Used RHA MA750i In-Ears for $66+

The new RHA CL1 ceramic in-ears are now in-stock and shipping but if you prefer the older RHA MA750i, the model with the mic/remote, it is on sale for $109 in new condition at with a limit of up to three pairs per customer…

… or if you are a fan of used, used prices start at $66~ in “Used – Good” condition, and there are more listings in “Used – Very Good” for $71~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

The RHA MA750 (without mic/remote) goes for more in new condition options as of the time of writing, while the used prices are more of less similar.

Atomic Floyd MiniDarts for $103 after coupon

This is a 50% off clip-on coupon! It is the new condition Atomic Floyd MiniDarts earphones that drop from $207~ to $103~ after a 50% OFF clip-on coupon when sold and shipped by Amazon. The coupon does not work on other sellers, only Amazon actual.

And another Atomic Floyd has a clip-on coupon, this time is a 25% off on the new condition Atomic Floyd SuperDarts going from $236~ to $177~.

The clip-on coupons are limited time promotions, expiration date unknown.

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Titanium In-Ears for $233 after coupon

The new condition Atomic Floyd SuperDarts Titanium in-ears have a 25% off Clip-ON coupon on them at Amazon by Amazon actual. You simply click to clip-on the coupon, you don’t have to type any magic numbers. The clip-on coupon is a 25% off discount on the current price of the headphones.

As of the time of writing, their price is $311~. With the coupon, the price drops to $233~. If the earphone price changes, the discount will change since it is a percentage of the current price, not a fixed amount. Amazon actual must be the seller, the coupons won’t work with other sellers.

The earphones have just four customer reviews, so your favorite search engine is your best friend to find out more about them.

In-Stock and Shipping: RHA CL1 In-Ears for $218

They are finally here! As of the time of writing, the new condition RHA CL1 ceramic in-ears are in-stock and ready to ship for the very specific price of $217.57 at Amazon by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you want!

Here’s visual evidence to make sure I did not dream it up while getting rick-rolled 😉

Open-Box Focal Sphear In-Ears for $60

The new condition FOCAL Sphear in-ears go for $90 at authorized dealers, but if you are willing to go “The Way of The Used”, you can get them in “Used – Very Good” Open-Box condition by real-world A/V retailer “HiDEF Lifecycle” through Amazon Warehouse Deals. This ships directly from HiDef, so it is not Prime eligible.

The earphones average 3.9 out of 5 based on 138 customer reviews.

[DEAD] Tuesday’s Offers: JVC Xplosivs, Cowin, JLab, Etc

These daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Used MEE Pinnacle P1 In-Ears for $137

As of a late 9/20/17 PM recheck, this sold out at the USED price mentioned here…

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RHA CL1 Ceramic IEMs back to $250 [shipping estimate 9/21/17]

UPDATE 9/18/17 PM: the price returned to $250, the shipment estimate remains 9/21…

UPDATE 9/18/17 AM: the latest estimate is September 21st…

UPDATE 9/16/17 PM as of this update, the shipping estimate is September 20. Remember though, estimates are just that, and they change as the clock ticks…

UPDATE 9/11/17 AM the price of the RHA CL1 Ceramic IEMs dropped to $217~. The shipping estimate is currently the all-encompassing “temporarily out of stock”…

Teaware is not the only thing that loves ceramics. RHA does too! Mayhaps the Scottish connection of tea and earphones? 🙂 That’s a question for the RHA engineers, in the meantime, their new CL1 ceramic earphones are about to start shipping!

The current in-stock estimate at is September 10 (2017), with a starting price of $250, sold and shipped by Amazon actual.

UPDATE: Jack pointed out in the comments that there’s a big difference in price. This was announced at IFA 2016, a whole year ago for $450, which is the price at the RHA website as well.

Amazon just recently added it to their website for $250. Price error? Newer model? Price drop? Amazon volume buy? Production and material costs went down?

I will post another update if I find the answer or find someone who knows the answer…

Klipsch R6i In-Ears for $35 w/free S&H

Dell is running an Audio Sale and among the participating products is the new condition Klipsch R6i in-ears going for $35 with free shipping. As the “i” hints, this is an iOS 3-button mic/remote model. No coupon is needed, this is a clearance sale.

If you prefer the black color scheme instead, you can get it in certified refurbished condition by Beach Camera thru Amazon.

[DEAD] Friday: SoundPEATS Bluetooth earphones for $20

This daily deal expired…

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Used V-Moda ZN In-Ears for $89

If you are comfortable with used earphones, the V-Moda ZN with the 1-button remote/mic are available in “Used – Very Good” condition for $89~ in one listing, and then they have half a dozen of listings in “Used – Like New” condition for $94~, all listings by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual.

Given that there are multiple listings, time may put some pressure on the prices and cause them to drop. On the other hand, the single $89 listing may be serving as a roadblock to further discounting. It’s hard to guess since Amazon’s price bots work in mysterious ways 🙂

The 3-button used prices start at $111+. All together they have 140+ customer reviews and average 3.9 out of 5.

Used B&O PLAY 3i Earphones for $69

On the used side of things, the white color scheme of the B&O PLAY 3i Earphones are available in “Used – Good” condition (repackaged; missing manual; cosmetic imperfection) for $69~ with free shipping by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. It goes for a lot more in other options and colors. It averages 3.5 out of 5 based on 41 customer reviews.

KZ ES3 Earphones for $10 w/free S&H [from China]

If you don’t object to slow shipping from China, coupon code KZEZS3 can get you the new condition KZ ES3 earphones for $10 with free slow shipping from China! This is available in either blue or purple color schemes. Additional options are available when you page down over there.

This sale is part of their Harvest sale.

For more KZ options, check our previous options.

[DEAD] KZ ZST Easy Earphones for $14 to $15 (cables start at $8)

This lightning deal expired… If you missed it, fear not ~ it is one of the recurring offers, the whole 7-pack of them…

OR if you don’t object to slower shipment from China with a lowest price, check the previous KZ posts [page down below this post].

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Open-box Focal Spark bluetooth earphones for $79

The Focal Spark bluetooth earphones go for $99 in new condition at authorized dealers, but if you want to get your Focal fix for less, they are available in open-box condition (“Used – Like New”) with all conditions and inspected by the seller, authorized dealer “Listen UP” of Colorado, selling it thru Amazon. This ships directly from LISTEN UP and it is not Prime eligible.

[DEAD] Wednesday: Hifiman RE 400 In-Ears for $40 after coupon

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Wednesday: JayBird BlueBuds X Bluetooth In-Ears for $72; Freedom F5 for $100

This coupon expired…

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KZ ZS5 for $17, KZ ZST for $12 [free shipping from China]

While updating the Latest Deals Summary, two small discounts surfaced on the following KZ earphones. These are sold by GearBest and ship for free with slow-shipping from China:

+ the KZ ZS5 Quad Hybrid In-Ears for $17~

+ the KZ ZST Wired On-cord Control with detachable cable for $12~

UPDATE: speaking of GearBest, they are offering the Xiaomi Pistons (Original Fresh) for $5.79 with free S&H from China. This is slow shipping.

Used NuForce Optoma BE6i Bluetooth Earphones for $30

The new condition NuForce Optoma BE6i bluetooth earphones go for $79 in new condition, but if you are comfortable with used, you can slice the price by more than half of that, you can get it in “Used – Very Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections; damaged original packaging) for $30~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. Per the shopping cart, there are two units available. This is in the gold color scheme. The other used color go for more.

Used V-Moda Forza Metallo IEMs (wired) for $55 [updated]

UPDATE 9/10/17 additional listings in “Used – Good” condition have been adding going for $55~…

I will do a post Labor Day reckoning of previous posts (I have to find a block of time to do this), and also another Amazon and Warehouse Deals deal fishing expedition, but in the meantime, while price-checking, I run into this, the Apple buttons version, in the Gunmetal Black color scheme of the V-MODA Forza Metallo wired in-ears is available in “Used – Good” condition for $60~ and in “Used – Very Good” condition for $64~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

There are two pages of listings for this, so if you don’t need it right away, time may cause the price to drop further down. Only this color/OS combination is this low as the moment.

PS: V-Moda also has a “Wireless” version of these earphones, that’s why I’m distinguishing this by saying “wired”. The wireless costs for more, both new and used.

AKG N40 earphones with $200 Promo Gift Card for $400 [updated]

UPDATE 9/11/17: the N60 NC sold out, but the AKG N40 earphones going for $400 with a $200 promotional NewEgg gift card continue until their expiration (one week after the deal got started)…

According to the teasers at NewEgg Flash, starting at 12pm ET on Wednesday 9/6/17, they will have a couple of flash sales on the AKG N40 in-ears and the AKG N60 NC over/on-ears that will get you big promotional gift cards, $200 and $150 respectively.

Now how good of a deal this will be depends on what the actual headphone price will be, which won’t be revealed until the offers go live. The promotional gift cards are typically good at NewEgg and last for one year after they are issued, so there should be plenty of time to spend them even if you are not a diehard NewEgg fan.

Here’s the teaser from their website:

PS: you have to click on the thumbnail of an upcoming item to see its starting date and time.

PS2: there is always a possibility of things get cancelled or rescheduled. I’ve seen items change start time a couple of times.

[DEAD] Wednesday: Used Beats urBeats earphones for $15 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired, but it returns every few days. Their current “regular” price is $20…

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Jaybird X3 bluetooth earphones for $100 [only red]

As of 9/11/17 recheck, only the red color scheme of the new condition Jaybird X3 bluetooth earphones is on sale for $100 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon actual. You can buy as many as you like. This is not a lightning deal.

These average 3.6 out of 5 based on 1250+ customer reviews. This segment (bluetooth exercise-friendly earphones) is highly contested so you have many options ~ as many as you have time to research them all!

[DEAD] Used a-JAYS Five earphones for $0.20

Party’s over! These 20c earphones are no longer available 🙂

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[DEAD] Westone UM Pro 50 IEMs for $440

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] KZ ZST Lightning Deal: $14+ Earphones, $8+ Cables

This lightning deal expired, but they return to the Amazon Gold Box every few days/weeks…

OR, if you don’t mind waiting for slow shipping, you can get some of the KZ earphones from GearBest (they ship from China)…

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[DEAD] Monoprice XXX Triple IEMs for $34 w/free S&H

This coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Beats X bluetooth earphones for $98

This limited time offer expired…

The BuyDig eBay store is offering the new condition Beats X bluetooth earphones for $98 with free shipping in the black color scheme, model MLYE2LL/A, for a limited time. You can buy as many as you like (as a non-reseller that is).

[DEAD] Sunday’s Offers: KZ, Cowin, Onkyo Mini Hifi System, Etc

Sunday is over, and so are its daily deals…

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[DEAD] Prime Store Card only: 20% back on Shure SE-215, 1540, 1840, 440, 750DJ, Remote, Case, KSE1500 Electrostatic system

This Labor Day weekend promotion expired…

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Now shipping: Klipsch R6 II In-Ears

The parade of new headphones never stops! The brand new Klipsch R6 II in-ears, in the black color schemes, with those Klipsch-y oval tips, are now in-stock and ready to ship for $59 with free shipping at

These are so new they have no customer reviews, and no questions answered. As the name suggests, these are a follow-up to the R6 line which has a variety of models of different kind under this brand.

[DEAD] Used Final Audio Design Heaven II IEMs for $69

This is not available as USED as of a 9/11/17 PM re-check…

Back to existing headphones as we interleave IFA releases and regular deals. The new condition Final Audio Design Heaven II Gris Bleu Balanced Armature Earphones go for $89, but if you are comfortable with used earphones, you can get them in “Used – Like New” (damaged original packaging) for $69 with free shipping at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Pre-order new Sony WI-1000X Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

Building on the success of the MDR-1000X, Sony is expanding that line with earphones too. The new WI-1000X is a neckband bluetooth earphone, a parallel model to the new WH-1000X M2, and it is priced in that range too.

The neckbands will have a sticker-shock (?) starting price of $300 in black or gold and they are available for pre-orders at Amazon with a mid-September 2017 release estimate.

UPDATE: also part of the 1000X line-up is a new “truly wireless” line, the WF-1000X. This too is available in gold or black, and has a starting price of $200, with a mid-September 2017 release estimate according to

The reason you are seeing an increase in new headphones is because this week, in Berlin::Germany, the IFA 2017 high tech trade show is happening. I am keeping an on-going tracking posts that summarizes the New Headphones of IFA 2017.

[DEAD] Used Titus Audio Symphony Line Conductor earphones for $21

As of 9/11/17 PM, this is not available USED…

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[DEAD] Used AudioFly AF120 IEMs for $85

This is no longer available…

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