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12 months of Apple Music subscription for $99

The default price for full-service music subscription services is $10 per month, but sometimes there are prepaid promotions, such as this one, PayPal Digital Gifts (a PayPal e-gift card eBay store) is offering 12-months of Apple Music for $99, prepaid upfront. This is savings of $21 when paying monthly, according to the calculator a 17.5% discount. In addition to the usual assortment of Apple options (iOS, iTunes Mac or PC, Apple TV, etc), you can also use the Google Play Apple Music app for it. It is also compatible with the iTunes Match service.

NOTE: if you qualify for student discounts, you can get a $5 per month subscription, which handily defeats $99 per year.

[DEAD] Tascam TH-300X for $35 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired… The main Musician’s Friend Deal of the Day good until 8am ET on Tuesday (or earlier if sold out) is the new condition Tascam TH-300X studio headphones offered for $35 with free shipping. Tascam has a handful of studio-ish headphones, so be sure t research them if you are not familiar with their line-up.

[DEAD] Bluedio R+ Legend Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones with built-in microSD slot for $60 [ends 7pm ET]

This 6-hour lightning deal expired… Meanwhile ending by 3am ET on Tuesday is the Denon HEOS 3 Wireless Speaker going for $179 with free shipping with a limit of two units per customer.

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[DEAD] AKG Q460 Mini On-Ears (Quincy Jones) for $54.40

This cluster of 4-hour lightning offers expired…

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Vsonic VSD3 IEM for $32 [MD]

If you are a fan of the Massdrop shopping style, they have the Vsonic VSD3 IEMs fully unlocked (= the lowest offer price during this promotion) for $29 plus $3 flat shipping. There are roughly seven days left in the offer (from blog-posting date), and orders will ship late November 2016. Massdrop itself provides a 1-year warranty. Multiple jello colors are available at checkout 🙂

Refurbished Sony MDR-100AP Closed Over-Ears for $100

One more used offer that surfaced while I was checking the various headphones in the Headphone Tracker, it is the closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-100AP headphone, part of their “h.ear” line-up, available in manufacturer refurbished condition in either black color scheme or yellow color scheme for $100 with free shipping by Secondipity thru Amazon. It ships directly from Secondipity, so it is not Prime eligible. It comes with a 90-day warranty (being manufacturer refurbished) and a 30-day Secondipity guarantee. They ship in a brown box with standard accessories.

Used Beyerdynamic Byron BTA In-Ears for $158

More of the IFA 2016 era headphones are floating in the market, more so that they are now making the rounds in the used market. Case in point, the Beyerdynamic Byron BTA bluetooth in-ears go for $200 in new condition, but if you prefer used, it currently goes for around $158 (“Used – Very Good” condition; minor cosmetic imperfections; damaged packaging) by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. You can also monitor the used price to see if it furthers drops over time.

Used Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless for $317 [was $340]

Also surfacing during the Headphone Tracker Update, we have the first wave of used Bowers & Wilkins P7 bluetooth headphones. They go for $400 in new condition, but if you are comfortable with used, there are two “Used – Like New” listings (damaged original packaging) going for $317 [was $340] with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual… Price updated here 10/30/16 at 7:25pm…

[DEAD] JLab FLEX Metal Over/On-Ear for $49, Neon On-Ear for $14, Etc

This JLab-centric daily deal expired, but if you missed it, fret not ~ JLabs are frequent “guests” of the Amazon Gold Box, so they’ll probably return in the future…

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[DEAD] Used Sony MDR-1000X ANC BT Over-Ears for $315

As of a 11/1/16 AM re-check, the used options are all sold-out… The new Sony MDR-1000X ANC-Bluetooth over-ear model is now steadily in-stock at $400 at authorized dealers (see New Headphone Tracker) but if you are comfortable with used, there are two listings of the black color scheme in “Used – Very Good” condition (minor cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging) going for $315 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual.

[DEAD] Monday’s Offers: AKG Q460 Mini, JBL, Monster, MEE, Etc

Monday is over, and so are its daily deals…

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Beats Solo 3 Wireless drop to $240 (five colors)

Well, the $300 price point didn’t last long. The brand new Beats Solo3 Bluetooth Closed-Back On-Ear headphones are down to $240 with free shipping in five different colors, sold by seller “6ave” through NewEggFlash. Offer ends by Wednesday 11/3/16.

Pelican 1010 Micro Case (red) for under $10

If you like red earphone cases with a clear top, mayhaps because you have red earbuds, the red Pelican 1010 Micro Case is under $10 again and Prime-eligible at Amazon by Amazon actual. Black and yellow show under $10 but they are not Prime eligible, so everyone has to pay shipping for them regardless. This is not an Add-On item, so as a Prime member, you can just scoop up one of these and you get free S&H.

What is an Add-On item however is the 1012 Foam Set for $3.17 (limit 30).

If you are trying to get to $25+, here are some ideas:
+ Sentey Universal Headphone case for $5.75
+ Single-Serve ReUsable Primula Coffee Filter for $5.17 ~ coffee is like steroids when evaluating headphones, it sharpens the senses 😉
+ 10pk Planet Waves Guitar Picks for $1.82
+ 8-inch StarTech microUSB to microUSB OTG cable for $2.89 (this is 8-inches, not 8-feet)
+ Introductory Guide to High-Performance Audio Systems by Robert Harley (USED – Acceptable; Prime eligible) for $5.81

Fiio X1 First Generation DAP drops to $80

Now that the second generation Fiio X1 DAP has began shipping, it is discount time for the first generation, you can get it for $80 in various colors and Prime eligible by various sellers through Amazon.

Speaking of the first generation Fiio X1, I finally found my unboxing pictures, so I just posted (fashionably late) a text and pictures unboxing post. Fear not, no annoying/distracting video/audio/animations. It is just text and pictures. I had saved the pictures only to the cloud, not on my local storage, so I couldn’t find them until last week. I’ve been using it for almost a year now. Review and more on the first generation X1 coming up (time-permitting as usual).

side by side Fiio X1 I and Clip+

PS: bonus points if you can tell what that purple creature next to it is 🙂

Now shipping: Fiio X1 2nd Generation DAP for $100

The second generation Fiio X1 digital audio player (with added Bluetooth streaming) is now in-stock at multiple retailers for its starting price of $100. A number of retailers have it in-stock for this price at Amazon (and Prime eligible) in three colors: black color and Gold color and silver color.

This too had been added to our new Headphone Tracker so you can find some of the latest new arrivals in one spot.

PS: if you feel like officially eBay-haggling, “Best Offer” is enabled on its listing by PitBull Audio’s eBay store.

Dekoni Earpads for M50X (and others ATs) for $22+ [MD]

The Audio Technica M50x/M50 are popular/hyped (two sides of the same coin?) enough they have their own cottage industry of accessories. Currently, and with seven days to go, the Dekoni earpads are fully unlocked at members-only Massdrop for $19 plus $3~ flat shipping for the Velour pads, and $13 MORE for the “Premium Memory Foam” model. These work on the new MX0x line-up (M50X down to M20X) along with the good old M50, and per the description over there, the Sony MDR-7506 too. They get a 1-year warranty from Massdrop, and are expected to ship in late November 2016.

[DEAD] Saturday’s Offers: B&W P5 (first gen), MEE X7 Plus BT In-Ears, Bluedio, TEAC, Etc

Saturday is over, and so are the Saturday daily deals…

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[DEAD] Symphonized BLING Premium Genuine Wood In-Ears for $15.50 (ends 11:25pm ET)

This 4-hour offer expired, but the Symphonized wood-IEMs are recurring guests at the lightning deals…

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Ultrasone PRO550 Foldable for $90 after $20 MIR

The closed-back Ultrasone PRO550 Foldable headphones are on sale for $110 with free shipping at but they also have a $20 mail-in rebate on them (see PDF file) good until 11/2/16 or earlier if sold out.

PS: if you don’t see the sale price, refresh the page there. There may be a temporary syncing issue on the prices.

[DEAD] AUDEZE LCD-XC Limited Edition (Bocote Wood) for $1349

This sale ended too… The closed-back over-ear AUDEZE LCD-XC Limited Edition (Bocote Wood) are on sale for $1349 with free shipping at authorized dealer until 11/3/16 or earlier if sold out. This is SKU AU1002100 and comes with a 3-year Audeze warranty.

PS: if you don’t see the sale price, refresh the page there. There may be a temporary syncing issue on the prices.

Black Friday 2016: Almost-Free Philips Earbuds with Plenti Rewards (you pay sales tax)

It’s not even November yet, but that doesn’t stop the Black Friday 2016 ads from leaking. And believe it or not, we have an earphone option. At Rite Aid brick and mortar stores, they will be offering Philips Earbuds for $6, but you will receive 600 Plenti points back on the purchase, making them essentially free. The sales tax however (if collected in your state) is not refundable, so it’s almost free in those cases. It looks like the offer is going to be limit two and good for Thursday through Saturday of that week.

NOTE: you need to have a Plenti rewards account. It is free to join. The 600 points have $6 buying power in future purchases at Rite Aid and other participating retailers (Macy’s, Mobil gas stations, etc).

NOTE #2: I have been using Plenti rewards, it’s a solid program, managed by American Express and with customer service. In other words, it is safe to do this offer without worrying about having to “fight them” to get your points. In fact, verification of eligibility shows up on the cash register receipt and you can spend the points the very next day after the purchase.

[DEAD] Friday’s Offers: Brainwavz, Symphonized, JLab, Etc

These daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] 20% off at A4C with coupon [Thursday only!]

This particular coupon promotion expired, but it is recurring every few weeks/months…

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Now shipping: Plantronics Backbeat 100 Bluetooth Earbuds for $80

I just updated the Headphone Tracker and we have a new headphone arrival, the Plantronics Backbeat 100 bluetooth earphones are now in-stock and ready to ship for $80 at Amazon by Amazon actual. They are so new, they have zero customer reviews yet.

Used Beyerdynamic T51i On-Ears for $139+

Another one of the 15% off AWD option it is the closed-back on-ear Beyerdynamic T51i portable headphone. With the 15% off discount factored it, the prices at Amazon Warehouse Deals are $139~ in “Used – Good” condition and $148~ in “Used – Very Good”. There are MANY listings are “Used – Very Good” so over time, price pressure may build on this and bring it down.

NOTE: eligible items for this promotion show this in the detailed AWD listings, here’s a screenshot:


Used Bowers & Wilkins P5 S2 starts at $136 [corrected]

Another find while digging through the 15% off Warehouse Deals, it is the closed-back on-ear Bowers & Wilkins P5 second generation (aka S2).

CORRECTION: The used recertified model is NOT eligible… The first option is the Used condition of the Recertified model. That is someone returned or traded in a recertified model at Amazon, and Amazon Warehouse Deals is selling it as a used version of the recertified. The used price of this $139~, then when you add it to cart, it drops to $118 in “Used – Good” Recertified condition. There is only one listing of this.

The “traditional used” model, a used model of what was once sold as a new condition model has many listings of it starting at “Used – Good” with after-discount prices going for $136 (Used – Good) or $145 (Used – Very Good). Screenshot of the Checkout part of the page below:


Keep in mind, the used options have a price ceiling of sorts, because the Recertified option with a 2-year warranty goes for $186. The new condition goes for $236+ at reputable dealers.

Used V-Moda XS On-Ears for $89

One of the used headphones participating in the 15% off AWD Fall Sale are the closed-back on-ear V-Moda XS in the matte-black color scheme, with after-discount prices going for $89 (“Used – Good”) or $95 (“Used – Very Good”). The link shows only the eligible listings (AWD actual being the seller). This link shows all used sellers (not just AWD). Only items sold by AWD actual are eligible (AWD = Amazon Warehouse Deals).

Here’s a screenshot of the Checkout page showing the discount:

15% off Select Used Headphones (and other gear) at AWD

Amazon Warehouse Deals runs some seasonal promotions. During back to school, a lot of related items had an in-cart 15% off discount. Back to school is over, now they have a Fall Themed 15% Off In-Cart Sale with over 21,800 items participating. To find headphone related items, use the search bar them to search for “headphones” or “earphones” or “IEMs” or “Amp” any other relevant term, or search for your brands of interest. Make sure the Search Scope shown there is “Warehouse Deals Monthly Selection” (see screenshot below):


You can also use the categories and sub-categories on the left hand side of the page over there to further drill down. There are multiple pathways to headphones, under Electronics, eg “Portable Audio & Video”, “Accessories & Supplies”, “Headphones” (obviously), and also the “Musical Instruments” category.

Only items sold and shipped by “Amazon Warehouse Deals” as the seller are eligible. Items sold by marketplace sellers are NOT eligible. Here’s an example of an eligible item, one of the V-Moda M100, with the price automatically dropping by 15% in the top right corner of the Checkout page when you get there. You don’t see the discount until you get to that place in the checkout process. Screenshot:


Beyerdynamic DT880 PREMIUM (32 ohm) for $150

The eBay Deals have reloaded their headphone deals with some new or re-animated offers (some of them are cyclical) and among them we have a PREMIUM Beyerdynamic headphone of their 789 line-up, it is the new condition DT880 (32 ohm) offered for $150 with free shipping by Buydig on eBay (98.8%, New Jersey).

The DT880 are semi-open. The higher the number, the more open they get: the DT990 is open, while the DT770 is closed. Each has PRO and PREMIUM options, and various ohm versions depending on the model, with the overall line-up ranging from 32 ohm to 600 ohm.

Basic RF Wireless Headphones for $11 w/free S&H

More from eBay, on the strictly utilitarian front, a variation on a theme of the “As Seen On TV” RF-wireless headphones are on sale, in new condition, for $11 with free shipping by SJBCable on eBay (99.3%, Los Angeles). Limit five units per buyer. These are not “As Seen On TV” branded but I recognize them very well, they are just sold under a different brand name. These used to be easier to find in-stores but I haven’t seen them as much in recent years, so eBay is an option. The model name when you zoom in on the picture there is MH 2001.

NOTE that these have fairly low volume even at maximum, and they are basic RF wireless technology, so they are subject to the usual trade-offs (interference, lower quality signal, etc), so do not have any audio quality expectations. Consider these as strictly utilitarian (TV, podcasts, YouTube non-music streams, ear warmers). They are powered by two AA batteries (the transmitter base) and two AAA batteries (the headset), so you don’t need to connect them to AC. A big plus if you use rechargeable batteries.

Having said all that, they avoid two of the deal-killer annoyances of more expensive RF-wireless headphones like the Sennheiser RS 120 (quickly drop connection on brief silence, AC power connection design horrid).

Koss KPH7 lightweight on-ears (black) for $5 w/free S&H

More eBay action, this one is of interest if you like free shipping regardless of purchase amount or membership status, the new condition black color scheme of the Koss KPH7 lightweight old-school on-ears are on sale for $5 with free shipping with a limit of five units per buyer by Digital Kynect Online (99.7%, US based but does not say where they ship from)… If you need more, a couple of marketplace sellers offer them for the same price thru Amazon (not Prime eligible)…

Open-box Beats Solo 2 Luxe On-Ears for $70

More eBay action, wholeseller “All Tech Wholesale” (99.8%, Texas) is offering open-box missing-packaging closed-back on-ear Beats Solo 2 Luxe models for $70 with free shipping in three different Luxe colors… If you don’t need these right away, their low price has been established as $80 to $90 (depending on color) at major retailers…

Note also that these are no longer the “latest model”. Along with the iPhone 7 came the Beats Solo 3 Bluetooth with a starting price of $300.

Philips SHP9500 Open Over-Ears for $55 shipped

The NewEgg eBay store is back with it again, offering the new condition open-back over-ear Philips SHP 9500 headphones for $55 with free shipping, with a hard limit of five units per customer. Over 1700 units have been sold so far from this listing. With the Philips X2 “Glue Gate 2016”, there is some renewed interest in the 9500s.

NOTE: the newer SHP9500s model (“s” is part of the name) may be shipped instead of the 9500 without “s”.

[DEAD] Ultrasone HFI-450 Closed-Back for $50 w/free S&H

This deal du jour expired…

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[DEAD] 20% off Monoprice coupon: USB DAC/amp for $48, Desktop DAC/amp to $79

This 2-day coupon expired, but fear not, Monoprice does coupons regularly… If only they found a way to have consistent free shipping (but that’s a story for another day)…

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