SendyAudio Planar Magnetics for $479 [MD]

New arrival at Massdrop, it’s another planar magnetic headphone with zebra wood housing, tempting both the planar fanclub and the wood fanclub 😉 This new arrival is the new condition SendyAudio AVIA going for $479 with free US shipping.

There is no mention of warranty in the listing. They will ship in late April 2020. Various options are available in the shopping cart for cables and adapters, the options ranging from +$25 to +$199. There’s also an option for a stylish stand (the last picture in the product gallery, picture #15, just press LEFT on the default picture instead of going through all 15 of them) for +$60…

NOTE: as of the time of writing of this blog-post, three more purchases are NEEDED before this offering “unlocks”. There are more than five days left for this to happen…

Used Grado SR80e open-back for $87

The new condition open-back Grado SR80e headphones go for $100 at authorized dealers but if you are okay with used headphones, you can get them for $87~ in “Used – Good” condition at Amazon Warehouse Deals, or $91~ in “Used – Very Good” condition. You can find these in the USED options of the root Amazon listing

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT Bluetooth Over-Ears for $70

If you are looking to spend under $100 for a pair of closed over-ear bluetooth headphones but don’t want to get the many non-audio brand ANC/bluetooth combo options, then for $70 you can get the new condition Sennheiser HD 4.40BT by Amazon actual with a maximum of two pairs per customer at the sale price. They average 4.2 out of 5 based on 5500+ ratings.

NOTE however that this is a Bluetooth 4.0 headphone (might be a deal killer for those with new BT 5.0 smartphones and such), and supports apt-X but not apt-X HD.

Note also that the recently revealed Sennheiser bluetooth headphones in the 4-series cost a lot more and have not been greeted as liberators by the early reviewers.

I haven’t seen these but I had their “cousins”, the HD 4.20S wired over-ears and from the pictures it looks like they use similar pads. Those HD 4.20S pads are probably the #1 feature of the headphones…

Here’s the HD 4.20S pad, around 1 inch thick!


PS: just like the previously mentioned HD 599 sale, the HD 4.40BT and 4.20S came out at IFA 2016

Master & Dynamic MH-40 Closed Over-Ears (Wired) for $130

If you like the Master & Dynamic aesthetics and/or their sound (let’s not forget that LOL), a number of the color schemes of their closed-back over-ear wired MH-40 are on sale for $130 with free US shipping at the Amazon website.

A total of a lucky 13 options are available over there but not all of them are on sale. Click on the color of interest to see whether it’s on sale. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 330+ customer reviews and they have about 1/3rd of that in customer reviews…

EU: Sennheiser HD 599 Open Over-Ears [Ivory] for 130 euro

As we just mentioned in the previous post, the black color scheme of the Sennheiser HD 599 goes for $130 in the US market, but not the Ivory…

On the other hand, things are in the opposite direction in the European market. The black color scheme goes for 200 euro but the Ivory color scheme is on sale for 130 euro (short for “euro-dollars?) by Amazon Germany with a limit of two per customer at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown…

Together both colors average 4.5 out of 5 based on 1280+ customer ratings and they have 47 answered questions.

Funny how simple wired headphones have a lot fewer questions than wireless and headphones with mic/remote. I wonder why ^_^

Sennheiser HD 599 Open Over-Ears for $130 [limit 2]

You can score a very serviceable set of open-back over-ear headphones for less than half the price you’d pay for the fashionable trendy $300ish ANC/BT over-ears and get better sound too! As of the time of writing, the new condition open-back over-ear wired Sennheiser HD 599 is on sale for $130 with free US shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to two pairs per customer at the sale price.

This is the black color scheme [not the Ivory] that is marked as an “Amazon Exclusive”. It comes with a 2-year warranty, replaceable earpads, and thank the Old Gods and The New [and R’hllor too of course ~ even though it does not have any red on it] it has detachable cables and it comes with two of them…

They average (both color schemes grouped together) 4.6 out of 5 based on 1360+ customer ratings and they have about 10% of that in peer-answered questions. When you drill down on the customer reviews by option, 185 of the 434 reviews are for the black option. Unfortunately it does not automatically calculate the rating when you select the filters/sub-options, so short of going through the 185 customer reviews manually to average them…

The HD599 is the headliner of the new HD-5?? [I can’t put the standard “X” in there because now there’s the Massdrop HD-?XX partnership] that starts with the HD559, then the HD 579, and in-between these two open-back models, there’s also the HD 569 closed-back. These were introduced at IFA 2016, that’s 3.5 years ago as of the time of writing.

PS: if you are not familiar, in recent months Amazon has switched to (sometimes) showing customer rating scores instead of customer reviews. The ratings include the customer reviews but also anyone who gives the product a 1-5 star rating without actually writing a customer review. It’s obviously easier to rate than to review. Even the customarily idiotic one-sentence useless customer review you see on Amazon is “harder” to write than just click or touch a 1-to-5 star rating 🙂 But I’m digressing…

Koss KSC-75X Open Clip-Ons for $20 [MD]

Quite possible one of the best bang for the buck headphones out there and now it comes with a mic/remote combination thanks to the Massdrop KSC-75X edition. And this goes for just $20 with free US shipping and returns, and a lifetime KOSS warrant to boot! And you can change the earpads.

In case you are not familiar, these are open clip-ons, and among other things they are a lightweight alternative to over-ear headphones for long listening sessions for various reasons (heat, eyeglasses, discomfort, skull pressure, hairstyles, toothaches, headaches, etc, etc).

I have the original KSC-75 that I “rescued” from the clearance bin of an office supply store a few years ago, and have a text & pictures unboxing of them. I do not yet have the KSC-75X but I will be placing an order of this mic/remote version.

Bose QuietComfort 35 II (Rose Gold) ANC/BT Over-Ears for $248

If you like rose-gold color-schemed headphones, you are in luck! Amazon is offering the new condition Rose-Gold limited edition Bose Quiet Comfort QC35 II closed-back over-ears with bluetooth and ANC for $248 with free US shipping and a limit of three pairs per customer at the sale price. This is a limited time offer, but not a lightning deal, so I do not know when the price changes…

With the Corona having many people locked in, ANC and closed-back over-ears may be in order for every household 🙂 Unlike in-ears, having a giant set of over-ear headphones on your head screams “DON’T YOU DARE BOTHER ME!” 🙂

This may indeed be on its way out of the market because it is marked as “Discontinued” at B&H Photo which previously had it on sale before it got discontinued…

NOTE: that this model does NOT use bluetooth 5.0, so if you need BT 5, you have to wait for a newer model. It also uses micro-USB charging; again, if you are living a “USB-C Lifestyle”, you have to wait for a newer model.. OR look at other manufacturers 🙂

PS: keep in mind though, that for Bluetooth 5, and other assorted protocols, both devices have to support it. Otherwise it will resort to the highest common denominator. A Bluetooth 5.0 headphone connecting with a Bluetooth 4.1 smartphone will not connect as Bluetooth 5, but as BT 4.1 or lower ~ depending on what both of them can support…

Hifiman HE-4XX Planar Open Over-Ears for $145 [MD]

IF you are planar curious but don’t want to break the bank, Massdrop is offering the new condition Hifiman HE-4XX open over-ears for $145 with free US shipping and free US returns with a 1-year manufacturer warranty [since this product is in partnership with Hifiman).

This is an in-stock drop, so it will ship in about a business day after your purchase. Your credit card will be charged about two hours after your purchase.

A 3-year “Warranty and Accidental Coverage” is offered for an additional +$20 for US addresses. Given Hifiman’s reliability woes, this may not be a bad idea. Check the MD comments and your favorite audiophool audiophile forums for more on this…

FREE NuForce Stride bluetooth earphones with Sennheiser HD6XX purchase for $195

For a limited time only (expiration date is not mention), you will automatically [no coupon needed, no additional action on your behalf] receive a FREE NuForce Stride bluetooth earphone with the purchase of the new condition open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones for $195 with free US shipping and free US returns from the Massdrop website. This is an “in-stock drop” so it will ship in one business day after purchase, it won’t take weeks and weeks like the traditional Massdrop offerings…

To ensure the offer is running, use your browser’s in-page search feature (eg CTRL F in Chrome) looking for “NuForce” or “Stride”. You will see this promotion mentioned multiple times in the listing. Even though it does not appear “above the fold” (on the part of the page that fills up some screens, eg laptops).

The HD 6XX come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty since they are produced in co-operation with Hennheiser 🙂 The NuForce kit includes a hard case and six sets of eartips and a microUSB cable. No mention of warranty on the NuForce.

When you click the “BUY” button that takes you to the shopping cart, you will not see the NuForce mentioned there. The options you see in the shopping cart are for additional optional purchases (extra earpads, cables, DAC/amp, warranty) and a shipping upgrade option. Most of the optional items are offered with an additional combined purchase discount, eg the Drop+ THX AAA 789 linear amplifier is +$300 instead of $400 which sells on its own.

NOTE that this is the recently revised HD 6XX. Check the Massdrop and the interwebs for more details if you are not already familiar with the revisions…

Monday: Sony WH-1000X M3 for $230

The new condition Sony WH-1000X M3 (third generation as the “3” in the name boldly suggests) is on sale for $230 with free US shipping for Prime members [or $6 flat shipping for non-members] until Monday 3/16/20 at 11:59pm central time at the Woot website as one of their daily deals. Up to ten per customer at the sale price. It comes with a 1-year Sony warranty. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 6600+ customer reviews over there…

Meanwhile at Amazon Germany they have an Anker Audio sale that includes a couple of truly-wireless, an exercise bluetooth earphone and a touch-controlled ANC/BT over-ear combo…

Wedn: Samson SR-850B Semi-Open Over-Ears for $25

Good until 11:59pm eastern time on Wednesday February 11 in 2020 (or earlier if it happens to sellout), there’s a value deal at B&H Photo, it is the new condition Samson SR-850B semi-open over-ear studio headphones going for $25 with free US shipping. This is the blue color scheme of the model, not to be confused with the original black. There are 35 customer reviews of them both over there with a 4.5 out of 5 average. One of them is a burn-in report 🙂

As fate would have it, I had the original black version and here’s our text and pictures unboxing.

Sennheiser HD 200 + Behringer UMC-404-HD Audio Interface for $179

For a very limited time only, Adorama is offering a Sennheiser x Behringer bundle for $179 with free shipping within the USA. For that price, you get two different items:

  • Sennheiser HD 200 closed-back over-ears
  • Behringer U-PHORIA UMC404HD audio interface

No coupon, no rebate. The sale price is reflected on their website while this promotion is running…

Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO for $145 (choice of 32/80/250)

If you want to score one of the frequently-discussed affordable closed-back over-ear headphones and you don’t want to compromise on which ohm-age to get based on a random sale, $145 will get you the new condition Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO at the Massdrop website.

You have a choice of 32 or 80 or 250 ohm. They have 3 meter glued-on cables. The 250 has a coiled cable while the other two are straight. The accessories package is spartan, a drawstring bag (the plus with these is that you can use them for many other headphones as well ~ unlike custom-fit cases that are limited to other use) and the almost always obligatory adapter (in this case a 1/8″ to 1/4″).

These will ship in late February from Massdrop. No mention of warranty in the listing.

Friday: Audio Technica ATH-m50X Gun Metal for $124

Another one of the “affordable audiophile” frequently recommended headphones is on sale, $124 is what separates you from the new condition Audio Technica M50x Gun Metal (GM) with free US shipping by Amazon actual and you can buy as many as you want until 11:59pm pacific on Friday 2/7/2020.

It is one of their daily deals, that’s why that expiration time. The other options are not on sale. If you don’t have an Amazon Store card or credit card, you may be offered sign-up bonuses. I’m seeing an offer for $60 off this purchase if I sign up and approved for their Store Card. The store card offer is definitely YMMV as their AI decides in mysterious ways in what to offer and to whom and when…

1More Triple Driver Over Ears for $125

If you are curious about 1More’s Triple Driver closed-back [the “open look” is just a style choice] over-ear headphones, you can score them for $124 with free US shipping at the members-only but free-to-join Massdrop website

These ship at the end of the month by Massdrop. There is no mention of warranty in the listing. A carrying case is included with the headphones folded a certain way. Detachable cable with dynamic drives…

Friday: Sony XB-650-BT closed bluetooths for $50

Good until Friday 2/7/20 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if it somehow manages to sell out) you can get the new condition closed-back Sony “Extra Bass” XB-650-BT bluetooth headphones for $50 as one of the Woot daily deals with a 1-year Sony warranty in the black color scheme. Free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat for non-members. You have to connect your Prime account to your Woot account (a one-time action) to get the free shipping.

Wedn: Beats Solo 3 bluetooth on-ears for $150

Good until Wednesday 2/5/20 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out), you can get the new condition Beats Solo 3 closed-back on-ear wireless (bluetooth) headphones for $150 with free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat for non-members. It’s available in a million different color schemes (okay, twelve different color schemes). It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

This of course comes with the Apple W1 chip, which is of great interest to owners of recently released i-Devices that can take advantage of said chip…

Tuesday: NuForce TW, Klipsch, Corsair Gaming

The daily deals for Tuesday February 4 in 2020 have decided to take a audio-related twist with a couple of retailers offering them:

+ NuForce BE Free 5 truly wireless for $20 at B&H Photo in two color schemes

+ a couple of things at Best Buy:
++ 50% off select Corsair wired and wireless gaming headsets
++ MEE Audio BTR bluetooth receiver for $25

+ Klipsch R-28-PF powered floor-standing speakers (pair) for $449 at the Adorama daily deal

Monday (EU): Sennheiser HD 4.50 SE ANC/BT for $95 euro

Good for Monday February 3 in 2020, Amazon Germany is offering the new condition closed-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition, a bluetooth and ANC headphone, for 95 euro with free shipping in Germany + Austria. Shipping is extra elsewhere. Limit up to three pairs per customer at the sale price…

There it averages 4.1 out of 5 based on nearly 10,000 customer reviews but note that all the variants of this model are grouped together in the listing (with or without ANC, SE and not SE, etc)…

Sunday: Bose QC35 II (black) for $299

As we previously mentioned the rose gold color scheme of the Bose QC 35 II ANC + wireless closed-back over-ears goes for $279 but if rose-gold is not your thing, good until Sunday 2/2/20 at 11:59pm central time, Woot is offering the new condition black color scheme for $299 with free US shipping for Prime members or $6 flat shipping for non-members. Note that this gets a 90-day warranty from Woot per the listing, not a 1-year Bose warranty.

Sennheiser HD 6XX drops to $195 [MD]

While price-checking around for the HD600 lightning deal (Friday 1/31/20 at 8:24pm ET), I noticed a limited time discount on the new condition open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 6XX, currently going for $195 with free US shipping and returns at the Massdrop website. This is a big seller, it is a few thousand sales short of hitting the 100,000 units mark!

So now you have two options to consider, depending on whether the HD600 lightning deal price is competitive or not. Plenty has been written about all these headphones (600, 650, 6XX), and if you are reading this as of the time of writing, you have plenty of time to read through the various opinions, forums, blogs, etc…

Surprise! Sennheiser HD600 Lightning Deal starts Friday at 8:24pm ET

The Friday surprise is not coming from the world of politics but from the world of Amazon! According to the teaser in the Amazon Gold Box, starting at 8:24pm ET on Friday January 31st in 2020 for Prime members, and 8:54pm ET for non-members, there is going to be a lightning deal on the new condition Sennheiser HD 600 open-back over-ear headphones. The price on their website before the sale, as of the time of writing of this post is $299.

Gold Box Teaser for HD 600 Lightning Deal

The reason for this lightning deal may perhaps be the existence of the Massdrop blockbuster Sennheiser HD 6XX headphone currently going for $195 with free US shipping. Per the listing over there, this headphone sold over 92,000 units…

Friday: Even H4 Glasses (???), Beats, JBL, Etc

It looks like a number of headphones are featured in various retailer daily deals for Friday January 31st in 2020 as follows:

It’s a headphones party at the Best Buy website with the following daily offerings:

+ Even H4 Glasses for Your Ears (that’s what they call them, don’t blame me for this one 🙂 for $100
+ bluetooth 5.0 (about time for this to appear in wireless headphones and laptops); can’t tell exactly how “over the ear” they are from the pictures though;

+ Beats Studio ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $180

+ Beats PowerBeats PRO truly wireless, GeekSquad recertified for $130

Then we scoot on over to the Woot daily deals where they have the JBL E-55-BT closed back bluetooths for $50 in the blue color scheme, new condition with a 1-year warranty

The Woot party continues with a Tech Items You Need sale that includes a number of headphone/audio-related products:

+ Symphonized NRG Premium wood in-ears for $12
+ Symphonized has many variants of this, we have a text and pictures unboxing of the NRG 2.0 variant

+ Jabra Evolve 75 MS wireless on-ear headset for $160

+ AfterShockz Aeropex stiff neckband wireless for $100

+ Hifeer phone-use bluetooth headset (waterproof allegedly) for $12

+ DigitNow suitcase record player for $29 (!) with a built-in battery but only a 90-day Woot warranty

+ Ukelele time, VIVICTORY Concert Ukulele 23 Inch Mahogany Aquila String with Beginner kit for $35 but with only a 90-day Woot warranty

Bose QuietComfort QC35 II for $279 [Rose Gold]

If rose-gold is your favorite color scheme, you are in luck! This very color scheme of the new condition Bose QuietComfort QC35 II closed-back over-ear ANC with bluetooth headphones is on sale for $279 with free US shipping at B&H Photo.

Bose used to be dominating in the ANC, but these days the battle has many claiming victory, including Sony’s surprise (?) hit with the 1000X series. All the major players are hitting the $300-ish market segment with all kinds of things. Your favorite search engine will yield countless comparisons and even more always-correct opinions 🙂

20% off used headphones at’s Warehouse Deals [900+ options]’s Warehouse Deals [the USA mothership that is] is having a 20% off automatic discount in the shopping cart of over 20K items offered over there. The sale includes over 900 headphone options. Only used items sold by Amazon WD actual are eligible, not items sold by marketplace sellers.

Eligible items hint at the discount when you look at the used listings in detail. The discount happens automatically when you add an eligible item in the shopping cart. No coupon is needed.

I will try to price-check headphones on a time permitting basis but in the meantime please feel free to dig in because quantities are often limited and items of interest may be gone by the time I start price-checking…

This is a limited time offer but I know not when it expires…

PS: this is a parallel promotion to the previously mentioned Amazon Germany WD 20% off promotion…

EU: 20% off 400+ USED headphones at Amazon Germany

For a limited time, Amazon Germany has brought back the 20% off discount on select Warehouse Deals items. Of those, there are nearly 450 items returned under headphones. The eligible items indicate there’s a 20% off discount when you look at the detailed used listings. The discount gets applied automatically in the shopping cart ~ there’s no coupon code to enter.

Note that the discount only works on products sold by’s Warehouse Deals, not by marketplace sellers.

PS: I haven’t yet gone through the listings, more on these after I do so if I find anything exciting…

GeekSquad certified refurbished Apple/Beats headphones (33 options)

Best Buy is having a sale on Geek Squad certified refurbished Apple and Beats headphones including in-ears, truly wireless and over and on ears. A total of 33 options are available.

When you expand the Specifications area on an individual eligible product, you will see that they come with a 90-day warranty, which factors in the price BUT as usual, be sure to price-check any items whose price-ranges you are not familiar with…

Thur: refurbished Audio Technica QuietPoint for $50 to $70

Good until 11:59pm central time on 1/2/20 [Happy New Year], Woot is having a sale on a couple of refurbished Audio Technica headphones with a 1-year Audio Technica warranty as follows:

+ ATH-ANC70 for $50

+ ATH-ANC7BSV-RB for $70

These are QuietPoint active noise cancelling headphones…

UPDATE: also a daily deal for Jan 2nd in 2020 are four color schemes of the new condition PowerBeats Pro truly-wireless earphones going for $200 per pair and you can buy as many as you like from Amazon actual. AppleCare+ for two years is offered optionally for +$29 per pair…

Massdrop sale of the decade is ON (HD-58X, Noble Uni, Koss Electro, Etc)

Massdrop is currently running their Sale of the Decade, as the parade / barrage / onslaught of decade puns in articles and sales continues…

Among them (in price order by product type):

+ Sennheiser PC-39X gaming headset for $90
+ Hifiman HE-4XX planars for $130
+ Sennheiser HD-58X Jubilee for $135
+ KOSS ESP/95X electrostatic system for $400
+ Hifiman Edition XX for $500
+ FOCAL ELEX for $600
+ MR Speakers ETHER CX closed-back for $700

+ NuForce Stride bluetooth necklace-style for $40
+ NuForce EDC3 for $60
+ Noble X Universal for $125
+ Empire Ears Zeus Universal for $750


Bower & Wilkins PX ANC BT Oval Over/On-Ears for $230

NOTE: Because of the oval shape, I’m not sure I buy into the over-ear claim of these, so be sure to research it…

For a limited time, Amazon actual is having a sale on the new condition Bower & Wilkins PX ANC BT headphones for $230 with up to five pairs per customer at the sale price. Two color schemes are available. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 460+ customer ratings…

NOTE that these are now a previous generation model. The current B&W ANC Oval-Ear headphones are the PX5 and PX7 models which go for $248 and $348 and are on-ear and over-ear respectively.

Sunday: Polsen HPS-A40 Over-Ears (w/Bass adjustment) for $50

Good until Sunday 12/22/19 at 11:59pm ET, there is a headphone among the B&H deals of the day, it is the new condition closed-back over-era Polsen HPS-A40 going for $50 with free US shipping. One unusual thing about this headphone is that it has a 3-level bass adjustment. It averages 5 out of 5 but based on just three customer reviews…

Sony ZX310-AP Closed On-Ears for $19

Through the magic of price-matching, currently the new condition closed-back on-ear Sony ZX-310AP/B headphone is on sale for $19 at NewEgg (by Newegg actual) and by Amazon actual. Up to three per customer at each retailer…

The “AP” stands for remote control button for an Android phone, and the “/B” stands for the black color scheme…

I’ve used both the ZX310 and the ZX100 and I’m convinced these were tuned for use in a (at least moderately loud) coffee shop. There, they sound very serviceable but listening to them in a quiet place brings out the worst of them…

UPDATE: speaking of Amazon, as part of cascading AmazonBasics (house brand) sales, they are offering the AB replacement cables for Bose Quiet Comfort headphones for about $11 per cable. Not related to the Sonys, I’m just stuffing this here because it does not warrant a separate post…

Wedn: Audio Technica M-series sale (M20x for $35, M40x for $69, M50x for $103, M50xBT for $129)

It’s a big Audio Technica day at the Amazon Gold Box for Wednesday 12/18/19. Hiding inside a Gaming and Streaming sale a number of well-regarded closed-back over-ear Audio Tehcnica ATH-M series headphones are on sale:

+ M20x for $35
+ M40x for $69
+ M50x for $103
+ M50x bluetooth for $129

The sale also includes Blue Yeti USB microphones for $89 each and the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition THX 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for $55…

Limit three of each item at the sale price. You may be able to get more if any of the marketplace sellers are also offering it at the same price…

Wedn: Sony Xperia Duo, Anker/Soundcore, JBL, Etc

For a limited time on Wednesday, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Sony Xperia Ear Duo truly wireless earphones on sale for $80 with free US shipping in the gold color scheme…

On the other site of the pond, Amazon Germany is having a sale on Anker’s Soundcore audio gear including truly wireless models starting at $30, bluetooth necklace-style earphones starting at $10, bluetooth over-ears starting at $40, exercise bluetooth earphones starting at $20, and various bluetooth speakers.

Meanwhile at NewEgg, this is not doing well in customer reviews, but if you know what it is and why you need it, the JBL headphone charging case is on sale for $9, with up to three per customer at the sale price…