Bose QC 25 ANC Over-Ears for $170, refurb QC20 earphones for $200 [Apple buttons]

Bose has its own official eBay Outlet store and among the items you can find there:

+ manufacturer refurbished Bose QC20 ANC earphones for $180 with full warranty with the Apple remote/mic

+ new condition Bose QC 25 wired ANC headphones for $170 in the white color scheme with the Apple remote/mic

+ QC is short for Quiet Comfort

Refurbished Sony MDR-XB950 B1 for $70 or N1 Over-Ears for $90

Secondipity speciaizes in all things refurbished and they have a couple more Sony over-ear headphones offered in manufacturer refurbished with a 90-day warranty on eBay as follows:

+ refurbished XB950 B1 closed-back over-ear bluetooth for $70

+ refurbished XB950 N1 closed-back over-ear bluetooth AND active noise cancelling (thus the N in the name) for $90

+ limit five of each per customer.

Meanwhile continuing is their offer of the manufacturer refurbished MDR-1000X closed over-ear bluetooth and ANC for $180. With the new second generation now shipping for $350, if you are going to get the previous generation, might as well go refurbished and save money.

[DEAD] 20% off eBay select headphones priced $25+ [400 options; max disco $50]

This coupon offer expired…

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[DEAD] Make Your Own Deal: $15 off $75+ almost everything on eBay

This short lived coupon expired…

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TEAC Reference UD-503 Dual-mono USB DSD DAC/balanced Headphone amplifierfor $730, New Condition for $800

Choices are good, especially when they are distinct and not overwhelming 🙂 The TEAC Reference UD-503 Dual-mono USB DSD DAC/balanced Headphone amplifier is offered in manufacturer refurbished condition with a 2-year warranty per the listing by authorized dealer Hifi Heaven on eBay for $700 plus $30 flat shipping from the Green Bay Packers (okay, Green Bay, Wisconsin).

On the other hand, you can get it in new condition for $800 from Hifi Heaven on eBay but with free shipping on this listing, and Musician’s Friend (available 10/21/17), along with B&H Photo (in-stock now) which lists 10/2/17 PM as the sale expiration date.

Refurbished Sony MDR-1000X Bluetooth/ANC for $180

Trending among the latest eBay Daily Deals, Secondipity is offering the closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-1000X bluetooth with ANC headphones in manufacturer refurbished condition for $180 with free shipping in black or beige, with a limit of up to five pairs per customer. They come with a 90-day warranty. They support apt-X and Sony’s own LDAC.

In new condition, these go for $250 at authorized dealers, so that’s a $70 question difference between new and manufacturer refurbished.

But that’s not all, the second generation, with a slightly different name, the awkwardly-named “WH-1000X M2” are in-stock and shipping for their starting price of $350.

So if you are going to get the previous generation model, you might as well pay half the price of the “latest generation”!

Used Audeze Deckard Class A DAC/amp for $524+ [updated]

Back to Audeze. Their Deckard Class A DAC/amp goes for $700 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you are willing to go “The Way of The Used”, then there are some options:

+ SOLD OUT as of 9/30/17 recheck: in B-Stock condition for $489 at RazorDog Audio

+ in USED condition for $524 + shipping at Adorama with a 90-day warranty and 30-day return policy

+ with shipping added to the total price, you can get it to $539 with free shipping by Adorama on eBay

Focal Spirit One S Closed Over-Ears for $100 [was $80]

One of the earlier FOCAL headphone models is currently on sale on eBay, it is the new condition FOCAL Spirit ONE S closed-back over-ear headphones going for $100 [WAS $80] with free shipping by eBay seller Gear4Less (100%, Memphis (TN)), with a limit of five pairs per customer.

Per the eBay listing, this is factory sealed, with original accessories included such as a semi-hard case, a cloth pouch, and adapters.

These came out before the Elear/Utopia duo, the early days of FOCAL’s forage into headphoolia 🙂

Price updated in this blog-post on 9/28/17 AM…

[DEAD] Monster DNA On-Ears for $35 w/free S&H

As of a 9/26/17, these are sold out…

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[DEAD] Master & Dynamic MH40 Over-Ears for $185

As Star Trek taught us, All Things Must Come to an End! As of a 9/25/17 AM recheck, this eBay listing SOLD OUT. There are no more units available…

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[DEAD] eBay Coupon: $15 off $75+ purchases

This short-lived surprise eBay coupon expired…

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Monster N-Tune On-Ears for $18 w/free S&H

They are not going to win audiophile headphone of the year awards but then again, they only go for $18 with free shipping! It is the new condition closed-back Monster N-Tune On-Ears, available in over a dozen different colorful color-schemes for $18 with free shipping by the official Monster eBay store.

Limit up to ten units per customer. Not sure if it’s limit ten per color, or limit ten overall. They come with a 1-year warranty. They have a non-detachable cable.

Refurbished Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones for $90 w/full warranty

The official Parrot eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Parrot Zik 2.0 headphones in the black color scheme for $90 with free shipping and a full warranty with a limit of up to five units per customer during this sale.

These have many techie features, bluetooth (but it’s 3.0 though), touch controls, noise cancelling, custom app, “Street mode” (lets outside sounds in), and NFC.

Refurbished Audio Technica with Full Warranty: ATH-M30X for $44, M40X for $70, M20X for $38, M70X for $200

If you are a fan of manufacturer refurbished headphones with full warranty and lower prices, the Alto Music eBay store has a trio of manufacturer refurbished Audio Technica ATH headphones with full warranty:

+ refurbished ATH-M30X for $44 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M20X for $38 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M70X for $200 with free shipping

+ these are factory repacked
+ Alto Music is a 99.9% eBay seller, shipping from New York

SOLD OUT since original post

+ refurbished ATH-M40X for $70 with free shipping

+ refurbished ATH-M50X White for $108 with free shipping

[DEAD] 10% off select eBay items individually priced $25+

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Beats X bluetooth earphones for $98

This limited time offer expired…

The BuyDig eBay store is offering the new condition Beats X bluetooth earphones for $98 with free shipping in the black color scheme, model MLYE2LL/A, for a limited time. You can buy as many as you like (as a non-reseller that is).

[DEAD] eBay Coupon: 20% off $25+ products (up to $50 off)

This coupon expired…

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HIFIMAN Velour Earpads for HE-series for $10 w/free S&H

The HIFIMAN Velour Earpads for their HE-series of headphones, in new condition, are on sale for $10 with free shipping by the Hifiman official store through eBay and through Amazon (free shipping for all but not Prime eligible).

Hifiman RE-300i In-Ears for $14 shipped

The official Hifiman eBay Store (you can find links to a handful of official eBay stores in the sidebar) is offering the new condition Hifiman RE-300i earphones in the white color scheme for $10~ plus $4 flat shipping. You can buy as many as you like.

[DEAD] 10% off eBay coupon (select options priced $25+)

This limited time coupon expired…

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Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth ANC On-Ears for $69

The new condition Phiaton Chord MS 530 Bluetooth ANC On-Ears are currently on sale for $69 with free shipping at Groupon Goods, which also offers free returns.

It is also available for $1 more, $70 with free shipping by Sonix Electronix or if you have Amazon gift cards, you can get them through

Phones as DAPs: Used HTC 10 for $160 after coupon

The HTC 10 got good marks for its audio performance, so if you are interested in using it as a DAP, and you are comfortable buying higher risk used smartphones, it is offered in B-stock USED condition for $200 by eBay seller BidAllies (98.2%, New Jersey).

Coupon PSCHOOL20 drops the price by 20% off, making it $160. The coupon expires 8/17/17 at 3am ET.

This has a microSD slot, and 4GB of RAM, and powered by the Snapdragon 820. The HTC 10 is the last major phone from HTC to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. The newer HTC flagships are without a headphone jack.

[DEAD] 20% off select eBay items (270+ headphone options)

This promotion expired…

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Philips SHP9500S return to eBay for $53

If you prefer to shop on eBay, or if you have eBay or PayPal gift cards or store credit or eBay Bucks waiting to get spent, the new condition open-back over-ears Philips SHP9500S headphones are back in-stock, going for $53 with free shipping from the NewEgg eBay store. You can buy as many as you like.

The price has gone as low as $49 as far as I can recall. I have a simple unassuming text and pictures unboxing. I’m planning to use these as a guinea pig for my long form review, but “The Winds of Winter” may arrive before I finish that 🙂

To cut a long story short, these are a great value for their price, but not as good as their out of control hype made them out to be. More specifically, there is room for improvement on the sound quality front.

[DEAD] JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC and Bluetooth On-Ears for $125

This offer expired…

The Best Buy eBay store is offering the new condition black color scheme JBL Everest Elite 300 ANC and Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones for $125 with free shipping, with up to three pairs per customer during this sale. Their Bluetooth is 4.1 and have a built-in rechargeable battery but they can also play audio via a standard 3.5mm port.

AKG Y20 Small In-Ears for $20 w/free S&H

The new condition AKG Y20 ultra-small in-ears are on sale for $20 with free standard shipping by the official Harman Audio eBay store in the black color scheme or the white color scheme

[DEAD] Last Day: 10% off select Headphones with eBay coupon

This couponized promotion expired…

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Refurbished BOSE Soundlink II Bluetooth Over-Ears w/1-YR Warranty for $160

The Bose Soundlink II Around Ear bluetooth headphones go for $229 in new condition (along with $11.45 in promotional rewards) at Adorama, but if you want to pay less yet still get the same warranty as a new condition product…

… then to the Bose eBay store we fly where they are offering these in factory renewed condition for $160 with free shipping.

Philips FX3 Closed Over-Ears for $23 with free S&H

Philips is back with a sale on one of their lesser known headphones, the new condition closed-back over-ear Philips FX3 (in the black color scheme, aka FX3BK) is on sale for $23 with free shipping at NewEgg on eBay. Limit up to five units per customer.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 (16 ohm) for $100

If you are looking for a closed-back over-ear headphone that is smartphone-friendly (in terms of impedance), the new condition Beyerdynamic DT 770 (16 ohm edition) is on sale for $100 with free shipping by BuyDig on eBay and by their sister site Beach Camera fulfilled by Amazon (and Prime eligible).

There are many options in the DT 7-8-9 line-up, their family tree is almost as convoluted as the Targaryen family tree, so if you are not familiar with them, be sure to read up on the various options and trade-offs and such. Plenty has been written on these 🙂

SHARKK Bravo Headphones Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones for $72 after coupon

This Kickstarter Electrostatic hybrid was not greeted as a liberator by audiophiles, so its prices keep on falling. If you have read about it, it being the SHARKK Bravo Headphones Hybrid Electrostatic Headphones, do read the reviews, and you are comfortable with its trade-offs but you are still curious and want to buy it, coupon code PBACK2SCHOOL20 drops it from $90 to $72 with free shipping BREED on eBay (98%, Miami). Coupon expires 7/17/17 at 3am ET and it is part of this eBay promotion.

Sony XB950 N1 Extra Bass Over-Ears (with both bluetooth and ANC) for $158 after coupon

The new condition closed-back over-ear Sony XB950 N1 (with both bluetooth and active noise cancelling, and Extra Bass too) goes for $200~ in new condition at authorized dealers, but thanks to the eBay coupon promotion, you can get it for $158~ with free shipping from Video and Audio Center on eBay (Southern California B&M A/V retailer) when you enter coupon code PBACK2SCHOOL20 over there. Coupon expires 7/17/17 at 3am ET.

20% off select Headphones with eBay coupon (340+ options)

eBay is back with another with another coupon promotion featuring almost forty different sellers. Coupon code PBACK2SCHOOL20 gets you 20% off participating items, with an individual price of $25 or higher.

There are some recognizable sellers that offer headphones, and when you navigate the sub-categories to the Headphones category there’s almost 350 options over there.

There are many ways to further filter them down on the left-hand side of the page there, eg, by manufacturer, headphone type, and features. Or you can sort them by price on the top right corner of the page.

The coupon restrictions are like this: the minimum item price must be $25+, which is solved by the links above since they are prefiltered to include items in the price range. The maximum discount is $50. So items priced over $250 get a flat $50 off discount. Eligible items priced between $25 and $200 get 20% off.

Only the participating items and sellers are eligible. Of course it doesn’t hurt to try the coupon regardless, but it’s not expected to work on non-eligible items. The coupon expires 7/17/17 at 3am Eastern time.

NOTE: there is a mix of sellers with various warranty options, some are authorized, others are not. The products too can be in different conditions. So to cut a long story short, check the condition and warranty of each item; do not assume they are all new condition with USA warranty!

Bose Mobile Earphones for $60 w/free S&H

If you prefer the previous generation of the Bose earphones with the “Stay Hear” inner earhooks, and prefer to buy them new condition instead of used, you can get them so for $60 with free shipping at the official BOSE eBay store with a limit of up to five pairs per customer. This is a model with a mic and 3-button remote.

These are somewhere in-between an in-ear and an earbud. They don’t fill the ear canal like a typical in-ear does. Instead, they have a mini speaker-like protrusion that goes in the ear canal but does not create a seal. Meanwhile their (removable) hooks hook the ear contours (instead of going over the top of the ear), making them harder to drop off.

In a way they are a compromise if you hate both in-ears and earbuds 🙂

Refurbished Bose QC35 with full warranty for $260

If you missed out the earlier $300 Rakuten sale on the Bose QC35 Quiet Comfort headphones (with Bluetooth and ANC), and don’t want to wait for the return of the sale, fear not. The official BOSE eBay store is offering them in factory renewed condition with the same warranty as the new condition model for $260 in black or silver color scheme with a limit of up to five per customer. The regular new condition price for these is $350.

BOSE is no longer the only game in town when it comes to ANC. It now has actual contenders in the new Sony MDR-1000X and others. More and more audio and electronics manufacturers are congregating on the $300-ish over-ears with ANC and bluetooth segment. A popular and profitable combo it seems.

PS: last week’s “This Week in Headphoolia” [previous editions] roundup should be posted by tonight. I will post a separate alert when it’s ready. I had assembled all the links by Sunday, but ran out of time to actually write the post. Then Prime Day hit and here we are 🙂