Thursday: Logitech Gaming Sale (G633, ASTRO + MixAmp bundle)

Good until Thursday 9/19/19 at 11:59pm pacific, there is a Logitech sale at Amazon USA with a trio of gaming headset bundles along with the obligatory keyboards and a couple of speakers:

+ Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum for $50

+ ASTRO Gaming A40 TR headset with MixAmp PRO TR for $150 in your choice of XBox or Playstation

Tuesday: refurb Logitech G933 Artemis for $60

Good until Tuesday at 11:59pm central time (or earlier if it manages to sell out ahead of time) you can get the factory reconditioned Logitech G933 Artemis gaming headset for $60 with free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat shipping for non-members. Limit up to ten pairs per customer at the sale price. They come with a 90-day Logitech warranty…

Thursday: B&O H8i for $300, Logitech Gaming Headsets

There are two headphone daily deals running for Thursday June 20 in 2019 as follows:

+ the Bang & Olufsen H8i bleutooth with ANC on-ears for $300 at Best Buy

+ a Logitech sale at the Amazon USA Gold Box includes keyboards and mice galore but also six Logitech gaming headsets with prices ranging from $33 to $100…

Tuesday: Logitech G-series gaming headsets

Inside the Amazon US Gold Box deals of the day, for Tuesday May 21nd in 2019, you will find a computer sale and among those items there, you will find a trio of Logitech G-series gaming headsets: the G230 for $25, the G430 for $30 and the GG633 for $55~… Sale ends at 11:59pm pacific or earlier if sold out… Limit up to three units per sale item offered…

Friday Headsets: Logitech G230 for $25, G633 Artemis for $60

Amazon USA has Logitech on its mind for their Friday daily deals as a Logitech PC accessories sale headlines the day’s deals du jour. Of headphone interest, they have the G633 Artemis Spectrum gaming headset on sale for $60, and the more budget G230 for $25… Keyboards and mice dominate the rest of the sales, including the (indispensable?) Anywhere I and II mice.

PS: practice Spelling Bee word: indispensable! There are so many i/e/a/c traps in this word 🙂

Logitech UE-9000 ANC/bluetooth over-ears for $120

A Woot Garage sale running until March 19 (or earlier for many of the products that sell out), you can get the good old Logitech UE 9900 closed-back over-ear bluetooth with ANC headphones for $120 with a 1-year Logitech warranty. Free shipping for Prime members or $6 flat for non-members.

These also play music via 3.5mm audio input. They include a flat-inside solid headphone case which you can easily reuse for other over/on-ear headphones that can fit inside. Limit up to ten units per customer…

PS: “good old” because once upon a time these was among the recommended ANC headphones, especially in the price range. These days there seems to be a battle between Bose and Sony and some models from select other well-known audio/electronics makers. Or something like that. Personally I’m not a big fan of ANC, I prefer to use “in-mind” ANC 🙂

Tuesday (EU): “Logitech” audio sale returns

For Tuesday at Amazon Germany there is a Logitech umbrella audio sale. Umbrella because Logitech has picked up a few audio companies along the way including Ultimate Ears and Jaybird and more recently Blue Mic too.

This Amazon Germany sale features Jaybird bluetooth earphones, two necklace-style (Light Sport for 59 euro and Freedom 2 for 79), along with the truly wireless “Run Sport” for 119 euro [which by the way we have a text and pictures unboxing and a review of which is in the ever-growing to-do list]…

The remaining sale items are Ultimate Ears bluetooth speakers…

Audio Deals round-up: JBL, KEF, Logitech, Etc

There’s some non-headphone related deals currently in progress with a variety of audio gear at Amazon, so this post rounds them up right here…

+ Pair JBL Arena B15 Black Bookshelf & Surround Speaker with Special Edition Grilles & Logo for $79 (up to four pairs per customer at the sale price)

+ JBL Arena S10 Black 10″ 100W Powered Subwoofer with Special Edition Grilles & Logo Black for $109 (up to four per customer)

+ KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – Black Oak (Pair) for $249

+ Logitech Z207 2.0 Multi Device Stereo Speaker for $24 (up to three per customer)

+ three color options of the Anker SoundCore 2 portable bluetooth speakers for $30 each

[DEAD] Mon: Gaming Sale includes Gaming Headsets (Razer, Logitech)

These daily deals expired…

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[DEAD] Logitech G433 Wired Gaming Headset for $50 w/FS

This offer expired…

On the gaming front, the new condition Logitech G433 wired gaming headsets are on sale for $50 with free shipping in your choice from three color options (black, blue, red) by the Best Buy eBay store. This is a limited time offer.

[DEAD] Thur: Zipbuds 26 bluetooth IEMs for $90, Logitech H800 for $51

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Logitech H800 Bluetooth Headset + 1-YR of Rosetta Stone for $149

These daily deals expired…

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Used Logitech UE 9000 BT/ANC for $71

This is a higher risk purchase, so if you hate the idea of having to return it (30 days free returns), you may want to skip it! Amazon Warehouse Deals has in “Used – Acceptable” condition (without any further details) the Logitech UE 9000 Over-Ears (Bluetooth and ANC) for $71~ with free shipping.

Used Logitech UE 4000 Closed On-Ears for $12

Not to be confused with their more famous UE 6000 sibling, the closed-back on-ear Logitech UE-4000 have a detachable cable but it is a very closed headphone with a very small sound. If that interests you, the black color scheme is available in “Used – Acceptable” condition for the very specific price of $12.17 with free shipping for Prime members through Amazon Warehouse Deals. If all accessories are included, it comes with a carrying pouch and a sharing splitter (two in one; see picture #5 in the main gallery). The detachable cable is a 3-button iOS, so you can use it with other headphones as well.

[DEAD] Tue: Logitech Gaming Headsets, G231 for $35, G433 for $61

This daily deal expired…

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[DEAD] Green Monday at Amazon includes Logitech USB Headset H390

These daily deals expired…

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Refurbished Logitech UE6000 ANC Over-Ears for $55

IF of all the active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones it is the good old Logitech UE 6000 the ones you want, they are available in manufacturer refurbished condition for $55 with free shipping by eBay seller “OutletMP3” (99.2%), shipping from California.

Also on eBay, there is a “new other” condition (bulk packaging, no retail box) listing for $60 with free shipping by eBay seller “MyTechSolution” (New Jersey, 99.2%).

The lowest price at Amazon Warehouse Deals is $68~ in “Used – Good” condition.

Black Friday Only: Gaming Headsets sale

Headsets, getting your gaming headsets, headsets! Amazon has a blockbuster three dozens Deals of the Day for Black Friday. There is no “audio headphone” today, but there are some gaming headsets under the PC Gaming Products sale running there until Saturday 3am eastern (or before that if any sell out). They include:

+ Sennheiser GAME ZERO Special Edition Gaming Headset for $120

+ SteelSeries Arctis 7 Lag-Free Wireless Gaming Headset with DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround for $100

+ Logitech G433 7.1 Wired Gaming Headset with DTS for $70 in black or red or blue

+ they also have plenty of Yeti microphones for $90 each BUT you can get better deals with the LOLA / Mo-FI + Yeti bundles for $144 to $175

+ up to two units of the same item per customer
+ offerings end on Saturday 3AM Eastern Time, with the exception of those who sell out before then

Logitech UE900S Ultimate Ears In-Ears for $160 (or LESS)

The party continues at the Pitbull Audio eBAY store where they are offering the new condition Logitech UE900S Ultimate Ears In-Ears for $160 with free shipping and up to five per customer.

BUT you may be able to get it for less. They have enabled eBAY’s “Make Offer” feature, so you may be able to negotiate a lower price using eBAY’s “Make/Best Offer” system.

[DEAD] 20% off select Gaming Headsets (five options)

This special event coupon expired…

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[DEAD] Wednesday: Logitech G231 Prodigy Gaming Headset for $35

Wednesday is over, and so is this Logitech sale…

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[DEAD] Thursday: Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset for $25

This daily deal expired…

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Refurbished Logitech UE4000 On-Ears for $18 w/free S&H

This may be of interest equal parts headphone, equal parts accessory hoarding (assuming all the accessories shown in the eBay listing are included). It is the manufacturer refurbished closed-back on-ear Logitech UE4000 headphones for $18 with free shipping by eBay seller “stem_tech” (99.3%, ships from Florida). Limit five per buyer.

This has a very closed back sound, a small room type of feel to the music. If all the accessories shown in the description are included, this is a good value, you get a detachable Apple MFi cable (which you can use on any other headphone as well), a headphone sharing splitter, and a zippered travel case.

Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset for $35

On the budget side of gaming headsets, the new condition Logitech G230 Stereo Gaming Headset is currently going for $34.99 at Amazon by Amazon actual. Free 2-day shipping for Prime members. If you are not a Prime-member, you have to add a filler item of $0.01 or more to get free shipping.

“Off Topic”: Logitech UE BOOM 2 Phantom Bluetooth Speaker for $107

In “Audio Gear” action, the new condition Logitech UE BOOM 2 Phantom Bluetooth Speaker is on sale for $107 with free shipping with a limit of up to three per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual.

As an experiment, I am keeping a permapost of non-headphone Audio Gear deals. I update this as I find things while searching for headphone-related action. The “Latest Update” section should give you a clue as to how fresh it is 🙂 A link to that post can be found in the sidebar of this blog (on mobile it shows at the bottom of the posts) under the “Reference Material” section.

[DEAD] Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for $18

These daily deals expired…

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Pre-order new Logitech G533 Gaming Headset

More new headphones are slowly now rolling out at CES 2017 and among them is a new wireless gaming headset from Logitech with DTS 7.1 and such. It is the G533 Gaming Headset and has a pre-order price of $150 at It is in the all-encompassing and mysterious “Temporarily out of stock” status, which may be a sign of a near release or not.

Fiio X5 II DAP + Logitech UE900S IEMs for $450

It’s bundle up time! The Fiio X5 II digital audio player is bundled with the Logitech Ultimate Ears UE900S in-ears, together, in new condition, going for $450 with free shipping by BuyDig on eBay and Beach Camera on Amazon (free 2-day Prime shipping but ships from Beach Camera; NOTE: you only see the Prime-eligible logo if you are a Prime member logged on to a Prime account).

PS: Buydig and Beach Camera have the same parent company so it’s more of a question whether you prefer to buy from eBay or Amazon.

Opened Box Logitech UE900S Ultimate Ears In-Ears for $216

Pitfull Audio’s eBay store is offering the new condition Logitech UE900S UltimateEars In-Ears for $280 and they are an authorized dealer, but if you want to save some, they have them in opened-box condition for $216 with free shipping (from Southern California).

Logitech UE900S IEMs for $230

And now it’s time for some in-ears, authorized dealer PitBull Audio on eBay (99.7%, California) is offering the new condition Logitech UE900S IEMs for $230 with free shipping. They ship with USPS Priority Mail per the listing. That’s one advantage of IEMs, they are lightweight enough even for First Class Mail but I’m digressing. Limit 12 per customer or they have 12 units total in-stock (most likely the latter).

Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears for $200

The new condition Logitech UE 900s Ultimate Ears are currently available for $200 with free shipping by PitBullAudio on eBay (ships from SoCal, limit 5 per customer, authorized dealer, full warranty).

M&A News: Logitech pays $50 million in cash for Jaybird

Logitech, which recently renamed some of its product lines to the more goofy “Logi” has scooped up another earphone company, Jaybird, paying $50 million in cold hard cash. Probably not in unmarked envelopes. Not sure how this will impact prices of existing Logitech and Jaybird products. More via Techmeme.

[DEAD] Tuesday: two small Bluetooth receivers for $11.50 and $22.50 each

These two offers expired…

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Refurbished Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi earbuds for $8 w/free s&h

Single figures with free shipping after coupon is what you are reading in this post. The purple Logitech Ultimate Ears 200vi earbuds, in refurbished condition, are on sale for $8 with free shipping when you enter (limited time) coupon code MLCV07FN at (ships from USA warehouse, not China). It comes with a 30-day return and/or replacement policy. Picture #3 in the gallery over there shows what’s included.

If you prefer new condition, they start at $10 in various colors and by various sellers at

Refurbished Logitech UE 4000 On-Ears for $16~ w/free s&h

The Logitech UE 4000 closed-back on-ear wired headphones (not to be confused with their UE6000 ANC over-ear model) are currently on special at in refurbished condition. Use coupon code MLCV05DN to get them for $16.39 with free shipping (from a USA warehouse). They come with a 90-day return-replacement policy (but no refunds).

Despite their low price, these have detachable cables and come with an MFi cable. In other words, you can use this cable with any other headphones that have detachable cables but don’t come with one. Consider the headphones as a bonus with cable purchase 🙂

These have a closed-closed sound, but they are intended for portable use after all. They also come with a zippered travel pouch (for smaller headphones, won’t stretch for bigger ones). This refurbished version does not include the 2-person splitter (which is included with new condition models). Here’s the 12-page user guide in PDF format from Logitech.

Offer ends Tuesday October 6 at 23:59pm pacific or earlier if sold out.