Used Jabra Move bluetooth on-ears for $20 [Prime]

If you are looking for a budget bluetooth on-ear headphone AND you are a Prime member, during the Prime Day happenings you can get the USED condition closed-back on-ear Jabra Move bluetooths for around $20 with free shipping of course since everyone eligible for the offer is a Prime member.

NOTE: the link above is filtered to show only the ones sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual and shows the lowest price per color. The see more details for a specific color, click on the “See all offers for this product” small link next to the color’s name…

Jabra headphone sale (TW and over-ears too) [Prime]

Jabra has its very own Prime Day sale featuring a mixture of their headphones including:

+ Elite 85h ANC/Bluetooth closed over-ears for $237 to $250 in multiple color options

+ Move Style closed on-ears for $58 in two color options

+ Elite 65t truly wireless with alexa for $114 in multiple colors

Monday: Jabra Elite 65t truly wireless for $120

Best Buy has a “truly wireless” exercise-oriented [the “Active” in the model name is one of the clues] earphone on sale as part of their Monday 7/15/19 daily deals, it is the new condition Jabra Elite 65t going for $120 with free shipping and/or free store pickup.

Tue (EU): Jabra Move bluetooth on-ears for 30 euro [also budget mp3 players]

It’s partly budget audio day at the Amazon Germany Gold Box for Tuesday FEB-06-2019 where four different color schemes of the new condition Jabra Move bluetooth closed-back on-ear headphones are on sale for 30 euro each. Not a bad price for a basic no-frills BT on-ear set… It is interesting that (as far as I can recall) this has never dropped this low at Amazon USA. Jabra is an EU-based company after all…

The Jabra is the headliner for Tuesday so it’s easy to spot, but there’s more! Hidden behind the action camera item is a sale on various Victure brand items< that in addition to the action and hunting cameras, it features a variety of budget mp3 players with a clip-type thing going for 22 euro (8GB on-board, microSD slot, FM, bluetooth), and a more elongated model going for 26~ euro (similar specs). There’s also a couple of hybrid dictaphone / mp3 players in similar price ranges…

Wedn: 2pk Jabra Step bluetooth exercise earphones for $28

Happy New Year with a 2-pack of bluetooth exercise-y type of necklace-style earphones, it’s a 2-pack of Jabra Step going for $27 total, with free shipping for Prime members, or flat shipping for non-members as the Woot Electronics deal du jour running until Thursday JAN-3-2019 [we’d better practice writing 2019] at 1am central time. These are new condition with a 1-year Jabra warranty…

I had these a while back, from what I recall they were finicky, but at this price, if you are a flexible user, it’s not a bad price…

Refurb Jabra Elite 45t bluetooth earphones for $25; 65t Truly Wireless for $90

Truly wireless is obviously a matter of convenience, not audiophile beauty, that’s why you keep seeing these made and offered. And one of them is at the eBay Deals, it is the manufacturer refurbished Jabra Elite 65t True Wireless earbuds for $90 with free shipping and a 180-day warranty. These are sold by the Jabra eBay store, and the warranty is from Jabra. Limit five per customer at the sale price.

Also from the Jabra eBay store with the same warranty as above, you can get the manufacturer refurbished Jabra Elite 45t bluetooth earphones (necklace kind) for $25 with free shipping and a 180-day warranty.

Monday (EU): Jabra headphone and earphone sale, Sandisk/WD storage sale, and lots more

Monday is a very big day in terms of offers at Amazon Germany. Of headphone interest, they have a Jabra headphone sale that includes the Move bluetooth closed-back on-ears for 40 euro, various Elite truly-wireless earphones from 135 to 152, and the Elite 45e neckband bluetooth earphones from 60 to 75 euro… They also offer the Echo for 60 euro, Mpow bluetooth earhooks from 10 to 20 euro, lots of physical music on sale (including the Stereo Beatles boxed set for 105 euro), Medio internet radio / speakers, and various Sandisk/WD storage products for your music and your DAPs and PADs and smartphones…

Now shipping: Jabra Elite 65t Truly Wireless [corrected]

An update of the Headphone Tracker has another new headphone shipping, it is the Jabra Elite Sport 65t Truly wireless going for $170 by Amazon actual.

CORRECTION: I got the model names mixed up yesterday. The one that WAS on sale at Best Buy for $150 was a different and older model. All apologies for the confusion. Confusion is my superpower it seems 🙂

Jabra Move Bluetooth On-Ears for $50

The new condition Jabra Move bluetooth on-ears, in new condition, are on sale for $50 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual in black, blue or red. They average 3.9 out of 5 based on 1000+ customer reviews and have 180+ answered questions.

But that’s not all! If you are a Prime member AND pay for this order with either the Prime Chase VISA or the Prime Store credit card, then you will receive 20% back (instead of the usual 5% back) as a statement credit. In this case, you’d be getting $10 back. This is a limited time promotion. The promotion is indicated on eligible individual product pages with a tiny “Get 20% back”. See screenshot below:

Used Jabra Halo Free Bluetooth Earphones for $18 (missing accessories)

The Jabra Halo Free Wireless (bluetooth) earphones go for $55+ in new condition at recognizable online retailers, but if you want to pay 1/3rd of that price, you can get them in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfection, missing accessories, damaged packaging) for $18~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals (AWD) actual. AWD actual has only one listing, the rest of the used listings are by other sellers.

To recap for the high-speed readers, this is missing accessories!

PS: the description says “missing earbuds”. I’m assuming that means it’s missing the eartips, not the actual “earbuds”, earbuds as in earphones. They wouldn’t sell a decapitated pair of earphones 🙂

Jabra Step Bluetooth Earbuds for $22 [updated]

These were not greeted as =liberators when they were released going for a lot more, so this is a chance to scoop up them for a lot less, assuming you can live with their trade-offs. Check reviews first ~ they average 3 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews and have a lucky 13 answered questions.

You can get them fulfilled by Amazon in either New Condition for $22, or in refurbished condition for $20 [WAS $16]. Non-Prime members need a $25+ order for free shipping.

Price updated here 9/11/17.

Refurbished Jabra Rox Bluetooth earbuds for $24 w/free S&H

On the budget side of things, the official Jabra eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Jabra Rox Bluetooth earbuds for $24 with free shipping and a six month warranty from Jabra. Limit up to five units per customer.

[DEAD] Jabra Move Bluetooth On-Ears for $60

This deal expired…

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[DEAD] Refurbished Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds for $24 w/FS

As of 12/29/16 the price is $33 instead of $24 with free shipping…

Back to eBay, where the official Jabra eBay store is offering manufacturer refurbished Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds for $24 with free shipping with a limit of five units per customer. They come with a 180-day warranty (translates to almost half a year).

[DEAD] Jabra Step bluetooth earbuds for $30

This daily offering expired too…

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Refurbished Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds for $24 w/free S&H

More eBay action from another manufacturer official store, Jabra’s company store there is offering the manufacturer refurbished with a 180-day (about six months) warranty on the Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds for $24 with free shipping. Limit five units per customer during this sale.

[DEAD] Thursday: refurbished Jabra Step Bluetooth Earbuds for $15 w/free S&H [limit 2]

This daily deal expired, but most of the A4C offers are recurring, so if you missed it, fear not, it will likely return in the next few days/weeks (other things equal)…

One of the A4C daily deals for Thursday 11/17/16 is the refurbished Jabra Step Bluetooth Earbuds offered for $15 with free shipping. They come with a 90-day replacement-warranty by A4C, not the seller. Limit two (was one) per customer. Check the pictures to see how they hang on to your ears. The battery/tech part is in the earshells, not the cable.

Wedn: Jabra Rox for $50, Coach for $70

Among the Wednesday Best Buy daily deals there are two Jabra bluetooth earbuds. The Rox model goes for $50 while the Sport Coach goes for $70. They get free 2-day shipping or free store pickup if you prefer.

PS: in recent weeks Best Buy switched to a new benefit where Rewards members (at the entry-level tier, no minimum annual spent prerequisite) get free 2-day shipping on a number of items going for $35+ (but not everything; and only items shipped by Best Buy, not through the various other sellers there).

Refurbished Jabra Rox Bluetooth Sports Earbuds for $30

If your interests intersect at bluetooth, earbuds, exercise and refurbished, the Jabra Rox bluetooth earbuds (sweatproof for exercise) are available in manufacturer refurbished condition for $30 with free returns at Groupon Goods. Free shipping if your order total is $34.99 or higher. Sale ends 7/10/16.

Jabra Revo Wired On-Ears for $30 w/free S&H

Back to the budget $30-ish fashionable on-ears, the new condition in bulk packaging and with a 90 day warranty (per the listing) Jabra Revo Wired On-Ears (only available in the White Color-Scheme, not Black) is on sale for $30 with free shipping at online discounter

These folding headphones average 4.4 out of 5 based on 160+ customer reviews at

FREE HTC Studio In-Ears (or Jabra Move) with HTC M10 purchase

As part of their Father’s Day sales, good until 6/19/16 at 11:59pm pacific, if you purchase the HTC M10 flagship smartphone (technically it’s the HTC 10 but I just can’t type that) from the official website, you can select FREE item, either the HTC Studio In-Ears (black or white) or the Jabra Move On-Ears for FREE. To see the freebies, first add the M10 to your shopping cart (select the Unlocked if you want to quickly check the offer). Then go to the shopping cart. Below the phone you will see the freebies. You have to manually select which one you want. It should look something like this:


PS: I don’t know why they call them “Studio”. Granted it’s a marketing term but they typically use that for over-ears. Might as well call it “Studio DJ Audiophile Monitor” 🙂

Jabra Revo closed-back on-ears for $40 w/free S&H

This is turning into a portable on-ears day, because here comes another one, the new condition Jabra Revo closed-back on-ears with a 3-button remote/mic, are on sale for $40 with free shipping and a one year warranty at Groupon Goods. These are folding and have a detachable cable.

Jabra Revo On-Ears for $40 w/free S&H

On the on-ear front, the foldable wired closed-back Jabra Revo, in the white-grey-red color-scheme, are available in new condition for $40 with free shipping at Groupon Goods. They have free returns and a 1 year warranty and get delivered usually within seven business days after ordering (this may feel like an eternity if you are used to Prime 2-day).

Used Jabra Move Bluetooth On-Ears for $38

If you are looking for red-black bluetooth on-ear headphones, this particular color-scheme of the Jabra Move Bluetooths is available in “Used – Good” condition (damaged original packaging) for $38~ or “Used – Very Good” condition (likewise with the packaging) for $41~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. Free shipping for Prime members or with a $49+ order (or a $25+ book order).

Jabra Revo Wired On-Ears for $35 (new) or $30 (refurbished) with free shipping

While we are on the topic of sub-$50 on-ears, the Jabra Revo wired on-ears (not to be confused with the Bluetooth version of this model) are available in refurbished condition for $30 (black or white) or in new condition (white only) for $35, with free shipping regardless, at with a limit of ten per customer. Per the description over there, the new condition are in retail packaging, while the refurbished come in what they describe as “hassle free packaging”. They come with a 30-day warranty regardless of condition.

If you want to research them, they average 4.4 out of 5 based on nearly 150 customer reviews at Picture #4 in the gallery over there shows the front of the retail packaging. They are folding, with detachable cable.

The new condition models should come with a code to activate the Jabra app. I don’t know if the refurbished ones will get the code as well, since they don’t come in the retail package which includes the codes.

Jabra Sport Corded Stereo Headset for $10 w/free s&h

On the low cost front, among the various featured deals on The eBay, you can get the new condition
Jabra Sport Corded Stereo Headset for $10 with free shipping by eBay seller “UltimateChoice1” (99.8%). Please note the orders will be processed after 10/20/15. You can buy as many as you like.

[DEAD] Jabra Revo Bluetooth On-Ears for $110

This daily deal expired…

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Fry’s Saturday Promo-Codes: JBL S500 or Monster Inspiration for $70 each [and more]

The special offers for Fry’s Electronics e-mail subscribers for Saturday 10.3.15 are rather busy on the headphone front, with the following items:

  • JBL Synchros S500 Over-Ears (powered headphones) for $70 (limit 1)
  • Monster Inspiration Active Noise Cancelling Over-Ears for $70 (limit 2; B&M only)
  • Panasonic Sound Rush On-Ears for $10 (limit 1)
  • Jabra Sport+ Bluetooth earbuds for $65 (limit 2)
  • Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB Vinyl Player for $200 (limit 1)

The AT-LP120-USB vinyl player was featured in this week’s Rolling Stone (print magazine) as a “Simple High-End Hi-Fi” pick paired with powered Audioengine speakers as a simple way to play your vinyl records. This is under their Tech Column (page 28; October 8, 2015 issue). Shocking, I know, they disrupted their celebrity-gossip-political articles for *gasp* music 😉

Jabra Move On-Ears for $70 (limit 3)

On the bluetooth on-ears front, the Jabra Move, in the black color scheme, are on sale for $70 with free shipping with a limit of three per customer at Amazon by Amazon proper. The other colors go for more. These average 4.1 out of 5 based on nearly 180 customer reviews, and promise they can survive drops up to 1.5m and 10,000 bendings. They also have a 3.5mm input for non-Bluetooth music playback.

Jabra Revo On-Ears (wired) for $50

The wired on-ear Jabra Revo headphones, in new condition, are currently on sale for $50 with free shipping and free returns at Groupon Goods with a limit of five per customer. Three color choices are available over there. They come with a very basic protective bag. These average 4.5 out of 5 based on 90+ customer reviews at amazon.

Jabra Revo On-Ears: Wired for $60 or Bluetooth for $100

As part of the Staples website’s deals, good until 12/30/14 (or earlier if sold out), there is a sale on select Jabra Revo On-Ear headphones. The wired go for $60 per pair (gray or white color scheme) while the bluetooth on-ears go for $100 (black color scheme).