Tuesday: Eargasm Earplus for $19, Klipsch R5 neckband bluetooth earphonesfor $48

There are not one but TWO headphone-related products in the Tuesday daily deals at the Woot website. At the main Woot, you can get the new condition Klipsch R5 neckband bluetooth earphones for $48 in your choice of brown or black with a 1-year manufacturer warranty… And at Sellout (now known as “Clearance”), you can get the new condition EarGasm high fidelity earplugs (they do not play music) in a gift box for $19 in the rainbow color scheme with up to three per customer at the sale price. These come with a 90-day Woot warranty…

All these end at 11:59pm central time (Woot is in Austin::Texas) on Tuesday June the 18th of the Year 2019. Shipping is free for Prime members ~ you have to connect as a one-time activity your Woot and Amazon Prime accounts. Non-Prime members pay a flat $6 shipping fee for ALL purchases made in a calendar day (eg from Tuesday at 00:01am until 11:59pm in the central time zone)…

Etymotic ER3SE or ER3XR for $150 each, ER4S for $190

With 23 hours to go from blog-posting time, Massdrop is offering the Etymotic ER3XR or ER3SE flange-y in-ears for $145 each with free US shipping. Over 450 units have been sold from this listing per the page over there. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. They will ship in early July 2019 from Massdrop, which is now just …Drop. They dropped the mass 🙂 I still prefer Massdrop 🙂

BUT if you don’t want to wait for that long and want the warranty too, the ER3XR goes for $146 and 1/2, and the ER3SE for $149 at amazon.com, and these prices are by Amazon actual, not marketplace sellers.

Speaking of this line of deep-insertion in-ears, the ER4S is currently on sale for $190 by Amazon actual

EU: Sennheiser M2IEG Momentum In-Ears for 64 euro

A marketplace seller’s price looks like it has triggered a computer-generated price-match by Amazon Germany itself, and for the time, you can get the new condition Sennheiser M2IEG Momentum In Ears for around 64 euro with up to three pairs per color per customer at the same price. I’m not sure if the limit of three is total for all colors/options or per individual option. There are three colors.

NOTE: pay attention to the actual seller ~ some of them are Amazon Germany actual, others are marketplace sellers…

NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones for $35 w/FUSS

Good until Saturday at 11:59pm eastern (or earlier if sold out), New York’s finest, B&H Photo, is offering the new condition NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones in the “gunmetal” color scheme for $35 with free US shipping. The other color is not on sale. These are necklace style with apt-X support and bluetooth 4.1 but no NFC…

Monday (EU): Anker bluetooth necklace earphones for 22e

Bluetooth fans in the European Union, unite and take over. Or at least check out the Monday daily deals at Amazon Germany where they have an Anker audio sale which includes two bluetooth headphones, an in-ear necklace-style for 22 euro and a closed over-ears for 46 euro…

Monoprice Triple Driver In-Ears for $20 w/FS

For a limited time, the Monoprice website is offering the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears for $20 with free standard US shipping. No coupon needed ~ the price you see is the price you pay. Up to twenty pairs per customer at the sale price. They average 4.3 out of 5 with nearly 100 customer reviews at the Monoprice website.

PS: I believe these used to go by the name of “XXX” as well but someone must have informed Monoprice Marketing that there is a certain other meaning to that ~ beyond latin numerals…

Thur: refurb Beats Powerbeats 3 for $68

Good until Thursday at 11:59pm central you can get the factory reconditioned Beats Powerbeats 3 bluetooth earphones for $68 with free shipping for Prime members and a 90-day Woot warranty at the Woot website…. Five different color schemes are available as part of the sale. You can buy up to ten pairs at the sale price.

Friday: Beats urBeats 3.0 earphones for $40

One of the Friday April 19 daily deals at Best Buy is a urBeats 3.0 earphones sale, with each pair going for $40 and available in six different color schemes. In addition of the standard Beats colors, they have also added some pastel-y colors as well…

Monoprice Retro Semi-Open Over-Ears for $22.49 w/FS

Samson and Superlux are not the only ones selling these headphones. They go by some other brands, and from the looks of it, Monoprice too is on the game, and they are now on selling, their Modern Retro closed-back semi-open over-ears are going for the very specific price of $22.49 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price.

Speaking of which, the Monoprice website is also having on sale the new condition Triple Driver In-Ears for $30 with free standard US shipping. Finally someone at Monoprice realized that their previous name of “XXX” had other …connotations. Limit up to twenty per customer as well.

EU: AmazonBasics In-Ears for 4.16 euro [updated]

UPDATE: the blue color scheme sale ended but the black color scheme continues to be on sale for 4.16 euro, you can buy as many as you want but it is an Add-On item, so you must place a 20+ euro order of eligible (shipped or fulfilled by Amazon Germany) products ~ otherwise their shopping cart won’t let you buy it…

On the budget side of things in Europe, Amazon Germany is currently offering the new condition AmazonBasics In-Ears for 3.45 euro in the blue color scheme and just over 4 euro in the black color scheme. These are without mic/remote. Because of the low price, they are an add-on item, so you must needs place an order of 25+ euro otherwise their shopping cart won’t let you buy them. You can buy as many as you like.

This is not a lightning deal, so there is no set expiration time. The price can change dynamically at any time as the Amazon Price Bots see fit 🙂

PS: I had one of these, I’ll have to check my pictures archives to see if I took any pictures for unboxing and wrote any impressions and such. One of these days I will get organized and start producing more content again 🙂 Please leave requests for things you want to see done ~ especially unusual or off-beat things that are not done by everybody else 🙂

Monday: Westone W60 IEMs for $500

Good until Monday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out [unlikely] you can get the new condition Westone W60 in-ears for $500 with free US shipping at B&H Photo. As of the time of writing, this item is restricted to USA shipping addresses [not sure why].

These have MMCX and MFi cables, they are of the “True Fit” kind, with a six driver balanced armature design (two of each [highs, lows, mids])…

Tue (EU): Libratone, Victure budget DAPs, Klim Fusion

Spring is coming to the Amazon Germany daily deals until APR-15, and the Tuesday round of offers has some headphone sales as well:

+ Libratone Q Adapt ANC/bluetooth on-ears for 109 euro
+ neckband bluetooths for 134 euro
+ Q Adapt ANC earphones (Lightning cable) for 89

+ Victure budget digital audio players (mixed in with action cameras) ranging from 19 to 24 euro; the 19 euro model even comes with basic earbuds

+ Klim Fusion earphones and gaming headsets as part of a larger Klim gaming-theme sale. The earphones go for 15 euro in multiple spring-like colours, while the gaming headsets range from 30 to 52 euro

+ on the PAD side, there’s an Xperia XZ2 sale, the Compact goes for 399 while the XZ2 main goes for 599, with Android 9 available after they got released with 8. Of PAD interest, these are IP68, have a microSD slot, 64GB on-board storage, SnapDragon 845, apt-X HD, bluetooth 5.0, QC 3.0, NFC, USB OTG, USB-C Type 3.1, etc. Note however that they DO NOT have a 3.5mm headphone jack…

Stealth Sonics U2 IEMs for $200 [New Massdrop Arrival]

The March march [ha!] of new products continues in April at Massdrop with the debut (marked at their website with “New Arrival”] of the new condition Stealth Sonics U2 IEMs which have no relation to the Seattle SuperSonics or the Oklahoma ThunderSonics or the arena muzak band that goes by the name of U2 {meow! or betrayed Joshua Tree fan?}…

The price is $200 with free US shipping, with international shipping around $4 depending on location of course. They come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty {always a plus in the MD listings}, with two cables, three different kinds of eartips (total of seven pairs), a hard case, a pouch, extra faceplates, and more.

They will ship in early May 2019 from Massdrop. The offer runs for the next four days and change from blog-posting date [since Massdrop does not post an exact expiration time in their listings]…

TFZ Galaxy T2 IEMs for $40 [MD]

Sub-$50 chi-fi action once again at the Massdrop website. This time they are offering the new condition TFZ Galaxy T2 in-ears for $40 with free US shipping or sub $5 shipping internationally… Four color schemes are available to select during the checkout process over there… They come with eartips, a clip and a pouch…

There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. They will ship by Massdrop in late May 2019. The offer runs for the next three days and change from blog-posting date [Massdrop does not show a specific expiration time instead they show “X Days” or “X hours” left]…

Xiaomi Fan Festival sale includes five headphones

GearBest is running a Xiaomi Fan Festival sale, and they have five headphone options under the “Top Electronics” category [there’s no method to directly link to that category ~ just page down until you find it]. There’s usually a nearly-free shipping option, sometimes registered-mail sometimes unregistered.

The options are:

+ Xiaomi PRO HD (QTEJ02JY) in-ears for $28
+ Xiaomi QTEJ03JY hybrid dual drivers for $20

+ Mi bluetooth 4.1 foldable closed-back over-ears for $72

+ truly wireless LYEJ05LM for $16
+ bluetooth headset LYEJ02LM for $13

+ also: Xiaomi bluetooth audio receiver for $18

Wednesday: Westone W80 (w/ALO, MFi, etc) for $749

Hide your e-wallets! Good until Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern (or earlier if sold out), you can get the new condition Westone W80 eight driver true-fit earphones with lots of included accessories in the original package (ALO Audio and MFi cables, etc, etc) for $749 with free US shipping at B&H Photo

This is a balanced armature design, with the ALO Audio Reference 8 cable included in the original box, along with a 3-button MFi cable, four faceplate of different colors, two different cases, two different sets of eartips and more…

Optionally, for $50 more, you can get it bundled with the Weston bluetooth cable ~ click on the green “Build Bundle” button on the right hand side of the page (on a laptop screen), and/or you will be prompted by the offer in the shopping cart.

This item currently ships to the USA only, so if you are outside the US, use a forward service or have it shipped to a trusty friend/related…

Etymotic ER3-XR or ER3-SE for $145 each [MD]

Triple-flange fans, unite and take over! Good for the next four days and change (from blog-posting time) you can get the new condition Etymotic ER3-SE or ER3-XR for $145 each [or you can get both for $290, there’s no combined purchase discount] from Massdrop.

There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. They will ship from Massdrop in early May 2019. Free US shipping. International shipping appears to be under $5 ~ but I only test a small random sampling of countries because they are too many to test for each post 🙂

PS: the “XR” has a “mild bass boost” over the SE per the listing…

1More Quad Driver IEMs for $130

If you are fond of more drivers, the 1More Quad Driver in-ears are currently on sale for $130 in two listings at Amazon.com, one offered by Amazon actual, while the other listing is by a marketplace seller (fulfilled by Amazon) who includes some free accessories at the same price…

NOTE that multiple different models are included on the same root listing at Amazon, so the reviews and the review-score is an aggregate of all of them. You have to go through the reviews and filter them individually to find the reviews for this quad model…

Homage Earphones to Galaxy S8 for $2 shipped [from China]

If you are not in a hurry to receive them, about $2 get you a pair of earphones that appear to be an homage of the Samsung Galaxy S8 earphones. Unregistered shipping is almost free.

Being a Galaxy homage, they have a 3-button Android remote (along with a mic). They average 4.61 out of 5 based on 260+ customer reviews. As far as I can tell, you only get the earphones, no eartips or other accessories included. Well, it’s $2 after all 🙂

These are part of a GearBest.com weekend sale

Fearless Audio S4 IEMs for $280, S6 for $380 [MD]

IEM fans, unite and take over! Yet another option is now running at Massdrop ~ for the next three days and change from posting time. It is the new condition Fearless Audio IEMs. Three options are offered: the S4 for $280 and the S6 is available in two differently-tuned variants (audiophile or “lively music”) for $380 each.

These will ship in mid-April from Massdrop. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing but at least you get 12 pairs (!!!) of ear tips with them 🙂

SoundMagic PL50 in-ears for $25 [MD]

One of the best kept secrets in the audiophile world is that you can achieve “good enough” with a fraction of the money of audiophile/phool products you see audio-magazines and forums-stars and forum-divas rave on about. There are always compromises but so is the case with every single flagship product out there 🙂

Which brings us to a budget option that is running for the next four days at Massdrop, it is the new condition [I’m starting to add this because MD occasionally offered refurbished or beef stock {B-stock}] SoundMagic PL50 in-ears with free US shipping. International shipping seems to hover around $8 for these ones.

They come with a case, over-cable hooks (so you can put them around your ears for sports or better stability), and seven sets of eartips (of different kinds).

These will ship in mid-April by the vendor [mayhaps that’s why international shipping is higher]. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing.

PS: Massdrop uses the word “vendor” without giving any further details. That’s why I write “vendor” since I don’t know any more than what it says over there 🙂

Monoprice M300 Planar Earphones for $100 w/FS

Monoprice is having another quarterly sale (yes, the first calendar quarter of 2019 is about to end) and as part of said sale you can get the new condition M300 Planar Earphones for $100 with free standard US shipping. Limit up to twenty per customer at the sale price…

HiFi Boy OS V3 In-Ears for $125 [MD]

Massdrop is back with another offering, good for the next four days and change they are offering the new condition cutesy-ly named HiFi Boy OS V3 in-ears going for $125 with free USA shipping with sub-$5 international shipping (for the countries I tested ~ I haven’t tested them all obviously)…

They will ship in late April 2019. They come with a case and eartips. There’s no mention of warranty in the listings…

MaCaw GT-600s In-Ears for $40 [MD]

The parade of new listings continues at Massdrop, this time we go to the sub-$50 IEM category where they are offering the new condition Macaw GT600S IEMs for $40 with free US shipping and low international shipping (under $5 for the random countries I tested). It’s easier to offer low cost shipping on a small box of IEMs than a giant box of monster-sized over-ears 🙂

Despite the low price, they have detachable cable (coaxial MMCX) and also user-replaceable tuning filters, three of which are included: standard, bassy and piercing [oops, I mean treble!]. The “piercing” is just a joke, I haven’t seen or heard this earphone 🙂 They come with a pouch and two kinds of eartips (silicone and memory foam).

The IEMs are available in your choice of black or silver color scheme in the shopping cart. This should not be confused with the color of the tuning filters. All three tuning filters are included in the package. You don’t have to purchase additional tuning filters!

The shipping estimate is late April 2019 from Massdrop. There’s no mention of warranty.

PS: quick quiz, what number is MMCX in latin numerals? Don’t read any further, the answer is in “PS2” below 🙂

PS2: if I write the answer here, our digital-age skim-reading will read it whether you intend it or not, so here’s the answer at this link (the mouse-over won’t give away the answer either)…

PS3: it’s easier to build up a big collection of IEMs versus over/on-ears for the practical fact that you can store half a dozen IEM boxes in the space of one over-ear box 🙂

Curiosity item: XDuoo EP1 In-Ears for $20

This is a curiosity item as this is the first time I’ve seen this while searching for xDuoo DAP-n-DAC-n-amps. There’s an xDuoo IEM! It’s the new condition EP1 in-ears going for $20, sold by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so Prime members get free 2-day shipping on it. There are only two units available as of the time of writing.

Per the listing these come with a 1.2 meter cable, they have 16 ohm impedance, 10mm dynamic driver, L-type 3.5mm connector and such. There’s no mic/remote. The eartip options are shown in picture #4 in the gallery over there, and the cardboard packaging in picture #6.

Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 ANC IEMs for $90 [MD]

An all-expenses-paid vacation to Santa Cruz is NOT included with this latest Massdrop offering 🙂 But what is offered is the new condition Santa Cruz Audio SC1000 IEMs for $90.

These are old-school IEM noise-cancellers in that they have a “black box” at the end of the cable that houses the ANC circuitry which is powered by AAA batteries [a plus for fans of replaceable batteries, especially of fans of rechargeables]. Another unusual thing about them is that SCA does not recommend a full/deep insertion into the ear canal for these.

They are available in your choice of silver or black color scheme in their shopping cart. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. Case, two AAA batteries, eartips and such are included. Orders will ship from Massdrop in mid-April 2019.

Flash Sale: KZ ZS10 In-Ears w/mic/remote for $34

GearBest (not GearBeast) has launched a weekend sale and among their various offerings, for a limited time, you can find the new condition KZ ZS10 In-Ears for $34 or 30 euro (depending on location). This is the black color scheme with a mic/remote.

They ship from China. Shipment from Hong Kong is more expensive. Shipping fees are very low for registered air mail ($2-$3 for many locations). Earphones are, after all, a small little thing 🙂

There are 187 units available as part of this flash deal as of the time of writing.

They have detachable cables, so you can mix and match if you have other compatible cables, or you can optionally turn them into bluetooth by using a compatible KZ bluetooth cable.

KZ AS06 BA In-Ears for $35 to $37 [MD]

The number of KZ earphones is increasing by the minute. One of the many models in their lineup is the KZ AS06, a three balanced-armature design, and it is currently on sale at Massdrop for $35 without a mic/remote, or $37 with a mic/remote. These will ship on April Fool’s Day from Massdrop. There’s no mention f warranty in the listing…

Blue Bag: MEE Audio X-series bluetooth earphones for $25

If you are a fan of the mild excitement of not knowing exactly which model you will receive in the mail, Massdrop is running another blue bag sale, this time is the MEE X-series bluetooth earphones. You pay $25, and for that price you are guaranteed to receive one of four bluetooth earphone models:

+ MEE Audio X5 or X6 or X7 (chance of 30% each)
+ MEE Audio X8 (10% chance)

This being a random pick, you don’t get to pick the colors – they are what they are shown over there. There is a limit of two grab-bags per Massdrop account. There’s no mention of warranty. They will ship in late March 2019.

As usual, they also have “nilestone prizes” which include various AKG x Massdrop over-ears and the Hifiman HE-350 and the Noble X Universal. Think of these as lottery ticket type of chances, so don’t buy a grab bag just for a chance to win one of these.

Cadras EM5813 in-ears for $150 [MD]

More action happening at Massdrop, running for the next four days and change [from posting time here] is the new condition Cadras EM5813 in-ears going for $150 with a late March 2019 shipment estimate from the vendor. There is no mention of warranty in the listing.

Etymotic ER3-XR or ER3-SE for $145 each [MD]

Flange fans, unite and take over! For the next four days and change [from blog-posting time], Massdrop is offering the Etymotic ER3 in-ears for $145 in your choice of either the XR or the SE model. There is no mention of warranty in the listing. The shipping estimate is April Fool’s Day, which is not as far away as it sounds, with today being March 1st 🙂

KZ AS10 In-Ears for $45 to $47 [MD]

KZ is riding high on the Chi-Fi Hype Train, but they managed to release so many different models, there’s too much confusion and one can’t get no relief without some googling around. Thankfully the Journeyman’s Toolbox has published an easy to read guide to many of the existing models, with reviews of them available as well.

Which brings us to Massdrop, where they have launched a drop on the new condition KZ AS10 in-ears with detachable cable of course, going for $45 without a mic/remote and $47 with a mic/remote. It would have been nice if they offered the option to purchase additional cables (eg one with and one without a mic/remote, but they don’t).

The orders will be shipped by the vendor on April Fool’s Day. There’s no mention of warranty in the listing. Two color options are available, either red or cyan.

PS: if headphones were groceries, considering the price, that’s like paying $9 per balance armature 😉

PS2: I’ve wanted to try out the KZ earphones for a while, but I’ve been suffering from analysis-paralysis from all those different models and sellers 🙂

PS3: here’s another take on the KZ options, this one a 5-minute video from Callaghan Reviews, YouTube-embedded below [may start with a 30-second ad]:

NuForce BE2 bluetooth in-ears for $15

Good until Saturday MAR-2-2019 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if it sells out), you can get the new condition NuForce BE2 necklace-style bluetooth in-ears for $15 with free US shipping at B&H Photo. The sale is only available on the white color scheme.

These have double-flanged eartips, with bluetooth 4.1 and support AAC streaming…

Echobox Audio Finder X1 IEMs for $50 [MD]

With three days and change left (as of the time of this post), Massdrop is offering a $50 IEM, it’s the new condition Echobox Audio Finder X1, showing that not all IEMs at MD are triple figure or above!

It comes with a clamshell case along with various different type eartips, but that’s not all, this one has “tuning filters”. Whether you find these useful or not, it’s up to you. Some like that, others find them as mostly gimmicky-marketing. We blog, you decide!

Despite the low price they come with a 3-year parts and labor warranty covered by the manufacturer and will ship from MD itself in late March 2019. US shipping is FREE, while international shipping appears to be under $8 for the various countries in various continents that I tried in the shopping cart. But obviously I can’t test every country out there – rumor has it there are hundreds of them and more are getting made every day 😉

Otium M10 bluetooth earphones for $16

This latest Last Chance sale at the Woot website that runs until the end of February 2019 [or earlier if sold out] includes two budget bluetooth models:

+ Otium M10 magnetic necklace-style earphones for $16 with 1-year warranty
+ TRIGGER WARNING for Stormlight Archive fans because the name sounds like Odium ^_^

+ Marquee Innovations truly-wireless AirPod-style for $19 with a 90-day warranty

Shipping is FREE for Prime members [as long as you link your Woot account with your Amazon Prime account ~ this is a one time thing]. Non-Prime members pay a flat $6 shipping fee [it used to be $5] for all orders placed during a single calendar day in the Central time zone [that’s where Woot lives].