Now shipping: Monoprice HR-5 (Open or Closed options)

Monoprice continues to roll out new products, and among them are two new headphones under the HR-5 model. One pair is open-back, the other pair is closed-back. They sell for $70 each and they are, as of the time of writing, in-stock and shipping at the Monoprice website… These are wired with removable earpads (two pairs included), along with a case [see picture #4 in their gallery over there] and … I know little and less about these, so be sure to check your favorite audiophoolia websites and forums for more details…

UPDATE: thanks to Allan in the comments for pointing out this Head=Fi thread that discusses these headphones!


  1. These appear identically to many other headphones, like the hm5 from brainwavz. See related headfi thread

  2. hpnao deals admin says:

    thanks! The name reminded me of something but I couldn’t place it! Thanks! No wonder it’s easy for Monoprice to roll out so many new headphone models!