Welcome to the new Headphone Deals blog

Welcome to our new Headphone Deals blog! This is operating as a sub-domain on our main headphones blog. Here we will feature deals on headphones and related accessories (amps, dacs, cases, etc).

What to Expect

This blog will cover new, refurbished, used, open-box, and everything in-between. New condition items are the default, so it won’t be mentioned in the title or have a WordPress Tag, but it will be mentioned in the blog-post text. Anything that is not new condition will mention its condition (used, refurbished, open-box, etc) in the blog-post title, and in the blog-post text, and it will also have an appropriate WordPress Tag indicating its status.

To prevent wasting space in the blog-post title, we will only mention “+ S&H” if shipping is mandatory for all shoppers. If something has free shipping, or free shipping under some conditions (eg orders over $35 or for Prime members), we won’t mention shipping in the blog-post title to keep things clean. Otherwise every post will have a long and winding title that will clutter things up (even more).

In order to keep things simple and easy, at the moment, for WordPress Tagging purposes, I decided not to divide headphones into open-back and closed-back and in-betweens or over-ear vs on-ear. I may do that in the future, but for now, I want to keep things as simple as possible. Likewise, I won’t create Tags for headphones with or without mic/remote or differentiate between 1-button and 3-button remotes. Again, for the sake of speed and simplicity. If any of these are important enough, please feel free to make a case for them.

I am still trying to figure out on where to draw the line on which headphones to tag as “audiophile”. There are never-ending forum discussions on what on “audiophile”, so it’s tricky business. I may have to write a 5000 word essay in order to explain where I draw the lines 😉

Let us know!

As with every online endeavor, there is always the risk of errors, mistakes, confusion, typos, and the like.

For questions, feedback, ideas, errors, suggestions, problems, and more, please use the online contact form or leave a comment below.