10% off $25+ eBay orders from 120+ sellers

eBAY is back with another coupon promotion this one running until Tuesday at 8am pacific time. Use coupon code PGIFTS10 to get 10% off orders of $25+, with a maximum discount of $50 per transaction. Over 120 eBay sellers are participating including PitBull Audio, Anker direct, Big Value Inc, Butler Music, Dell, iDJnow, Overstock, Rosewill, VMI, and more!

Over 120 headphones are listed as eligible. Keep in mind, there are in various conditions, and different warranty situations.

Tech Rabbit Sale includes Bragi for $64 after coupon

TechRabbit.com has a limited time promotion on various products, including a number of headphones that are further discounted by 20% off using coupon code LOWQTY in the shopping cart over. Free shipping for all purchases.

Among the headphones you will find many SOL Republics, some Beats, a few others, and:

+ refurbished Bragi The Headphone Wireless (truly wireless) for $64 after coupon

+ certified pre-owned Samsung Level In Wired In-ears for $16 after coupon
+ refurbished for $20 after coupon

[DEAD] Wedn: Beyerdynamic MMX 41 iE In-Ears for $17 w/FS

Wednesday is over, and so is this promo code discount ~ but if you missed it, fear not, it appears to be a recurring thing at NewEGG…

These BeyerD earphones are on a steady systematic decline, you can get the new condition Beyerdynamic MMX 41 iE In-Ears for $17 with free shipping after entering promo code (email required) EMCSBCBC2 at NewEgg, where it is one of their daily deals until 11:59pm pacific on Wednesday night. The price before the coupon is entered is $22.

Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME Gaming Headset for $54 w/FS

Good until 12/15/17, coupon code GREEN20 gets you the new condition Sennheiser PC 330 G4ME Gaming Headset (PC/Mac) for $54 with free shipping by 6ave thru Rakuten.

20% off Headphones at Stacksocial with Coupon

Stacksocial carries a limited selection of headphones and for a limited time, coupon code GREEN20 gets you 20% off their current prices. With the coupon factored in, among others, the prices drop for the Audeze iSine 10 planar in-ears to $225 for the standard version and down to $255 for the Lightning cable version.

[DEAD] Monday: 20% off at Monoprice w/coupon

This coupon expired…

For Monday only, coupon code 20GREEN gets you 20% off at Monoprice.com. No minimum purchase amount required! Most items on their website are eligible but NOT everything. The usual coupon exclusions do apply. You can check whether something’s eligible by putting it in the shopping cart and entering the coupon. You don’t need an account to do this.

17% off at Musician’s Friend with coupon

You can make your own deals with this coupon at Musician’s Friend, running until 12/21/17. Get 17% off your order total (no minimum purchase amount required) with coupon code HOLIDAY17 entered in their shopping cart. The maximum discount with the coupon is $500.

Over 23,600 products are eligible for the coupon but not everything they carry. The usual coupon exclusions apply, some are manufacturer restrictions, some are retailer restrictions, and so forth. You can test the coupon without creating an account or logging in, just add the items of interest to the shopping cart, and enter the coupon code and see what discount you get.

Parrot ZIK 3 Bluetooth ANC headphones for $137 after coupon

The previous time these were on a coupon sale at the official Parrot Zik store, their after coupon price was $150. Now, thanks to new coupon ZIKSD45, you can get the new condition Parrot Zik 3 bluetooth with ANC techie-friendly headphones at the official Parrot USA store for $137~ with free shipping.

You don’t have to login or create an account to test the coupon. Simply add the Zik 3 headphones to the shopping cart, proceed to checkout, and enter the coupon code, and the price will drop while the coupon promotion is running.

eBAY Coupon returns: 20% off qualifying items of $25+

Coupon code PHOLIDAY20 (we already mentioned it in the Floyd Rose post) is offering you a 20% off discount on qualifying products from qualifying sellers that have a price of their own that is at least $25. You can get a discount of up to $50 per item, and you can use this coupon twice during this promotion which expires Saturday at 8am pacific time.

There are over 160 headphones listed under that sub-category and over 300 total under “Portable Audio”.

Floyd Rose FR-18M Mahogany Over-Ears with Luxury Wooden Case Included for $103 after coupon

For a limited time, limited time coupon code PHOLIDAY20 drops the price of $129 of the new condition Floyd Rose FR-18M Mahogany Over-Ears (with a luxury wooden case included) from $129 to $103~ with free shipping, sold by the “iDJnow” eBay store (99.8%, New York). The included wooden case is designed for fold flat headphones.

$7 off the KZ ES3, may be as low as $5 [ships from China]

For a limited time, coupon code NBVJQAYF drops $7 off the KZ ES3 earphones at ships-from-China seller GeekBuying. You need an account to test the coupon. The current price on their website is $11.59. I don’t know if the coupon is stackable with the discount, thus making it $4.59 or not. I don’t have an account with them, so unfortunately I can’t test the coupon.

[DEAD] Thursday: Klipsch R6 On-Ears for $23 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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The Anchor Under Desk Headphone Stand for $8 after coupon

Limited time promo code BFRIDAY20 gets you 20% off almost everything at the Stacksocial website, including the new condition The Anchor: The Original Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount by Elevation Lab dropping from $10 to $8. Limit up to five per customer

The same coupon also works on their Audeze iSine 10 in-ears. After the coupon, the Lightning version drops to $255~, while the standard version drops to $225~.

UPDATE: the coupon is still working as of 11/26/17 at 9am ET!

30% off at 1More with coupon: Triple for $70, Lightning $105, Quad IEM for $140, Etc

The official 1More USA store has a 30% off sitewide coupon running until 11/27/17 PM according to their Twitter account. Enter coupon code HEARMORE30 to get the discount. The discount will drop their 1More Triple to $70, Triple Lightning or Dual Driver ANC Lightning to $105, 1More Quad to $140, etc.

V-Moda Crossfade II for $229, with apt-X for $239

And now some V-Moda couponing action! The new condition V-moda Crossfade II Over-Ears in the Matte Black color scheme drop from $329 to $229 in the shopping cart when you enter coupon code Cyberdeals in the checkout page (you have to enter an email address to enter the coupon; you don’t have to fill up the rest of data fields).

Or if you prefer apt-X, the Rose/Gold Color Scheme which is the only one of the three colors that supports Qualcomm’s apt-X drops from $349 to $239. Yes, the coupon is $110 off for this model, and $100 for the other one.

The white color scheme is not eligible for the coupon. All these at Adorama.com.

Meanwhile the first generation of this headphones continues to be on sale for $180.

Cyber Monday too: iSine 10 for $225, with Lightning for $255

During the Cyber Monday festivities, coupon code CYBER20 (previous it was BFRIDAY20 for Black Friday) will get you 20% off almost everything at Stacksocial.com. They carry some headphones there, their most famous are the new condition Audeze iSine 10 planar magnetics. Before the coupon, they are on sale for $279 for the standard and $319 for the Lightning Cable version. They are both on the same listing. After the 20% off coupon, they drop to $223 and $255 respectively.

If you are planning to get anything educational or software, coupon code CYBER40 gets you 40% off those during the Cyber Monday 2017 festivities.

Black Friday only: 20% off most things at Monoprice (no minimum amount required)

If you wanted to use that 20% off Monoprice discount but didn’t need to make a $200+/$300+ purchase, today is the day! For Black Friday (the actual day, 11/24/17) promo code BF2017 gets you 20% off most things at their website. There are some exceptions though, their doorbusters and a lot of items that are already on sale cannot be discounted by the coupon! The shopping cart will tell you what does or doesn’t qualify after you add the coupon.

There are already a few headphone-related products on sale, you can find them in our earlier Monoprice posts.

Expected to be on sale for Black Friday only (11/24/17) is the new condition Monoprice M1060 planar-magnetic open-back over-ears for $250 with free shipping.

Meanwhile the open/closed Monoprice M560 planars will continue to be on sale for $150 until 11/27/17 PM (or earlier if sold out).

Create your own deal at Rakuten with 20% off Black Friday coupon

You can create your own deal at Rakuten.com by using coupon code BF20 to get 20% off most items available at their website (exclusions apply). The biggest discount you can get is $40 off. The coupon expires on the actual Black Friday day at 11:59pm pacific time.

Fry’s Black Friday doorbuster is Sennheiser RS-135 RF for $49 (after promo code)

Fry’s revealed their chaotic Black Friday Ad and I went through them and integrated them into our BF Ads Summary post. Most of their offers require “Promo Codes”. You get those in emails by signing up to their emailing list. They have their own way of doing things πŸ™‚

The big doorbuster headphone-wise is the Sennheiser RS 135 RF set that will go for $49 AFTER you use your promo code from the email of that day. The offer will run on Black Friday only, and you can buy only one, either online or at their B&M store.

The teaser (seen above) in the Ad page does not mention the model name, but when you click on the link or search for the product number 8772561, it takes to the page of the Sennheiser RS 135.

FocusRite Audio Interfaces coupon discounts, starting at $79

If you are interested in FocusRite audio interfaces, it’s coupon time at Adorama. For a limited time, you can use the coupon Code Blackfirdy (that’s the spelling of the coupon) to get the following discounts, with free shipping:

+ Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd Gen for $79

+ Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2nd Gen for $105

+ Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen (2 Input/4 Output USB 2.0 Audio Interface with 2x Scarlett Mic/Instrument Preamplifiers, 24bit/192kHz and USB Bus Power) for $135

+ Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB Audio Interface, 2nd Generation for $175

+ Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 2nd Generation for $240

+ Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 USB 2.0 Audio Interface, 2nd Generation for $340

Not a FocusRite, but also getting discounted with the same coupon is the Tascam DR-22WL 2-Channels Portable Handheld Audio Recorder for $80 with free shipping.

For all the above, to get the discount, use limited time e coupon Code Blackfirdy (that’s the spelling of the coupon) in the Adorama shopping cart. You don’t have to login or create an account to test the coupon, just page down to the Payment section (without filling up all the page) and enter the coupon.

House of Marley Smile Neckband BT Earphones for $34

A 15% off green clip-on coupon at Amazon offers 15% off the current prices of the House of Marley Smile neckband earphones. The Denim color scheme has the lowest price of the four colors, going for $40 before coupon. The coupon drops it to $34. The clip-on coupon works only if Amazon actual is the seller. The earphones average 3.6 out of 5 based on 31 customer reviews.

Since the neckband category is ever-increasing in popularity with everyone from Sennheiser to Sony jumping in, I am creating a new blog category to track them here. So instead of having them under the In-Ears category, now they will go in their own Neckband Earphones πŸ™‚

Most of this kind are wireless (a place to put the battery/hardware for bluetooth/ANC), but the category will include wired and anything else that has some kind of a neckband. I won’t go far back-edit all the older posts, so this category will grow over time. Also by calling them “earphones” I am side-stepping further classification complications such as in-ears, earbuds, bone construction, etc πŸ™‚

Beyerdynamic A20 headphone amp for $299 after coupon

Good until 11/30/17 (or earlier if sold out), coupon code c11710150792 gets you the new condition BeyerDynamic A20 Headphone Amplifier for $299 with free shipping and handling. The price before the coupon is $499, so this is a weighty coupon!

Atomic Floyd MiniDarts in-ears for $96

Another deep cut, the new condition Atomic Floyd MiniDarts in-ears have a 50% off clip-on coupon at amazon.com that drop their current price by 50% off. As of the time of writing, they go for $191~. The coupon drops it to $95.50 with free shipping. It has two customer reviews, one happy, one unhappy.

PS: clip-on coupons are something you just click, you don’t have to type anything.

[DEAD] 1More IEM Sale with coupon: Quad Driver for $150, Triple Lightning for $112, Etc

This award appreciation coupon sale expired…

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[DEAD] Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm) PREMIUM Special Edition (Brushed Chrome) for $159 after coupon

This coupon expired…

This Beyer is Dynamic! The new condition Beyerdynamic DT 990 (600 ohm) PREMIUM Brushed Chrome Special Edition open-back over-ear headphones can be yours for $159 with free shipping after you enter coupon code POWERUP at BuyDig by 11/11/17 PM.

[DEAD] Klipsch R6 neckband bluetooth earphones for $60

This coupon expired…

It’s coupon time at BuyDig! They are offering the new condition Klipsch R6 neckband bluetooth earphones for $60 with free shipping when you enter coupon code CP2796 over there until 11/13/17.

eBay coupon: 10% off $25+ items [500+ headphones eligilble; $50 max discount]

The Coupons Strike Back on eBay with another Coupon Promotion. Over 20 eBay sellers are participating in this. Coupon code PSHOPTECH10 entered in the shopping cart over there gets you 10% off qualifying products that have a price of $25+. The biggest discount you can get with this coupon is $50. In other words, if an item is $500+, you’ll only get a flat $50 off discount.

Over 500 headphones are participating in this promotion. You can sort by high or low price, depending on what you are looking for.

Note that a variety of sellers are included, some even ship from China. Also note the product conditions (new, refurbished, etc), and if you are not familiar with a seller, make sure you understand whether they are authorized dealers or not.

The coupon expires on 11/9/17 at 5am pacific time.

Refurbished 16GB iPod Touch (5th Generation) for $80

Good until 11/10/17 (or earlier if sold out), you can get the refurbished 16GB Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation for $80 with free shipping and a 90-day warranty by Altatec thru Rakuten after using coupon code ALT13 over there. This has a headphone jack and a lightning connector. The 4th generation iPod Touch was the last one with the 30-pin connector.

[DEAD] TREBLAB J1 Bluetooth Earbuds for $24 w/free S&H

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] AKG M220 Semi-Open Over-Ears for $44 w/free S&H [updated]

The coupon offer expired…

Surprise-surprise, Massdrop has opened a store at the Rakuten market (formerly Buy.com), and they are offering the new condition Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones (semi-open over-ears) for $44 with free shipping after coupon code MASS6.

UPDATE: the coupon is good on Tuesday 11/7/17 as well.

Shipping is slow but only “3 to 10 business days”, so that’s faster than the typical Massdrop purchase πŸ™‚

[DEAD] BeyerDynamic A2 Headphone Amplifier for $800 after coupon

This coupon expired…

It’s coupon time! Coupon code c1178159624 drops the price of the new condition BeyerDynamic A2 Headphone Amplifier from $1300 to $800 with free shipping at BuyDig.com. Offer expires Monday night (11/6/17).

25% off non-sale items at Tech Rabbit

It’s customer appreciation time at Tech Rabbit. Coupon code THANKYOU25 gets you 25% off the current prices of items that are not currently on sale. Sale items are not eligible for the coupon. Other product categories (phones, drones, tablets, laptops) only get 15% off with coupon code THANKYOU15.

Tech Rabbit is one of the many clearing houses that offers new items, overstock, new-other, refurbished, and used products. The condition is clearly described on the product pages, and all purchases, big or small, get free shipping.

[DEAD] Blue Mic Satellite Bluetooth Over-Ears for $287

This coupon expired…

The new condition Blue Microphone Satellite bluetooth over-ear headphones can be had for $287 with free shipping at NewEgg by NewEGG actual using promo code 17NVBNKFS40 over there until Monday night (11/6/17).

[DEAD] Thursday: Treblab RF100 Magnetic BT/ANC Earphones for $34 after coupon

This coupon expired…

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[HIBERNATING] Headphone Deals at Groupon with Coupons

This recurring coupon expired, so this post is in hibernation until the coupon gets activated again…

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