[DEAD] Used TDK WR680 Bluetooth On-Ears for $8

As of 8/16/17 re-checking, this is sold out at this price and in used…

On the utilitarian front, the closed-back on-ear TDK Life on Record WR680 Bluetooth headphones are available in “Used – Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections, damaged original packaging) for the very specific price of $7.76 by Amazon Warehouse Deals actual. They plan music from bluetooth or via a standard 3.5mm input. Not bad for this price 🙂

TDK ST560s Over-Ears for $13

The TDK ST560s over-ears were $22+ the last time I price-checked them, but now you can get them in new condition for $13, offered by two marketplace sellers with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. It is possible the price drop was caused by an (automated?) price war between the two sellers, but that’s just crackpot, I have no way of knowing for certain. They have just one review that has four pictures of the headphones and the mic/remote which also has a volume slider. They have detachable cables.

TDK WR680 Bluetooth On-Ears for $20 [limit 5]

On the utilitarian front, the TDK WR680 bluetooth on-ear headphoenes, in a white-gray-red color scheme, are on sale on for $20 with a limit of five per customer. These are sold by a marketplace seller but the order is fulfilled by Amazon, so it is eligible for Prime shipping benefits.

TDK WR680 On-Ears (Bluetooth) for $20

We have a couple of back to back basic bluetooth on-ear headphones, think more utility than audiophility (new word, because as they say, language is a living thing), starting with a white-red color scheme of the TDK bluetooth WR680 On-Ears going for $20. These are sold by a marketplace seller (looks like they has 16 units available) with the order fulfilled by Amazon.

TIP: in situations like these, with one marketplace seller offering something in limited quantity, it likely means that these are available at only one Amazon Warehouse, so non-Prime shipping estimate will vary wildly depending on how close you are to the warehouse that has them. And “close” is a relative term, in terms of delivery times, not close as in distance in miles, because of the way the whole shipping delivery system is setup (hubs, airports, regional carriers, pricing, etc, etc).

TDK WR680 Bluetooth On-Ears for $22

On the budget side of brand-name bluetooth with NFC closed-back on-ears with wired 3.5mm input as well, the TDK WR680 are now down to $22 in either black or white color schemes, sold by marketplace sellers, but the orders are fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member. If not, it’s usual $35+ super-saver-shipping. Fulfilled by Amazon also has the benefit of dealing with Amazon Customer Support versus dealing with the marketplace sellers directly.

[DEAD] TDK WR700 RF Wireless (Kleer) headphones for $45

This daily deal expired…

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TDK Life on Record ST560 Over-Ears for $20

For the explorers of unknown headphone models, the TDK Life on Record ST560 over-ears are currently on sale for just under $20 (was $23) at Amazon.com by Amazon actual with a limit of three per customer. There are no customer reviews there. They have a detachable cable.