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Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver for $35 [USB powered]

On the utilitarian front, if you are looking for a small USB-powered bluetooth receiver, the Firefly by Tunai Creative is currently on sale for $35 with free shipping at This is a USB-powered little thing (it does NOT have a built-in battery), one side is USB, the other a 3.5mm audio. It comes with two cables (3.5mm extension, 3.5mm to RCA). It can store up to eight paired devices, and in “Party Mode” two devices can connect at the same time.

Massdrop MEE Audio Entry-level IEM Grab Bag for $9

Massdrop has another grab bag promotion, this time it featured entry-level MEE Audio in-ears. You pay $8 plus $1 flat shipping. For that, 80% of the buyers will get a $10 model, while the rest will get either the M6 or M6p.

They also have “Prizes” that unlocked at milestone numbers, but only a maximum of five prizes are available (three of which already unlocked, AKG K7XX, DACport Slim DAC). It looks like the fourth one is about to unlocked (they have to manually update the website text, but it’s over 2000 units, so someone will get the BeyerD T70p).

Refurbished Philips M1/28 On-Ear for $37 [was $50]

UPDATE 7/22/16: as of this update, the price dropped to $37.

The Philips M1/28 on-ears are an older model (discontinued) but if you are comfortable buying from a higher risk merchant, they are available in refurbished condition from Deals2Remember (91%, 74 ratings) for $50, with the order fulfilled by Amazon. Since they ship from Amazon, you deal with Amazon’s customer service and get free Prime shipping, so in case of problems, it’s not as risky as buying directly from a seller. The headphones themselves average 4 out of 5 based on 55 customer reviews.

M-Audio HDH-50 Studio Over-Ears for $95

The M-Audio HDH-50 studio headphones (closed over-ears) go for $200 in new condition, but up and coming retailer has them on sale for $95, perhaps as a blockbuster promotion. Not only that, but they also have a built-in volume discount, the more units you buy, the lower the per unit price you pay.

One word of caution is that Jet does not tell you upfront who the actual seller/shipper of an item is. It may be Jet themselves, or any other seller that is doing business on the Jet website. They are trying to keep it simple, but this is an important piece of information that they should be upfront about it.

Regardless if you are not a fan of Jet, you can get them in “Used – Like New” condition by Wisconsin’s Pixel PRO Audio store for $110 with free shipping through Amazon Warehouse Deals. They ship from Pixel, so no Prime fast shipping.

Howard Leight QM24 Multiple Position Headband Earmuff for $7

If you are looking for hearing protection or “dummy” headphones (just so people won’t bother you), the red-black color scheme of the Howard Leight QM24 Multiple Positioning Headband Over-Ear Earmuffs is on sale for just over $7, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon actual. There is one catch to this low price, they are an Add-On item, so you must place an order of $25 or more, otherwise their shopping cart will simply refuse to let you checkout. They average 4.3 out of 5 based on 100+ customer reviews.

PS: this could make a headphone gag gift as well, give them to someone (or take them to a meet) and watch them try to figure out how to listen music out of them 🙂

Used Samsung Level U bluetooth behind neck earbuds for $23

If you want Prime-shipped used version of the Samsung Level U bluetooth behind neck earbuds they are available in “Used – Good” condition for just under $23 (with damaged packaging, cosmetic imperfections, missing power cord) by Amazon Warehouse Deals where they average 3.5 out of 5 with nearly 700 customer reviews.

[DEAD] Sunday Deals: Soul, Photive, Denon, Jarv, F&Mimi, KabelDirect

These round of lightning offers expired…

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Beats Mixr DJ On-Ears (neon pink) for $100

If you like pink headphones and Beats, then Groupon Goods has an offer you may be interested in. The “Neon Pink” color scheme of the closed-back on-ear Beats Mixr Dj headphones is on sale for $100 with free shipping and free returns. Only this color is at this price. The black color scheme goes for $150. The rest of the colors shown in the product gallery over there appear to be sold out or unavailable.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Earpods for $6

And now something that’s 1% of the previously mentioned headphone 🙂 Jealous of Apple as usual, Samsung also released “earpods” and the ones that got included with the Samsung Galaxy S6 with an inline remote/mic are on sale for $6 at Groupon Goods. That’s one pair. Two pairs go for $11 and three pairs for $15. Select them from “Options” on the right side of the page, not adjust the quantity in the shopping cart, since that would get you multiple 1-packs vs one 3-pack with the built-in discount.

Free shipping if your order total is $35+, so you may want to combine this with other items if you don’t like paying shipping. They come with free returns and have a 1-year warranty from Samsung. This is the white color scheme, model EO-EG920BW.

[DEAD] Used Philips SHQ1300LF/27 Action Fit Earbuds for $4

As of a 5/2/16 re-checking of this deal, the $4~ option got scooped up and no longer available…

From the under $5 department, especially for Prime members (or $49+ orders), the Philips SHQ1300LF/27 Action Fit Earbuds in the lime color scheme (without mic) are available in “Used – Good” condition for $4 and change by Amazon Warehouse Deals. This is available in other colors and options but they go for more. They average 3.4 out of 5 based on 45 customer reviews

[DEAD] Bling This: Starts Sat 2pm ET: SOUL SJ27GD Jet Pro 24K Gold Lightning Deal

This blinged out lightning deal blinked 🙂

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Westone Adventure Series Beta In-Ears for $45 w/free s&h

The new condition Westone Adventure Series Beta in-ears are on sale again, going for $45 with free shipping with a limit of 50 pairs per customer by BuyDig on eBay (ships from New Jersey). BuyDig is the online storefront of Beach Camera, authorized dealers for many brands.

Refurbished SOL Republic Master Tracks Over-Ears for $60

Back to Groupon Goods, the Sol Republic Master Tracks Over-the-Ear Headphones are available in refurbished condition with a 90 day warranty from Tech Rabbit through Groupon Goods for $60 with free shipping and free returns. These are available in three color schemes.

Or if you have Amazon gift cards, you can get them for the same price by marketplace sellers over there.

Monster NCredible NTune On-Ears for $35 w/free s&h

On the fashionable front, the official Monster eBay store is offering new condition with 1-year warranty Monster N-Credible N-Tune On-Ears for $35 with free shipping. You get 15 different colors to choose from, with two more colors (candy themed) being out of stock. Limit five per customer (not sure if it’s limit five per color or five overall from this particular model).

Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio headphones for $200

More headphone action on eBay, as no doubt the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday will trigger another wave of gift-related offers, where the eBay store of Kraft Music (99.9%, ships from Wisconsin, dairy aire not included!) is offering the new condition Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio Headphones for $200 with free shipping.

Yuin PK3 Earbuds for $39

If you want to get the Yuin PK3 Earbuds (actual earbuds, not in-ears) from a US seller with Prime shipping, you can now get them for $39 from the Hifiman Amazon store, with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping (or store credits if you select a slower but still free shipping method). Non-Prime members have the “new usual” of $49+ or at least $25 in physical books. The earbuds themselves average 3.8 out of 5 based on 109 customer reviews.

Yamaha HPH-M82 Square Earcups for $98

Two of the six color schemes of the Yamaha HPH-M82 headphones with square earcups (a fashionable design) are on sale for $98 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer per color. The on sale colors are black-centric and red-centric. They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews.

Monoprice Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth for $130 w/coupon

The Monoprice Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth (model 13194) remains in-stock at the Monoprice website and eligible for coupon START20 that gets you $20 off an order of $100+ site wide. This coupon brings is down from $150 to $130. The coupon expires Wednesday 4/28/16 (updated yet again) at the end of day.

[DEAD] Ends Friday 11:59pm ET: RHA T10i In-Ears for $151

This limited time offer expired…

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Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A Wooden for $150

Knock, on wood, Audio Technica wood! The new condition Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A Portable Wooden Headphones are currently on sale for $150 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer by BuyDig thru EBay. This will be delivered in early May.

Jabra Revo closed-back on-ears for $40 w/free S&H

This is turning into a portable on-ears day, because here comes another one, the new condition Jabra Revo closed-back on-ears with a 3-button remote/mic, are on sale for $40 with free shipping and a one year warranty at Groupon Goods. These are folding and have a detachable cable.

Samsung Level OG-900 On-Ears for $65

We have another theme, after doing a mini-dive in Used offers, now we take a look at some of the latest Groupon offers.

We start with Samsung, their black closed-back on-ear OG-900 headphones are on sale for $65 with free shipping and free returns, in new condition, at Groupon Goods. Only the black color scheme is available in this offer. These are wired with a mic/remote, a folding design, and a zippered case included.

Monster DNA Pro iHeartRadio Over-Ears for $80

If you are a fan of iHeartRadio, there is a limited edition of the Monster DNA PRO over-ear headphones that is currently on sale for $80 with free shipping and returns by Groupon Goods. You can connect up to five headphones to share listening (via dual ports). On the creature comforts front, they have detachable cable, they fold, and come with a drawstring pouch, and a 1 year warranty from the maker.

Refurbished Sony MDR-Z7 for $450

The Sony MDR-Z7 headphones are available in manufacturer refurbished condition with a 90-day warranty for $450 by Secondipity through Amazon Warehouse Deals, with the order shipping from Secondipity so it is not eligible for Prime fast shipping. These made in Japan headphones average 4.5 out of 5 based in 21 customer reviews and has about as many questions answered by the interweb peoplez.

Used Master & Dynamic MH40 for $289

The brown color scheme of the stylish (in the eyes of some at least) Master & Dynamic MH40 over-ear headphones is currently going for $289~ in “Used – Like New” condition by Electronics Expo through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from Electronics Expo (East Coast), so it is not eligible for Prime 2-day shipping. The other colors go for more.

Click on each color tab to see the options for each color. Be sure to note who the seller is, as there are many new/individual/unknown sellers offering them.

Used Sennheiser HD 280 PRO for $54

Of potential interest if buying a price point, the closed-back over-ear frequently-recommended at the $100 closed price range, Sennheiser HD 280 currently available in “Used – Good” condition (missing accessories, repackaged) for $54~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD). Items sold by AWD come with a 30 day return policy, so be sure to put through the paces during that time to make sure there are no hidden issues. They average 4.4 out of 5 based on over 2200 customer reviews.

PS: if you prefer it in new condition, they have a bundle with a $15 Amazon Gift Card for $100. This is one of a few Sennheiser headphones that are bundled with Amazon Gift Cards (including the HD600, HD650, HD380, HD25-1 II).

Sony MDR-10R for $85

This is a new condition item lost in a stream of “used posts” 🙂 The new condition black closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-10R wired headphones (they are part of a line-up with various models) are now down to $85 with free shipping by various sellers with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

Used HIFIMAN HE400S for $255

The recently released planar magnetic Hifiman HE400S (S part of the name) go for $300 in new condition but if you want to save some, you can get them in “Used – Very Good” condition for $255 by Audio Advisor and Kraft Street Audio (both have 100% rating) with the order fulfilled by Amazon so it is Prime eligible.

Used Shure SRH 940 for $187

Of the classic Shure studio line-up, the silver-y closed-back over-ear Shure SRH 940 is available in “Used – Good” condition for $187~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. The description says minor cosmetic imperfections (plural) and repackaged.

PS: I have began a mini dive into Amazon Warehouse Deals so more things may surface in the next few minutes.

TDK WR680 On-Ears (Bluetooth) for $20

We have a couple of back to back basic bluetooth on-ear headphones, think more utility than audiophility (new word, because as they say, language is a living thing), starting with a white-red color scheme of the TDK bluetooth WR680 On-Ears going for $20. These are sold by a marketplace seller (looks like they has 16 units available) with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

TIP: in situations like these, with one marketplace seller offering something in limited quantity, it likely means that these are available at only one Amazon Warehouse, so non-Prime shipping estimate will vary wildly depending on how close you are to the warehouse that has them. And “close” is a relative term, in terms of delivery times, not close as in distance in miles, because of the way the whole shipping delivery system is setup (hubs, airports, regional carriers, pricing, etc, etc).

LG Electronics Gruve On-Ears (Bluetooth) for $34

On the simple folding bluetooth on-ears front, the black color scheme of the LG Gruve (that’s their spelling, not my misspelling) are currently on sale for $34~ with a limit of three units per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 60+ customer reviews and have 20+ questions answered. They also play music via a standard 3.5mm audio input, not just Bluetooth.

A-Audio Elite A41 In-Ears for $10 + $5 flat S&H (

The daily deal, good until 1am Eastern on Thursday are the A-Audio Elite A41 In-Ears offered for $10. Shipping is $5 flat unless you are a paying Meh free shipping in which case you get free shipping.

Audio Technica M50x & $30 Vudu credit & 3mo Rhapsody for $99

A multimedia bundle on eBay by the eBay store, they are offering the Audio Technica M50x in new condition, in the black or white color scheme, bundled with a $30 Vudu store credit and a 3-month subscription to the Rhapsody Premiere music service, all together for $99 with free shipping. Limit five bundles per customer.

The Vudu credit is self explanatory, but I don’t know if the 3-month Rhapsody subscription is for new customers only (like Google Play All Access does their promotions) or it can be appended to an existing subscription for existing Rhapsody paying subscribers.

Two new Massdrop exclusive Hifiman models on Wedn 9am ET

On Wednesday April 27 (2016) at 9am Eastern time, Massdrop will launch two new offers with two exclusive Hifiman models with rather reasonable prices, one over-ear and one in-ear. They will be based on the (now discounted) HE-300 over-ear and the RE-0 in-ears. Here’s a screenshot with the details:


They are a members only website (you have to login to see the offers), but it is free for anyone to join in and see what’s happening.

Polk Audio Hinge On-Ear (with mic/remote) for $30

If you like folding headphones with a bucket/belt design language, the new condition Polk Audio Hinge On-Ear (with mic/remote) are on sale in either black or brown for $30 per pair at Groupon Goods.

They come with a drawstring bag, and have a detachable cable, so even if the headphones break, you still have a cable with mic/remote and a travel bag. Free shipping with orders of $35+ (eg two pairs or one pair plus other items from Groupon Goods). They come with a 1-year warranty from Polk and free returns (within 14 days of delivery).