Flash Sale: KZ ZS10 In-Ears w/mic/remote for $34

GearBest (not GearBeast) has launched a weekend sale and among their various offerings, for a limited time, you can find the new condition KZ ZS10 In-Ears for $34 or 30 euro (depending on location). This is the black color scheme with a mic/remote.

They ship from China. Shipment from Hong Kong is more expensive. Shipping fees are very low for registered air mail ($2-$3 for many locations). Earphones are, after all, a small little thing 🙂

There are 187 units available as part of this flash deal as of the time of writing.

They have detachable cables, so you can mix and match if you have other compatible cables, or you can optionally turn them into bluetooth by using a compatible KZ bluetooth cable.

KZ AS06 BA In-Ears for $35 to $37 [MD]

The number of KZ earphones is increasing by the minute. One of the many models in their lineup is the KZ AS06, a three balanced-armature design, and it is currently on sale at Massdrop for $35 without a mic/remote, or $37 with a mic/remote. These will ship on April Fool’s Day from Massdrop. There’s no mention f warranty in the listing…

KZ AS10 In-Ears for $45 to $47 [MD]

KZ is riding high on the Chi-Fi Hype Train, but they managed to release so many different models, there’s too much confusion and one can’t get no relief without some googling around. Thankfully the Journeyman’s Toolbox has published an easy to read guide to many of the existing models, with reviews of them available as well.

Which brings us to Massdrop, where they have launched a drop on the new condition KZ AS10 in-ears with detachable cable of course, going for $45 without a mic/remote and $47 with a mic/remote. It would have been nice if they offered the option to purchase additional cables (eg one with and one without a mic/remote, but they don’t).

The orders will be shipped by the vendor on April Fool’s Day. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. Two color options are available, either red or cyan.

PS: if headphones were groceries, considering the price, that’s like paying $9 per balance armature 😉

PS2: I’ve wanted to try out the KZ earphones for a while, but I’ve been suffering from analysis-paralysis from all those different models and sellers 🙂

PS3: here’s another take on the KZ options, this one a 5-minute video from Callaghan Reviews, YouTube-embedded below [may start with a 30-second ad]:

[DEAD] KZ ZSR In-Ears for $25

This lightning deal expired but more KZ chi-fi earphones are becoming recurring offerings at the Gold Box, so more offers should come out in the next few weeks/months [speculation]…

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KZ ZS10 shipping late April for $45 to $46 [six options]

If you are a fan of the KZ in-ears, their brand new ZS10 is currently on sale for $45 (without mic) or $46 (with mic) with free slow shipping from China at GearBest. There are three colors, multiply by two (with or without-mic), making it a total of six options.

The shipping estimate is April 26-30. How fast you’ll get them after that depends on the shipping method. The free shipping option is unregistered (no tracking) with a 15-25 business days estimate. The $1.20 option is Registered Air Mail. The $2.04 option is “Priority Line” with a 7-10 business days estimate. Expedited shipping jumps to $15 with a 3-8 business days estimate.

Here’s a screenshot of the three color schemes:

[DEAD] KZ Easy ZST Hybrid Earphones for $14 to $15

This particular offer expired but fear not if you missed it – it returns every few days/weeks…

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[DEAD] Tuesday: 8% off anniversary sale at GearBest

This anniversary promotion expired…

There are lots of KZ earphones and accessories among other things sold at GearBest (ships from China) and Tuesday 3/20/18, as part of the festivities of their four year anniversary, many items are having an 8% off sale. The price you see is the price you pay, there is no coupon code to enter. Discounted items have a “4th” next to their name.

[DEAD] Yinyoo KZ ZST Hybrid BA/Dyn IEMs for $14

This lightning deal expired, but if you missed it, fear not. These “fulfilled by Amazon” (Prime shipping) KZ ZST hybrid IEMs are recurring in the lightning deals every few days/weeks…

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[DEAD] Yinyoo KZ ZSE In-Ears for $7 (four color options)

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] KZ ZST In-Ears (Black, No Mic) for $14

This recurring lightning deal expired…

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KZ ZS6 In-Ears for $29 w/free S&H (ships from China)

The black and red color schemes of the new condition KZ ZS6 in-ears are currently on sale for $29 with free slow shipping from China at GearBest.com. The other two color schemes go for more. They have detachable cables and a 1-button remote and mic.

Still Good: KZ ZS6 In-Ears for $29 w/FS from China

The 11/11 sale price of $29 has stuck around for two of the three color schemes of the KZ ZS6 in-ears, the black and red color schemes continue to be on sale at this price at GearBest with free slow shipping from China. The green color scheme however has been discontinued… The ZS5 continues to range between $18 and $20 depending on option…

$7 off the KZ ES3, may be as low as $5 [ships from China]

For a limited time, coupon code NBVJQAYF drops $7 off the KZ ES3 earphones at ships-from-China seller GeekBuying. You need an account to test the coupon. The current price on their website is $11.59. I don’t know if the coupon is stackable with the discount, thus making it $4.59 or not. I don’t have an account with them, so unfortunately I can’t test the coupon.

Still good: KZ ZS6 In-Ears for $29 w/free S&H from China

Some of the 11/11 deals are still sticking around. For example, the black and red color schemes of the KZ ZS6 in-ears continue to go for $29 with free slow shipping from China at GearBest (for the longest time I thought it was GearBeast).

Meanwhile the KZ5 in-ears start at $18 (gray, no mic) and increase slightly based on color and mic. A number of their other earphones also continue to be on sale.

Note that this is slow shipping from China and the holidays will add to the delays, so if you are planning to use these as holiday gifts, it may be a good idea to have a Plan B to be on the safe side.

KZ ZS6 In-Ears for $29 w/free S&H from China [two colors]

UPDATE: it is now 11.11 in most of Asia, and the price of these dropped to $29 with free slow shipping from China in the black or red color schemes..

The 11/11 sales are just around the corner but why wait? GearBEST has a sale on all three TWO colors of the KZ ZS6 earphones going for $32 with free shipping in the black or red color schemes. This ship from China for free, but it is slow shipping. There are options to get faster shipping in the shopping but they are not free. But these are small things, so it shouldn’t cost much (depending on location, etc, etc, etc).

For more KZ action at GearBest, check all the KZ products they carry.

PS: the green color was on sale for $29 in mid October but not the other two colors.

PS2: the green sold-out as of 11/10/17 AM re-check…

KZ ZS5 in-ears for $18 to $20 w/free S&H from China

Many and more KZ products are available at Gear Best and among them is a flash sale on the new condition KZ ZS5 in-ears with detachable cable going for $18 to $20 depending on color (gray or blue) and whether it has mic/remote or not. They get free slow shipping from China.

But that’s not all. Towards the bottom of the KZ sale page, there is a trio of earphone-related cases:

+ KZ EVA Earphones Accessory Zipper Box for $1.29

+ KZ Earphones Accessory EVA Zipper Box for $1.68

+ KZ PP Earphones Accessory Box Organizer for $1.98

+ with free, slow shipping, from China

KZ ZS5 In-Ears for $19 w/free slow shipping from China

The KZ earphones are multiplying like bunnies at GearBest, and among all those, there is a sale once again on the new condition KZ ZS5 earphones in the gray color scheme without mic/remote, going for $19 with free slow shipping from China. The other options (blue and/or with mic) go for $25 to $26.

[DEAD] KZ ZST earphones for $14 to $15

The recurring Amazon lightning deal on these expired, but the sale continues at GearBest which ship from China for free but will take much longer than Amazon to arrive.

Among the lightning deals of the Gold Box at Amazon, good until 12:25am ET on Wednesday, there is a sale on various KZ products. The KZ ZST earphones go for $14 to $15 depending color and mic/remote, and $10 for the replacement upgrade cables. These are Prime eligible with free 2-day shipping for Prime members, or with a $25+ order.

[DEAD] KZ ZS6 earphones for $29 w/free slow shipping from China

As of a 10/18/17 AM re-check this sale is over, but we have now established a $29 low for the green model…

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KZ ZS5 for $19 (no mic) or $20 (w/mic) with free S&H (from China)

The KZ6 earphone sale is over at GearBest (they are back to $45~) but there is a sale on the new condition ZS5 going for $19~ without a microphone and $20~ with a mic/remote. There are two color schemes, gray or blue. These ship from China with free slow shipping. If you prefer a faster/better shipping option, they cost extra.

For more action, check the KZ earphones sale page at GearBest. You can sort them by price. When you sort by ascending order, you will see some earphone cases for $2~

[DEAD] KZ ZS6 In-Ears for $36 w/free S&H (from China)

As of 10/6/17 AM recheck, all colors are going for $46… I will monitor the situation and post a new alert if/when they go on sale again…

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KZ ES3 Earphones for $10 w/free S&H [from China]

If you don’t object to slow shipping from China, coupon code KZEZS3 can get you the new condition KZ ES3 earphones for $10 with free slow shipping from China! This is available in either blue or purple color schemes. Additional options are available when you page down over there.

This sale is part of their Harvest sale.

For more KZ options, check our previous options.

[DEAD] KZ ZST Easy Earphones for $14 to $15 (cables start at $8)

This lightning deal expired… If you missed it, fear not ~ it is one of the recurring offers, the whole 7-pack of them…

OR if you don’t object to slower shipment from China with a lowest price, check the previous KZ posts [page down below this post].

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KZ ZS5 for $17, KZ ZST for $12 [free shipping from China]

While updating the Latest Deals Summary, two small discounts surfaced on the following KZ earphones. These are sold by GearBest and ship for free with slow-shipping from China:

+ the KZ ZS5 Quad Hybrid In-Ears for $17~

+ the KZ ZST Wired On-cord Control with detachable cable for $12~

UPDATE: speaking of GearBest, they are offering the Xiaomi Pistons (Original Fresh) for $5.79 with free S&H from China. This is slow shipping.

[DEAD] KZ ZST Lightning Deal: $14+ Earphones, $8+ Cables

This lightning deal expired, but they return to the Amazon Gold Box every few days/weeks…

OR, if you don’t mind waiting for slow shipping, you can get some of the KZ earphones from GearBest (they ship from China)…

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[DEAD] KZ ZST IEMs sale for $8 to $15 (seven options)

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Starts Friday 2:50pm ET: KZ earphone sale

This daily deal expired…

Starting at 2:50pm ET on Friday, at the Amazon Gold Box, they are scheduling a sale on the KZ earphones. There are seven different models on the listing. I do not know how many of them will participate in the lightning deal. We’ll find out when it goes live on Friday 2:50pm ET.

[DEAD] Used KZ ED2 earphones for $4.83 [Prime eligible]

As of 8/29/17 recheck, this is no longer available in used condition at this low price…

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KZ ZS5 Quad Hybrid In-Ears for $19 w/free S&H [from China]

If removable cables are a high priority for your earphones but you still don’t want to break the bank, GearBest is having a flash sale on the new condition KZ ZS5 earphones in the Gray color scheme for $19 with free shipping (unregistered Air Mail) from China. The other three colors go for $25.

If you like a better shipping option, there are a couple of options under $3, which may be a reasonable trade-off if you don’t want to wait forever without tracking.

In addition to the 0.75mm detachable cable, they have quad hybrid drivers, two dynamic and two balance armature.

KZ Earphone Sale: ATR for $6, ZS3 for $8, ZST for $12 [Free S&H from China]

KZ earphones are now available from various Prime-eligible sellers if you prioritize quick delivery over lower price. But if you are not in a hurry to receive them quickly, then you can get them at a lower price with free (slow) shipping from China.

A couple of KZ models are currently on a flash sale at GearBest as follows:

+ the KZ ZS3 earphones with detachable cable for $8

+ the KZ ZST Wired On-cord Control with detachable cable for $12
+ this is the colorful “Colormix” edition – the picture over there explains 🙂

+ the KZ ATR earphones for $5.67

These come with free Unregistered Air Mail (slow shipping) from China. Other shipment options are also available but not free. But except for Expedited shipping, the “Registered Air Mail” and “Priority Line” are fairly low and much lower than the price of the earphones.

KZ ATR for $10 (Prime eligible)

If you are curious about the KZ budget Chi-fi earphones but don’t want to deal with GearBest shopping (and slow shipping), a number of these models are now available from a variety of sellers at Amazon that are Prime eligible (look for the Prime checkmark in the listings).

In addition to the previously mentioned ATE and ZST and ZS3, the KZ ATR earphones are also there, going for $10 without mic, and $11 with mic. You can get them for less from Asian sellers, but none of them offer free 2-day shipping (if you are a Prime member).

KZ ED9 earphones for $14~ with Prime delivery

You can get them from China for around $10 (eg Gearbest) but if you don’t want to wait for a slow shipment or wait for customs, you can get them in around two days if you are a Prime member for around $14 by a trio of sellers at Amazon.

KZ ATE In-Ears Prime Eligible for $13

It feels like it was only yesterday that everyone was jumping on the VE Monks hype train, but trains come and go, and now it’s the KZ ATE train. Currently these in-ears are Prime eligible, sold by a marketplace seller in new condition, with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so if you are a Prime member you can get them in around two days and not have to worry about international shipping, customs and delays and such.

KZ ATE In-Ears for $13 with 2-day Prime shipping

You can get these for less from the Chinese markets with long shipping times, but if you don’t want to deal that and potential for customs, especially if you are a Prime member, the KZ ATE in-ears are currently offered for $13 by a marketplace seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. These too have their hype-train 🙂

[DEAD] Saturday Offers: Torque t103z In-Ears, KZ ED9 In-Ears, Mocreo Stand

This limited time daily offerings expired…

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