Amazon Prime Music now includes ALL music (in shuffle mode) Ad-Free

Amazon tries once again to make inroads in the world of streaming music services. For Prime members only, they have announced an upgrade, now with the included “Prime Music” service (included in the Prime membership) you can list Ad-FREE to all 100+ million songs in their database, in Shuffle mode, or in select “All Access” playlists. You can also listen to some of the top podcasts ad-free.

When it came out a few years ago, “Prime Music” only offered a selection of about 2 million songs.

So why even pay for the for-pay “Music Unlimited” tier if you are a Prime member? Well, with that you get on-demand music playback (meaning you can play individual songs and albums in order), you get HD music, offline listening, unlimited skips, etc.

PS: if you are not a Prime member, and not signed-up for the for-pay music plan, you can still listen to music for free, but it is with ads and it is more limited than the “Prime Music”.


  1. ALLAN MARCUS says

    Amazon burned all of us prime uses with playlists. Amazon no longer will play the playlist; Amazon will play songs “similar” to the songs in the playlist. This change is a boon to some, and really killed Prime music for others.

  2. hpnao deals admin says

    thanks for the comment! they are probably replacing them with songs that have lower/cheaper royalties!