Amazon rebrands “Warehouse Deals” to “Amazon Warehouse”, Gives it Distinctive Green Logo

We often mention Used Amazon deals here, so this is of interest if you are shopping at Amazon Warehouse Deals. Amazon is now giving them a logo and branding of their own. Their new name is “Amazon Warehouse”, which sounds perhaps more attractive to a general audience. You can see this in the screenshot below and also at the Warehouse Deals home page. It makes it easier color-wide to separate it from Amazon’s own new condition listings.

If you want a live listing to see it, there are multiple of them at the used ATH-M40x listing. That’s where the screenshot was taken above.

Amazon is notorious for experimenting with things, so you may not see it immediately. Sometimes they show changes to a subset of customers, eg based on browser, operating system, screen size, and so forth. Thus the screenshots here so you’ll know it’s coming.