Sunday: Bluetooth Beanies for $18

Woot Electronics is back with a utilitarian winter-y headphone offer – beanies (yes, the ones you wear on your head to keep warm) with bluetooth headphones built-in. Wearables of the budget kind 🙂 They go for $18 per pair, in three color options. They come with a 90-day warranty from Woot actual. They are unisex and one-size-fits-all, as it is often the case with these type of winter-y beanies. They even come with bluetooth 4.1. A charging cable is included…

PS: things such as this that don’t fit into the “standard” headphones I file in the “Alternative Headphones” category.

PS2: “Alternative to what?” as fans of indie music may say ^_^

Sunday: MEE Matrix3 bluetooth over-ears + BT transmitter for $60

Sunday is here and the Sunday JAN-6-2019 daily deals at the Best Buy website include a headphone, the MEE Electronics (reborn of smoke and salt as “MEE Audio”] Matrix 3 bluetooth closed-back over-ears for $60 with free shipping and free store pickup where available/possible. This is the bundle that includes the MEE dual bluetooth audio transmitter as well…

Wedn: 2pk Jabra Step bluetooth exercise earphones for $28

Happy New Year with a 2-pack of bluetooth exercise-y type of necklace-style earphones, it’s a 2-pack of Jabra Step going for $27 total, with free shipping for Prime members, or flat shipping for non-members as the Woot Electronics deal du jour running until Thursday JAN-3-2019 [we’d better practice writing 2019] at 1am central time. These are new condition with a 1-year Jabra warranty…

I had these a while back, from what I recall they were finicky, but at this price, if you are a flexible user, it’s not a bad price…

Mon (EU): Jaybird Freedom for 55, RUN T.W. for 119 euro

There’s Logitech gold box action in the US and also at the Amazon Germany edition for New Year’s Eve where two bluetooth earphones are on sale: the Freedom Special edition for 55 euro [these are necklace-style], and the Jaybird RUN truly-wireless for 119 euro ~ these we have a text and pictures unboxing blog-post at the content-side of this website…

Tue: JBL Reflect Mini bluetooth earphones for $18 w/FS

Merry Christmas with bluetooth! Good until Tuesday at 11:59pm ET, in two color schemes, B&H Photo is offering the new condition JBL Reflect Mini bluetooth earphones for $18 with free US shipping. These are necklace style, with angled ear tips…

Sun: NuForce BE2 bluetooth earphones for $15

If you are looking for budget bluetooth earphones, good until Sunday 12/23/18 at 11:59pm eastern time, New York’s B&H Photo is offering the new condition NuForce BE2 bluetooth earphones for $15 in your choice of two different color schemes. These are necklace style, and come with two-flange eartips…

Thur: Anker Space ANC/BT Over-Ears for $69

The Anker sale has “moved” from the Amazon Germany to the Amazon USA Gold Box and for Thursday they are offering a couple of their Soundcore sub-brand headphones as follows: the Space ANC/BT over-ears goes for $69, while the Spirit X bluetooth sports earphones go for $28…

Wedn: JBL E65BTNC BT/ANC Over-Ears for $90

For a short time, running until 9am ET on Wednesday DEC-19 in 2018, B&H Photo of New York is offering the new condition JBL E65BTNC bluetooth and ANC over-ears (closed-back obviously) headphones for $90 with free shipping. This is bluetooth 4.1. It may feel like an avalanche of these BT/ANC combos, but that’s because of their utilitarian use (phones, tablets, laptops) and fashion/trendiness…

Mon: Sony XB-950N1 ANC/BT Over-ears for $115

More bluetooth action on the Monday daily deals, this time at the Best Buy website where they are offering the new condition Sony Extra Bass XB-950-N1 (bluetooth and ANC closed-back over-ears) going for $115 with free shipping or free store pickup when/where it’s possible or available…


Fri (EU): Anker Liberty Truly Wireless for 41 euro

Amazon Germany is back with more audio action for Friday, this time the earphones are “hiding” in the Anker sale which includes:

+ Soundcore Spirit bluetooth earphones for 21 in one of the three color schemes

+ Liberty Lite truly wireless for 41 euro

Wedn: AirDots small truly wireless for $30

The Woot Electronics deal of the day ending on Thursday at 1am eastern time are the new condition AirDots small-ish truly-wireless earphones going for $30 with free shipping for Prime members or flat shipping for non-members. Limit up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with a 90-day warranty from Woot, not the manufacturer….

Wedn (EU): Cowin E7 for 40, PRO for 52 euro [ANC/BT Over-Ears]

Cowin is back in the Wednesday German Amazon Gold Box with the new condition E7 going for 40 euro and the E7 PRO (2018) going for 52 euro in the Cowin sale. These are closed-back over-ear ANC with bluetooth and they have been popular budget sellers at the USA version of Amazon and are now “invading” Europe…

PayPal checkout: 50% off UrbanEars Platan 2 bluetooths

Good until 12.16.18, coupon code PAYPAL50 gets you 50% off the current price of the UrbanEars Platan 2 closed-back on-ear bluetooth headphones at the UrbanEars website. You must needs checkout with PayPal to get the discount as the discount is “trapped” in the PayPal checkout process 🙂 The headphone is available in six different color schemes…

Tue: UrbanEars Hellas bluetooth on-ears for $40

The last among the six B&H Daily Deals for Tuesday DEC-04-2018 is the new condition closed-back on-blue bluetooth Urban/Ears Hellas going for $40 with free shipping in your choice of three different color schemes. Sale ends Tuesday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if any manage to sell out.

Skullcandy Crusher bluetooth over-ears for $90

For fans of the bluetooth, the latest Best Buy 20 Days of Blockbusters including the new condition closed-back over-ear Skullcandy Crusher bluetooth headphones going for $90 with your choice of free shipping or free pick-up at a local store (where available/possible).

Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE ANC/BT Over-Ears for $130

Another sale at Amazon, the new condition Special Edition of the Sennheiser HD 4.50 bluetooth/ANC closed over-ears headphones is on sale for $130 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price… For more action, check the latest Amazon Audio deals

Sun: refurb Samsung Gear IconX SM-R140 TW for $90

Another headphone-related Sunday daily deal, in addition to the previously mentioned Pioneer DAP. Good until Sunday 11:59pm, A4C is offering the certified refurbished Samsung Gear IconX (model SM-R140) truly wireless earphones for $140 with free shipping…

Sun: Avantree ANC/BT Over-Ears and $13 Alum Headphone Stand

Sunday too brings headphone offerings at the Amazon US Gold Box deals du jour. This time around it is an Avantree sale featuring three ANC/BT headphones ($31 to $49) and an aluminium headphone stand for under $13. The other two items in the sale page are cellphone holders [potentially DAP holders if the pieces fit].

I promised a long time ago to create more “repurposing” posts but I obviously fell behind. But before that, I have to write up the unboxing post of the lightweight Monoprice on-ears [which are related to the AmazonBasics version, which are bang for the buck options for non-classical].

Sat: MEE Matrix3 Bluetooth headphones + Bluetooth Transmitter for $70

It’s a day of bluetooth daily deals, among the Saturday Best Buy daily deals is the new condition MEE Audio Matrix3 headphones, a closed-back over-ear bluetooth model going for $70 with free shipping or free store pickup if available/possible to do so. It also includes a dual-headphone bluetooth audio transmitter gadget.

Sat: refurbished V-Moda Crossfade Wireless for $99

There is one headphone deal in the Saturday Amazon USA Gold Box and it is the certified refurbished V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (bluetooth) closed-back over-ears going for $99 with free shipping. These are sold by the V-Moda Direct Amazon store and are fulfilled by Amazon as it is often the case with “manufacturer Amazon stores”.

In new condition, the black and red go for $150 each, while the other two colors go for $180 each.

Bose QC35 II ANC/BT Closed Over-Ears for $299 w/bonus

The BOSE Quiet Comfort QC35 II ANC/BT closed-back over-ears go for $299 at the moment at various BOSE authorized dealers, but you can get some bonuses at some places. At Adorama and NewEGG you get 5% promotional rewards to spend there in the future… At Amazon you get 5% cashback if you pay with a Prime credit card (Chase or the store credit card)…

Refurb Jabra Elite 45t bluetooth earphones for $25; 65t Truly Wireless for $90

Truly wireless is obviously a matter of convenience, not audiophile beauty, that’s why you keep seeing these made and offered. And one of them is at the eBay Deals, it is the manufacturer refurbished Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless earbuds for $90 with free shipping and a 180-day warranty. These are sold by the Jabra eBay store, and the warranty is from Jabra. Limit five per customer at the sale price.

Also from the Jabra eBay store with the same warranty as above, you can get the manufacturer refurbished Jabra Elite 45t bluetooth earphones (necklace kind) for $25 with free shipping and a 180-day warranty.

Sennheiser PXC-550 ANC/BT for $200

If you prefer Sennheiser’s take on the popular ANC/BT over-ear model, their PXC 550 model is on sale for a limited time for $200 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price at Amazon actual. Being Sennheiser, their ANC is called “NoiseGard”, not to be confused with “NoseGuard” ^_^

JBL bluetooth headphone sale [30 options]

If your headphone interests intersect at JBL [also part of the Samsung Empire] and Bluetooth, B&H Photo is running a JBL bluetooth headphone sale with a total of 30 options, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. This is a mix of over-ears, and on-ears and in-ears in this sale. Their Everest line is also included in the sale.

Jaybird X3 exercise BT earphones for $60

AS one of the doorbusters at the Best Buy website, you can get the new condition Jaybird X3 Sport Bluetooth earphones for $60 with free shipping or free store pickup. These are of the “necklace” kind, not the more solid “neckband” kind.

Sony WH-1000X M2 BT/ANC Over-Ears for $198

If you do not object to getting a 2017 model [for a better discount], Amazon is offering the new condition Sony WH-1000X M2 bluetooth and ANC closed-back over-ears in the black color scheme for $198 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price.

The latest Sony model is the M3 which goes for $350 ~ unless it’s on sale.

The name-brand ANC/BT over-ears segment is a battle in the trenches these days with many and more brands trying their hand at this popular and presumably profitable segment. It’s no longer a home run for Bose.

Sony WH-CH700N bluetooth/ANC over-ears for $98

The new condition Sony WH-CH700N, with this rather goofy name, they are on sale for $98 with free shipping at select Sony authorized dealers such as B&H Photo and Adorama and various at Amazon

We actually have a text and pictures unboxing post of this very headphone at this website! PORG Funko is NOT included 🙂

Bose bluetooth on-ears for $100 [Costco]

As part of the early Black Friday festivities, the Costco website is offering the closed-back Bose bluetooth on-ears for $100. Non-Costco members can purchase products at their website with a small surcharge ~ unless a product is explicitly restricted to paying Costco members…

Koss Porta PRO bluetooth on-ears for $70 [MD]

If you love the good old Porta PROs but you also like the convenience of bluetooth, Massdrop is back with another offer, the new condition KOSS PortaPRO wireless going for $70. Limit up to three headphones per Massdrop member. Note also that this drop is limite to US and Canada addresses.

These support bluetooth 4.1 with apt-X, and of course like the original, they are open-back/open-air, so you can smell their dairy air? 🙂

Speaking of dairy air, even though they are a KOSS product, per the MD listing, they come with just a 1-year warranty, not the usual KOSS lifetime. But a hard case is included.

Refurb Bose SoundLink Bluetooth On-Ears for $90

The official BOSE eBay store is offering the factory renewed Bose SoundLink bluetooth on-ears for $90 with free shipping with up to five pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with the same warranty as the new condition models.

Speaking of which, they are also offering the likewise factory renewed SoundSport FREE truly-wireless earphones for $130 with free shipping. Two color options are available and the same limit of up to five per eBay user…

Monoprice True Wireless Earphones for $37 w/FS [updated]

Speaking of “truly wireless”, if you want something in-between [price-wise] the name-brands and the popular no-name brands on Amazon, the new condition Monoprice True Wireless Earphones (PID 30878, BT 4.2, iPX4) on sale for $37 [WAS $50] with free standard US shipping at the Monoprice website

PS: I have only used one model so far [check our unboxing of the Jaybird Run] so I can’t speak for the whole genre, but they exceeded in terms of utility. Audio quality was as expected, you don’t wear these because you want to enjoy complicated classical music works 🙂

Speaking of Monoprice, they have launching a new line of more premium charging cables, and as part of the new launch promotion, their AtlasFlex cables currently come with free standard US shipping. It is easier to ship a cable than to ship a turntable after all 🙂 They have three types, USB-C, Lightning, and microUSB, all ending in USB-A. They are available in three lengths and two colors. Prices range from $4 to $8, so it’s not “magic cable” pricing ^_^

UPDATE: for post economy purposes, I’ll add it here too, there is also a Clearance/Overstock sale with over 480 products including a mini guitar headphone amp for $8, a portable guitar amp for $18, banana plugs and all sorts of other random things…

Wedn (EU): Phiaton, Cowin, Necklace, Jaybird, Etc

Yesterday they had Sony Walkmen DAPs, today (Wednesday) the Amazon Germany Gold Box sales includes a pot pouri of headphones including the Cowin E7 PRO ANC/BT over-ears for 52 euro, the Phiaton BT 330 NC on-ears (with ANC/BT too), a couple of unknown brand gaming headsets, and half a dozen bluetooth necklace earphones…

PS: by “necklace earphones” I mean the ones that have a cable connecting the two earpieces but don’t have a 3.5mm audio input, so the cable loops around your neck like a … necklace.

BUT WAIT, there’s more! There’s also a Logitech x Jaybird sale that includes various UE bluetooth speakers but also half a dozen Jaybird earphones. From the necklace department they have the Freedom for 49 euro and the Freedom 2 for 69 euro, while from the “truly wireless” they have the Jaybird RUN for 119…

PS2: we actually have a text and pictures unboxing of the Jaybird Run here. I posted it 13.5 months ago and almost forgot 🙂

Refurb B&O Play H4 Over-Ear Bluetooths + $15 GC for $119

For a limited time, NewEgg marketplace seller “Extended Play” is offering the refurbished B&O Play H4 headphones for $119 with free shipping and they also include a $15 promotional gift card with purchase. This is sold and shipped by the marketplace seller, not NewEgg… The headphones are closed-back over-ear bluetooths… Limit three pairs per customer at the promotional price… It is not clear whether there is any warranty included, so assume there isn’t to be on the safe side…

Now shipping: Monoprice Smart Magnetic bluetooth earphones for $30 w/FS

Monoprice is back again with yet another new headphone release, this time it is a budget utilitarian product, the new Smart Magnetic Bluetooth earphones, PID 34369, with a 3-button mic/remote with cVc 6.0, going for $30 with free standard US shipping for a limited time… These are necklace style bluetooths ~ in that they have a cable connecting the two eartips but obviously there’s no 3.5mm audio input…

V-Moda Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear for $115

For a limited time, all four color schemes of the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless (bluetooth) closed-back over-ear are on sale for $115 per pair, in new condition, by Amazon actual