Tuesday: 4-pack of Xtreme Sound Sidekicks bluetooth earphones for $10 + S&H

Necklace-style bluetooth earphones by the pound/kilo is the theme of the day for the smoking hot [ha!] Meh daily deal for April 20 in 2021, good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out: it is a 4-pack of Xtreme Sound Sidekicks going for $10 total. Shipping is extra unless you are a paying Meh-member.

This is model XTR3M3-T34M for those who have photographic memory 🙂

PS: the “$1.25 per bud” you see over there is an attempt at humor since each earphone consists of two earbuds. No doubt this may confuse some Meh shoppers 🙂

Mon: Cleer Flow ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $50

Good until Monday 4/19/21 at 11:59pm eastern time, B&H Photo is offering, as part of their deals of the day, the new condition Cleer Flow ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $50 with free US shipping. They are available in two color options…

As of the time of writing these average 4.5 out of 5 based on 30 customer reviews. These charge via micro-USB, and have bluetooth 4.2 and NFC.

Here’s a 1 minute video from the company showing them off:

Thursday: Klipsch R5 Active bluetooth IEMs for $20 w/FS

Once upon a time an IEMophile’s mortal enemy, now they kinda forgot about them [= Klipsch IEMs] because they are buried in mountains of new Chi-Fi IEMs 😉

Good until Thursday 4/15/21 at 11:59pm ET [or earlier if sold out] one of them B&H Photo daily deals are the new condition Klipsch R5 Active bluetooth earphones, necklace-style [meaning just a cable, no neckband], going for $20 with free US shipping…

Tue: Beyerdynamic Lagoon Travel ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $189

Into the Lagoon we go, good until Tuesday 4/13/21 at 11:59pm pacific time at the NewEgg daily deals is the new condition Beyerdynamic Lagoon Traveler ANC/bluetooth over-ears going for $189 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual, with up to three per customer at the sale price. No promo code needed for this particular offer…

Sunday: 1More truly-wireless sale (13 options)

Welcome to the 1More party! Good until Sunday 4/11/21 at 11:59pm pacific time, Amazon is having as one of their deals of the day a 1More Truly Wireless sale with 11 options, plus two neckband-style, one ANC/bluetooth earphone and the other is the Triple Driver bluetooth neckband earphone.

Prices range from $40 to $102. These are not 13 distinct models, as some of them are offered in different color scheme options. Some of the truly-wireless are the more stubby kind, others are the Airpod-style (with the hanging monkey tail).

I have one 1More here for unboxing and testing but it’s not one of those on sale above; it’s a necklace-style bluetooth…

PS: by “necklace-style” I mean those bluetooth earphones that have a cable that is not hardened like the neckbands…

Saturday: AmazFit Powerbuds truly-wireless for $56

A sale of Amazfit smartwatches and fitness bands and such at Amazon also includes truly-wireless earphones from AmznFit. They have three different color schemes of their PowerBuds model going for $55…

Note that both the overall customer rating and the customer reviews are a superset of all the different products that reside on the same root product page. To find the reviews specifically for the earphones you have to go to the detailed review page for each color scheme and filter for its reviews (under the “All Formats” option)…

But that’s not all for the Saturday April 10 (2021) Amazon USA Gold Box. Their headliner deal of the day is the new condition JBL Flip 4 waterproof bluetooth speaker going for $60 with free US shipping. This is available in eight different color schemes, handy if multiple people use them in the same household – you can quickly tell who owns what by the color scheme!

Thursday: Tribit FlyBuds 3 (100 hour) truly-wireless for $29 [limit 5]

One brand that is scoring some points on the budget front is Tribit, and they are one of the Amazon USA Gold Box deals of the day good until Thursday 4/8/21 at 11:59pm pacific time…

Oh, what’s the sale? It’s not tribbles, it’s Tribit bluetooths. A total of 9 options are available including:

+ QuietPlus ANC over-ears for $56

+ two airpod-style truly wireless for $40 to $56

+ and the big star of the show/sale, the Tribit FlyBuds 3 with a charging case that promises 100 hours (!) of playback time. Plus it can be used as a small powerbank (more of interest to smaller DAPs and DACs, today’s smartphones are very hungry for 2600 mAh). The sale price is a very solid $29 with up to five per customers…

As of the time of writing these average 4.5 out of 5 based on 3100+ customer ratings. They are IPX8, bluetooth 5 with low latency, and three sizes of earfins (in addition to the six eartip options). They also promise pairing the moment you open the case, which if working so, simplifies truly-wireless life.

I am planning to buy the FlyBuds 3, so at some point in the future expect an unboxing and review post…

Tuesday: Beyerdynamic Lagoon, Etc

Not one but THREE headphones are participating in the Tuesday NewEgg daily deals good until 3/30/21 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out):

+ Beyerdynamic Lagoon Travel ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $194 after promo code

+ Sennheiser HD 2.30i closed-back on-ears with iOS buttons for $25 with free shipping
+ you can use it on Android but some of the remote control button functionality may not work or work as expected

+ Anker Soundcore Liberty True truly-wireless (TW) with promised 100-hour battery life (most of it is of course in the charging case, not the earphones) for $36 after promo code
+ I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets irritated when the truly-wireless run out of juice mid-stream, so there’s that 🙂
+ I’m thinking of getting one of the 100-hour-ish TW (not this one) and will be posting unboxing and review ~ in the nebulous near/distant future 🙂

+ 128GB Team Elite microSDXC for $13, or more savings with optional combined purchase discount

Monday: Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO for $59AC

A couple of headphones are currently participating in the Monday 3/29/21 Newegg daily deals good until 11:59pm pacific or earlier if sold out:

+ Beyerdynamic DT 240 PRO closed-back headphones for around $59 after using the promo code shown over there

+ Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $14 after using the promo code shown over there

Saturday: 2pk JVC Xtreme Xplosives Deep Bass bluetooth earphones for $20 + S&H

We have an early start of the Saturday daily deals at the Meh website where their deal du jour is a 2-pack of JVC Xtreme Xplosives Deep Bass necklace-style bluetooth earphones going for $20 total plus shipping (unless you are a paying Meh-member).

At the risk of sounding like a master of the obvious, the product name slightly hints that these are might just be bassy, very bassy, extremely bassy, explosively bassy. I personally haven’t seen or heard them or read about them, so I cannot comment 🙂

Sunday: Bluetooth Earphones and Musician eBooks

Sunday 3/21/21 brings us a couple of bluetooth earphone options in the NewEgg daily deals as follows:

+ SOL Republic Relays Sport necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $12 w/FS

+ aUFO M1 ANC truly-wireless for $37 w/FS

And on the reading front, among the Kindle deals du jour for Sunday we have two ebooks about musicians:

+ The Beatles: The Biography by B ob Spritz for $5
+ 965 pages

+ Do What You Want: The Story of Bad Religion by Jim Ruland for $4 with a $0.40 future “Great On Kindle” store credit
+ 337 pages

Wedn: refurb Sony ZX220 BT On-Ears for $28 w/FS

There’s headphone action among the Wednesday March 17 (2021), yes, Saint Patrick’s Day is here just like that, NewEgg daily deals good until 11:59pm pacific time or earlier if sold out:

+ refurbished Sony ZX220-BT closed-back bluetooth on-ears for $28 with free US shipping
+ this is sold and shipped by a marketplace seller, not Newegg actual

+ Anker Roav bluetooth receiver for $7 w/FS
+ note this is bluetooth 4.1

+ refurb Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 truly wireless for $30 after $20 off promo code but the few customer reviews are not very happy with it

+ refurb Yamaha ATS-1080 sound-bar with built-in subwoofers for $88

Monday: Beats Solo PRO ANC/BT On-Ears for $150

We start “Headphone Monday” for Monday March 15 in 2021 with the new condition Beats Solo PRO ANC/bluetooth closed on-ears for $150 with free shipping under the “Electronics” sub-Woot at the Woot daily deals… They are available in two color options, up to three per customer, with a 1-year Apple warranty…

On the other hand, if you prefer their “Matte Collection”, you can get them for $160 in new condition at the Best Buy daily deals

The ANC/bluetooth combo in on-ear headphones is more rare than the over-ears, but they do exist, Beats is not the only option out there 🙂

Sony WF-SP800N ANC/bluetooth TW for $134

It’s earphone time at the B&H daily deals, good until Saturday 3/6/21 at 11:59pm eastern time, you can get, in two color options, the new condition Sony WF-SP800N ANC/bluetooth truly-wireless going for $134 with free US shipping. This price is reached thanks to a coupon that gets applied automatically in the shopping cart when you add said earphones to the shopping cart…

It has plenty of buzzwords attached to it, IP55, Bluetooth low latency, touch controls, quick charge (10 minutes gets you 1 hour), USB-C charging, ambient sound mode, you can use one (not necessarily both), adaptive sound, “quick attention”, and of course a custom Sony app…

Thursday: Sennheiser M2IEi In-Ears for $36 w/FS

Sennheiser is back in the Newegg deals of the day and this offer is good until Thursday 3/4/21 at 11:59pm pacific time. It is the new condition Sennheiser Momentum M2IEi in-ears going for $36 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual. Up to ten per customer at the sale price. No promo code needed…

Meanwhile at the Thursday Best Buy dailies they have the new condition Plantronics BackBeat FIT 505 closed-back on-ear bluetooth headphones for $50…

And we close Thursday at the Woot dailies where under “Computers” they offer the new condition Microsoft Surface headphones in the gray color scheme with a 1-year Microsoft warranty for $111. Up to ten per customer at the sale price…

AKG N700NC M2 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $95

Prime members are getting this offer as a member-exclusive at another Amazon property, at Amazon. It is the new condition AKG N700NC M2 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears going for $95 with free shipping (since only Prime members can buy it). It comes with a 1-year AKG warranty. Up to three per customer… Offer ends in about a month (or earlier if sold out)…

Sunday Part II: JBL 500BT, Jabra, Sony XB, Etc

February 2021 is saying goodbye with even more headphone deals of the day. These are good until 11:59pm of each retailer’s local time…

We start with a couple of offers at the NewEgg daily deals as follows:

+ Jabra Elite 25 neckband bluetooth earphones for $25

+ refurbished Sony “Extra Bass” XB-650-BT (bluetooth closed-back) for $45

Then we head on over to the Woot website where we find the reconditioned JBL LIVE 500BT bluetooth closed over-ears for $40 with a 1-year JBL warranty…

Last but not least we head on over to the Best Buy dailies where we find the new condition Plantronics BackBeat Fit 350 necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $40…

Sunday: Google Pixel Buds (1st G) for $49 w/FS

Headphones return to the B&H Photo daily deals, this set is good until Sunday 2/28/21 at 11:59pm eastern time (or earlier if sold out). The offering is the new condition “Just Black” Google Pixel Buds (first generation) going for $49 with free US shipping…

This is a necklace-style bluetooth earphone with bluetooth 5.0 and USB-C charging…

As of the time of writing, over there, it averages 4 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews with a 3:1 review intensity ratio (5-stars vs 1-stars)…

PS: while there, they also have 16GB Sandisk micro-SD cards for $4 each, or slightly less if you buy them in multi-packs… Your prehistoric Sandisk Clip Plus will thank you 😉

Saturday: JLab, Sony, Sandisk, Jabra, Etc

Sony leads the budget headphone action at the Saturday February 27 (2021) daily deals at the NewEgg website [CORRECTED; this offer was at NewEgg, not BestBuy!] with their C400 neckband bluetooth earphones going for $23 with free US shipping…

Also there they have yet another refurbished Jabra truly-wireless, this time it is the Elite Active 75t going for $130 and you also get a $10 promotional gift card…

And if you want to feed your DAPs and PADs and such, there’s a 512GB Sandisk microSDXC card going for $60 with free US shipping after entering the limited time promotion shown over there…

Truly wireless is also the name of the game at the Best Buy dailies for Saturday with the JLab Air Icon truly-wireless going for $28… The day also has Aluratek headsets and a video conferencing AVerMedia kit….

Friday: Sennheiser HD 2.30 On-Ears for $25 w/FS [and more]

Sennheiser is back at the Newegg daily deals for Friday 2/26/21 at 11:59pm pacific time with the new condition HD 2.30G closed-back on-ears going for $25 with free US shipping…

Also there they have the refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t truly-wireless going for $39 with free US shipping…

Also coming back to the Newegg daily deals but with a slightly lower price is the refurbished Sony CH-700N ANC/bluetooth closed-back over-ears. It is currently on-offer for $44 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by marketplace seller “VIP Outlet”… We have a text and pictures unboxing of this right here…

UPDATE: good until Saturday at 8am eastern time (or earlier if sold out) with the new condition closed-back over-ear Tascam TH-200X is on sale for $30 with free US shipping as the current Musician’s Friend daily deal

Wedn: Anker Soundcore Spirit Pro BT earphones for $15 AC

Promo code price-shaving action during the Wednesday February 24 in 2021 Newegg daily deals. Enter promo code 93XQK95 over there and you can get the new condition JBL Tune 115-TWS truly-wireless for $30 instead of $70. With free shipping…

Also there you can get the Anker Soundcore Spirit PRO necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $14 after entering promo code 93XQJ88 in their shopping cart…

Monday Bluetooth Earphones: Sennheiser, B&O, Yamaha

A trio of bluetooth earphones are participating in the Monday 2/22/21 at the Woot Audio sale. In addition to the two soundbars, outdoor rock speakers and bluetooth speaker, they have three bluetooth earphones:

+ Sennheiser IE-80S BT neckband style bluetooth earphones for $130
+ with 2-year Sennheiser warranty

+ Yamaha TW-E3A truly wireless for $70

+ Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Motion truly-wireless for $140

Monday: Cleer Flow ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

Monday February 22 in 2021 is here, and one of the options in the B&H Photo daily deals is a headphone! It is the new condition closed-back over-ear Cleer Flow ANC/Bluetooth headphones for $50 with free US shipping. It is available in two color options.

It comes with a carrying case, audio cable, extra rings. Note that this is microUSB charging, not USB-C. It runs Bluetooth 4.2 and has NFC. Over there, as of the time of writing, it is averaging 4.5 out of 5 based on seven customer reviews.

I recently picked up a variant of this (the “DJ”) but have yet to open it… The clearance price was low enough to be lower than the price of the included accessories alone (case, cables, etc)…

Saturday: VModa Crossfade 2 CODEX bluetooth over-ears for $200

Best Buy strikes again with their Saturday 2/20/21 Deals of the Day where we find the new condition V-Moda Crossfade Wireless 2, the CODEX editions, going for $200 with free US shipping or free store pickup… All three colors are participating in the sale….

The Matte White version is also on sale for $200 by Amazon actual with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price…

Meanwhile at the Newegg dailies we find the CORSAIR Virtuoso RGB SE wireless gaming headset for $193 after using the promo code shown over there…

Friday: Plantronics Backbeat 500 bluetooth on-ears for $22 w/FS

Friday too brings us headphone daily deals at the NewEgg website including:

+ Plantronics Backbeat 500 Closed On-Ear Bluetooths for $22 with free shipping

+ MSI Immerse GH30 V2 Circumaural Headset with further savings after the promo code shown over there

+ refurbished Sony HTS200F 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Built-in Subwoofer and Bluetooth for $60

Thursday: Beyerdynamic Xelenton bluetooth in-ears for $550

The headphone party continues at the Newegg deals of the day as Thursday February 18 in 2021 brings these options:

+ Beyerdynamic Xelento bluetooth in-ears for $550

+ Oculus Rift S PC-powered VR gaming headset for $300 with a $15 promotional gift card

+ feed the DAPs and PADs: 256GB Team microSDXC for $24

+ Dell XPS Special Edition Entertainment desktop PC for $1299

Meanwhile the teasers over there for Friday show an Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, a Plantronics 500 bluetooth on-ears and the MSI GH30 V2 over-ear gaming headset. The prices of these will be revealed on Friday at 12:01am pacific time…

Wedn: refurbished Audio Technica ATH-WS660 bluetooth over-ears for $60

Three times a headphone lady are the Newegg daily deals good until Wednesday 2/17/21 at 11:59pm pacific time as follows:

+ refurbished Audio-Technica ATH-WS660-BT-GBL-RB bluetooth closed-back over-ears for $60
+ sold and shipped by DealParade thru the NewEgg website

+ Jabra Move bluetooth closed-back on-ears for $27
+ sold and shipped by the Jabra Online store upon NewEgg’s

+ Anker Soundcore Spirit X (2019) necklace-style bluetooth earphones for $20 after promo code 93XQH95
+ sold and shipped by the Anker store upon NewEgg’s

Then at the Best Buy daily deals they have the Geek Squad refurbishe Samsung Galaxy Buds+ truly-wireless for $50…

And at the B&H Photo deals of the day they have the AUsounds AU Stream truly wireless for $40, or you can get a 2-pack of them for $75…

Friday: refurbished Audio Technica ATH-SR30 Bluetooth Over-Ears for $40 w/FS

Another headphone has shown up in the Friday 2/12/21 NewEgg daily deals it is the refurbished closed-back over-ear Audio Technica ATH-SR30-BT-BK-RB, a bluetooth headphone in the black color scheme, going for $40 with free US shipping, up to three per customer. This is sold and shipped by marketplace seller “Deal Parade”, not by NewEgg…

Meanwhile the teasers for the Saturday daily deals include the Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO open-back over-ear wired Tesla headphones. The sale price will be revealed on Saturday in the pacific time zone…

Friday: Klipsch audio sale includes refurb R6i IIR in-ears for $17

One of the Friday 2/12/21 daily deals at Woot, good until 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out) is a Klipsch and Jamo sale featuring 14 audio products. Many (but not all of them) are factory reconditioned with a 90-day Klipsch warranty. Check each individual listing for details…

One of them is an earphone, the refurbished R6i II R in-ears going for $16, in the black color scheme, with up to three per customer.

The rest of the audio products are speakers of different kind, in-wall speakers, ceiling cat speakers, soundbars, subwoofers, some wireless, and on and on…

UPDATE and PSA: on February 24 of this year (2021 for those reading in the past or the future), Google will delete all your Google Play Music data. You can download and/or transfer them before then. More details here

Doorbuster: Monoprice BT-210 Bluetooth Lightweight On-Ears for $10 w/FS [Currently OOS]

The Monoprice website has launched a doorbuster deal, which, as of the time of writing is out of stock and cannot be ordered, but I’m mentioning it for reference/historical purposes and in case anyone is interested in it and wants to track/babysit it… One per customer…

For $10 with free standard US shipping they offer(ed) the new condition closed-back bluetooth lightweight on-ears Monoprice BT-210, PID 34705. It averages 3.7 out of 5 based on 23 customer reviews… It has 31 answers on 13 questions…

Per the specs these are bluetooth 4.0, with only the basic protocols, (no AAC, no apt-X, no LDAC)…

Wedn: Samsung Galaxy Buds PRO drop to $170

We have the first discount of the new Galaxy Hype, the new condition Galaxy Buds PRO, in three color options, are on sale for $170 at the Woot website, one of their daily deals until Wednesday 2/10/21 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out)…

In other daily deal action, at the Best Buy dailies they have:

+ Skullcandy Method bluetooth necklace-style earphones for $30

+ feed the DAPs: 256GB SanDisk ExTreMe PlUs micro-SDXC for $58

+ wireless mini projector for $100

Sony WH-1000XM4 with Morphie 20,800mAh Powerbank for $278

The launch of the over-ear Apple Airpods at $550 has an unintended benefit for the other manufacturers in the $300ish range of the consumer-popular ANC/bluetooth over-ear combos. They are now about half the price of the Apple product, making their price (that once may have looked high) look more reasonable!

And if among those competitors it is the Sony WH-X1000 M4 the one you want, it is currently on offer at Adorama’s website for $278 with free US shipping in either the black or the silver color scheme with two FREEBIES included automatically by Adorama:

+ Morphie 20,800 mAh powerbank, not a toy powerbank!
+ currently goes for $40 at Adorama’s

+ microfiber cleaning cloth (the more gadgets you have, the more of these are useful?)

Speaking of Adorama, check their on-going Audio sale which includes a number of headphones, some of which we already mentioned below…

Anker Soundcore Vortex Bluetooth Over-Ears for $26 w/FS

This is a limited time offer but not a daily deal. From the department of utilitarian closed-back over-ear bluetooths with wired 3.5mm audio input as well the Anker official store through the NewEgg website is offering the new condition Vortex Wireless for $26 with free US shipping. This is shipped by the Anker store, not by NewEgg…

This promises up to 20 hours of bluetooth playback, and comes with an 18-month warranty. It is however charging via micro-USB and runs Bluetooth 4.1 but then again, it’s only $26 🙂 A travel case is included which, considering the price, may be worth the price of admission on its own (you also get a 3.5mm and microUSB cables).

And for those studying for the Headphones SAT and Achievement tests, the full model name of this is A3031011b 🙂

Thursday: BeyerD Amiron Home, refurb Audio Technicas, Etc

The Thursday February 4 in 2021 daily deals have gone headphone-crazy!

We start at the NewEgg daily deals where we have multiple options:

+ refurbished Sony XB-650-BT “Extra Bass” bluetooth overons for $25

+ Save the FLACs: 10TB WD Elements USB 3.0 desktop HDD for $160 after coupon

+ and the star of the day, the new condition open-back over-ear Beyerdynamic Amiron Home with Tesla technology going for $369 after promo code 93XQF89 entered in the shopping cart
+ sold and shipped by NewEgg itself

Next up we visit the Best Buy dailies where Skullcandy has their Indy Evo truly-wireless on offer for $40…

Last but not least, Woot has another Random Audio sale among their Thursday daily deals with a total of 20 options including:

+ five reburbished Audio Technicas from the ATH series including models from “Solid Bass” (WS-660-BT-BRD for $62) and “Sonic Fuel” and QuietPoint

+ JVC LIVE 650-BT-NC ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $120

+ B&O BeoPlay E8 truly-wireless for $70

+ Klipsch Reference speaker wireless options

+ AmazonBasics 80W bookshelf pair of speakers for $50

+ A/V components from Pioneer, Klipsch, Vizio

+ bluetooth speakers and “suitcase turntable” too

Monday: refurbished Airpods PRO TW for $200

Apple created some current (and more future) confusion with their naming of their over-ear headphones also as Airpods. Just appending the “Max” at the end of the name is not enough for quick consumer disambiguation. Regardless…

… the headliner of the Monday February 1st, 2021 daily deals at the Best Buy website is the geek-stink-breath (TM Green Day) aka Geek Squad refurbished Airpods PRO truly-wireless going for $200 in the white color scheme with a 90-day warranty…