A-Audio A01 headphones (Black/Liquid Chrome) for $19

A price war between various marketplace sellers at Amazon, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon has crashed the price of the new condition A-Audio A01 headphones (Black/Liquid Chrome) closed-back over-ear to around $19. A case is included as standard with this.

I think these are powered headphones but I could be wrong.

Note that there are multiple different models on the same Amazon listing, so if you are looking at different colors or reading customer reviews or answered questions, make sure they are referring to the model you are interested in.

A-Audio A-01 closed over/on-ear for $30

A handful of “fulfilled by Amazon” marketplace sellers appear to be in a price war (human or machine controlled price war, I do not know) on the new condition A-Audio A01 Closed-Back over/on-ears The lowest price is now $30, fulfilled by Amazon, so if you are a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping and Amazon customer service, which is an extra layer of protection when buying from marketplace sellers, since the products are under Amazon’s control (in their facilities/warehouses), so if there are any issues or shenanigans, Amazon will fix it, you don’t have to hope rando-seller is honest.

NOTE: there are multiple different models on the same Amazon product page. The ones on sale for $30 are the A01, not to be confused with the A02 Legacy or the A11 Lyric which go for much more. They have detachable cable (either side), and come with a luxury travel case and cable with mic/remote.

I am not quite sure whether the A01 is over-ear or on-ear. The Amazon page is confused and so is the A-Audio website which (in addition to the browser security complaints) has a 404 error where the user manuals for the A01 and A02 models should be.

So this is a bit of a higher risk purchase…

PS: you can see a picture of the travel case in gallery picture #4 at Stacksocial.

[DEAD] Monday: A-Audio Legacy Over-Ears for $45 + S&H

Monday is over and so is this meh Meh daily deal 🙂

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[DEAD] Monday: A-Audio Legacy Over-Ear Noise Cancelling for $55

This deal du jour expired with a meh 🙂

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A-Audio Legacy Noise Cancelling Headphones for $72 to $80

The A-Audio Legacy headphones, with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), are available for $80 with free shipping at Stacksocial. But for a limited time (I do not know when it expires), coupon code BYESUMMER10 gets you 10% off site-wide over there. There are two color-schemes available for it, at the same price. The ANC is powered by two AAA batteries, a plus for fans of rechargeable AAAs, and a minus for fans of built-in lithium ions.

A-Audio Elite A41 In-Ears for $10 + $5 flat S&H (Meh.com)

The meh.com daily deal, good until 1am Eastern on Thursday are the A-Audio Elite A41 In-Ears offered for $10. Shipping is $5 flat unless you are a paying Meh free shipping in which case you get free shipping.

A-Audio Elite HD Chrome/Black In-Ears for $20

The Staples online daily deals (separate from the offers in their Weekly Ad) have been flying under the radar for a while as many people don’t associate Staples with electronics deals. But they have some good deals and because they are not as “famous”, some of the deals are able to linger longer there than they would on a high volume electronics website like NewEgg or Amazon.

Regardless, the A-Audio Elite HD Chrome/Black In-Ears are currently on sale for $20 per pair at Staples.com. Free shipping if you are a Rewards member. Or free shipping to a local store for everyone. Offer ends 4/23/16.

UPDATE: these also go for $20 at the flash sale site MorningSave (the same people who run Meh.com). I do not know if they charge shipping since it doesn’t say.

[DEAD] Starts Friday 9am ET: A-Audio A41 High Definition Earphones Sale

These daily deals expired… For future deals, check the Amazon Gold Box

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[DEAD] Ends Thur 2pm ET: Onkyo ES-CTI300 and A-Audio A41 for $50 each

These daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Monday In-Ear Lightning Deals: Sennheiser, A-Audio, Klipsch, etc

This round of daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Ends Thur 1am ET: A-AUDIO A41 Elite HD Earphones for $55

These sold out before the expiration time…
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[DEAD] Wedn: Free A-Audio In-Ears with Legacy Over-Ears for $300

This daily deal expired…
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A-Audio Legacy Over-Ears for $200

Another one of the Best Buy deals of the day for Monday 5/11/15, the A-Audio Legacy over-ears are on sale for $200 with free shipping in the black color scheme at the Best Buy website. And it looks like it has been price-matched at Amazon.com by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. These are closed-back powered over-ears with active noise cancellation and “audio modes”.

Used A-Audio A01 Over-Ears for $91

The A-Audio A01 headphones, in the Matte Phantom Black/Lyric color schemes, are available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $91 with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Massdrop: TTpod, Bravo, Philips, SMSL, A-Audio

A new wave of headphone-related offers hit Massdrop (members only shopping site; everyone can join for free to see the offers). One of them is fully unlocked (= lowest price possible), the TTPOD T1-E in-ears for $30 shipped. This offer ends in about 7 days from blog-posting date.

Not fully unlocked yet, but these have 6-7 days to go, the budget Bravo V3 Headphone Amplifier can go as low as $73 shipped, the SMSL M8 desktop DAC can go as low as $180 shipped, and the over-ear A-Audio Legacy Elite Over-Ear with active noise cancellation (ANC) can go as low as $205 shipped.

One more thing, with two days left, the Philips Foldie CitiScape – yes, foldie as in folding, but they are not targeted for toddlers – can go for as low as $43 shipped.