Shure SRH Over-Ears Sale Continues

Some of the Shure SE-series IEM doorbusters expired, but their over-ear headphone sale prices continue (or they have returned since the Black Friday / Cyber Monday) as follows:

+ closed-back SRH 240A for $49

+ closed-back SRH 440 for $79

+ closed-back SRH 840 for $149

+ closed-back SRH 940 for $249 or $219 by “fulfilled by Amazon” sellers

+ open-back SRH 1440 for $249

+ closed-back SRH 1540 for $399

+ open-back SRH 1840 for $399

+ closed-back SRH 750 DJ for $99

Audio Technica Sale: M20X for $39, M30X for $59, M40X for $79

The Audio Technica closed-back over-ear studio-ish headphone line is on sale. The M50x goes for the uninspiring price of $129 (the price of hype I suppose) but the other models are discounted as follows, in new condition, sold and shipped by Amazon actual, with up to ten pairs per model per customer:

+ M20X Closed Over-Ears for $39

+ M30X Closed Over-Ears for $59

+ M40X Closed Over-Ears for $79

+ free shipping and handling

[DEAD] AKG K240 MK II Studio Headphones for $78

This lighting deal expired…

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(OLDER POST) Starts 8pm ET Monday: AKG K240 Studio Sale!

This was only a heads-up. Check the top of the website for the last…

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[DEAD] AKG K240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones for $54

This lightning deal expired…

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Samson SR-850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones for $25 w/FS

It’s back on sale again, the semi-open over-ear unapologetically non-fashion studio-looking Samson SR-850 are going for $25 with free shipping (no minimum purchase required) at No coupon, no rebate, just add to cart and proceed! As usual, this is a limited time sale.

If you are curious about these, we have a useful text and pictures unboxing post. They have a long-ass cable (that’s a technical term), which can be handy if you need it and annoying if you don’t. It’s nice to be tethered to a desktop computer while working but still have a few feet to move around without being worried of yanking the headphones off your head or off the headphone jack 🙂 The cable is non-detachable. There’s no mic/remote. The earpads are not the most comfy, but you can replace them, or make you own … out of socks. That’s one way to scare away other people from using your headphones 🙂

[DEAD] Thursday: Senal SMH-1000 Studio Headphones for $50

This daily deal expired…

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Audio Technica M50X Over-Ears + $30 GC for $129

Amazon is returning to the gift card game, you can get the new condition Audio Technica M50X closed-back over-ears bundled with a $30 plastic Amazon Gift card in a gift-box (those can be handy during the holidays) for $129 with free shipping and handling.

Given how easy it is to spend a $30 gift card at Amazon on things you need/want, that’s like paying $99 for the headphones. Only the black color scheme is eligible for the gift card offer. In the rare occasion where the gift card arrives to your door before the M50x ships from an Amazon facility, you can use the value of the gift card towards the payment of the M50x. That’s because of how Amazon’s accounting splits bundle pricing to prevent return fraud.

Audio Technica ATH-M40x for $79 [updated]

Amazon’s price-match is over but the new condition closed-back over-ear Audio Technica ATH-M40x continue to go for $79 with free shipping at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend.

This sale ended though: OR if you have eBAY gift cards or Bonus Bucks to spent, it is also available by the Musician’s Friend eBAY store for the same price.

[DEAD] Polsen HPC-A30 Closed-Back Over-Ears for $15 w/FS

This Cyber Monday sale expired…

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Sennheiser HD280 for $80, HD380 for $100

The Sennheiser studio duo of closed-back over-ears is on sale as well just in time for the festivities as follows:

+ HD 280 PRO (latest model) for $80 at Amazon actual and Adorama

+ HD 380 PRO for $100 at Amazon actual and Adorama

Audio Technica M30X for $60; M40X for $80

As promised in the Black Friday Ads the closed-back over-ear Audio Technica M30x and M40x headphones are on sale at the Guitar Center group of companies as follows. Guitar Center offers store pickup options, while Musician’s Friend is an online-only entity.

+ M30X for $60 at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

+ M40X for $80 at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

Shure SRH940 for $249, SRH440 for $79, SRH750 DJ for $99

But that’s not all! The Shure discounting continues with more headphones in their line-up. The three mentioned in this post are all closed-back over-ears. The SRH 440 is down to $79, while the silvery SRH 940 is down to $249. Also down are the DJ-tagged SRH 750 DJ going for $99. Even the lesser known model of this line-up, the SRH 240A has a modest discount, going for $49 instead of $59.

Shure SRH840 Closed Over-Ears for $149

The Shure SRH 840 are one of the “actual studio headphones”, closed-back over-ears with features one could use in a studio. And they are on sale at the moment at a variety of authorized and recognizable dealers, which suggests a manufacturer-initiated sale more likely than a price-match. They are currently going for $149 by various at Amazon and by B&H Photo and Musician’s Friend and various thru Walmart and Guitar Center and such.

[DEAD] Tascam TH-200X studio headphones for $20 w/free s&h

UPDATE 11:13pm ET: it looks like the price was too right on this one, it is SOLD OUT as of this update and no longer available for purchase at this price…

Good until 8am ET on Monday (or earlier if sold out), the Musician’s Friend deal of the day are the new condition closed-back over-ear studio-ish Tascam TH-200X headphones offered for $20 with free shipping and handling. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews over there. They remind me of other models in looks, like some CAD-branded, but that’s only based on looks.

[DEAD] Marantz MPH-2 Studio Headphones for $30 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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Used Soundmagic HP-151 Closed Over-Ears for $83

Soundmagic’s new HP-151 closed-back over-ears, following up on the HP-150, currently go for $130 in new condition, sold by a couple of marketplace sellers at that price, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon.

But if you are a more adventurous shopper, you can get them in “Used – Acceptable” condition for $83 [WAS $90~] with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. No details are provided on the condition of this particular listing, so it’s a bit of a pig in a poke, but AWD offers a 30 day return policy in case of troubles or surprises ~ assuming you’ll have the time to put them through the paces during that time.

Open-box NVX XPT-100 Closed Over-Ear Studio headphones for $50 w/free S&H

One of the no-frills closed-back over-ear studio headphones is the NVX XPT-100, and as of the time of writing, there are five units of them available in OPEN BOX condition for $50 with free shipping by Sonix Electronix on eBay.

They have also dropped in new condition (Prime eligible) where they average 4 out of 5 based on 143 customer reviews and they have 38 answered questions.

[DEAD] Used Beyerdynamic DT 1770 for $349 [updated]

As of a 11/16/17 recheck, the used price is up by $100+…

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Sennheiser HD 380 PRO + SLAPPA HD-07 Case for $130 [updated]

The new condition closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 380 PRO headphones currently go for $130 at authorized dealers, but if you happen to also want to get the SLAPPA SL-HP-07 HardBody PRO Headphone Case with it, you can now get it for the same price of $130 with free shipping by “TheCameraBOX” with the orders fulfilled by Amazon.

The case on its own goes for $20 to $30 depending on which seller and what kind of shipping speed you want.

Used Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO for $336+

The new condition closed-back over-ear Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO headphones go for $600 at authorized dealers, but if you want to save some, you can almost cut its price in half by going “Used – Good” condition (repackaged; various cosmetic imperfections) for $336~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual.

The above is the summary view. If you dig into the detailed used listings, you will also find a handful of “Used – Very Good” condition listintg for $357, and some “Used – Like New” for $379~.

So if you don’t need to have it on your ears yesterday, the waiting game may or may not get it to you for a better price. Amazon’s prices sometimes move in mysterious ways, so it’s often more of a YMMV than stock market pricing 🙂

[DEAD] Senal SMH-1200 Studio Headphones for $60

This limited time offer expired…

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Sennheiser HD 280 Closed Over-Ears for $80 [new model]

The Sennheiser HD 280 closed-back over-ear headphones have a minor refresh but they have kept the HD 280 model name, without even adding a II to them. The so called “new model” is on sale, it is going for $80 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. This is a sale, not a lightning deal.

The customer reviews for the new and older models are blended together, so keep that in mind if reading reviews and answered questions.

[DEAD] Sony MDR-7506 Studio Over-Ears for $72 [or $68 w/larger order]

This coupon promotion expired…

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[DEAD] Prime Store Card only: Buy AKG K240, Get $11 statement credit

This promotion for Labor Day 2017 expired…

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[DEAD] Used Sony MDR-7506 for $60 shipped

As of 9/11/17 recheck, this is not available at this price…

If you don’t want to wait for a future sale of the good old Sony MDR-7506 (actual) studio headphones, you can get them in “Used – Excellent Plus” condition for $52.50 plus shipping (starts at $7) at authorized Sony dealer These come with a 30-day return policy and a 90-day warranty by Adorama, so factor that in the price if price-comparing used offerings.

PS: if you don’t see them in the link above, it means they sold-out in used condition. Availability of used inventory varies.

NAD VISO HP50 Studio Headphones for $149

This offer expired: Oh my! The new condition closed-back over-ear NAD VISO HP50 Studio Headphones on sale in the red or white color schemes for $149 by World Wide Stereo. The black color scheme is at the regular price.

World Wide Stereo is a real world B&M A/V dealer in PA.

The red color scheme is also offered for $149 by a marketplace seller (haven’t heard of them before) with the order fulfilled by Amazon where it averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 36 customer reviews. But the different colors are in separate listings at Amazon, so there are 100+ additional customer reviews in the other colors.

AKG K240 Semi-Open Over-Ears for $54

This go on a cyclical sale, the good old AKG K240 Semi-Open Over-Ear Studio Headphones, they are back down to $54 with free shipping at Amazon (Amazon actual and various others) and Musician’s Friend, Fry’s, and through Google Express (in case you have any promotions or gift cards there). Google Express is fulfilling them through Fry’s, so if you are not near a Fry’s, you probably won’t be able to get them at that price (unless you have other local/regional sellers that also offer it for the same price).

These are neo-iconic old school headphones, they average 4.4 out of 5 based on over 1000 customer reviews and have over 130 questions answered.

[DEAD] Wednesday: Audio Technica Sale: M30X for $52, M40X for $74, M50X for $111, Turntables

Wednesday’s offers are over…

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AKAI 50X Closed Over-Ears for $25 [updated]

As of 7/12/17 re-check, the AKAI 50X Closed Over-Ears has increased from $19~ to $25~.

As the stock traders like to say, this is like trying to catch a falling knife. The prices of the AKAI 50X closed-back over-ear studio-ish headphones, aka Audio Technica M50X name-a-likes, keep on dropping! As of the time of writing, you can get them in new condition for the very specific price of $19.43 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit up to three per customer.

This offer is available to everyone, not just Prime members. At this point, one could buy them for accessories and experimentation and cannibalization. They come with two 6-inch cables (coiled and straight), a leatherette pouch, and a 1/4 to 1/8″ adapter. They average 3.5 out of 5 based on 68 customer reviews.

They were going for $26 when I posted the Latest Deals Summary last week.

Used Sennheiser HD7 DJ Closed for $84 + S&H

If you missed them when they were more readily available, and if of all the millions of Sennheiser headphones it is the Sennheiser HD7 DJ Closed Back Over-Ears the one you want, they are available in “Used – Demo” condition for $84 plus shipping (starts at $8 and varies by zipcode) at authorized dealer

PS: their used gear urls have spaces in them which may confuse some web browsers, so you can use this search results link. But note that if/when they sell out, you will no longer see it there.

[DEAD] Tascam TH-300X Studio Headphones for $40 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

The Musician’s Friend Deal of the Day good until 8am ET on Monday (or earlier if sold out) are the new condition closed-back over-ear Tascam TH-300X studio headphones going for $40 with free shipping and handling. They go by other brand names as well.

NVX XPT100 Studio Headphones drip to $76

The closed-back over-ear NVX XPT100 studio headphones have drip-dropped further now, breaking under $80, going for $76 with free shipping with the orders fulfilled by Amazon where they average 4.2 out of 5 based on 130+ customer reviews. They have removable cable and replaceable earpads and headband.

AKG M220 Semi-Open for $50 [MD]

They are back on again! The new condition semi-open over-ear AKG M220 headphones are fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop for $50 with free shipping. These will ship late June 2017. There are eight days left in this offering.

Used Pioneer HRM-5 Closed Over-Ears for $74

While no one was watching, Pioneer launched a new headphone, blessed with both “PRO”, “DJ” and “Studio” marketing, it is the closed-back over-ear folding Pioneer DJ HRM-5. It goes for $100 in new condition but it is available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $75~ or “Used – Like New” for $79~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. There’s one listing for each condition mentioned above by AWD actual.

It has one customer review that has two sentences in it. So plan ahead before you read it 😉 It has detachable cables and detachable pads (since there is a listing for official replacement pads for it, model HC-EP0402).