Sony MDR-7506 Studio Headphones for $70

IF you add to have this to your collection [or replace worn out copies], as a benchmark of sorts, good for the next three days or so, you can have the new condition wired closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-7506 studio headphones for $70 at Woot. These are new condition, up to ten pairs per customer, with a 90-day Sony warranty. A drawstring pouch is included. These come with a hardwired coiled cable. No mic/remote, but a 1/4″ adapter is included.

These are part of a Woot Plus headphone sale good until 11/4/23 at 12am central time. It includes the Philips L3 for $100, B&O Play, Lenovo Yoga, Philips H9505 ANC, a Skullcandy ANC, and a couple of more items.

Refurbished Philips X3 open-back for $80 [no balanced cable]

These are open to all customers, they are not part of the Prime Deals!

If you don’t need the balanced cable and you are comfortable with refurbished headphones, the open-back over-ear wired Philips Fidelio X3 is offered for $80 by PhotoTech on Amazon. Per the customer reviews there, the balanced cable is NOT included in the refurbished package, even though the listing says it is included!

IF you want the balanced cable, the new condition Philips X3 is offered by Amazon actual for $140.

OR you can get the Philips SHP-9600 that hovers around $70 (depending on seller) in new condition OR around $50 as refurbished

Philips X3 Open Over-Ears for $140

This offer is open to all Amazon customers! A 3rd-party seller (Phototech) is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ears Philips Fidelio X3 for $140 with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping.

Amazon’s own price is higher. Phototech is a frequent seller of the Fidelio line.

As to which one of the Fidelio X-series headphones to get, or whether to get them, well, head on over to your favorite headphoolia websites, forums, blogs and vlogs for never-ending discussions 🙂

Philips X3 Open Over-Ears for $150

If of all the open-back dynamic over-ear headphones it is the Philips X3 the one you want, you can get it, in new condition, for a limited time, for $150 at the Amazon website, sold by marketplace seller PhotoTech and the order fulfilled by Amazon (eligible for the Prime shipping benefits).

Why this and not one of the many other open-back headphones? Well, that’s why headphone forums exist 🙂

Philips Open-Back Sales (multilpe options)

Partaking in the Black Friday festivities is Philips with some of their open-back headphones at the Amazon website. Prices are as of the time of writing of this blog-post, and as always (and as with everything in life), they are subject to change at any time and for any reason 🙂

+ three models on the same listing:
++ SHP-9500 for $63~
++ SHP-9600MB for $75
++ SHP-9600 for $85

+ Fidelio X2HR for $125
+ on the same listing, Fidelio L2 for $64

+ renewed Fidelio X3 for $105 by marketplace seller (not Amazon proper) for $105
+ customer reviews say this renewed option does NOT include the balanced cable

+ new condition Fidelio X3 from the usual suspects (“Phototech”) for $155
+ “USED – Like New” from “Phototech” direct for $100

This last one is not open-back, but I didn’t want to create a separate post for it, it’s the new condition Fidelio L3 ANC/BT over-ears going for $150.

Monday: refurbished Philips X3 Open Over-Ears for $100

Good until Monday 11/7/22 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out) there’s a Philips Audio sale at Woot that includes, surprise-surprise, the factory reconditioned open-back over-ear wired Philips Fidelio X3 for $100 plus flat shipping (or free S&H for Prime members). It comes with a 90-day Woot warranty. Up to three pairs per customer.

If you are reading this in the future after the sale expired, and this hasn’t sold out, chances are it will be cycled/recycled in various other Woot Plus or daily deals until it is eventually depleted…

Tuesday: Philips PH-805, Bose Soundlink II, Sony WF-1000X M4

Woot is back with a second day of tech deals. and once again, they have headphones in them, including:

+ Philips PH-805 ANC/BT over-ears for $55

+ Bose Soundlink II bluetooth over-ears for $125, two color options

+ Grade A refurbished Sony WF-1000X M4 truly-wireless for $145

+ Lenovo truly wireless for $12

+ Philips T1 ANC PRO+ truly wireless for $150

+ Klipsch and other speakers

Philips SHP-9600 Open Over-Ears for $68 [Prime]

You have another option for under $100 open-back wired over-ear headphones that is also on sale as part of the Prime 2022 festivities, it is the Philips SHP-9600, a follow-up to the now legendary SHP-9500 [we have a text and pictures unboxing of it here, five years ago!)…

Speaking of Philips open-back, their Fidelio X3 is also on sale as part of the Prime festivities for $135 with free US shipping…

Monday: refurbished Philips Open-Backs: SHP-9500 for $45, X2-HR for $80, X3 for $105

If you are a fan of refurbished headphones and you want to try out some of the much-discussed wired Philips open-back over-ears, you have until Monday at 6/6/22 at 11:59pm central, or earlier if sold out, to grab them as part of this Woot Philips Audio sale:

+ refurbished SHP-9500 for $45

+ refurbished X2-HR for $80

+ refurbished X3 for $105

+ with a 1-year Philips warranty!

+ up to three per model per customer

WE HAVE HERE, a text and pictures unboxing from five years ago (!!! how time files) of the SHP-9500S. You can’t go wrong with this one for $45!

Tuesday: random audio sale with headphones

Good until literally the end of the month (5/31/22 at 11:59pm central time – or earlier if sold out) it is the return of the 19th variant of the Random Audio sale that features 13 audio products including these headphones:

+ Sony WH-1000X-M4 ANC/BT over-ears for $259

+ Philips on-ear ANC/BT closed-back for $55

+ 2pk of Sony basic earphones for $14

+ B&O BEOplay E8 truly-wireless for $250

+ KEF, Polk and JBL speakers
+ Samsung soundbar
+ Victrola suitcase vinyl player

Philips Open-Back Over-Ears: SHP-9500 for $60, SHP-9600 for $73

On the other hand, if you are looking for double-figures open-back over-ear headphones, two of the Philips models are currently on sale at Amazon. The SHP-9500 goes for $60, while the SHP-9600 goes for $73~…

These are sold by marketplace seller “Phototech” with the orders fulfilled by Amazon…

We have at this blog, from five years ago (!), a text and pictures unboxing of the SHP-9500S model. Sadly I didn’t keep these. I should have kept them! SAD!

Sunday: BeyerD Gaming, Presonus Studio Kit, Etc

As promised, NewEGG is having a back to back Beyerdynamic sale at their daily deals featuring the Custom Game Interactive gaming headset for $140… This is good until 2/6/22 at 11:59pm pacific…

Meanwhile at the Sunday B&H Photo daily deals you can have the Philips BASS+ truly-wireless for $20 with free US shipping…

But we are not done yet! The Musician’s Friend deal of the day (until Monday at 8am ET, or earlier if sold out) is the Presonus AudioBox 96 studio bundle for $150. This includes:

+ HD7 headphones
+ M7 microphone
+ Studio One Artist software
+ AudioBox USB 96 audio/MIDI interface with cable

UPDATE: The Beatles are coming! Among the Sunday kindle daily deals they offer the “The Beatles: The Biography” ebook by Bob Spitz for $5. This is 965 pages and as of the time of writing it averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 722 customer ratings…

EU: Philips X2 Open Over-Ears for 98 euro

Good for the next two days (or so), Amazon Germany itself is offering the new condition wired open-back over-ear Philips X2 headphones for 98 euro, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. This model is sandwiched between the X1 and X3, offering trade-offs of price and value and such…

This is decidedly more expensive at Amazon USA where it goes for $150…

Philips X3 Open Over-Ears for $199

As we previously mentioned, Amazon Germany “wins” the Philips X2 sale price, but for the newer Philips X3, Amazon USA wins as they are offering it for $199 with free US shipping, up to five pairs per customer. This is sold and shipped by Amazon actual. The Amazon Chermany price is 219 euro. As most of you know, a euro is usually 1.1x of a dollar.

EU: Philips Fidelio X2HR/00 Open Over-Ears for 98 euro

Despite its existential adventures, Philips as a headphone maker/branding managed to survive and launch new former hype machine X series open-back headphones.

One of them, the Fidelio X2HR/00 is currently on sale for 98 euro in new condition as part of the Black Friday festivities at Amazon Germany

As of the time of writing, this, along with the previously mentioned Sennheiser HD 599, are sold and shipped by itself, not by iffy marketplace sellers. Up to three pairs per headphone model per customer…

These two are the audiophile headliners that are part of a six headphone sale at Amazon Germany that also includes:

+ Denon D5200 for 369 euro
+ Denon D7200 for 479 euro
+ interestingly these are also model numbers of Nikon DSLR cameras!

+ Philips SHC5200/05 FM wireless for 38 euro

+ Panasonic SC-GN01 Gaming Neck Speaker with Built-in Microphone for 134 euro

Which also raises the question, how close to your ear must the speakers be for it to be considered a headphone and not a speaker? Or is it a hybrid speaker-headphone? 😉

EU: Philips X2HR Open Over-Ears for 100 euro

For those shopping in the unUnited States of Europe, aka The European Onion, aka the European Union, Amazon Germany is having a limited time sale on the new condition open-back over-ear Philips X2HR/00 offered for 100 euro with free shipping in Germany and such…

At the same price, a dueling banjos sale, is the new condition Sennheiser HD 599 open-back over-ears…

Tuesday: BeyerD DT240 w/FOX bundle, V-Moda CF2 CODEX, Etc

Beyer Dynamic returns dynamically [sorry, I couldn’t resist] to the NewEgg daily deals for Tuesday May 25 in 2021 with the DT240 PRO closed-back wired studio headphone bundled with the FOX USB studio microphone, all together for $149 thanks to a limited time promo code…

V-Moda makes a guest appearance in the Best Buy dailies with the new condition Crossfade 2 Wireless CODEX (Rose Gold) going for $250…

And for those shopping in/from the European Onion, a Philips sale at Amazon Germany includes the good old SHP2500/10 corded TV headphones for 18.49 euro-dollars, the Rounds (earbuds with hooks) for 12.49 euro-dollars, and an unspecified on-ear for 22.49 euro dollars…

Philips SHP-9500 Open Over-Ears for $62

The Philips SHP-9500 headphones fell off the hype train, as all headphones do, per the Unified Time-Decay Hype theory that has just been nominated for a Nobel prize 😉

BUT it remains one of the best bang for the buck open-back over-ear options out there! And if you are interested in it, it is currently on sale for $62 with free US shipping by marketplace seller “Phototech” with the order fulfilled by Amazon (shipping from Amazon facilities, gets free 2-day Prime shipping, payment, shipment and returns handled by Amazon, not the marketplace seller)…

And as fate would have it we have a text and picture unboxing of its first cousin, the SHP-9500S on the content side of this blog…

Look at that beautiful L 🙂 Can also work as a troll gift when you want to tell someone they are a …Loser – with that giant L 😉

Philips SHP-9500 for $70, SPH-9600 for $95 (or $100 w/NeeGo mic)

The current Philips headphones stakeholders want to make Philips headphones great again, and supply is increasing in the US market with more retailers featuring them.

Currently in a Woot Plus Gift Under $100 they have the new condition open-back wired over-ear SHP-9500 for $70 with a 1-year warranty (it was $65 at an Amazon featured sale last week), while the SHP-9600 is at $100 but that’s not the best price.

$70 is also the price offered for the 9500 at the Massdrop website but the shipping estimate is late January 2021, and there’s no mention of warranty in the listing…

Parenthesis: just because there’s no mention of warranty in the Massdrop listing, it doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t come with a warranty, BUT if you want to be 100% certain, you have to look for that in the listing or ask Massdrop for an on-the-record answer… Some items sold by Massdrop may be international buys from manufacturers that don’t offer global warranties (import grey market type things)… It would have been nice if Massdrop was upfront with it in the listing, that’s how you build better trust and longer $relationships$ with customers…

Meanwhile the new cousin from suburbia, the open-back wired over-ear SHP-9600, goes for $100 with a FREE NeeGo microphone fulfilled by Amazon, or you can get the headphones only for $95.

Philips SHP-9600 Open Over-Ears down to $100

The Philips open-back over-ear wired headphones are now expanding their reach in the US market. They have arrived at the B&H Photo website and during the Black Friday season, they have been discounted as follows:

+ SHP-9600 (latest model) down to $100

+ good old SHP-9500 down to $80
+ we have a text and pictures unboxing of it here

+ Philips X2 (previous generation) down to $145

Philips X3 Open Over-Ears for $199

The revitalized Philips is pushing forward with new products, and one of them is the open-back over-ear wired X3 headphone, the continuation of the line that began with the good old X1. As of the time of writing the X3 is down to $199 with free US shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual

The revitalized Philips also “revitalized” their prices upwards, angering some fans who got used to the good old SHP-9500 pricing. But I’m guessing Philips saw the crazy prices on some of the hype headphones du jour on Head-Fi and elsewhere and mayhaps they decided they want some of that too 🙂

Philips SHP-9500 resurfaces at …Massdrop!

It’s the return of an old hype-darling as Philips is getting re-invigorated with its new masters. That’s right, the open-back over-ear wired Philips SHP-9500 is now on-offer at Massdrop for $70. This is the standard version, not a Massdrop customization. The offer runs for the next seven days [as of the time of writing] and it is expected to ship in early January 2021, so patience is definitely a virtue, and it obviously won’t get here/there before Christmas 🙂

Plenty has been written about this and its SHP-9500S cousin. Here we have a text and pictures un-boxing of the cousin, which is pictured below…

[DEAD] EU deal: Open Over-Ear Philips X2HR/00 for 112 euro

UPDATE: as of 10/14/20 recheck, this offer is dead in that the lowest price shown is $200~ and Amazon’s own offering is gone, so there is some hope it may return if it got pulled for some reason. The fact that Amazon’s own price hasn’t gone up is a little bit hopeful 🙂

Philips has “reactivated” as they have also launched the X3 which currently goes for $250 at Amazon USA, but if you are looking for the previous generation X2HR, it goes for 113 euro at Amazon Germany

The 112 euro is an “organic” price, it is not a Prime day deal, so anyone can buy it…

Philips SHP-9600 Open Over-Ears for $103 for Primes

If you are dying to try out the new Philips SHP-9600 [yes, the follow-up to the legendary 9500], and if you are a Prime member [or willing to start a new 30-day free trial] they are offering the new condition SHP-9600 over-ears for $103 with free US shipping thanks to a Prime-only discount…

On the other hand, if you are not sold on the new model and must needs get the previous generation, the SHP-9500 is sold by a marketplace seller (fulfilled by Amazon) for $80.

We have here at this blog a text and pictures un-boxing of the SHP-9500S, which sadly, though a mistake of my own, I no longer have 🙁

PS: for more Prime Days deals, check our on-going round-up here at this blog…

Sunday: lots of headphones on sale at Amazon Germany

EU shoppers, get your wallets ready! Amazon Germany is having a headphone sale as part of their Sunday daily deals. A total of 22 options are participating, a mix of different types. I’m breaking them down by type:

+ Pioneer S9 bluetooth over-ears for 115 euro
+ Pioneer SE-S3-BT bluetooth on-ears for 44 in different colors
+ Pioneer foldable basic on-ears for 12 euro in different colors
+ Pioneer SE-M521 closed over-ears for 21 euro (with AKG-style headband)

+ Philips BH-305-BK/00 closed on-ears for 60 euro
+ Philips SH-402-BK/00 bluetooth over/on-ears for 40
+ Philips SHK-2000-PK/OO kids headphones with volume control for 14 euro

+ Philips truly wireless for 61 euro

+ Pioneer SE-CH9-T(K) wired in-ears for 70 euro
+ Panasonic RP-TCM-130-E wired in-ears for 10 euro in different colors
+ Pioneer basic wired in-ears for 12 euro in different colros

+ Libratone neckband-style bluetooth earphones for 119 euro

+ Philips UN-102-BK/00 bluetooth necklace-style earphones for 12 euro

+ Pioneer SE-E5T (23 euro) and SE-E7T (53 euro) bluetooth exercise necklace-style earphones

+ Pioneer splashproof wired exercise earphones with earhooks for 13 euro

The sale ends at 11:59pm Amazon Germany time which is six hours ahead of eastern (New York time) if my Time Lord Calculator is correct 😉

Friday: Skullcandy Crusher ANC/BT for $200, B&W Speakers, Etc

The headphone parade continues for Friday 6/12/20 as well at the Best Buy deals du jour with the new condition Skullcandy Crusher ANC/bluetooth over-ear combo headphone that goes for $200. The battle for this popular consumer headphone rages on at all price points!

Also there at Best Buy there’s a sale on select Bowers & Wilkens [no relation to Dominique Wilkins?] speakers with eight options and prices ranging from $560 to $800. Already one of the eight options has sold out…

And now to the single-figure budget side of things, one of the Woot deals du jour is the new condition TIMMKOO wired in-ears going for $9.99 with up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price and a 90-day Woot warranty…

The NewEGG daily basket continues to have headphones although this one may be a bit of a rotten egg based on the nine customer reviews over there. It is the Philips SHB-2505-BK/00 UpBeat truly wireless for $33…

EU: Philips X2 HR/00 Open Over-Ears for 120 euro

For the European-ly inclined, for a limited time [not a gold box lightning deal] Amazon Germany actual is offering the new condition open-back over-ear Philips X2 HR/00 headphones for 120 euro, with a limit of two pairs per customer…

With the X2 prices going down and the good old SHP-9500* prices going up, the X2 may not be a bad idea. As of the time of writing, they average 4.6 out of 5 based on 1080+ customer ratings over there.

Thursday: JBL, Anker, Klipsch, Philips, Culture V1

UPDATE: the Musician’s Friend deal of the day good until Friday at 8am ET is the new condition Culture V1 ANC + bluetooth over-ears for $80 with free US shipping… Not to be confused with the Culture book series by Iain Banks 🙂

The streak of headphones in high profile retailer daily deals continue for Thursday 6/4/20 as well with this lot:

+ among the NewEGG offers they have the new condition Philips SHB-5950-BK/27 neckband bluetooth earphones for $16.50, although the reviews are in the 3 out of 5 range…
+ also at NewEgg, a pair of Klipsch CB-5 Bookshelf speakers for $70, and a CC-5 Center Speaker for $60

+ among the Best Buy offers is the JBL LIVE 400BT closed-back bluetooth on-ears for $60

+ and at Amazon Germany it’s the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 PRO truly-wireless for 100 euro
+ Anker really needs to optimize their model naming scheme ~ too many words and the thing that changes gets lost in the railroad!

Monday: Philips SE-CL5BT ClipWear bluetooth earphones for $14.50 w/FS

Good until Monday 5/4/20 at 11:59pm pacific time (or earlier if sold out) is a new kind of exercise bluetooth earphone, it has a built-in clip, which also allows for a larger battery (estimated power of eight hours) it is the Philips SE-CL5BT Clipwear with IPX4 rating going for $14.49 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual

PS: the sale price begins at 3am ET on 5/4/20. No promo code needed. NewEgg teases their next-day daily-deals a couple of hours before they go live, that’s why I’m posting it before it went live 🙂

PS: this is an actual clip that clips on to clothes and such. Not to be confused with the KOSS Clip-ONs. Speaking of which, after many years, the left side of my Clip-ONs no longer works 🙁 Time to buy a couple of the Massdrop versions ~ when they come back in-stock that is…

UPDATE: speaking of daily deals, Woot is offering the new condition Jabra Evolve 75 MS bluetooth on-ears for $140 with free shipping for Prime members (or $6 flat). It includes a charging stand and a 90-day Woot warranty…

Wedn: Focal Sphear S In-Ears for $40, Etc

Earphones is the name of the game for the Wednesday 4/29/20 daily deals today, starting with Woot offering the new condition Focal Sphear S in-ears for $40, in the black color scheme, in new condition but with a 90-day Woot warranty. Free shipping only for Prime members…

Two earphones are offered in the Wednesday NewEgg daily deals as follows:

+ Apple Airpods (2nd generation) for $127.50

+ Philips Upbeat bluetooth earphones for $12

Friday: Timmkoo $13 earphones, iPod Touch (6th Gen), Philips DeepSleep

Friday March 13 in 2020 is a little bit lucky in that a couple of retailers have daily deals on headphone-related products as follows:

At Woot Clearance, they offer the new condition TimmKkoo in-ears for $13 with free shipping for Prime members or $5 flat shipping. You have choices too, they are available as wired, in a conventional necklace-style cable, or wireless with an earhook (the exercise style type). The price is the same regardless of option and they have black and red color schemes available. The wired have a 3-button remote/mic and come with some accessories too. They average 4.2 out of 5 based on 60+ customer reviews at Amazon (per Woot’s website)…

Then at Electronics::Woot, they have new condition 6th Generation iPod Touch music players with prices ranging from $165 (32GB) to $220 (128GB). Keep in mind that iPods don’t have a microSD slot, so if you are fond of downloading lots of files or using high-res files on-device…

And among the “new age” headphones, the headliner deal of the day at the Best Buy website is the new condition Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep headband-style headphone going for $260. It averages 3.3 out of 5 based on 19 customer reviews, so read up on it before buying for sure!

Philips X2HR Open Over-Ears down to $100

The popularity of the ANC/bluetooth combos mayhaps has a blessing in disguise benefits for fans of wired headphones ~ it “encourages” sellers and manufacturers to offer more competitive prices. Mayhaps this (and/or other reasons) has now dropped the price of the new condition open-back over-ear Philips X2HR to $100 with free shipping by Amazon actual

Fans in the EU can either tempt the trans-atlatic trip or get it for 119 euro from Amazon Germany (with up to five per customer). With the euro being stronger than the dollar, the difference is more than 19…

Philips SHP-9500 Open Over-Ears for $55

Don’t stop believing Philips SHP-9500 fans and hunters! As part of the Black Friday festivities, the price of the new condition model is now down to $55 with free shipping with up to five pairs per customer at the sale price by Amazon actual

I don’t have this model but I had the newer “S” model of which I posted a useful (IMHO) text and pictures unboxing about 2.5 years ago. At this price, it’s hard to argue against getting it ~ it is not an audiophile panacea but where else can you find comfortable, decent, open-back over-ears for $55?

PS: this sale price is currently “defeating” Ali Express who mayhaps has not yet caught wind of it…

EU: Philips X2HR open over-ears for 119 euro

As part of the Black Friday 2019 festivities, Amazon Germany has dropped the price of the new condition open-back over-ear Philips X2-HR for 119 euro with free shipping in Germany-Austria. Limit up to five units per customer at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown…

Friday: Philips SE CL-502 in-ears for $9

On the utilitarian single-figure front, good for Friday 10/25/19, Newegg is offering as part of its daily deals the new condition Philips SE CL-502 basic in-ears for $9 with free US shipping. Up to three per customer at the sale price.

PS: this has one review, a 1-star review, but it appears to be a confused user, as the complaint is that there is no mic/remote. The spartan listing does not promise that, neither the gallery picture of the packaging has any hints of a mic/remote. But it is also possible that the listing may have been edited or had previously been hijacked by marketplace sellers.