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Refurbished Bose SoundSport bluetooth earphones for $65

Good until 8am ET on Wednesday as the Musician’s Friend daily deal is the new condition closed-back over-ear Tascam TH-200X headphone for $30 with free US shipping…

Meanwhile Woot is running a Hometober sale that includes the refurbished Bose SoundSport bluetooth earphones going for $65 with a 90-day warranty. These are conventional earphones with insertion and seal, not to be confused with some of their earlier models that protruded inside the earcanal like an Apple “pod” but did not attempt to form any kind of seal…

This particular Woot sale also offers an Altigo bluetooth over/on-ears headphone for $18. This sale ends on October 11 at 11:59pm ET in 2020 ~ or earlier for anything that sells out earlier…

Sunday: Beyerdynamic DT 990 (250 ohm) PRO for $134 AC

It’s The Return of Beyer Dynamic at the NewEGG dailies, good until Sunday 9/27/20 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out) using promo code 93XPT88 you can get the new condition open-back over-ear Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO (250 ohm) headphone for $134 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual, with up to three of them per customer at the coupon-sale price…

Keep in mind 250 ohm is a bit of a challenge for most of today’s smartphones. Speaking of ohm, it’s the title track of the brand spanking new Deftones album 🙂

Apple AirPods PRO with AppleCare+ for $230 [and more…]

Apple fans, unite and take over! Good until Saturday 9/26/20 at 11:59pm eastern (or before that if they sell out) you can get the new condition Apple AirPods PRO with the AppleCare+ for $230 with free US shipping as a featured deal at New York’s B&H Photo… Up to three per customer at the sale price…

Meanwhile good for Friday 9/25/20, the Best Buy daily deals include:

+ Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT closed over-ears for $88
+ appears sold-out online but you may be able to find local store pickup and such options when you check
+ and as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of it right here [PORG not included!]

Also part of the Friday Best Buy deals du jour are:

+ Apple Lightning Digital A/V adapter for $35

+ Apple USB-A to Lighting cable for $10

+ RocketFish magic HDMI cable for $50

+ UV-C sanitizing device, Sony 4K UHD TVs, Sony 3.1 soundbars with wireless subwoofer, and Sony XB-72 “wake up the neighbors” speaker for $200

+ the Apple products include a FREE 4-month Apple Music free trial
+ free trial cannot be appended to existing subscriptions or existing free trials
+ I’m assuming there should also be a limit on how often a single Apple account can participate in free trials…

Tuesday Daily Deals: Harman Kardon FLY and Beats 3 [various]

It’s a feast of headphones during Tuesday 9/22/20 at Woot, they have a 1-day headphones sale featuring seven models, three of which are budget truly wireless ($20 to $23) models. But there’s two pairs of name-brand products as well:

+ Harman Kardon (pretty) FLY (for a Samsung guy) ANC over/on-ear wireless for $160

+ Harman FLY truly wireless for $95

+ Beats Studio 3 for $210

+ Beats Powerbeats 3 wireless earphones for $70

Sunday: Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO (32 ohm) for $139 after coupon

If you are looking for a bass-friendly closed-back over-ear pair of headphones, good until Sunday 9/20/20 at 11:59pm pacific you can get the new condition Beyerdynamic PRO DT 770 (32 ohm) for $139 with free US shipping at NewEgg by NewEgg after entering promo code 93XPT53 over there…

The Beyerdynamics are frequently “guests” of their daily deals, so if you miss this one, do not lose hope, it will likely return in a few days/weeks/months…

As of the time of writing it averages 4 out of 5 based on 33 customer reviews over there…

V-Moda Wireless Over-Ears for $100 [limit 3]

If you don’t object to getting a previous generation bluetooth closed-back over-ear headphone, for a limited time the black-red color-scheme of the V-Moda Crossfade Wireless is on sale for $100 with free US shipping by Amazon actual with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. The other colors go for more.

All the colors together they average, as of the time of writing, 4.4 based on 320+ global ratings…

Deals To AVOID (Wedn): Sony WH-1000X M3 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $232

This is a daily deal of a different kind. This is a daily deal TO AVOID! Among the NewEGg daily deals for Wednesday September 16 in 2020 there’s a sale on the Sony WH-1000X Mark III for $232. The “to avoid” part is NOT on the headphone but on the seller. The seller is an unknown Newegg Marketplace seller with a 83% score on 65 ratings. That’s not something that inspires confidence. This also raises the questions whether this is a USA warranty product, or an international grey-market…

Speaking of the Sony wH-1000X series, their brand new Mark IV (M4) model is now in-stock and ready to ship for $350 at various authorized Sony dealers including Adorama and Amazon [ALWAYS check who the actual seller is before buying!] and B&H Photo and such…

Tuesday: Beats Solo Pro ANC/BT On-Ears for $200

If you are of the Apple ecosystem and like The Way of the Beats, one of the deals of the day for Tuesday 9/15/20 in the pacific time zone at Amazon USA is the new condition closed-back on-ear Beats Solo PRO with Apple’s proprietary wireless chip for $200 in three different color options… Limit up to three per customer at the sale price [not sure 3 per color or 3 overall total]…

As of the time of writing all the colors together average 4.6 out of 5 based on 1360+ customer ratings and they have over 100 answered questions…

Used Final Audio Design Sonorous III for $196

If you are comfortable with used headphones and you are feeling particularly …sonorous, Amazon Warehouse Deals is offering the Final Audio Design Sonorous III closed-back over-ears for $196 with free US shipping. The new condition price is $300. This is in “Used – Very Good” condition with minor cosmetic imperfections. The user manual is missing and it will come repackaged. All that shaves $100 off the price 🙂

Monoprice Headphone Sale includes Planars and DACs

Monoprice continues to march on with their headphone products and as such, they are having a limited-time headphone and earphone sale that features a soccer team [= eleven] products as follows:

+ Closed-Back Planar Magnetics: M565C for $175, M1060C for $270

+ Modern Retro closed over-ears for $23
+ may remind you heavily of Samson/Superlux 🙂
+ I have here a text and pictures unboxing of their semi-open cousin 🙂

+ Quintet (2 dynamic, 3 BA) wired in-ears for $50

+ two truly-wireless ($60 each) and two bluetooth over-ears ($34 and $60 each)

+ Monolith portable headphone DAC/amp with THX AAA for $270

+ Monolith balanced headphone amp for $375

+ Monolith desktop balanced DAC/amp for $450

And that’s it 🙂

Random Woot sale: ASTRO gaming, SoundCore bluetooths

These are not daily deals but longer running Woot deals until 9/21/20 at 11:59pm central time or earlier if they sell out [and they do sell-out earlier]. These being an Electronics Garage sale that includes:

+ five ASTRO gaming headsets

+ one SoundCore neckband and two truly-wireless bluetooth earphones

+ one SoundCore ANC/BT over-ears for $41

+ by the time I wrote this post, the AirPods sold-out…

Truly Wireless Wednesday: RHA, B&O and Jabra

Wednesday 9/9/20 [correct typing today on both sides of the Atlantic] brings us the return of two name-brand truly-wireless earphones at the Woot daily deals, good until 11:59pm central time [or earlier if they sell-out, or later if they resurface in other Woot deals]…

+ RHA TrueConnect truly-wireless for $60

+ Bang & Blame [oops, Olufsen, this is not an REM fanclub!] BEOplay E8 for $89

Also joining the truly-wireless party are the NewEgg daily deals which can’t seem to be able to get rid of the refurbished Jabra Elite Active 65t truly-wireless, now down for $40 with free US shipping…

EU: Shure SRH-840 Closed Over-Ears for 105 euro

Shure may surely sound like a Germanic type of company that goes along with the Sennheiser-Beyerdynamic-AKG trio, but it was actually founded in Chicago. But mayhaps to attract the European audience, as of the time of writing, their new condition closed-back over-ear studio-y SRH-840 headphones are on sale for 105 euro at Amazon Germany, sold and shipped by actual, not iffy marketplace sellers…

This is part of the well-known studio-y line-up starting with the lesser known 240A, then the formerly-frequent guest in the “$100 recommendations” SRH-840, then the SRH-940. There’s also the “new line-up” with the 1XX0 that has both open and closed headphones…

Tue: Sennheiser HD 2.30 [i/G] Closed On-Ears for $30

As teased yesterday, for today (Tuesday 9/8/20) among the NewEGG daily deals they have the new condition Sennheiser HD 2.30G closed-back on-ears on sale for $30 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual…

Both the Android (“G” model) and the iPhone (“i” model) are participating in the sale…

UPDATE: speaking of daily deals, good until Wednesday 9/9/20 at 10am eastern time [or earlier if sold out] Adorama of New York is offering the new condition Tascam DR-40X digital audio-recorder and USB audio interface for $140 with free US shipping…

Monday: Alesis pair, NuForce TW [Heads Up: Tuesday Sennheiser HD 2.30G]

Two audio related daily deals can be found at B&H Photo for Monday September 7 in 2020 as follows:

+ NuForce BE Free8 truly-wireless for $20

+ Alesis Elevate 3 Mark II studio monitor pair (20W, 3″ two-way, Active) for $50

+ with free US shipping which is nice because speakers are not featherweight like headphones shipping-wise 🙂

Not headphone-headphones but earmuff-headphones are among the Monday Gold Box (USA edition) where they have Walker’s Razor Slim passive earmuffs ($19 to $40) and electronic Game Ear Razor Slim ($32 to $88)…

Meanwhile in their teaser for Tuesday, the NewEGG daily deals tease they’ll have a daily deal (on Tuesday, not today) on the Sennheiser HD 2.30G closed-back on-ears. The teaser shows the white “Galaxy” version but other colors/options may also be on sale. It’s hard to tell now because the promotion is not active…

Sunday: refurbished Klipsch S2m In-Ears for $20

If you want to try out Klipsch earphones on the down low, the Sunday 9/6/20 NewEgg deals of the day include the refurbished Klipsch S2m in-ears going for $20 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by NewEgg actual.

What’s included in the refurbished kit is not clear from the listing. It does come with a 90-day warranty and the customary 30-day NewEgg return/replacement policy…

Sony WH-CH710N ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $98

The pre-launch of B&H Photo’s Labor Day offerings includes some consumer-tier headphones, among which you can get a $100 ANC/bluetooth over-ear combo, if you don’t want to get into the $300 “Battle of the Giants” but also don’t want to buy from the non-audio budget brands around $50 at Amazon and such…

To cut a long story short, the new condition Sony WH-CH710 is on sale for $98 with free US shipping for a limited time at B&H Photo. As of the time of writing it averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 19 customer reviews…

I haven’t seen or touched this newer model, but we have here a text and pictures un-boxing of the previous-generation model, the WH-CH700N {the PORG is not included ~ it is our “blog pet”}.

One utilitarian and welcome difference for many, when looking at the B&H gallery pictures, the new WH-CH710N has USB-C charging, finally doing away with good old micro-USB.

Speaking of which, I hope there is a recycling program for all the millions and millions of de-commissioned micro-USB cables 🙂

PS: buying from B&H you are guaranteed to get the US model. Some of the marketplace sellers on Amazon are not as reliable, but if you are comfortable with that, a couple of them are selling it for the same price with some freebie accessories (eg stand, case, etc).

Thursday: BeyerD Amiron (Tesla) Bluetooth Over-Ears for $419

For Thursday September 3 in 2020, in the pacific time zone, that’s the Newegg “home” time zone, you can get the new condition Beyerdynamic closed-back over-ear bluetooth “Amiron Wireless” headphone, a Tesla production [not to be confused with Elon Musk’s Tesla], is offered for $419 with free US shipping when you enter promo code 93XPS27 in the NewEGG shopping cart. This is part of their Deals of the Day, which sadly they still keep calling “Shell Shocker”. You know, most jokes have expiration dates 🙂