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Sunday: Shure SE-846 w/BT 5.0 cable kit for $549

Want a high-end universal IEM that gives you the option of wired and bluetooth 5.0 playback? Good until Sunday 11/1/20 at 11:59pm eastern time (yes, you get an extra hour to decide because of the “Fall Back” DST temporal thing), you can get the new condition Shure SE-846 w/BT 5.0 cable kit for $549 with free US shipping at B&H Photo in your choice of the CLEAR or the black color schemes. The other two color schemes (bronze, blue) are special order and are not on sale.

This kit includes both the Shure universal mic/remote cable (RMCE-UNI in Shure speak) and the Shure bluetooth 5.0 cable/adapter (RMCE-BT2 in Shure speak), a premium carrying case, various small headphone-y accessories (eartips, shirt clip, etc), and a 2-year warranty… The charging of the bluetooth 5.0 cable/adapter happens via micro-USB (charging cable is included)…

UPDATE: under “Electronics” at the Woot offers for Sunday they have the refurbished Bose Soundsport bluetooth earphones for $63 in your choice of three color schemes. These come with a 90-day iCertify warranty…

And at the Best Buy dailies they have the new condition Jaybird Tarah necklace-style bluetooth earphones going for $30…

Saturday: Sennheiser CX 400BT truly wireless for $150

Sennheiser is back at the Best Buy daily deals for Saturday October 31st in 2020. No, it’s not a Halloween edition of a headphone 🙂

IT is the new condition CX 400BT truly-wireless, not part of the Momentum series (as the CX suggests) going for $150 with free US shipping or free store pickup (where available/possible)…

UPDATE: the NewEGG dailies for Saturday include the refurbished Klipsch S2m in-ears for $15 with free US shipping, with up to three pairs per customer. This is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual…

UPDATE #2: among the Amazon USA daily deals, there is a sale on half a dozen Soundpeats truly wireless earphones of different shapes (Airpod-style, tubby style, earhook) ranging in price from $21 to $35, BUT pay also attention to the product page because some of them have additional (and stackable) clip-on coupon discounts…

Friday: Beyerdynamic DT770 (32o) for $124, Beats Solo 3 for $120

More headphone action for Friday October 30 in 2020, where at the NewEgg daily deals the new condition closed-back over-ear Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (32 ohm) is down to $124 with free US shipping after you enter the promo code shown over there…

Also at NewEgg’s dailies, the a Fuji Labs Sonique 2nd generation earhook earphones go for $10 with free US shipping…

Meanwhile Amazon USA goes the way of the Beats Solo 3 wireless (closed-back bluetooth on-ears with the Apple W1 class) where seven different color schemes are on sale for $120 with free US shipping per pair.

Also at Amazon, they have three more Beats on sale as follows:

+ Beats Solo PRO ANC on-ears for $230

+ Powerbeats PRO earhook earphones for $200 with W1 chip

+ Powerbeats necklace-style earphones for $130

UPDATE: but wait, there’s more for Friday, there’s a Woot OEM accessories sale that includes:

+ refurbished Apple 3.5mm Earpods from $9 (also available in multi-packs for further discounts)

+ refurbished Sony MDR-EX110AP stubby earphones for $8

Truly Wireless Friday: Anker Zolo Liberty Upgraded, Coby CETW544

Friday October 30 in 2020 is a truly wireless day it seems. We start at with the Anker Zolo Liberty (upgraded edition) truly-wireless going for $39 with free shipping for Meh-members, otherwise it’s flat shipping for non-members…

And at B&H Photo, good until Saturday night, available in color schemes, they offer the new condition Coby CETW544 truly wireless for $20 with free US shipping.

Sale: AT ATH-PG1 for $80, AB TW for $19, AB RCA cables, Etc

Woot is running some longer-running pre-holiday Electronic offers good until November 10 at 11:59pm central time or earlier if sold out. Among them they have some headphones:

+ Audio Technica ATH-PG1 gaming headset for $80

+ AmazonBasics truly wireless for $19
+ they average 3.5 out of 5 so be sure to read reviews first

+ 10pk of AmazonBasics 2-meter RCA male to male cables for $44
+ that’s $4.40 per cable
+ they average 4.7 out of 5 based on 14,000+ customer reviews

+ 10pk of Egghead kids headphones for $45
+ that’s $4.50 per kids headphone

+ Philips Performance bluetooth over-ears for $50

+ Victorola Aviator 8-in-1 vintage-looking bluetooth vinyl record player for $95

Wedn: Sennheiser CX 2.00i Earphones (iOS) for $15

If you are looking for iOS buttons on a basic earphone from a name brand company, good until 10/28/20 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) is the new condition Sennheiser CX 2.00i going for $15 with free USA shipping at B&H Photo, available in two color schemes. The Android version is not on sale.

All together these average, as of the time of writing, 4 out of 5 based on 50 customer reviews. While these are not earbuds in the classical sense, I hesitate to call them in-ears as well since they are of the stubby kind. I’ll leave the full debate on what to call them to the various forums after they get tired of hyping the all new Sennheiser HD 560S. Good thing I didn’t order the HD 6XX or the 598 Jubilee 🙂

Tuesday: A&K SR-15 DAP for $349

DAP DAP time! During Tuesday October 27 in 2020 in the eastern time zone, New York’s critically-acclaimed B&H Photo is offering the new condition Astell & Kern SR-15 DAP for $349 with free US shipping. As of the time of writing this averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 11 customer reviews…

Neeldess to say this is a more advanced than an “mp3 player” 🙂 It can play PCM and DSD, up to 24/192, it has dual Cirrus Logic CS43198 DAC chips, has 64GB on-board storage and a microSD slot, supports both Wifi (802.11n, aka Wifi) and Bluetooth (aptX-HD), supports external amps (via OTG USB cable), can be used as a USB playback device, or USB DAC, or all in one. It has separate balanced (4-pole 2.5mm) and unbalanced (3.5mm) headphone outputs…

OR for the same price you can buy ten used Sandisk Clip Plus mp3 players 🙂

Sunday: Sennheiser Momentum TW, Samsung / Harman, Etc

Audio is a theme at the Sunday 10/25/20 Woot daily deals with the following offerings:

+ under “Electronics”, it’s the new condition Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for $170

+ under the main Woot there is a big Home Theater & Audio sale that includes a Samsung 7.1 HT, Klipsch Soundbar with wireless sub-woof-woof, Vizio 5.1 speakers, Onkyo home audio system with *gasp* audio CD, and various Samsung Harman Kardon branded options with Dolby Atmos

+ last but not least, it’s Sennheiser-time, the new condition Momentum Truly Wireless going for $100

Friday: Audio-Technica ATH-PG1 gaming headset for $80

Friday 10/23/20 has a gaming headset at the Woot website, it is the new condition Audio Technica ATH-PG1 closed-back over-ear with a 6-inch boom microphone going for $80 with free shipping for Prime members, or flat shipping for non-members. Up to three pairs per customer.

As of the time of writing it averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 270+ customer ratings at Amazon… It comes with a 2-year AT warranty…

Thursday: NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones for $10

Thursday 10/22/20 is here and with it we have a $10 bluetooth earphone as one of the B&H daily deals, it is the new condition NuForce BE Sport3 bluetooth earphones going for $10 with free US shipping.

This is in the gunmetal color scheme. It is necklace-style, with earhooks and double-flanged eartips. As of the time of writing it averages 4 out of 5 based on 18 customer reviews…

UPDATE: meanwhile at the NewEgg dailies of Thursday you can get the new condition Sennheiser HD 2.30G closed-back on-ears on sale for $30 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual…

Wedn: Sennheiser IE 80S bluetooth in-ears for $200

Sennheiser too is joining the Wednesday 10/21/20 daily deals party, this time at Amazon with the new condition IE80S BT bluetooth in-ears going for $200 with free US shipping with up to three per customer at the sale price. These have some kind of an over-earlobe earhook and they are neckband-style (the hardened type, not the ones with a loose cable that hangs on your neck like a necklace)…

Also part of the Wednesday daily deals, this time at Best Buy’s you can get the new condition Beats Studio 3 ANC/bluetooth closed-back over-ears for $250…

Wednesday: Beyerdynamic DT1990 PRO Open Over-Ears for $449

As teased, Beyerdynamic returns to the NewEgg daily deals with the new condition open-back over-ears Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO (250 ohm) for $449 with free US shipping. This is sold and shipped by HH Gregg through the NewEgg site.

PS: for those not familiar, HH Gregg was a brick and mortar electronics chain on the Eastern side of the country that eventually succumbed to the “internet era” in 2017 and closed all B&M stores. It decidedly out-survived Circuit City and Electric Avenue [no, not the song, the song is timeless]!

Wednesday Woot Audio sale: Klipsch, M&D, B&O, Jamo, Etc

Wednesday October 21st in 2020 in Audio time at Woot with a sale of eight different audio related products, many of which are headphone-related:

  • Klispch Reference On-Ear II closed-backs for $100
  • Master & Dynamic MW-07 truly wireless for $80
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E8 2.0 truly wireless for $100
  • Skullcandy Jib bluetooth earphones for $11
  • Klipsch in-wall amplifier for the Amazon Echo Input for $90
  • 2pk of CableTech USB-C headphone adapters for $15 total
  • Victrola Aviator 8-in-1 Bluetooth Record Player & Multimedia Center with Built-in Stereo Speakers for $95
  • Jamo Studio Series S 805 HCS-WL Walnut Home Cinema System for $400

Sales end at 11:59pm central time of 10/21/20 OR earlier if anything sells out. For things that don’t sell out, they typically get recycled (figuratively speaking of course) in future Woot daily deals and longer-running sales events (Garage sale, Serious Crap, Etc)…

Hifiman HE-4XX Planar Open Over-Ears drop to $160

If you want to try out this “planar type” which has shown to have staying power, for a limited time Massdrop has dropped the price of the open-back over-ear HifiMan HE-4XX planars to $160 with free US shipping and free US returns. International shipping is discounted but not free (depending on location, situation, COVIDalia, etc)…

Also for a limited time, an open over-ear but dynamic headphone is on sale at Massdrop, the Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee are going for $150 with free US shipping and returns.

Both of these headphones are in-stock and ready to ship. Their current shipping estimate is around two business days from ordering time. No long waits for them to be made by the Audiophool Elves and Dwarves under the Magical Mystical Audio Mountain 😉

Saturday: Meh goes Braven bluetooth earphones for $19

The Saturday 10/17/20 Meh daily deal is of the bluetooth earphone kind and you have two options:

+ one pair of Braven Frye truly wireless
+ two pairs of Frye necklace-style bluetooth earphones

The model number is W35-8R4V3N, although I’m not sure which one of the two options is the model number. That’s what the Meh website says. What can I say about this other than… meh? 🙂

Friday: Beyerdynamic Avento bluetooth on-ears for $199

Beyer is dynamic again at the NewEGG deals du jour for Friday October 16 in the year of 2020 with the new condition closed-back bluetooth on-ears that go by the fancy name of Aventho in the black color scheme for $199 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg proper, not iffy marketplace sellers. No promo code needed. Up to five pairs per customer at the sale price.

Friday: Sennheiser CX-400BT TW earphones for $150

Sennheiser returns at the Best Buy dailies for Friday October 16 in 2020 with their new condition CX-400BT truly-wireless earphones going for a Sennheiser-y price of $150 with free store pickup or free shipping…

Last Call for Prime Dayz 2020: Microsoft Surface 2 for $200

One last deal before we say goodbye to the Prime Dayz of 2020, it is the new condition Microsoft Surface 2 headphones going for $200 for Prime members during the “Prime Daze” 🙂

PS: as a fan of the Zune, I feel I must needs mention Microsoft’s poor management record on music/audio, OMG THEY KILLED ZUNE, you BASTARDS! In addition to Zune, they also launched newer music efforts which they also killed off shortly thereafter:)

PS2: of course not just Microsoft has a bad music record, The Great Satan of Search (aka Google) is pulling the plug on their own Google Play Music-selling digital store and killing off their nice “Google Play Music” app and forcing you to …create a YouTube channel if you want to have online access to your previously purchased music and playlists.

PS3: what do you expect when the tech world has become an archipelago of walled-garden island-monopolies?

PS4: wow that’s a great line in PS3, I will keep using it 🙂

Wednesday EU Prime Deals: Beats, Kygo, Denon, Panasonic, Philips, Etc

Denon is having an Amazon Germany sale as well with their AH-GC30 ANC/bluetooth over/on-ears (I can’t tell from the picture) going for 169 euro in the black color scheme…

They also had a sale on the Denon AH-D7200 (which is also the name of an older Nikon DSLR) but as of the time of writing this one is sold out…

In addition to the previously mentioned offers, Amazon Germany is having a big Beats sale that includes the Studio 3 Wireless for 180 euro, the Solo 3 Wireless (Club Collection) for 123 euro, the PowerBeats PRO earclip earphones for 180 euro, the Beats EP closed wired on-ears for 55 euro, and lots more. Many of them are available in different colors…

Then there’s another big headphone multi-brand sale that includes the very budget Philips SHP-1900 closed-back over-ears for 7 euro (yes, seven euro), the Panasonic RB-M300BE-K bluetooth over-ears for 60 euro, some Kygo Xenons for 101 euro in three options, truly wireless from Philips and Panasonic, and good old “earhook earbuds” from Philips, the “Rounds” for 9 euro…

And if you want to feed your DAPs and PADs and smartphones and such, they have a big memory card sale and storage (external hard drives, flash drives, etc)…

Sony WH-1000XM3 ANC/BT Over-Ears with Sony Xperia 1 SD855 Smartphone for $750

If you happen to need a Sony smartphone and an ANC/bluetooth over-ear headphone, what a coincidence, among the Day #2 Prime Deals you can get a combo from Amazon actual that has the Sony WH-1000X M3 with the SONY Xperia 1 for $750 with free US shipping.

The Xperia 1 smartphone is factory unlocked with USA warranty, with a 6.5″ OLED 21:9 4K display, 128GB UFS 2.1 on-board storage, Gorilla Glass 6, IP65/68, dual SIM hybrid, Snapdragon 855, 6GB RAM, microSDXC slot, no headphone jack but bluetooth 5.0 with apt-X HD, released May 2019. The WH-1000X M3 is now the previous generation model, a closed-back over-ear with ANC and bluetooth.

Speaking of this line of headphones, the latest model, the WH-1000X M4 is also on offer at Best Buy daily deals for $298 with a $25 Best Buy gift card as a bonus… The same offer continues at Amazon Prime Days

Starts Wedn 12:30pm ET: Shure KSE1500 (or KSE1200) Electrostatic Earphone System

Wednesday is Day #2 of the Amazon USA Prime Day and sometimes it does pay to dig through the “Upcoming” lightning deals, because what a surprise for audiophiles! Starting on Wednesday 10/14/20 at 1230pm eastern time, they will have a lightning deal on the new condition Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System. The price before the sale is $2999.

This is not a Prime-only deal, but it is a Prime Early Access, which means Prime members can buy it at 12:30pm ET at the sale price, while non-Prime-members can buy it starting at 1pm ET. I doubt something so niche within a niche will sell out within half an hour, so you should have plenty of time to get it if you are not a Prime member.

BUT if you are worried, you can start a 30-day Free Prime Trial and buy it right away when it goes live…

Note that on the same listing there’s the KSE1200 which has a price of $1999 before the sale. Sometimes a lightning deal teaser shows the “root” item of a multi-item listing, instead of the item that will be on sale.

In other words, the KSE1500 will most likely be the one on sale, but there’s also a chance it will be the KSE1200, and an even smaller chance that it might be both…

Note also that the lightning deal teasers do not say which one will be the seller of the deal. In this case, Amazon actual and marketplace sellers are offering the KSE1500, while the KSE1200 is only offered by a marketplace seller.

Wednesday Schedule at Amazon USA Prime Day #2

Our previous post talking about the Shure KSE electrostatic lightning deal got too long, so I’m having a separate post to outline some of the potentially interesting headphone/audio-related items that are scheduled to go live in the Amazon USA Prime Day #2.

I’m not posting links for each product because this post would take forever to write. You can find all the headphones by filtering the Gold Box / Prime Day lightning deals on the left hand side for “Headphones” or “Electronics”. Electronics is a superset because it also has the various headphones that are listed there but it takes longer to traverse.

Also note that I’m not including below any of the consumer-popular headphone brands such as MPOW, Aukey, TaoTronics, etc…

+ starts 3:40am ET: 1More Stylish dual driver IEMs

+ starts 7:35am ET: 1More Piston Fit in-ears

+ starts 9am ET: 1More Piston Fit neckband bluetooth earphones
+ this just in here, but I won’t be able to unbox it, take pictures and post them by the time the lightning deal goes live 🙂

+ starts 9:05am ET: KZ ZS10 PRO In-Ears
+ the teaser says 20% off
+ the product page already has a $4 off coupon, so it’s a good idea to clip the coupon to your Amazon account (sounds complicated, but you just click on the empty little square preceding the offer text) as soon as possible
+ price before the sale $49 – $4 off coupon = $45
+ HOWEVER, there are multiple options on the listing (colors, with/without microphone) so it is not guaranteed that the lightning deal will be on the variant that is shown above; you will know for sure when it actually goes live

+ starts 9:45am ET: JVC Flats lightweight on-ears

+ starts 1pm ET: Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System

+ starts 3:55pm ET: Tribit QuietPlus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones
+ this has a $20 off clip coupon on the listing; add it to your account, these are often (but not always) stackable with the lightning deal discount

+ starts 4pm ET: Philips Performance PH805 bluetooth over ears
+ price before sale $149

+ also through the day three Edifier speakers and a KEiiD stereo shelf system

Shure AONIC 50 BT/ANC Over-Ears for $299

The Prime Day party continues with Shure, their AONIC 50 bluetooth and ANC combo closed-back over-ear headphones are a Prime day lightning deal going for $299 at Amazon actual

Speaking of which, good for a very limited time only is the new condition Shure SE-425-CL in-ears going for $188 with free US shipping. As of the time of writing they are 59% claimed…

UPDATE: also participating in the promotion are various KZ in-ears at everyone’s favorite Chi-Fi prices 🙂

[DEAD] EU deal: Open Over-Ear Philips X2HR/00 for 112 euro

UPDATE: as of 10/14/20 recheck, this offer is dead in that the lowest price shown is $200~ and Amazon’s own offering is gone, so there is some hope it may return if it got pulled for some reason. The fact that Amazon’s own price hasn’t gone up is a little bit hopeful 🙂

Philips has “reactivated” as they have also launched the X3 which currently goes for $250 at Amazon USA, but if you are looking for the previous generation X2HR, it goes for 113 euro at Amazon Germany

The 112 euro is an “organic” price, it is not a Prime day deal, so anyone can buy it…

Philips SHP-9600 Open Over-Ears for $103 for Primes

If you are dying to try out the new Philips SHP-9600 [yes, the follow-up to the legendary 9500], and if you are a Prime member [or willing to start a new 30-day free trial] they are offering the new condition SHP-9600 over-ears for $103 with free US shipping thanks to a Prime-only discount…

On the other hand, if you are not sold on the new model and must needs get the previous generation, the SHP-9500 is sold by a marketplace seller (fulfilled by Amazon) for $80.

We have here at this blog a text and pictures un-boxing of the SHP-9500S, which sadly, though a mistake of my own, I no longer have 🙁

PS: for more Prime Days deals, check our on-going round-up here at this blog…

Amazon USA: Prime Day 2020 is Here: Airpods PRO for $199, Sony WH-1000X4 w/GC, Etc

It’s finally Tuesday in the pacific time zone, it’s Day 1 (of 2) of the Amazon USA Prime Deals and in this post we will be rounding up all the offers. To make updates faster, and easier to read, I will be continually updating this post with the offers…


+ Philips SHP-9600 open over-ears for $103
+ more on these at the Philips deals

+ BOSE QC35 II ANC/BT over-ears for $199 in three color schemes
+ oh my, once it was the “Battle for $300”, now competition and the many popular sub-$100 “Amazon” brands have brought it down
+ NOTE: as of the time of this update, this offer is open to everyone, not just Prime members!

+ Sony WF-1000XM3 truly-wireless for $179 in two color options
+ NOTE: as of the time of this update, this offer is open to everyone, not just Prime members!

+ Apple AirPods Pro for $199
+ non-pro AirPods for $115

+ Sony WH-1000X Mark IV ANC/BT over-ears with $25 Amazon gift card for $298 in two color options

+ Sony WH-CH710N ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $88 in two color schemes
+ we have here a text-and-pictures unboxing of the previous generation model

+ Sony “Extra Bass” WH-XB900N ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $123 in two color options


NOTE: for many (but not all) of the offers you must be a Prime member to get them. If you are not, but you want to get the offers, all you have to do is start a start a 30-day free trial and you in the game right on the spot [give or take a few milliseconds]…

Used Sabaj D2 DAC/amp for $28 [NEW for 34 euro]

This is a general purpose “organic” deal, not a Prime deal, so anyone can get it. Furthermore this is mixed USA/EU, so please do pay attention to the location of each item mentioned below…

If you are in (or shopping from) the Amazon USA, Amazon Warehouse Deals actual has in “Used – Like New” condition the Sabaj D2 DAC/amp for $28 with free US shipping. This is in the silver-black color scheme. The new condition price is $42 in either color scheme.

Those shopping in the EU, y’all can get the new condition in the black/silver color scheme for 34 euro at Amazon Germany

As of the time of writing, it averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 55 ratings at Amazon USA, and 3.9 out of 5 based on 35 ratings at Amazon Germany [mayhaps those East Germany gymnastics judges are audiophiles as well?].

These have three audio inputs (microUSB, optical, coaxial) and has RCA output [for the DAC part] and 3.5mm headphone output.

USED: EU Prime Days: 20% off select items Warehouse Deals

Prime Day 2020 is well under way in the European Union and if you are fond of fishing for good used deals, AND if you are a Prime member (or don’t mind starting a free 30-day trial), a number of the European Amazons are offering 20% off the current used prices of gear that are sold by Amazon Warehouse Deals (not by the marketplace/3rd-party sellers over there).

Here’s an example of the offer at Amazon Germany. You can find the offer in the other EU Amazons by going to their Warehouse Deals pages…

EU: Focal Spark In-Ears for 19 euro

This is not a Prime Deal, anyone can buy it, I run into it while surfing around looking for Prime Day deals. Illel Hifi of Paris through Amazon France is offering the silver color scheme of the Focal Spark in-ears in new condition for 19 euro. The other colors go for more.

Headphones invade Amazon UK Prime Day deals (HD599 SE, NW-A55L, M50X, MSR7B, AKG, Etc)

If you can shop favorably from Amazon UK [remember, for those in the EU, the Brexit shopping changes will come in 2021, so you can still get them now as before], the first day of Prime Day 2020 is up and running at Amazon UK and it has plenty of headphone offers and music-related headphones, including:

+ Sony Walkman NW-A55L digital audio player for 129 GBP in four (!) color schemes

[Read more…]

Tuesday: Apple AirPods (2nd Gen) with AppleCare+ for $150

Before we dive into the Prime Day action of 2020, we have a new daily deal at B&H Photo good until Tuesday 10/13/20 at 11:59pm ET [or earlier if sold out]: it is the new condition Apple AirPods (2nd generation) bundled with AppleCare+, all together going for $150 with free US shipping while this promotion is running…

Monday: Beyerdynamic Amiron Home Open Over-Ears for $339

As teased yesterday, there’s another Beyerdynamic over-ear headphone on sale at the NewEgg daily deals for Monday 10/12/20, it is the new condition open-back Amiron Home going for $339 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by Newegg actual; not by iffy marketplace sellers over there… No coupon code is needed for this particular offer…

Sunday: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (32 ohm) for $129 AC

Newegg is making Beyer dynamic again with the Sunday 10/11/20 daily deals, they are offering the new condition closed-back over-ear DT 770 PRO (32 ohm) $129 with free US shipping using the magical mystical promo code 93XPU85 in their shopping cart.

Up to two pairs per customer at the sale price. It is sold and shipped by NewEgg actual, not market-place e-sellers…

PS: per the “preview teaser”, the following day (Monday 10/12/20) will have the Amiron Home open over-ears on sale. The sale price will be revealed when it goes live. You can use our previous Beyerdynamic posts if you want to see a deal-history…

Sunday: Libratone Q Adapt In-Ears for $34 [USB-C or Lightning]

If you are a fan of the Libratone Q Adapt earphones, things are not so meh on Sunday 10/11/20, because the MEH deal du jour for today until 11:59pm ET are the aforementioned in-ears going for $34 in your choice of Lighting or USB-C connector. Shipping is free if you are a paying Meh mehmber 🙂

Meanwhile at the Woot dailies, there’s a sale of Klipsch and Jamo speakers and soundbars, a total of 18 options with prices ranging from $50 to $300.

Back to the daily deals once again [because of the Holiday season some of the daily deals at Adorama repeat] are the new condition semi-open studio headphones that go by the name AKG K240 II, although their new formal name might be “Samsung Harman Kardon AKG” 😉

Friday: Sennheiser HD 458BT Bluetooth ANC Over-Ears for $100 in Black/Red

Good until the end of day of Friday October 9 in 2020, one of the Best Buy daily deals is the new condition closed-back bluetooth/ANC over-ear black-red color scheme of the Sennheiser HD 458BT offered for $100. This is marked up as an “exclusive” model.

This is a “modern” bluetooth headphone in that it supports bluetooth version 5.0 and it charges via USB-C. Yes, companies are finally abandoning microUSB 🙂 It also plays music via 3.5mm and folds inwardly [not folds flat].

As of the time of writing it averages 4.2 out of 5 over there based on 30 customer reviews.