KOSS ESP950 Electrostatic Headphone System for $600 [MD]

Come on Barbie, Let’s Have an Electrostatic Party! Fully unlocked at Massdrop, and with only 45 units available (14 claimed as of the time of writing), you can get the new condition KOSS ESP950 Electrostatic Headphone System for $600 with free shipping. It is estimated to ship mid-December 2017 from the vendor with the usual Koss limited lifetime warranty.

This is not the only Koss-Massdrop partnership, they also offer the Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X for $38 with free shipping as one of their “In-Stock Drops”. These are sold like a regular online purchase (the “drops” open/close every 24 hours and items purchased during a 24 hour window get shipped in a couple of business days after that). We are tracking the “in-stock drops” in our new Massdrop Tracker.

Black Friday Only: Monoprice M1060 Planars for $250

For Black Friday only, Monoprice is offering the new condition Monoprice M1060 Planar Magnetic open-back over-ears for $250 with free standard US shipping. No coupon needed. This rarely goes on sale at the Monoprice website and is never eligible for their usual coupons.

The planar segment is competitive these days, for more deals check our Planar Magnetic posts. Fear not, the posts are not magnetic, they won’t cling to you 🙂

Bose QuietComfort 3 ANC Closed-Back Over-Ears with $20 eBay Gift Card for $140

Another promised Black Friday Ads deal has gone live. It is the new condition Bose QuietComfort 3 ANC headphones (closed-back, over-ear) offered for $140 with free shipping, one year warranty, AND a $20 eBay gift card. These are sold from the official BOSE eBay Outlet store, so they are as legit as they can be.

These are all the BOSE Black Friday deals at their eBay store. They have the QC25 for $179 as new or $159 as manufacturer refurbished.

The QC3 is has a built-in rechargeable battery, while the QC25 are AAA powered (a plus for fans of reusable rechargeable AAAs).

The QC25 is also available for $179 at a number of other retailers, including Bose Quiet Comfort QC25 Closed ANC for $179 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon by Amazon actual (limit 3 per customer)

Bowers & Wilkins P3 S2 Closed On-Ears for $100

And a second sale, the new condition Bowers & Wilkins P3 S2 closed-back on-ear headphones are on sale for $100 with free shipping with up to three pairs per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual!

Monoprice 8323 Closed Over-Ears for $18.45

If you like the speed of Prime shipping (and don’t want to pay for shipping for them from Monoprice), the new condition Monoprice 8323 Closed Over-Ears are on sale for $18.45 as a Gold Box Lightning Deal until Friday at 1:45am ET or earlier if sold out. These are sold and shipped by Amazon. They average 4.2 out of 5 based on 1360 customer reviews.

I have these and will be posting a review eventually (when I go into “writing spree” mode). The one surprise is that despite how big they are, they are actually not as roomy for big heads. I am not the biggest head around, but I can just barely fit in.

Speaking of the 8323, Monoprice has launched a Bluetooth version of them, the 8323 Bluetooth, and somehow they were able to afford Qualcomm’s apt-X for them 🙂

They go for $25 at the Monoprice website plus mandatory shipping (unless you buy them together with something that qualifies for free shipping and then it drops the overall S&H fee).

Speaking of lighting deals, ending around 11:11pm ET tonight, you can get the Avantree Universal Aluminum Desk Headphone Stand Hanger for $16, or a Bamboo variation of it for $20. Fulfilled by Amazon.

Blue Mic Mo-Fi headphones+ Blackout Yeti Mic for $175

In addition to the LOLA + YETI bundle, the lovely Ninjas in Pyjamas have encouraged Blue/Amazon to create another bang for the buck bundle, it’s the Blue Mic Mo-Fi headphones+ with the Blackout Yeti Mic for $175, again, sold and shipped by Amazon actual, not iffy marketplace sellers! The Mo-FI is a powered headphone, but no ANC, no bluetoof.

Blue Mic LOLA headphones + Blackout Yeti Mic for $144

I don’t know who the Ninjas in Pyjamas are, but you can thank them for this very nice bundle! For $144 you can get the Blue Mic LOLA headphones + Blackout Yeti Mic. The LOLA are Blue Mic’s wired unpowered un-ANC un-bluetooth headphones. Old fashioned headphones. The Mic on its own goes for $90, and the headphones go for $250. This is subtraction by addition 🙂

This is sold and shipped by Amazon actual, not iffy marketplace sellers. Here name was Lola, she was a Yeti 🙂 Screenshot below:

Blue Mic Satellite Bluetooth Over-Ears for $300

Nowhere near as good as the Yeti bundles above, but it is a $100 price drop, you can get the new condition Blue Microphones Satellite bluetooth headphones for $300 with free shipping in the black color scheme at OneCALL and by Huppin’s (also OneCall) fulfilled by Amazon.

Blue Microphones MIX-FI Powered headphones for $200

UPDATE: after posting this, I noticed a better bang for the buck, the previous generation MO-FI bundled with Blackout Yeti mic TOGETHER for $175.

The original Blue Microphone headphone, the powered Mo-Fi with its space age design has been reborn as the MIX-FI! If you don’t believe me, check their website 🙂 And it’s on sale, going for $200 with free shipping by Focus Camera thru Amazon. Not Prime eligible. Everybody else there has it for $300. As to the differences between the Mo-Fi and the Mix-Fi, I know not. Note that these are powered headphones but neither Bluetooth, nor ANC.

Audeze SINE On-Ear Planar with Cipher Lightning for $200

If you are a fan of the Audeze On-Ear planar magnetic lightning-connector headphones, their new condition AUDEZE SINE On-Ear with 24-bit Cipher Cable is on a Black Friday sale for $200 with free shipping at authorized dealer Adorama! They come with the usual Audeze warranty, 3-years for the drivers, 1 year for the cable. Temptation time especially for iPhone and iPad users 🙂

Audeze LCD-2 for $650 to $700 (four options)

Four different new condition AUDEZE LCD-2 over-ear planar-magnetic headphones are participating in the Black Friday sale at Adorama, an authorized dealer with Audeze warranty as follows:

+ LCD-2 with Travel Case, Aluminum with Lambskin Leather Ear Cushions for $650
+ LCD-2 Bamboo and Lambskin Leather for $650
+ LCD-2 Shedua Wood Edition for $650
+ LCD-2 Rosewood and Lambskin Leather for $700

Audeze LCD-X for $1050, LCD-3 for $1300

Two more Audeze planar-magnetic over-ear headphones are on a Black Friday sale at Adorama, it is the new condition AUDEZE LCD-X Reference (Aluminum/Lambskin) going for $1050 with free shipping and handling, and also the new condition AUDEZE LCD-3 (Zebrano & Lambskin) going for $1300 with free shipping.

This is looking like an Audeze blog take-over, so let’s break the streak with a couple of Fender Black Friday deals from Adorama: the new condition Fender T-Bucket 350E 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar goes for $150, while the Fender T-Bucket 450E 6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar goes for $200 with free shipping. There, streak broken with the power of six strings 🙂

AUDEZE LCD-4 Reference Open Circumaural for $2999

You can buy fifteen Sine ON-Ears for the sale price of the Audeze LCD-4, but you are not going to get the LCD-4 audio experience with fifteen SINEs unless you have fifteen heads 😉 Okay, we are getting into Star Trek territory, back on topic 🙂

The new condition AUDEZE LCD-4 Reference Open Circumaural Headphone is on sale for a limited time for $2999 with free shipping as part of the Black Friday festivities at authorized dealer Adorama with a 3-year Audeze warranty.

Sony XB950-B1 for $98 and XB950-N1 for $123

And they are back on the sale train again, it is Thursday in the eastern time zone, so the offers start rolling out! The Extra Bass closed-back over-ear new duo of Sony’s, part of the XB950 line, are on sale again as follows:

+ the B1 (bluetooth only) goes for $98 by various at Amazon

+ the N1 (bluetooth + ANC) goes for $123 by various at Amazon

Sony WH-1000X-M2 ANC/BT Over Ears for $298

If you had been waiting for a Black Friday sale on this model, it is here, the new condition Sony WH-1000X-M2 ANC and Bluetooth Closed-Back Over-Ears are down to $298 with free shipping at authorized Sony dealers such as Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three per color per customer.

Open-box AudioQuest Nighthawk Wood Headphones for $249, NEW for $299

The new condition AudioQuest Nighthawk Wood Headphones are on sale in new condition for $299 from two different fulfilled by Amazon sellers now. “Electronics Expo” joins the party; previously only “Music Direct” had it available.

But wait, there’s more! Another option materialized on today’s re-check, it is available in open-box “Used – Like New” condition by Gramophone of House Maryland for $249 with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from Gramophone in Maryland, and it is not Prime eligible, so December delivery 🙂

Beats Solo 3 Wireless On-Ears back to $200

The Beats Solo 3 closed-back on-ear bluetooth headphones with Apple’s special sauce chip are back down to $200 with free shipping in various color schemes at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three per color per customer. The Rose Gold is actually $199. There are 14 (!) different colors listed at Amazon where they average 4.3 out of 5 based on over 2000 customer reviews and they have over 620 answered questions.

PS: as expected, the “Apple special sauce” stuff only works with the latest Apple devices 🙂

Thursday: Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Closed Over-Ear Bluetooth for $100

And we are baaaack with another day of pre Black Friday excitement. It’s a tradition unlike any other. No, not the Masters on CBS, but a Sennheiser as an Amazon Gold Box deal of the day during the holiday shopping season 🙂 This time it is a bluetooth model, the closed-back over-ear new condition Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT going for $100 with free shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon actual with up to three pairs per customer. It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 94 customer reviews and has 73 answered questions. Sale ends on Friday at 3am ET.

I haven’t seen or touched this particular model, but I have a text and pictures unboxing of a sister model, the HD 4.20s (not bluetooth). Judging by the pictures, it looks like the HD 4.40 BT has the same nice comfy padded earpads as the HD 4.20s, which, along with its name, is its best feature 🙂

Speaking of deals of the day, ending by 1am ET on Friday, the Woot Electronics one is the new condition Klipsch R-15PM Powered Monitor Speakers – Cherry (Pair) for $250 plus $5 flat shipping, with a 1-year Klipsch warranty.

Audio Technica M30X for $60; M40X for $80

As promised in the Black Friday Ads the closed-back over-ear Audio Technica M30x and M40x headphones are on sale at the Guitar Center group of companies as follows. Guitar Center offers store pickup options, while Musician’s Friend is an online-only entity.

+ M30X for $60 at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

+ M40X for $80 at Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend

Hifiman HE5 Planar Headphones + EF100 Amp for $599

This offer is only offered through the official Hifman store directly because it is too complicated to structure on Amazon and eBAY and such. You get the Hifiman HE5 planar magnetic headphones AND the Hifiman EF-100 amp for $599. However, they won’t ship together. The EF100 will ship shortly after ordering, but the HE5 headphones will ship in December (no specific date or range in December mentioned). So if you are not in a hurry to receive them, pretend it’s Massdrop 🙂

Hifiman Edition X V2 Planar Over-Ears for $1199

This one got lost in the shuffle when I posted the previous Hifiman deals, it is the new condition Hifiman Edition X V2 down to $1200 with free shipping by various sellers thru Amazon and by the official Hifiman and World Wide Stereo stores on eBAY. These too are planar magnetic, over-ear, over-the-universe headphones 🙂

Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X for $38 w/free S&H

Massdrop too is participating in the Black Friday festivities. Earlier today they relaunched the Sennheiser HD6XX for $200 offer, which has over 840 units sold already.

And now they are back with another one of their exclusives, the new condition Massdrop x Koss Porta Pro X for $38 with free shipping. It comes with the usual Koss limited lifetime warranty.

In case you are not familiar with them, despite their portable looks, these are open-back!

These too are an “in-stock drop”, meaning the offer opens and closes daily, so don’t be alarmed by the countdown clock (unless it’s the actual end of the in-stock drop).

I added them to our new Massdrop In-Stock Drops Tracker.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 ohm) Limited Edition for $125

Back to the Beyerdynamic sales train at NewEGG, Focus Camera through NewEgg is offering the new condition Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 ohm) Limited Edition headphones for $125 with free shipping. Limit up to three per customer for this sale that ends on Saturday night (or earlier if sold out). These are open-back over-ears.

Used Bowers & Wilkins P9 Over-Ears for $535

In new condition, the stylish Bowers & Wilkins P9 closed-back over-ears go for $899 at most retailers, and for $799 by Audio Advice thru Walmart, but if you are comfortable with used headphones…

… thanks to the 20% off shopping cart discount at AWD (Amazon Warehouse Deals), there are three listings of these in “USED – Very Good” condition dropping to $535 with free shipping after the automatic 20% off in-cart discount. If you prefer a better condition, the “Used – Like New” go for $569~ after the in-cart discount.

PS: as with all these 20% off in-cart offers, only the listings that are sold and shipped by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual (not the marketplace sellers) are eligible for the coupon. Eligible listings show the 20% off next to them in this fashion [screenshot below]:

Hifiman HE-400i Dark Blue Chrome LE for $199

The popularity of planar-magnetic headphones continues to rise, and so do the available options and alternatives in the market, which means more discounting! Earlier today the Monoprice M560 open/closed dropped to $150 but we have another discount…

… at BuyDig, the Dark Blue Chrome Special Edition of the Hifiman HE-400i open-back over-ear planars is down to $199 in new condition with USA warranty!

Sennheiser HD6XX back for $200 [MD]

Don’t stop believing! The new-condition open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones are back on sale for $200 with free shipping at members-only but free to join Massdrop website! Shipping is +$15 for outside the USA. All units will be serialized. The drop has 10,000 units, and runs for the next eight days.

They are made in Ireland as a Massdrop-Sennheiser partnership and will ship late March 2018. I repeat, these will ship late March 2018. This is four months away! Patience is a virtue 🙂

Used B&O Play H8 ANC/BT On-Ears for $210

The B&O Play H8 ANC and bluetooth on-ears go for around $350 in new condition (price varies slightly by color), but if you are comfortable with used, you can thank the Amazon Warehouse Deals 20% off in-cart discount promotion on select electronics that drops the price of the Black Color Scheme in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) from $263~ to $210.

The Gray/Hazel color scheme goes for $244 in “Used – Acceptable” (no further details given) but it’s not eligible for the 20% off automatic in-cart discount.

Wedn: refurb JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC/BT On-Ears for $85

It’s a good thing I woke up before the birds today, there are many things happening, including the Woot Electronics daily deal running until 1am ET on Thursday (or earlier if sold out), it is the certified refurbished JBL Everest Elite 300 NXTGen ANC/BT on-ears offered for $80 plus $5 flat shipping. Maximum three pairs per customer as per usual Woot terms. They come with a 1-year JBL warranty per the listing.

Monoprice M560 Open/Closed Planars for $150

The first round of the Monoprice Black Friday doorbusters are here, and of headphone interest, their new condition open/closed M560 planar-magnetic on-ears are on sale for $150 with free standard shipping. Their usual price is $200. The sale is not offered thru their eBay or Amazon stores as of the time of writing, only their website.

Also part of the sale, of more general audio interest (this is not a dedicated headphone amp) it is the new condition 25 Watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amplifier with Bluetooth offered for $100 with free standard shipping.

Monoprice Sonic Solace ANC/BT Over-Ears for $50 w/FS

But wait, there’s more! If you hit on the Portable Audio tab at the Monoprice BF sale, you will find that the new condition Sonic Solace ANC/BT Over-Ears are on sale for $50 with free standard shipping in the black or brown/tan color schemes. This is an affordable way to get an ANC with Bluetooth closed-back set without entering the “marketing/hype wars” of the $300 price range models with more and more manufacturers competing there, from Bose to Sony to Beats to Sennheiser.

Wedn: Status Audio CB-1 Closed Over-Ears for $55

One of the deals of the day running at the Gold Box is the new condition closed-back over-ear Status Audio CB-1 offered for $55 with free shipping, sold by the Status Audio Amazon store, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). They average 4.6 out of 5 based on 440+ customer reviews and have 69 answered questions. Offer ends by 3am ET on Thursday.

Not a lightning deal, but their open-back counterpart, the Status Audio OB-1 remains on sale for $49 with free shipping. This is an organic sale, not a lightning deal. It averages 4.6 out of 5 as well, but only has 116 customer reviews.

Floyd Rose FR-18M Mahogany Over-Ears for $99

More from the eBAY, the new condition Floyd Rose FR-18M Mahogany Over-Ears are on sale for $99 with free shipping, with up to five pairs per customer. They are sold by the “iDJ Now” eBay store (99.8%, New York).

These come with a luxury fold-flat wood case (see gallery pictures over there for all the wood). The earcups of the headphones are of wood as well. Fans of wood unite and takeover!

eBay Ad teases Bose QuietComfort 3 ANC for $140

The eBAY Black Friday ad has been revealed and there is only one headphone there, it is the Bose QuietComfort 3 ANC over-ears offered for $140. The eBAY ad does not specify the sellers of the offers, or the condition of the product, so we won’t know until it goes live. Bose has an official outlet store there, but this headphone is not in their store right now.

I integrated their offer into our Black Friday Ads summary, which should not be confused with other tracker post, an on-going round-up of LIVE BF headphone deals.

Thinksound ON2 Wood On-Ears for $130 [MD] or $140 [Prime]

It $10 less worth waiting for an extra month? That decision is yours to make! But let’s start from the beginning!

The new condition Thinksound ON2 Wood On-Ears are back on sale again for $130 with free shipping at members-only but free-to-join Massdrop for $130 with free shipping and a mid-December shipment estimate. These ship from the vendor and come with a 2-year warranty per the listing.

If you don’t want to wait for a month, and instead prefer to get them in a couple of days, they are on sale for $140 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three pairs per customer during the sale. There they average 4.6 out of 5 based on 24 customer reviews, and have a soccer team of answers 🙂

Now shipping: Sennheiser HD 660S for $500 [updated]

The brand new open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD 660S is now in-stock and shipping by Electronics EXPO (East Coast Chain) through Amazon. It ships directly from World Wide Stereo and it is not Prime eligible… Amazon’s own listing remains at the all-encompassing “temporarily out of stock”…

UPDATE: Electronics EXPO sold out since the original post, but WWS has it as well…