Yamaha YH-E700A ANC/BT closed over-ears for $130

Woot Plus are the longer running offers at Woot that run for a few days instead of just 24 hours. One such sale is running until the end of March 2023 (or earlier if sold), it is a Yamaha Audio sale that includes two head-related products, in new condition, with a 1-year Yamaha warranty:

+ Premium Sound True truly-wireless for $30
+ such an original model name 😉

+ YH-E700A ANC/BT closed over-ears for $130
+ two color options
+ up to two per customer
+ BT 5, apt-X adaptive
+ carrying case
+ USB-C charging

Saturday: Yamaha YH-E700A ANC/BT Over-Ears for $160

Good until 11/12/22 at 11:59pm central time, the Woot daily deals are having a mini Yamaha headphone sale that consists of exactly new condition two models with a 1-year Yamaha warranty:

+ YH-E700A ANC/BT over-ears for $160
+ two per customer
+ bluetooth 5 with apt-X and AAC
+ case, USB-C charging

+ YH-E700A truly-wireless for $40
+ BT5, apt-X, IPX5, USB-C, five color options

Sunday: Sony WH-1000X, Plantronics BackBeat, Bose ANC, Yamaha x Klipsch System Bundle, Etc

A couple of round-up sales among the Sunday 8/22/21 Woot daily deals include headphones. Offer runs until 11:59pm central or earlier if sold out!

The Erratic Audio sale [PRO marketing tip: don’t name a sale with a word that shared a root with “error” LOL] includes:

  • grade A refurbished Sony WH-1000X M4 ANC/BT over-ears for $180 with a 1-year 3rd-party (not Sony) warranty
  • new condition previous generation WH-1000X M3 for $200 with 1-year Sony warranty
  • grade A refurbished Sony WH-XB900N (XB = Extra Bass) ANC/BT over-ears for $100 with a 1-year 3rd-party (not Sony) warranty
  • Plantronics BackBeat Fit 6100 bluetooth over-ears for $65 with 1-year Plantronics warranty
  • Plantronics BackBeat Fit 350 earhook bluetooth earphones for $22 with 1-year warranty
  • grade A refurbished Sony WF-1000X M3 ANC/BT Alexa truly-wireless for $70 with a 1-year 3rd-party (not Sony) warranty
  • bluetooth speakers of different kinds from JBL and Sony

Then we have the Tech Favorite sale which includes the new condition BOSE QC35 II ANC/BT over-ears for $195 with a 1-year Bose warranty…

Then there’s this crazy bundle:
+ Yamaha TSR-700 7.1 Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MsicCast
+ Klipsch Reference 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System Bundle
+ together for $660
+ Klipsch items with 5-year warranty, Yamaha with 1-year

Monday Bluetooth Earphones: Sennheiser, B&O, Yamaha

A trio of bluetooth earphones are participating in the Monday 2/22/21 at the Woot Audio sale. In addition to the two soundbars, outdoor rock speakers and bluetooth speaker, they have three bluetooth earphones:

+ Sennheiser IE-80S BT neckband style bluetooth earphones for $130
+ with 2-year Sennheiser warranty

+ Yamaha TW-E3A truly wireless for $70

+ Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Motion truly-wireless for $140

Saturday: Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO for $479 AC

As teased yesterday, the Saturday February 13 in 2021 daily deals at the NewEGG webSITE include the new condition wired open-back over-ear Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO with Tesla technology going for $479 with free US shipping after entering promo code 93XQH86 over there. Up to two pairs per customer. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg proper…

Speaking of NewEgg, their teasers for Sunday mentioned the Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (250 ohm). The sale price will be revealed over there on Sunday 2/14/21 at 12:01am pacific time…

In other daily deal action, the leader of the pack at Amazon USA for Saturday 2/13/21 is the new condition Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with MusicCast offered for $430 with free US shipping. Up to three per customer at the sale price. Sold and shipped by Amazon proper…

Thursday: Yamaha EPH-100 in-ears for $50

Back to the earphone action at the Newegg deals of the day, this set of offerings is good until Thursday 11:59pm pacific time (1/21/21) as follows:

+ Yamaha EPH-100 in-ears for $50

+ refurbished Jabra Elite Active 75t for $100

Meanwhile the teasers for Friday include the KEF Porsche Design Motion One neckband-style bluetooth earphones, a Jabra Elite bluetooth on-ears and a 256GB Samsung “orange cream” microSD card… The teasers do not include the sale prices, those get revealed on the day the offers go live on their website…

EU: Yamaha EPH-M100 In-Ears for 34 euro

UPDATE 10/22/18: this price is now offered by a 3rd-party seller that is fulfilled by Amazon.

If you are a fan of the Yahama earphones, the new condition EPH-M100 in-ears, in the white color scheme (it’s black and white) is currently on sale for 34 euro at Amazon Germany. No additional taxes for EU residents. Elsewhere, it varies depending on your situation.

Used Yamaha HPH-150B Open-Back On-Ears for $50 w/FS

The new condition Yamaha HPH-150B open-back on-ear headphones go for $100 at the moment but if you cut the price in half, you can get it in “Used – Very Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) for $50~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. There are multiple models on the same listing, so if you are reading reviews, make sure they are of the correct model.

NewEgg President’s Day: KEF M500 for $130, Beats Solo 3 for $180, Yamaha C200 for $5

Newegg has ushered out their President’s Day offers and among them they have some headphones as well:

+ KEF M500 On-Ears (white) for $130 after “Add to cart” (no login or promo code needed)

+ Beats Solo 3 Wireless for $190 in black (no promo code)

+ Yamaha EPC-C200 in-ears for $4 (no promo code)

Used Yahama EPH-30 In-Ears for $11

If you are not a perfectionist, the black color scheme of the Yahama EPH-30 in-ears are available in “Used – Good condition” (various cosmetic imperfections; repackaged) for the very specific price of $10.79 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping. These average 3.2 out of 5 based on 80+ customer reviews, so if you are not familiar with them, be sure to read up on them as the review score suggests trade-offs and potential issues.

Used Yamaha HPH-MT120BL Studio Headphones for $52

The Yamaha HPH-MT120BL closed over-ear studio headphones are currently available in “Used – Very Good” (repackaged) condition for $52~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. These are more of the rectangular earpad design.

[DEAD] Wedn: Yamaha RH50A Studio Headphones for $35 w/FS

Wednesday is over, and so are its daily deals…

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Yamaha EPH-100SL In-Ears for $83 [Prime]

Back in the days when the Shure SE-215 reigned supreme in the $100 IEM category, another contemporary recommended model was the Yamaha EPH-100SL in-ears and for a limited time, Prime members can get it for 20% off the current price, with the price dropping after you add it to the shopping cart. As of the time of writing it goes for $104, so the price will drop to $83.20 with free shipping. This must be sold and shipped by Amazon actual.

[DEAD] Used Yamaha HPH-50 On-Ears for $19

As of 9/30/17 recheck, the used prices are no longer available so low…

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[DEAD] Yamaha HPH-M82BR Square Pad On-Ears for $34

As of 6/16/17 recheck, this sale ended…

The Yamaha HPH-M82BR square-pad on-ears are on sale for just under $34 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. The other colors go for more. All together they average 4.1 out of 5 based on 13 customer reviews.

Yamaha HPH-M82BR Square On-Ears for $40 [limit 3]

Yamaha is trying to generate some traction with their headphones as they are already a well-known name in the world of music, but it is a busy headphone market these days.

Anywan, one of their fashion headphones is the HPH-M82 with square pads, but they look decidedly on-ear. Of the six color schemes available, currently the brown-burgundy color-scheme is on sale, in new condition, for $40 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of up to three units per customer.

They average 4.1 out of 5 based on a lucky (?) 13 customer reviews. They have a 3-button MFI button.

Yamaha EPH-C200 earphones for $5 w/FS after coupon

NewEgg daily deals now last two days instead of one. The first day happens when you use a promo code from the daily Shell Shocker emails. The second day of the deal is when it goes live on their website. This sounds a bit too complicated for a “daily deal” but hey, their roof their rules 🙂

Which brings us to the Yamaha EPH-C200 earphones going for $5 with free shipping with promo code EMCSRERD3. Offer should end Tuesday night.

Yamaha EPH-C200 earphones for $8 with free S&H

On the single figures front, good until Monday 2/27/17, NewEgg is offering the new condition Yamaha EPH-C200 earphones in black or blue color-schemes, for $8 with free shipping. Limit up to 20 per color per customer… UPDATE sale extended and price dropped by $2 more…

Yamaha EPH-M200BL in-ears for $101

We continue our deal-searching adventures with some Yahama in-ear action, the EPH-M200 black color scheme is on sale in new condition for $101 with free shipping and/or store pickup by Best Buy on eBay and Amazon itself.

[DEAD] Yamaha EPH-50WH earphones for $40

This lightning deal expired…

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[DEAD] Yamaha PRO 300 Closed On-Ears for $78 [ends 9pm ET]

This limited time offer expired as well…

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Yamaha HPH-M82BL Square On-Ears drop to $56

Square earcups is the defining feature of the Yamaha HPH-M82BL closed-back on-ears, and four of their six colors are currently on sale for around $56 each, in new condition, at Amazon by Amazon actual with a limit of five per color per customer. They have an MFi 3-button remote and average 3.6 out of 5 on 12 reviews.

[DEAD] Yamaha HPH-MT120BL for $85

As of 8/27/16 2pm ET price-recheck, it jumped to $80+… Another Yamaha new condition headphone is on sale, this time it is the closed-back over-ear Yamaha HPH-MT120BL studio monitors going for $85 with free shipping with a limit of three per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual.

Yamaha EPH-100SL In-Ears for $85

The Yamaha EPH-100SL In-Ears are one of the earphones that you may find in $100 recommendation lists, just like the Shure SE-215s, and those recommendation are probably what’s keeping their prices fairly steady. But as of the time of writing, the EPH-100SL are on sale for $85 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual (limit 5) and B&H Photo. It looks like a price-match maybe. You may have to login to your account at the retailer to see the price if you are not already logged in.

NOTE: Amazon is changing how it shows the discounts, it is moving away from showing dramatic discounts off the List Price, so what you see as the “discounted from price” may be something else. More on this development/experiment at New York Times and the Consumerist and eCommerceBytes.

UPDATE: speaking of Yamaha, they are running a limited promotion with Amazon, you get Amazon Gift Cards up to $300 with purchase of select Yamaha products (speakers, keyboards, guitars, etc). No headphones are part of this promotion though.

Sennheiser HD7 DJ + 88-key Yamaha P115 Digital Piano + Stand/Bench for $600

IF the stars align and you happen to need all three of these items (or you can give or gift or trade some of them), there is a triple bundle at Adorama.com as part of their Mother’s Day sales good until 5/8/16. You part with $600 out of your wallet and for that you get the Sennheiser HD7 DJ headphones, the 88-key Yamaha P-115 digital piano (weighted action), along with an On-Stage Keyboard bundle (stand, bench, sustain pedal). Free shipping included which is nice because these are not lightweight items.

Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio headphones for $200

More headphone action on eBay, as no doubt the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday will trigger another wave of gift-related offers, where the eBay store of Kraft Music (99.9%, ships from Wisconsin, dairy aire not included!) is offering the new condition Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio Headphones for $200 with free shipping.

Yamaha HPH-M82 Square Earcups for $98

Two of the six color schemes of the Yamaha HPH-M82 headphones with square earcups (a fashionable design) are on sale for $98 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer per color. The on sale colors are black-centric and red-centric. They average 3.8 out of 5 based on 12 customer reviews.

Sennheiser HD7 PRO + 88-key Yamaha P45 Digital Piano + OnStage Stand/Bench bundle for $460

This is a three item bundle, an if the stars align type of an offer if you happen to need all three of these items, the Sennheiser HD7 PRO DJ headphones, along with the Yamaha P-45 88-Key Digital Piano, and the On-Stage KPK6520 Keyboard Stand/Bench Pack with Sustain Pedal, all together for $460 with free shipping at Adorama.com. Offer ends 5/5/16 or earlier if sold out.

Yamaha EPH-100SL In-Ears for $85 [limit 5]

The silver color scheme of the Yamaha EPH-100SL in-ears is currently on sale for $85 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer, at Amazon.com by Amazon actual. These average 3.8 out of 5 based on 178 customer reviews. They come with a 2-stage flange.

Yamaha HPH-200WH On-Ears for $60

If you like white/gray color-scheme on-ear headphones, the Yamaha HPH-200WH is currently on sale for $60 with free shipping by marketplace sellers with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so free 2-day shipping for Prime members. The seller of record however is not Amazon but a marketplace seller. The black color scheme goes for double… These average 4.1 out of 5 based on 28 customer reviews…

Open-back Yamaha HPH-150B On-Ears for $100

Grados are not running unopposed in the $100 open-back on-ear segment. Yahama has their own competitor, the Yamaha HPH-150B going for $100 with free shipping at Amazon. On the same listing, the closed-back HPH-100B go for $50, and the HPH-50 go for $30.

For some strange reason, all these headphones along with the older RH1 and RH3 are grouped together in one product page. The negative of this is that their reviews are all pooled together which makes the average useless because they different kinds of headphones. You can pre-filter the reviews by going some browsing gymnastics, but the pre-filtered results don’t show a star rating average 🙁

[DEAD] Starts Sat 7am ET Bundle: Audio Technica M70x + $300 Gift Card + 88-key Yamaha MOTIFXF8 Music Production Synthesizer

These limited time promotions are over now…

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Audio Technica M50x + two Tascam VL-S5 Studio Monitor (speakers) + 88-key Yamaha Music Keyboard for $580

IF you happen to want the white Audio Technica M50x headphones, and a pair of Tascam VL-S5 studio monitor speakers, and an 88-key Yamaha YPG-535 portable grand keyboard, you can get them all together for $580 at Adorama. The keyboard on its own goes for $500.

Optionally, there’s a $30 mail-in rebate. If you do the rebate, it becomes a $550 after $30 MIR.

Yamaha HPH-MT120BL Studio headphones for $100

The Yamaha HPH-MT120BL closed-back over-ear headphones, are currently on sale for $100 with free shipping and handling by Adorama via Amazon. They are not eligible for Prime shipping.

Yamaha EPH-50WH In-Ears for $53 (limit 5)

The white color scheme of the Yamaha EPH-50WH In-Ears is currently on sale for $53~ with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. The black color scheme starts at $64 by marketplace sellers.