of your ears if you exhale. They have a 3-button remote/mic which should be Android (you never know with Samsung #troll).