Music Production Bundle course for $20

On the “Music e-Learnings” front, Stacksocial is currently running a Music Production Bundle offer for $20. This is all digital/online. For that you get nine courses composed of 740 individual lessons in over 60 hours of runtime. They include music basics (read music, music theory essentials), playing the piano, songwriting, singing, audio production, an Ableton Live 10. All but one of the courses come with lifetime access. The “Read Music” course includes only 1-year access…

Wedn (ebook): David Byrne’s How Music Works for $2

Good until Wednesday 12/4/19 at 11:59pm pacific, one of Amazon’s Kindle daily deals is David Byrne’s (yes, the Talking Head one) ebook “How Music Works” going for $2. It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 260+ customer ratings. It is nearly 400 pages long…

HDTracks: 20% off sitewide with coupon code

If you want to pick up some higher-than-CD digital music, HD Tracks is joining the 4th of July sale-a-bration by offering 20% off site-wide using coupon code HDRWB20 entered over there until 7/7/19 until 11:59pm eastern time… Exclusions may apply, check their website for details…

$10 off $40+ purchases at HD Tracks

Good until April Fool’s Day at 11:59pm eastern time, coupon code HD10BUCKS gets you a $10 off discount on the purchase of digital music of $40+ at the HD Tracks website. Better yet, the coupon can be used multiple times during this promotional window, so if you are planning big purchases, try to organize them in chunks of $40s 🙂

20% off new releases at HD Tracks

For a limited time, HD Tracks is offering 20% off new releases using coupon code HDSPRING20 over there. The same coupon code gets you 20% off music by former Yardbirds, which of course is an impressive list, Jeff Beck, Eric Claptop, Jimmy Page,.. The same coupon code also works with Aretha Franklin, celebrating the 77th birthday of the Queen of Soul…

There’s also a sale, not using a coupon code (the price you see is the price you pay), a 25% off discounted factored in the price you see, for their Women’s History Month

20% off sitewide at HDTracks when you buy two or more albums

It’s a sitewide coupon sale at HD Tracks! Coupon code HD26FEB gets you 20% off when you buy two more albums. The discount is sitewide , so it’s a good opportunity to pick up music that rarely gets discounted. There are some exclusions to the sale: music that is already on sale by the record labels. You can muse the coupon as many times as you like until it expires at the very last second of February 2019 in the eastern time zone.

Music: The Very Best Of The Beatles 62-64 (White Vinyl Rarities) for $13

Streaming apps, radio services, smart speakers, torrents, none of them can stop the increasing sales of vinyl! IF you are on the vinyl bandwagon and a fan of the Beatles, the “The Very Best Of The Beatles 1962-’64” in White Vinyl is on sale for $12.74 with free shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ orders at You can buy as many as you like. A total of 18 tracks are available from rare Abbey Road and BBC sessions, along with previously unreleased live recordings. The gallery picture says only 500 units are available. Amazon either has 22 units left or has a limit of 22 units per customer. Probably the former.

PS: if you are looking for a turntable, Amazon has set up its own turntable store

Music CD for $3: “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy

Between frequency sweeps, AudioCheck, pink noise, white noise, and the Chesky test tracks, it’s hard to find time to listen to actual music 😉 If you need some discounting encouragement for some music listening, the physical audio CD of the 2002 remixed edition of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon” album is on sale for $3 at Amazon by Amazon actual. But that’s not all! You also get the “Auto RIP” feature, the mp3 version of the album becomes available to listen to on Amazon immediately (I think it’s right after the payment goes through, not after the music CD ships).

This 2002 remix has ten tracks, two bonus tracks over the original eight of the album. Wikipedia sorts out the various editions. As usual with remixed editions, it’s never without issues and complaints. In addition to the title track, the other famous song of this album is “So Tired”. And he was tired long before they became famous on MTV with their reality show 🙂

Vinyl: “Psychocandy” for $12 [limit 2]

Vinyl time! One of the most influential albums (and a good “noise test” for your audio system) is on sale! It is “Psychocandy” by The Jesus and Mary Chain, on sale for the very specific price of $12.08 at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to two albums per customer at the sale price. Free shipping for Prime members. This comes with an mp3 version of the album (the mp3 version typically becomes available shortly after you place an order).

PS: this is the original 14-track album, no “Some Candy Talking” squeezed in the middle of it [see Wikipedia].

Speaking of music, the previously mentioned $0.99 mp3-boxed-set of 63 tracks that is the Big Classical Beatles box is now available for download and streaming!

Pre-order 62 track “Big Classical Beatles Box” for $0.99

On now something new to test your headphones with. Ooops, I mean, new music to listen to 🙂 Coming out on Friday February 9 in 2018 (Friday is the new Tuesday for music releases after all) there is a brand new 63-track classical music compilation with Beatles music. It is the Big Classical Beatles Box by the BachGuid. The whole set can be yours for $0.99. Total run time is 3 hours and 22 minutes, not bad for 99c 🙂

Almost all the tracks are available as 30 seconds samples. Mouse over an individual track and the option to play the sample appears (this with a laptop/desktop browser). Or you can go to the top of the track list and press the master PLAY button and it will play all 62 samples. That’s half an hour of sampled music 🙂

This is just the tip of the iceberg for 99c mega-bundles at Amazon. For example, here are a handful of Little Big boxes featuring various composers and instrument-centric music as well.

Music: A Farewell To Kings (40th Anniversary) for $22

If you got tired of listening to sinewaves and white and pink noise, there is a new anniversary release that came out last month, it is the 40th anniversary edition of RUSH’s “A Farewell to Kings” in a three disc CD set with new cover art and illustrations along with 12,000 word liner notes, going for $22.39 by Amazon actual.

If you don’t want/need the anniversary edition, the deal is on the standard audio CD going for $4, with AutoRIP. So you will automatically get the mp3 version when you purchase the CD as long as it is sold and shipped by Amazon actual. This is however an Add-On item, so you must needs place a $25+ order of eligible items, otherwise their shopping cart won’t let you buy it.

[DEAD] MP3 Album: Miles Davis sale: “Bitches Brew” or “Jazz at the Plaza” or “In Concert” for $1.29, and more

This is strange but as of 9/30/17 at 4:50pm ET recheck, the options to buy the mp3-albums is gone! I haven’t seen something like this before at Amazon for mp3 music…

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FREE (mp3 albums): Garth Brooks “The Chase” and “In Pieces”

The price is right! For a limited time, Amazon is running a promotion that gets you the Garth Brooks 1992 and 1993 “The Chase” and “In Pieces” albums for FREE in mp3 format. You can download and/or stream. Each album has ten tracks. They are offered as a double album in the Amazon listing, but they were released separately. Check his Discography for details.

[DEAD] Thursday: Music eTextbook Sale (two options)

These daily deals expired…

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Over 1200 Used CDs, Prime eligible, prices start at $1.60+

Amazon Warehouse Deals has a Clearance Sale of over 3350 items, and over 1/3rd of those are CDs and Vinyl. Prices are very low, like yesterday’s Pink Floyd “The Wall” and even lower.

These are Prime eligible, and not ADD-ONs, so as a Prime member, you can even get one of them with free shipping. Non-Prime members typically need a $25+ or $35+ order (it seems to vary these days).

They are used but some may be factory sealed with blemishes or cracks or missing shrink-wrap and such. Check each listing for details…

Some USED examples:
+ CD: Prince’s Controversy starts at $2.66
+ CD: Amy Grant, Tennessee Christmas starts at $1.66
+ CD: REM, Green [Remastered] for $1.83

But it’s not all music CDs. Of the 1352 items, currently 1210 are music CDs. There are also 87 Vinyl Records as of the time of writing, along with five in other formats (SACD, Hybrid SACD, DVD Audio, and the ultimate hifi format, cassette).

[DEAD] Music CD: Used Pink Floyd “The Wall” for $3

This promotion sold out…

The Wall may or not come down in Game Of Thrones Season 7, but all it takes at the moment is $3 to bring The Wall to your home or office. Pink Floyd’s double album “The Wall” is available in “Used – Like New” condition (factory sealed) for $3 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. Prime members get free 2-day shipping on this. Non-Prime members need a $25+ order, which you can also get to with nine of these 🙂

[DEAD] Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano for $150

This daily deal expired…

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$2 eBook: “Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal”

If you are interested in heavy metal music, there is a deal at the moment at Amazon, you can get the Kindle edition of Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal for $2. This has 768 pages, and is written oral-history style. It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 90+ customer reviews.

You can check the Kindle sample and the “Look Inside” feature of the Paperback to get a pretty good feel for it. The Kindle sample shows the first few pages, while the “Look Inside” allows you to jump around the book.

FREE to Watch Music Classes as they record LIVE offers online classes but they have a more user-friendly twist. Their classes are recorded LIVE on the web. While the class is recording LIVE, you can watch it online LIVE as it happens for FREE. After the original recording is completed, you have to pay (buy) to watch. But if your schedule is flexible enough to adjust to the available classes, you can watch a lot of creative classes for FREE!

They feature a variety of creative topics, including a Music and Audio category. Page down to the “Upcoming Classes” section over there to see what’s available. They don’t have any headphone-centric classes, but cover a diverse variety of music topics (music theory for Electronic musicians, Home Recording, Logic PRO, Mixing EDM and Rock, Metal Mixing, etc).

You only own the class if you pay for it. Watching it for free while it is originally recording does not mean you own it for later (re)watching.

Music: Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger Audio CD + mp3 for $4

The album that helped break out Soundgarden, before “Superunknown”, was Badmotorfinger and the audio CD of this album along with an instant download of the mp3 files upon purchase (the “Auto RIP” feature) is on sale for $4 at with a limit of up to three per customer. If you are a Prime member, you get free 2-day shipping even if you don’t buy anything else.

Google Play Gift Card promotion at CVS this week (can also be used to pay for Google Play Music All Access streaming service)

If you like to buy music or music apps or sign-up for music subscription services through Google Play, CVS brick and mortar stores are running a Google PLAY gift card promotion until the end of day on Saturday 5/27/17. You buy a $50 Google Play gift card, and the cash register will spit out a $10 CVS Extra Bucks rewards. This is store credit that you can spend in future purchases at CVS. It has to get spent in one transaction, so you must be willing to make a $10+ purchase there in the future.

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Music Deals: OKNOTOK discount, FREE Equalizer app

A couple of time-sensitive music-related deals. First up, FREE! Because who doesn’t like free? This is the premium version of the app, offered for FREE. Not the ad-supported free version. It is the Equalizer + Pro (Music Player) by DJiT (a French developer) going for a limited time for $0 at Google Play. The regular price is $4. Among other things the PRO version allows you to save and edit custom frequency presets.

And now something music-related, the CD version of the 10 year anniversary of Radiohead’s “OK Computer” is now down to $13.59 in pre-order at This is a double CD, and it won’t be confused with the original since the new one has the self-descriptive name of “OK COMPUTER OKNOTOK 1997 2017”. The second CD has eleven tracks, eight of which are B-sides. Release date is June 23.

For more new music, check Amazon’s pre-orders page.

[DEAD] Vinyl: “The Beatles in Mono” for $243 [updated]

As of a late 5/6/17 re-check, this sold out and cannot be ordered at the moment…

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Costco Members Only: Pay $83, Get $100 Google Play Gift Card

If you are an existing Google Play All Access Music subscription member, or you plan to start the service, or you like to buy music from Google Play, AND if you happen to be a paying Costco member, for a limited time, you can get a $100 GooglePLAY gift card for $83. That’s 17% off. The percentage is slightly smaller than the occasional Rite Aid offers, but you don’t have to deal with Plenti rewards. You just pay the discounted price and that’s it.

PS: in recent months, Google made it so you can pay for your monthly music subscription using your existing gift card balance on your Google account. So by buying this gift card, you are essentially getting 17% off your music subscription service!

Chesky Audiophile Classical Collection for $9 to $11.50 with coupon

And now a break from the eBay scavenger hunt for some music! Chesky records have released a new Classical Audiophile collection featuring 19 tracks with about 1.5 hour playtime. It is available for $12 in 44/16 or $15 with some (not all) tracks at 96/24 (there’s also a couple at uncommon sample rates, 88/24 and 48/24). The prices are the same regardless of format (WAV, FLAC, ALAC, AIFF). But until 3/31/17, coupon code CLASSICALCOMP25 drops 25% off those prices, making them $9 and $11.50 respectively.

PS: speaking of music, the Outlander Season 2 soundtrack is now available in “Clear Vinyl” for $26 at Barnes and Noble. Blue vase and oolong tea NOT included 🙂

Free Music Discovery 72-track MP3 album: Winners of 15th Indie Music Awards

If you like Independent music and music in MP3 files, Amazon is celebrating the winners of the 15th Independent Music Awards with a 72-track (5 hours, 12 minutes play time) digital-album offered for a limited time for FREE! You can get them as a “digital album” for free and you get access to all 72 songs. You don’t have to get them one by one like Google Music’s “Antenna” discovery playlist.

Free Music: Austin 100 SWSX Sampler

If you like to discover new music or build a library or burn discovery CDs or DVDs, until the end of March 2017, you can download 100 songs from 100 artists as part of the Austin 100 of artists participating in this year’s SWSX music festival.

There are multiple ways to listen to the music. You can download the whole set as a 855MB zipfile (under 4 minute download as of the time of writing). I randomly opened a few, they show as encoded by different versions of iTunes and 320 kb/s, 44100 Hz.

Or you can download mp3 songs individually from their website. If you don’t like downloading things, they have setup two playlists with them, one on Spotify and another inside the free NPR One app.

Music Docs: Own “Legend of Leadbelly” in HD for $1

If you like music documentaries, the 51 minute documentary “Legend of Leadbelly” is on sale in Digital HD for just $0.99 at Amazon Instant Video. This is digital ownership, not a rental! As of the time of writing, this is not available on Netflix, Qello, Indieflix or Prime Video (I haven’t checked any other subscription services).

PS: if you have Amazon “No Rush Credits”, they will be automatically applied to the order (if eligible), making it free, with a penny to spare for future purchases 🙂

UPDATE: here’s a near-400 page ebook, Pioneers of Jazz: The Story of the Creole Band by Lawrence Gushee going for $3 in the Kindle. You can get a feel for it by jumping into the “Look Inside” of both the ebook and the print book, and also request a Kindle sample. The latter only shows you the beginning, but the “Look Inside” also shows random pages inside the book, which can be more helpful in figuring out whether this is something you need.

UPDATE #2: The Vinyl of “I Learned The Hard Way” by the great and sadly late Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings is on sale for $10 each (limit up to three per customer).

UPDATE #3: non-headphone offers are rounded-up in this permanent round-up post (also linked to in the Sidebar)

[DEAD] BluRay Set for $5: Woodstock (3 days of Peace and Music) 3-disc set with extras

This limited time promotion ended. The price returned to normal as of 6:21pm ET re-check…

For a limited time, the 40th Anniversary 3-disc BluRay set of “Woodstock – 3 days of peace and love” (Director’s cut) is on sale for $5 at Amazon by Amazon actual. Limit up to three sets per customer. This is new condition. At the moment this is restricted to Prime members only and it is “temporarily out of stock”. It is not an Add-On item, so you get free shipping even if you don’t buy anything else. There are over 9 hours of content, along with physical extras (ticket reproductions, patch, etc).

[DEAD] Tuesday’s Offers: B+W, B&O, M-Audio, Philips, Tivoli, Etc

Tuesday is over, and so are its daily deals…

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Music: 24-bit 48kHz FLAC for $6.45 of NIN “Not the Actual Events” EP

Friday is the new Tuesday, and among the new music this Friday we have a new EP by Nine Inch Nails. This 5-track album is not available digital-only at the official NIN store (you have to buy it with “physical components” to get the digital copies as well). However, 7 digital comes to the digital rescue, they are offering a 24-bit 48kHz FLAC for $6.45 (no further details are given). The iTunes and Amazon prices are $6 for the AAC and mp3 respectively, so that’s a good price for FLAC. It is not currently listed at HDtracks.

Book: “All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release”

This is a two-parter. On-going is a sale for $2 of the Kindle e-book version of “All The Songs: The Story Behind Every Beatles Release” by Philippe Margotin and Jean-Michel Guesdon. NOTE however that the e-book DOES NOT have the pictures. The hardcover is a fully illustrated book, but the Kindle e-book has the text only, not the pictures. It is 672 pages. The ebook is good for reading and searching and quickly referencing the text but not the visual/pictures.

However, the hardcover edition will be a lightning deal on Tuesday starting at 7pm ET at Amazon. The price before the sale is $35 for the hardcover.