Deals To AVOID (Wedn): Sony WH-1000X M3 ANC/BT Over-Ears for $232

This is a daily deal of a different kind. This is a daily deal TO AVOID! Among the NewEGg daily deals for Wednesday September 16 in 2020 there’s a sale on the Sony WH-1000X Mark III for $232. The “to avoid” part is NOT on the headphone but on the seller. The seller is an unknown Newegg Marketplace seller with a 83% score on 65 ratings. That’s not something that inspires confidence. This also raises the questions whether this is a USA warranty product, or an international grey-market…

Speaking of the Sony wH-1000X series, their brand new Mark IV (M4) model is now in-stock and ready to ship for $350 at various authorized Sony dealers including Adorama and Amazon [ALWAYS check who the actual seller is before buying!] and B&H Photo and such…

Sony WH-CH710N ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $98

The pre-launch of B&H Photo’s Labor Day offerings includes some consumer-tier headphones, among which you can get a $100 ANC/bluetooth over-ear combo, if you don’t want to get into the $300 “Battle of the Giants” but also don’t want to buy from the non-audio budget brands around $50 at Amazon and such…

To cut a long story short, the new condition Sony WH-CH710 is on sale for $98 with free US shipping for a limited time at B&H Photo. As of the time of writing it averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 19 customer reviews…

I haven’t seen or touched this newer model, but we have here a text and pictures un-boxing of the previous-generation model, the WH-CH700N {the PORG is not included ~ it is our “blog pet”}.

One utilitarian and welcome difference for many, when looking at the B&H gallery pictures, the new WH-CH710N has USB-C charging, finally doing away with good old micro-USB.

Speaking of which, I hope there is a recycling program for all the millions and millions of de-commissioned micro-USB cables 🙂

PS: buying from B&H you are guaranteed to get the US model. Some of the marketplace sellers on Amazon are not as reliable, but if you are comfortable with that, a couple of them are selling it for the same price with some freebie accessories (eg stand, case, etc).

Tuesday: Sony WH-XB900N ANC/BT Over-Ears for $148

Sony fans, you have until Tuesday 8/18/20 at 11:59pm pacific time to grab the new condition Sony WH-XB900N headphones on sale for $148 with free US shipping in two color options. Up to three per customer at the sale price…

These are closed-back over-ear with bluetooth and ANC, and as the “XB” in the model name suggests, they are part of the “Extra Bass” line of Sony audio products…

As of the time of writing these average 4.6 out of 5 based on 2180+ customer ratings. Note that as of late Amazon is publishing ratings which is a mix of written reviews and star-ratings [no text written, just selecting a star rating]…

Tuesday: Sony WH-1000X Mark III ANC/BT over-ears for $248

The Sony WH-1000X Mark III closed-back bluetooth and ANC over-ear combo is the star of Tuesday August 11 in 2020 as it is the deal of the day for $248 with free US shipping, in new condition from authorized dealers at both Adorama of New York and also at Amazon actual. I haven’t checked recently on the latest ANC/BT top-considered combos, but the last time I checked, this was giving the Bose a ran for its money… Making Sony Great Again?

There’s plenty of action at the Best Buy deals for Tuesday as well:

+ Samsung Galaxy Buds+ truly-wireless for $130
+ various Samsung EVO Plus microSD cards on sale, from 64GB to 512GB

No BeyerDynamic this time around at the NewEgg deals du jour but they do have a couple of headphones though:

+ Beats Solo3 bluetooth on-ears for $129
+ Philips neckband bluetooth earphones for $13 [bonus points if you memorize the model name, SHB5950BK/27)…

Friday: BeyerD DT 1990 and lots of Sony BT headphones

Beyerdynamic makes a comeback at the NewEgg daily deals, and for Friday August 7 in 2020 they are offering the new condition open-back over-ear DT 1990 PRO (250 ohm, Tesla) for $480 with free US shipping. This is sold and shipped by East Coast retailer H. H. Gregg. No coupon is needed this time around…

There’s a theme at the Best Buy daily deals and it’s a Sony audio sale that includes the following headphones:

  • WF-1000X M3 truly wireless for $170
  • WH-CH700N closed-back ANC/BT over-ears for $100 [see our text & pictures unboxing]
  • WF-SP800N ANC truly-wireless for $150
  • WF-XB-700 Extra Bass truly wireless for $100
  • also on sale Sony bluetooth speakers, a 3.1 soundbar and 4K UHD TVs

Speaking of Sony audio, Amazon has a sale on select Sony products including a soundbar, bluetooth speakers and TVs. Mayhaps they are price-matching the Best Buy offering?

Speaking of Amazon, Amazon Germany is offering a 90-day free trial to their HD music streaming service with the purchase of 1000+ vinyl records

Tuesday: Sony WH-1000XM3 ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $220

Judging by the price and the 90-day Woot warranty, I suspect this is the international version, but if you don’t mind that, you can get the new condition Sony WH-1000X M3 bluetooth/ANC over-ears for $220 as one of the Woot deals of the day, with free shipping for Prime members. Limit two pairs per customer at the sale price. This is considered by many as topping *GASP* BOSE on ANC 🙂

Sale ends on Tuesday 7/14/20 at 11:59pm centauri time or earlier if sold out…

Thursday: Sony WH-CH700N ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $110

Headphone action at the Best Buy deals du jour for Thursday July 2nd in 2020, it is the new condition closed-back over-ear bluetooth with ANC Sony WH-CH700N headphones going for $110 with free US shipping… Also part of the sales is the recurring MEE Audio BTR portable bluetooth receiver going for $20…

Speaking of the WH-CH700N, we have a text and pictures unboxing of it here. The PORG you see in the pictures is NOT included ^_^…

And for those shopping in the EU, among the Amazon Germany daily deals they have the Taotronics ANC/bluetooth closed over-ears going for around 41 euro…

Wedn: B&W PX5 On-Ears, Bose QC II, Sony XB, Thorens, Etc

Two headphones plus gaming headsets are among a loaded day at the Best Buy daily offerings for Wednesday June in 2020:

+ Bowers & Wilkins PX-5 ANC/bluetooth on-ears for $220
+ Bose Quiet Comfort II ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $299
+ discount and free mouse with Razer Nari Ultimate gaming headset

Under the “Electronics” daily deal at the Woot website they have the new condition closed-back bluetooth on-ear Sony XB-650-BT going for $45 with a 1-year Sony warranty. It is only available in black. It has NFC. Note that this is part of their “Extra Bass” line, so opera, classical, audiophile jazz, etc you may not like the “transformation” of the music with these 🙂

NewEGG seems to have an unwritten rule of one headphone offer per day at their daily deals and Wednesday’s offer is the new condition Pioneer SE-MJ-553-BT-R closed-back on-ear bluetooths in the red color scheme going for $26 with free US shipping…

Last but not least, for the vinyl junkies or player collectors, one of the B&H Photo daily deals is the new condition Thorens TD 201 manual 2-speed turntable with built-in amp going for $250. It is available in two color options [device color, not sound coloration color!]…

SHOCK! did you notice something today? All these offers and not a single “truly wireless” earphone. There is hope for the audio world after all 🙂

Friday: Sony Audio Sale at Best Buy, Etc

It’s all about Sony during Friday 5/22/20, as the headliner of the Best Buy daily deals are Sony audio products:

+ Sony WH-CH700N ANC + bluetooth closed over-ears for $100
+ as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of it from two years ago
+ PS: the PORG you see in the unboxing is NOT included with the headphone ~ it is our blog pet 🙂

+ Sony SP-600N necklace-style bluetooth/ANC earphones for $70

+ Sony SRS-XB-22 portable bluetooth speaker for $70
+ XB of course being eXtra BASS; perfect for audiophile jazz listeners 😉

+ Sony SRS-XB-501G wireless speaker with Google Assistant for $150

+ also 7″ Sony Android Auto media thing and Sony Audio system and in-dash digital media receiver and Sony 1155W 2-channel Dolby Atmos 4K A/V hometheater; so much SONY today, too many to list here one by one!

Elsewhere, at Amazon Germany, the Huawei P40 smartphones [no GOOGLE PLAY!!!!] are bundled with the Huaweii truly-wireless earphones and a Huaweii smartwatch in great prices IF you don’t care for Google Play and Google Play Services. That’s a HUGE IF. I don’t think I would want to be chasing hacks to run Google Play apps in 2020. This may have been a fun thing to do in 2010, but these days, I just want things that work 🙂

You can feed your DAPs and PADs (phones as DAPs) at the daily deals with these two microSD cards:
+ 400GB Sandisk ULTRA for $57
+ 128GB Team for $16
+ also: Philips SHB-5950-WT neckband-style earphones for $17 but reviewers NOT happy with it ~ averages 3 out of 5 based on 21 ratings as of the time of writing

If you are looking for an affordable headphone stand, the B&H daily deals [expire Saturday at 11:59pm ET] include their house-brand AURAY HPDS-B headphone stand for $12. It averages almost 5 out of 5 based on 35 customer reviews… While there, you will also find a couple of options for CAD (the brand name, not the Computer-Aided Design) USB microphones ranging from $50 to $80…

Sat: refurb iPod Touch (5-7 Gens), Sony SP-700N TW, Etc

If you are looking to get an iPod Touch of the refurbished kind, you are in luck, they are a Woot deal of the day with prices ranging from $80 (5th generation) to $95-$100 (6th generation) to $165 (7th generation). They come with a 90-day Woot warranty and are good until 5/9/20 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if sold out)…

If you want truly wireless of the name-brand kind, the new condition Sony WF-SP700N [interesting how Sony is mirroring the product naming between their over-ears and truly/earphones) going for $100 as one of the Best Buy deals du jour…

Speaking of music, good until 5/9/20 at 11:50am eastern time, you can watch (stream for FREE) the 15-hour class Introduction to Logic PRO X with Travis KasperBauer. This is Apple’s $200 audio software with a 90-day free trial

Thursday Daily Deals: JBL, B&O Truly Wireless, and Sony 1000XM3 bundled with 65″ UHD TV

It’s headphone day in the Best Buy daily deals for Thursday April 23 in 2020 as follows:

+ JLab Epic Executive neckband bluetooth earphones for $45

+ Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay E.8 2.0 truly wireless for $200

+ Sony WH-1000X Mark III headphones bundled with the Sony 65″ 4K UHD TV (with HDR) for $1030

But that’s not all. At Woot, they are offering the new condition JBL T450 wired closed on-ears for $20, available in either blue or white color-schemes, with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with a 1-year JBL warranty…

Sony MDR-1A M2 for $148 [ends Wedn 11:59pm ET]

UPDATE: the sale price is $148 with free US shipping…

This is a 12-hour flash deal starting on Wednesday 4/22/20 at 12pm ET at B&H Photo and running for 12 hours (or earlier if sold out). It is the new condition closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-1A Mark II headphones. The price before the sale is $298. I do not know what the sale price will be. It will be revealed when the offer goes live at 12pm ET.

The headphones average 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews.

Sony WH-CH400 bluetooth on-ears for $30

If you are looking for simple name-brand bluetooth closed-back on-ears, select colors of the new condition Sony wH-CH400 headphones are on sale for $30 at B&H Photo, an authorized Sony dealer…

Or if you prefer to live more dangerously, you can get it for around $18 with free US shipping in various “other” conditions from various eBay sellers

It has 30mm drivers, supports bluetooth 4.2 with NFC, supports SBC and AAC only [well, it’s a budget thing after all], with micro-USB charging…

Monday: Sony WH-1000X M3 for $230

The new condition Sony WH-1000X M3 (third generation as the “3” in the name boldly suggests) is on sale for $230 with free US shipping for Prime members [or $6 flat shipping for non-members] until Monday 3/16/20 at 11:59pm central time at the Woot website as one of their daily deals. Up to ten per customer at the sale price. It comes with a 1-year Sony warranty. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 6600+ customer reviews over there…

Meanwhile at Amazon Germany they have an Anker Audio sale that includes a couple of truly-wireless, an exercise bluetooth earphone and a touch-controlled ANC/BT over-ear combo…

Friday: Sony XB-650-BT closed bluetooths for $50

Good until Friday 2/7/20 at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if it somehow manages to sell out) you can get the new condition closed-back Sony “Extra Bass” XB-650-BT bluetooth headphones for $50 as one of the Woot daily deals with a 1-year Sony warranty in the black color scheme. Free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat for non-members. You have to connect your Prime account to your Woot account (a one-time action) to get the free shipping.

Sony ZX310-AP Closed On-Ears for $19

Through the magic of price-matching, currently the new condition closed-back on-ear Sony ZX-310AP/B headphone is on sale for $19 at NewEgg (by Newegg actual) and by Amazon actual. Up to three per customer at each retailer…

The “AP” stands for remote control button for an Android phone, and the “/B” stands for the black color scheme…

I’ve used both the ZX310 and the ZX100 and I’m convinced these were tuned for use in a (at least moderately loud) coffee shop. There, they sound very serviceable but listening to them in a quiet place brings out the worst of them…

UPDATE: speaking of Amazon, as part of cascading AmazonBasics (house brand) sales, they are offering the AB replacement cables for Bose Quiet Comfort headphones for about $11 per cable. Not related to the Sonys, I’m just stuffing this here because it does not warrant a separate post…

Used Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT for $50

IF you are looking for a name-brand ANC/bluetooth over-ear headphone, the Sony WH-CH700N is currently on sale for $88 in either color in new condition at Amazon.

But thanks to the previously mentioned 20% off in-cart used AWD promotion, you can get either color in USED condition (“Used – Very Good” or better) starting at $62~ minus 20% off = $50~ at Amazon Warehouse Deals.

So while $88 is not bad, paying $50 is even better 🙂

Monday: Sony WH-XB900N ANC/BT Over-Ears for $128

Good until Monday 11/18/19 at 11:59pm pacific time, Amazon actual is offering as one of their deals of the day the new condition closed-back over-ear Sony WH-XB900N ANC/BT headphones for $128 with free US shipping with up to three pairs per customer at the sale price. As the “XB” in the model name suggests, this is an “Extra Bass” model.

It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on nearly 110 customer reviews and it has 80 answered questions…

Brainwavz Case & Earpads (for Sony V6, 7506, etc) for $22.50

We have a combo value meal if you are a fan of the Brainwavz brand. They are currently offering a headphone case + earpads for $22.50. The case is for folded headphones while the earpads are for the Sony MDR-V6, 7506 (and other compatible headphones). The earpads on their own go for $16.50, so you’re getting the case for $6 more.

The listing is a mix of earpads-only and case-n-earpads bundles, so pay attention if you are switching colors and options and if you are reading customer reviews and answered questions…

Sony Audio sale includes XB-700 Over-Ears for $98

If you are a fan of Sony audio gear, you’ve find a potentially interesting post. For a limited time [but not part of its daily deals] Amazon is having a Sony Audio sale of various things that includes, among others, the following:

+ XB-700 closed-back over-ear bluetooth “Extra Bass” (thus the XB) headphones for $98 in two color options

+ WI-C600 neckband ANC earphones for $118

+ PS-LX3-10-BT belt-drive turn-table for $148

+ various speakers and receivers

Monday: Sony Xperia Ear Duo truly wireless for $120 [L600 cinematic for $200]

Good until Monday 9/2/19 at 11:59pm eastern time, as one of the deals du jour at New York’s B&H Photo and Video, you can get the new condition Sony Xperia Ear Duo truly-wireless earphones for $120 with free US shipping in your choice of two color options.

Sony is also part of the Woot daily deals, their new condition WH-L600 Digital Wireless headphones go for $200 with free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat shipping for the rest of us mere mortals. They come with a 1-year Sony warranty and you can buy up to ten pairs per customer…

UPDATE: but wait, there’s more! Starting at 3:55pm eastern today [Monday 9/2/19] there is going to be a lightning deal on the Amazon Gold Box for this Sony WH RF400R bundle that includes the transmitter dock (TMRRF400) and cables/adapters. The price before the sale is $97. This is a marketplace seller offering it, with the order fulfilled by Amazon. They are the only ones offering this kit for sale, so they will almost certainly be the ones offering the lightning deal…

The above two are different models from the first headphone I “awarded” with the prestigious “Headphones to Avoid” award, the Sony RF-995-RK wireless… I haven’t seen or used the above two, so I can’t compare them…

Surprise Massdrop Combo: Sennheiser HD6XX _AND_ Sony WH-1000X M3 for $400 TOTAL

Well this is a surprise and a temptation that may be hard to resist for practical audiophiles. For $400 at the Massdrop website, you get two headphones, the audiophile-loved open-back over-ear Sennheiser HD-6XX, AND the utilitarian Sony WH-1000X M3 closed-back over-ear with bluetooth and ANC.

And better yet, both headphones come with a warranty. The HD-6XX comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and the Sony WH-1000X M3 comes with a 1-year Sony warranty per the listing over there.

This is a pre-order with two days left to purchase (as of the time of writing of this post). The orders will ship mid-September from Massdrop.

PS: if you only want one of the two, you can always gift or sell or trade the other one. Or you can send it to me LOL 🙂

Wedn: Sony WF1000X/BM1 Truly Wireless for $70

It’s truly wireless time on Wednesday as one of the Woot deals of the day with the new condition Sony WF1000X/BM1 going for $70 with free shipping for Prime or $6 flat for non-Primes. You can buy up to ten units per shopping cart at the sale price. They come with a 1-year Sony warranty…

I don’t have a lot of experience with truly-wireless [battery life being one of the scarecrows] so I can’t tell you much about it ~ the only truly wireless I’ve used is the Jaybird Run

Monday (EU): Sony and Anker Headphone sale

It is Sony day at the Amazon Germany Gold Box or as the cool kids in Germany like to call it, the Ange Bote 😉 Among the Sony products on sale they have the following headphones on sale for Monday August 19 in 2019:

+ ZX-310 closed on-ears for 15 euro
+ I had this headphone in my to-go bag for a while, I swear this must have been tuned in a moderately busy coffee shop because it sounds very serviceable there but when you listen to it in a quiet place, it sounds quite un-audiophile

+ ZX-330BT bluetooth on-ears for 39 euro

+ MDR-XB950N1 ANC/bluetooth closed over-ears for 90 euro two color options

+ WH-H900N ANC/bluetooth closed over-ears for 160 in three color options
+ yes, Sony has a multi-tier approach for their ANC/bluetooth combos

BUT that’s not all. When you further scroll through the daily deals, there’s also a combo Anker and Soundcore sale. Soundcare is an Anker sub-brand because it sounds more audio-ish than Anker? Anyway, their offerings for Monday:

+ Soundcore Life2 closed bluetooth over-ears for 38 euro

+ Soundcore Spirit X exercise bluetooth earphones for 25 euro
+ Anker SoundBuds slim bluetooth earphones for 21 euro

+ Soundcore Liberty truly wireless earphones for 60 euro
+ mono wireless headset for 12 euro

+ and of course the obligatory handful of portable bluetooth speakers

Sony WH-1000X M3 with 20,000 mAh Power Bank for $298

It’s bundle up time, Focus Camera with the orders fulfilled by Amazon has created a bundle centered on the new condition Sony WH-1000X M3 closed over-ear headphone (with ANC and bluetooth) they are including a 20,000 Phone Energy power bank with it. The price listed is $348 BUT there is a $50 clip-on coupon [you have to be logged on to your Amazon account to clip the coupon to your Amazon account ~ obviously], which brings the price down to $298. This offer is available in either color scheme.

Meanwhile in Europe, there is no power bank bundle, but the standard headphone itself is currently on sale for 288 euro at Amazon Germany where it averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 600+ customer reviews and it has over 350 answered questions…

Sony WI-C310 bluetooth earphones for $28

Singing the same MAP song, many authorized Sony dealers have dropped the price of the new condition WI-C310 bluetooth earphones in different color schemes to $28 for the duration of this promotion, eg with its many marketplace sellers…

EI: Used Sony MDR-Z7 closed over-ears for [Prime Deal]

The clock is ticking on this deal as there are only two hours left in the Germany timezone. For Prime members of Amazon Germany, the used closed-back over-ear Sony MDR-Z7 headphones can be yours for 294 in *Used – Good” condition to 315 euro (“Used – Very Good” condition).

Sony WH-CH700N ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $90 to $100

UPDATE: this headphone is now part of the Prime Deals for $90 in either color but non-Prime members can still get it for $100…

If you are looking for a usable ANC and bluetooth over-ears combo from a name-brand but don’t want to pay the $300 to get the much talked about models, there’s a deal for you too. For just $100 you can get the new condition Sony WH-CH700N ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears. This is sold and shipped by Amazon itself. You can buy up to three pairs at the sale price. Only the black color scheme is on sale.

NOTE: this is not a Prime Day deal ~ all Amazon customers can buy it!

And as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of this headphone right here. I did not finish the review for it, but for $100, this is not a bad deal.

Sunday: Sony Audio sale at Woot [updated]

UPDATE: the deal is indeed the main Woot deal of the day and it features the following headphones. The refurbished headphones come with a 90-day Woot warranty:

+ refurbished XB-950-B1 “Extra Bass” closed-back over-ear bluetooths for $60

+ new condition WF-1000X-BM1 “truly wireless” for $85

+ refurbished Sony MDR-EX110AP basic earphones for $10 in two color options

+ refurbished MDR-RF912RK Wireless RF Headphone System for $25
+ NOTE this is a different model from the Sony RF headphone that I have found to be one of the Headphones to AVOID

Original post after the break…

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FREE Sony WH-1000X M3 ANC/BT Over-Ears with Sony Xperia 1 flagship preorder

Most smartphone manufacturers include some kind of a budget but flashy sounding earphone with their flagship purchase (eg the AKG-branded earphones of the Galaxy models). But Sony, desperate to make a dent in the smartphone now, looking at an opportunity now with the Huawei problems, is throwing in their most popular headphone for free with pre-orders of their new flagship Xperia 1 flagship smartphone.

The free headphones of the bundle are none other than the closed-back WH-1000X M3 ANC with bluetooth over-eras which range from $300 (on sale) to $350 (their default price)…

The Xperia 1 and the included headphones both support LDAC, mayhaps the ideal test setup for LDAC Audio since it is Sony’s brainchild. The phone has a 6.5 inch (21:9) OLED, Snapdragon 855, Android 9, 128GB on-board storage, 6GB RAM, microSD (up to 512GB), Bluetooth 5.0, “Hi-Res Audio”, Dolby Atmos, etc…

The price is $950 with or without the headphones and the offer is available for a limited time at select authorized Sony USA dealers such as Amazon actual and New York’s B&H Photo

NOTE that Amazon breaks down the prices of the bundle differently to prevent people from buying the bundle with the free headphones and then returning/cancelling the order and keeping the headphones 🙂

EU: Sony Extra Bass XB-550 Closed On-Ears for 29+ euro

If you need some _EXTRA_ bass in your life, and you are shopping from Amazon Germany, they currently have a sale on the various colors of the new condition closed-back Sony Extra Bass XB-550 AP headphones. Prices start at 29 euro for the red color scheme and increase slightly for the other colors…

PS: AP stands for “Android Phone” and it is the 1-button remote with mic cable. These appear to be on-ears although when I put them on at a store they felt somewhere between an over- and an on-ear. And the headband adjusted with plenty of room to spare on my big head [in comparison, I can just barely squeeze comfortably in the good old Monoprice 8323s]…

Sony WH-CH700N ANC/BT Over-Ears: $86 Used, $95 Renewed

If you want a bluetooth and ANC over-ears combo but don’t want to pay the big bucks to get the $300+ competitors from Bose and Sony and such, and you are of the Sony persuasion, the more affordable WH-CH700N model is currently available for under $100 in two different not-new-condition options:

+ $95 in Renewed condition (another name for refurbished) sold and shipped by seller “Chubbiestech” but Prime members get upgraded to faster Prime-like free shipping. It comes with a 90-day “Amazon Renewed” warranty (it is part of the Amazon “Renewed” program)

+ $86~ in “Used – Very Good” condition by Amazon Warehouse Deals

+ the prices may fluctuate dynamically, so YMMV by the time you read this

And as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of said model at our parallel content blog. The PORG you see in the pictures is a “blog pet” ~ it is not included with the headphone 🙂

Sony XB950 Extra Bass sale: B1 for $125, N1 for $178

Also part of the previously mentioned Sony Summer Kick-Off sale you can get the following headphones as follows:

  • XB950-B1 “Extra Bass” (bluetooth, closed over-ears) for $125 to $128 in three color options
  • XB950-N1: same as above but with ANC as well, for $178 in two color schemes
  • WI-1000X neckband bluetooth earphones for $186 in black only

Sony WH-CH700N Closed ANC/Bluetooth Over-Ears for $128

The Sony Summer KickOff sale includes another headphone we didn’t mention before, it is the new condition WH-CH700N, a closed-back bluetooth with ANC over-ear model going for $128 with free shipping in your choice of black or blue. Limit up to three per color per customer at the sale price. The sale price is also available at various other participating authorized Sony USA dealers because that’s how a protectionist non-free market works 🙂

It also plays audio via 3.5mm, supports NFC for easier connectivity when there are “air wars”, works with the Sony “Headphones Connect” app, and charges through microUSB. NOTE that there are no touch controls – you have buttons on the earcups for play, pause, etc…

And as fate would have it, we have a text and pictures unboxing of this very model, going for less than half the price of the flagship WH-X1000 Mark III…

PS: the PORG is not included. It is our “blog pet” 🙂

EU: Sony CMT-SBT20B Micro System for 57 euro

And now something old school. If you don’t need a full audiophile hifi system setup but still have use for *GASP* speakers, this new condition Sony CMT-SBT20B is on sale for 57 euro at Amazon Germany by actual. You can buy up to three per customer at the sale price. Free shipping within Germany comes in handy because this is a 4.6kg box, so international shipping is gonna cost…

For just that, you get two speakers, and the main box which includes CD playback (with a tray, not a top loader), and USB input (eg flash drives) and bluetooth audio and of course 3.5mm audio input. There’s also NFC (pairing can be an exercise in frustration if the airwaves are congested in the area where you are trying to pair things) and a good old FM radio tuner to boot.