Now shipping: Sennheiser HD620S Closed-Back

What if Sennheiser made a closed-back headphone in the HD-6 series? Well, they did, and it is now in-stock and shipping for its starting price of $350 at B&H Photo and also at Amazon.

There at Amazon you can find it in “Used – Like New” condition for $300 by marketplace seller “Video & Audio Center” (California chain of A&V B&M stores).

Sunday: Sennheiser Accentum ANC/BT Over-Ears for $170 AC

Good until Sunday May 19 in 2024 at 11:59pm eastern time, B&H Photo is offering as one of their deals du jour the new condition Sennheiser Accentum ANC/BT wireless closed-back over-ear headphones for $170 after automatically-applied add-to-cart coupon. The headphones are available in two color options.

Why buy these over the many other hundreds of options? There’s plenty of forums, blogs, vlogs and such to answer these questions 🙂

Sunday: Sennheiser HD560S for $130

And we are baaaaack with a limited time deal, good until 5/5/24 at 11:59pm eastern time [or earlier if it sells out], B&H Photo is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 560 S headphones for $130.

PS: under the “Accessories” tab over there you can find many ideas on how to complement it, eg $8 Apple Lightning headphone adapter.

Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee for $139 w/FS

For a limited time only, Massdrop is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee for $139 with free US shipping. They currently offer free standard US shipping on orders of $99+.

As to which Sennheiser to get, and/or which open back to get, there are hundreds upon hundreds of threads and blogs and vlogs and videos on the interwebs 🙂

Sennheiser HD 650 for $250

One could write a small book trying to sort out the various Sennheiser open-back over-ear headphones. IF of ALL the options out there you have settled on the wired open-back over-ear HD 650, it is currently, for a limited time, on sale for $250 at B&H Photo thanks to an automatic “add to cart” type of a discount.

Speaking of B&H and Sennheiser, a number of other Sennheisers are on sale as well, including the HD 560S going for $150 (same price at Amazon as well).

Sennheiser HD 280 PRO w/$10GC for $79

For a limited time only, B&H Photo is offering the new condition wired closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 280 PRO studio headphone for $79 with a bonus $10 B&H Photo email gift card! Yes, this good old headphone refuses to go away 🙂

Black Friday Doorbusters at Massdrop: HD58X for $129, HE4XX for $149, Etc

Black Friday daily Doorbusters have arrived at the Massdrop website and swimming in the sea of mechanical keyboards we have some HEADPHONES:

+ open-back over-ear wired Sennheiser HD 58x Jubilee for $129

+ Drop + Hifiman HE4XX planar magnetics for $149

+ Drop + EPOS H3X gaming headset for $45

+ site-wide bonus rewards depending on the purchase amount, eg $250+ gets $25 rewards, $500+ gets $50, $750+ gets $100
+ this is not a percentage, it is a tier/threshold type of thing

+ new doorbusters added daily at 9am pacific until Cyber Monday

Sennheiser HD 650 for $250 [limited time offer]

It’s a Feast Of Choices in open-back Sennheiser headphones these days. If of all the choices out there you have settled on the HD 650, good until Saturday 11/18/23 at 11:59pm eastern (or earlier if sold out), B&H Photo is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 650 headphones for $250 after an “add to cart” type of an instant coupon (no need to type anything in).

Note that B&H observes the Sabbath, so online ordering is paused between Friday PM and Saturday PM – check their website for the exact times.

Sennheiser at Big Prime Days includes 599 SE Open and 450BT SE Closed for $80 each

From the audiophile perspective, the headliner of the headphone deals during Prime Big Deal Days running October 10 and 11 in 2023 is a 16-item Sennheiser headphone sale that includes:

+ HD 599 SE open over-ears for $80
+ HD 600 open over-ears for $285
+ HD 660 S2 open over-ears for $427

+ HD 450BT Special Edition bluetooth over-ears for $80
+ HD 450BT Bluetooth over-ears for $95
+ Momentum 4 Bluetooth wireless for $300
+ RS 175 RF-wireless for $171

+ various truly wireless (obviously!)

B&H Photo two-day BILD Expo sale with 170+ options

New York City’s iconic B&H Photo store is celebrating 50 years in business and as part of the festivities they are having a two-day special sale running until Thursday 9/7/23 at 11:59pm ET.

The sale includes 170+ headphones including the very popular with the iSheeple AirPods MAX for $480 [MAX = over-ears in Apple speak].

In terms of the general population, the headliner is the new condition BOSE 700 UC ANC/BT with USB bluetooth module going for $249. Remember, if you are an audiophile, Beats and Bose, they break my bones 🙂

On the more audiophile front, the sale includes:

+ V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless (Rolling Stones) for $100

+ HEDD Air Motion Transformer for $1499

+ FOSTEX T60RP RP Stereo for $250 after clip-on coupon

+ Audeze LCD-XC closed planar kit with the Grace m900 headphone amp for $1763.10

+ there’s also a BIG Sennheiser sale with fifteen options that includes the HD400S closed over-ears for $50, the famous open-backs HD600 and HD650 and HD660 S2 for $300 and $400 and $500 respectively, the open HD599 Ivory for $120, the IE600 and IE900 IEMs for $600 and $1200 respectively, and various others, including of course bluetooths.

+ Astell & Kern AK ZERO1 Universal In-Ear Monitors with 3.5mm Cable for $529

Massdrop Coupon: $20 off $100+ gets you HE-R7DX for $79, HD-58X for $130, HD-6xx for $180, HD-560S for $200

Oh dear, we have fallen behind on our postings! But we have a round-up type of a post today!

First up, the Massdrop website has launched a $20 off coupon on orders of $100+, coupon code WHATSYOURMAJOR entered over there. This runs until 8/27/23.

This drops [no pun intended, really!] the HD-6XX to $180, the HD-58X Jubilee to $130, the HD-560S to $200, the HE-R7DX closed to $79 (if you buy something else that costs $1+ to get the pre-coupon order total to $100+) and so on.

The aforementioned headphones are all listed and featured in the coupon promotional page.

There’s other headphones as well, along with earphones, DAC/amps, headphonalia accessories, keyboardalia of course, and such. Remember, if you want accessories that cost under $100 each, you can still use the coupon code if your order total is over $100, eg multiple units of the same accessory, or different accessories, or accessories + headphone or keyboard, and such. Any combination that gets your order total to $100+ in eligible items!

Monoprice coupon ends today!
Monoprice too is running a limited time coupon code on select audio products (those listed in the aforelinked promotional page), use BIG30 to get 30% off on orders of $50+. Coupon ends 8/17/23 at 11:59pm pacific.

OOPS, I just realized I posted this coupon earlier in August 🙂

As usual, their shopping cart decides on which products quality. The listed products include some of their bluetooth headphones, Monolith DAC/amps, the M1070C planars, and such.

Monolith Speakers sale
A separate promotion, for a limited time, kinda their deals of the day/week or so, they have three Monolith speakers on sale, with the all-important free standard US shipping, because unlike headphones, speakers weigh more than a few grams 🙂

+ Monolith Encore T5 Tower Speaker for $90
+ one speaker

+ Monolith Encore B5 Bookshelf Speaker for $50
+ one speaker

+ Monolith Audition T4 Tower Speaker for $130
+ one speaker

Prime Day 2023 is here with surprise Sennheiser hot offers!

Prime Day 2023 is here and there are five pages of Headphone deals including the usual suspects of popular with consumer options like Bose, Beats, Sony, AirPods and such.

But the big surprise of the day is a Big Sennheiser SALE including:

+ open over-ear HD 560S for $150

+ open over-ear HD 600 for $283~

+ open over-ear HD 660 S2 for $400

+ open over-ear HD 599 SE for $80

+ closed over-ear HD 450 SE Bluebooths for $80

+ also various truly-wireless and a couple of RF-series TV headphones

+ IE 200 In-Ears for $100

+ to purchase most of the offers above, you must be a Prime Member, thus the Prime Day name
+ if you want to buy any of these offers, fear not, you can jump in and buy anything you want as long as you start a 30-DAY free TRIAL of Prime!

Sennheiser HD 400S Closed Over-Ears for $50

If you are a fan of thicc earpads, the closed-back over-ear wired Sennheiser HD 400 S are on sale for $50 at various authorized dealers until 5/20/23 or earlier if sold out, including Adorama and B&H Photo and various at Amazon

I haven’t seen or touched this particular model, but we have here a text and pictures unboxing of an older model, the HD 4.20 S 🙂

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Over-Ears for $116

While the hype machine is revving up for the new HD 660 S2 [see our in-stock alert], Sennheiser is also quietly giving practical discounts on some of its other open-back headphones. Case in point, the new condition HD 599 over-ears in the ivory color-scheme is going for almost $116 at Amazon by Amazon actual, with up to three per customer.

It looks like this may be a price-match of a marketplace seller, but that’s just my speculation…

Now shipping: Sennheiser HD 660 S2

Hide your e-wallets! IF you cannot wait to get your head and hands and ears on this, the highly anticipated Sennheiser HD 660 S2 open-back over-ears wired headphone is here, at the early adopter price of $600 AND more importantly it is currently in-stock and shipping at its starting price of $600 at Amazon and at B&H Photo

Why this and why at this price over the many other options out there? This question has been answered, is currently being answered, and will also be getting answered in the future, just check your favorite audio forums, blogs, YouTubes and social media!

Sennheiser HD 560 S Open Over-Ears for $146

Speaking of the Sennheiser open-backs, let’s revisit them, if it’s the HD 560 S the one you want, it is currently going for $146 by a trio of sellers at the Amazon website, including Amazon herself and World Wide Stereo.

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Over-Ears for $299

IF of all the Sennheiser open-back headphones it is the HD 650 the one you want, in new condition, it is on sale for a limited time for $299 at Adorama as one of their daily deals…

Why this and not the other HD options from Sennheiser or from Hifiman or from any of the other makers? well, there many and more forum threads and comment sections discussing this ab eterno 🙂

Sennheiser BF sale includes HD 560S for $150

The Sennheiser sale at Amazon includes many well-known non-Massdrop Sennheiser headphones, from the consumer and Momentum but also the open-back tiers! Among them you can find the plushy earpad HD-400S for $50, the open-back HD 599 SE for $90, some bluetooths, some earphones and TWs and also *drum roll* the open-back HD 560S for $150…

You can also find the HD560S for $150 at other authorized dealers such as B&H Photo and also at Adorama

Sennheiser HD25 SE Closed On-Ears for $100

Sennheiser time at the Amazon Black Friday, a little bit of a deep cut type of a headphone. It is the new condition Sennheiser HD25 Special Edition going for $100. This is a closed-back wired on-ear headphone of course.

Massdrop launched their own Prime deals (HD-8XX for $899, Etc)

Not to be outdone by Amazonia, Massdrop has launched their own Prime deals which include, among others:

+ Sennheiser HD-6XX for $219
+ yes, you could have had this for $199 pre-COVID, but unless you have a time-machine…

+ Sennheiser HD-8XX for $899

+ because a simple dongle is for the plebs!

+ Audio Technica AD-500X open over-ears for $69
+ yes, there are other open-back options under $100, it’s not just Sennheiser, Philips and Grado

+ SMSL SH-8s amplifier for $130

+ BeyerDee MMX 300 Premium gaming headset for $229

+ lots of keyboard-y things

+ find them all at the Massdrop Prime deals

Sennheiser HD 599 SE Open Over-Ears for $100 [Prime]

Want to try out the Sennheiser open-back sound but stay under triple figures? If you are a Prime member, Amazon is offering as part of the Prime Days 2022 festivities the new condition wired open-back over-ears Sennheiser HD 599 SE (black) for $100 with free US shipping. One per customer during this promotion.

Speaking of Prime Deals, Amazon has three pages of headphone offers

Sennheiser HD-58X Jubilee for $149, HD-6XX for $199

Setting aside the philosophical question of “when prices go up, what is really a discount then?”, we have two of the much-discussed Sennheiser affordable wired open-back over-ears on sale at Massdrop!

We start with the biggest star of them all, the the HD-6XX headphone going “down” to $199 with free US shipping with a 2-year manufacturer warranty. Per the listing this is made in Romania. Thankfully it’s an “in-stock drop” so it should be in about two business day after your purchase/payment!

Same as above on the logistics and shipping is the “deputy” the HD-58X Jubilee dropping down to $149 with free US shipping and free returns.

You could even buy them both for about the price of a Bose/Beats/Sony ANC/BT hype headphone 🙂

Optionally Massdrop offers an optional 3-year Drop warranty with Accidental Coverage for +$40 and +$30 respectively.

Sennheiser HD 599 SE Black Open Over-Ears for $180

The ivory version of the Sennheiser HD 599 wired open-back over-ear is on general sale for $150 at authorized dealers such as B&H Photo BUT if you prefer the black Special Edition, it is on sale as part of the Prime Days festivities for $180 at Amazon by Amazon, up to three per customer at the sale price…

Friday: Sennheiser RS 195 RF Over-Ears for $300

Best Buy has Friday Sennheiser on their mind! As one of their Friday 6/10/22 daily deals, they are offering the new condition over-ear closed-back RF wireless Sennheiser RS 195 RF headphones for $300 with free US shipping.

These are not bluetooth! They come with a charging/transmitted base, and the HDR 195 headphones/receiver. Cables and power adapters are included along with 2 AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

They no longer use Kleer technology in their RF-wireless headsets…

Open-box Sennheiser HD 650 for $249 + S&H

If you are a fan of open-box headphones, Sennheiser’s good old wired open-back over-ear HD 650 is offered in open-box condition for $249 plus shipping (starts around $10) at ADorama’s website. Per the listing this only ships to US addresses…

Needless to say, plenty has been written about the HD 600, 650, 6XX, the 5-series, and the competitors from other manufacturers, so the search-engine is your friend if interested in various trade-offs and comparisons.

Massdrop 10-Year April Anniversale (17 options)

Party on Wayne! It is April 20! And what a coincidence, Massdrop is having their 10-Year April Anniversale featuring 17 Massdrop-X co-branded headphones, three of which are IEMs and four are gaming headsets.

Of the audiophile over-ears, they have Dan Clark Aeons, Sennheiser HD-XXX options, Hifiman planars, and one each from Focal, BeyerDee and Senor Speakers (aka Mr Speakers)…

The IEMs are Noble, Grell and JVC…

This is a limited time offer…

PS: “anniversale” is a shortcut for “Anniversary Sale” 🙂

Monday: Anker, Razer, Sennheiser TW

Anker is back for Monday 3/14/22 with an Amazon Gold Box sale featuring a soccer team (eleven) of their products, a mix of over-ear ANC/bluetooths and truly-wireless with prices ranging from $60 to $97. Too many to list here individually…

Then at the Woot daily deals, under “Clearance” they have the new condition Razer Nari Essential Wireless 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset: THX Spatial Audio for $40… Note that these ship in the (theoretically and hopefully) more environmentally-friendly frustration-free packaging, not the retail packaging…

Finally among the BEst BuY DaiLy DeaLz for 3/14/22 they offer the new condition Sennheiser Momentum 2 truly-wireless for $190…

Thursday: Sennheiser HD 458BT ANC/BT Over-Ears for $80, Etc

Best Buy strikes back with their Thursday daily deals where one of the “Bonus” deals of the day is the new condition closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 458BT ANC/bluetooth headphones in the black/red “exclusive” color scheme going for $80 with free US shipping and extended returns.

Thankfully this is USB-C and bluetooth 5.0, with AAC and apt-X and also supports apt-X Low Latency for those who like to watch videos. It includes a carry case, and it averages 4.1 out of 5 based on nearly 400 customer reviews over there.

Staying at the Best Buy dailies linked above, they have the Jabra Elite 85t truly wireless for $140.

Another day, another budget truly-wireless at the NewEgg dailies, they have the MPOW M12 going for around $12 with free US shipping. And they are USB-C 🙂

The above offers are good for Thursday December 23 in 2021…

In-Stock Now: The New Sennheiser HD 400 PRO Open-Back Studio headphones

Sennheiser can’t quit the “400” number it seems 🙂 They have announced and it is already released, in-stock and ready to ship at Adorama for $250 is their new open-back (yes, OPEN BACK) studio headphone, the “HD 400 PRO”!

It comes with two cables (one straight, one coiled) and the usual 2-year Sennheiser warranty. No bags or carrying case in the official kit…

PS: not to be confused with the existing closed-back HD 400S over-ear headphones…

Tuesday: Sennheiser CX 2.00i stubby IEMs for $15

If you are looking for low-priced yet name-brand earphones and you want the iOS 3-button configuration (with a 3.5mm connector, not Lightning), good until 11/30/21 at 11:59pm eastern time, New York’s finest B&H Photo is offering the new condition Sennheiser CX 2.00i stubby IEMs for $15 with free US shipping.

You can buy as many as you want. They average 4.2 out of 5 based on 83 customer reviews. The only included accessory is extra eartip sizes. Yet despite the price, you still get a 2-year warranty.

Sennheiser HD 400S Closed Over-Ears for $50

If you are looking for a budget closed-back headphone with nice thick earpads and detachable cable, then $50 is what it takes to get the new condition wired closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 400S at authorized dealers such as Amazon and the official online Sennheiser store and B&H Photo and Adorama

I haven’t seen or touched the HD 400S, but I’ve had an older version, the HD 4.20S, here’s our text and pictures unboxing of that… Sadly the HD 4.20S cable was NOT detachable. So Sennheiser can learn over time 🙂

Sennheiser PC-37X gaming headset for $95

More Sennheiser x Massdrop action, also part of their Black Friday festivities, you can have the new condition wired Sennheiser PC-37X gaming headset for $95 with the usual 2-year manufacturer warranty and an early December 2021 shipment estimate…

$180 your Sennheiser choice: HD 6XX or HD 560S

It is good to have options! As part of the Black Friday festivities, Massdrop is having a sale on a couple of wired open-back over-ear options for $180 each!

One option is their “own” Sennheiser HD 6XX and the other option is the generally available Sennheiser HD 560S

Or you can buy them both and spend in the rest of 2022 writing comparison posts on reddit and headfi and Zeosfi and such 😉

The HD 560S goes for $180 elsewhere as well, BUT if your Massdrop order total is $250+, you can earn a $20 promotional bonus as part of their Black Friday bonus promotion

EU: Sennheiser HD 599 Open Over-Ears for 91 euro

For those in the EU, and those who can favorably shop from the EU, for a limited time, as part of the Black Friday festivities, Amazon Germany is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 599 headphones for 91 euro with free shipping in Germany and friends. Otherwise you pay flat shipping plus the weight of the shipped product…

This is the black SE variant, not the ivory color scheme…

Sennheiser HD 8XX Open Over-Ears down to $949

As part of the Black Friday festivities, Massdrop is giving a healthy discount to their Sennheiser co-flagship. That’s right, for a limited time, $949 gets you the new condition wired open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 8XX headphones. This is based on the “HD 800 S” and made in Germany as well.

Massdrop offers 30 day returns (from the day of delivery) for both US and international shoppers. It comes with a 2-year warranty. It is estimated to ship on December 1st (in 2021)…