Brainwavz Case & Earpads (for Sony V6, 7506, etc) for $22.50

We have a combo value meal if you are a fan of the Brainwavz brand. They are currently offering a headphone case + earpads for $22.50. The case is for folded headphones while the earpads are for the Sony MDR-V6, 7506 (and other compatible headphones). The earpads on their own go for $16.50, so you’re getting the case for $6 more.

The listing is a mix of earpads-only and case-n-earpads bundles, so pay attention if you are switching colors and options and if you are reading customer reviews and answered questions…

Monoprice 10x9x7 inch Weatherproof Hard Case with Customizable Foam for $20 + S&H after coupon with $0.01+ filler

If you like to store your headphones or other audio gear in weatherproof cases with customizable foam, coupon code LUCKY25 drops $5 off the purchase price of the Monoprice 10x9x7 inch Weatherproof Hard Case with Customizable Foam from $24.99 to $19.99 as long as you add something else to your shopping cart that is $0.01 or higher. You can find $1-ish audio cables under the Spring Upgrade Sale or use the search boxes or categories there to find adapters and other assorted cables and other small things. You can also get to $25+ by buying two of these cases.

If one thing leads to another and your order total gets over $150, use coupon LUCKY150 for 20% off the total! Coupons expire Saturday at 11:59pm pacific time.

Monoprice Hard-Cases (Weatherproof) sale

If you like to store your headphone and audio gear in weatherproof hard cases but don’t want to pay the big bucks for the manufacturer custom-cases or buy the more expensive name-brand products, one option is the Monoprice Hard Sale of their house-brand weatherproof cases. Check the pictures and dimensions of each case of interest to see whether it would fit your intended use. This is a limited time sale, but expiration is not mentioned.

I did not test these two coupons to see if they work with any of the 23 above, try it if you are interested in buying any of them. The coupons expire Saturday 3/31/18 11:59pm pacific:

+ PLAY5 is $5 off orders of $25+
+ PLAY20 is 20% off orders of $150+

Ginsco headphone carrying case for $8

If you are looking for a single figures well-reviewed headphone case, this Ginsco headphone carrying case is going for $8 by Amazon actual and Prime eligible and not an add-on item. Non-Prime members have the usual $25+ free shipping limitation. Better yet, they are eligible for “Subscribe and Save”, so if you are fond of that way of shopping, you can get a discount depending on how many “Sub-n-Saves” you have going on.

It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on nearly 400 customer reviews and it has 45 answered questions. Check dimensions and reviews and answers to see what it fits and what it doesn’t. The product description gives as examples the Sony XB950B1/N1, Grado SR80, Bose QC25 and Cowin E7.

Based on the product pictures, it works with some headphones that won’t fold flat as well:

PS: I added it to my shopping list for my next Amazon purchase with review coming after I receive it.

Pelican Cases Offer: Get $50 or $75 gift card with purchase

If you like to protect your headphones and related accessories or other audio gear using Pelican cases, for a limited time, New York’s B&H Photo is having a special promotion where they include either a $50 or a $75 electronic gift card with the purchase of select Pelican Cases. A total of 73 options are available. Not all of them are ideal for headphone customizations, check the individual products and pictures to make sure they fit your needs (eg custom foam) or empty ones that you can fill exactly as you please.

The electronic gift cards can be used in future purchases at B&H Photo. These are actual gift cards without an expiration date, not promotional gift cards or rewards.

Tue: Pelican Cases and Luggage Sale

If you are looking for a more hard core way to store your headphones, whether at home or during travel, the Amazonian Gold Box comes to the rescue with one of their Tuesday deals du jour, it is a Pelican brand Cases & Luggage sale, starting at $27 with a dozen different options offered until Wednesday at 3am eastern when this sale expires.

Speaking of Pelican, not part of this sale, but small enough for earphones, their Pelican 1010 Micro Case is down to $9.49 in the black color scheme, with up to five per customer. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown. This is not an add-on item at the moment, so Prime members can buy one unit and still get free 2-day shipping.

[DEAD] Cowin headphone case for $10

Good until Sunday 3:50pm ET, you can get the new condition Cowin headphone case for $10 with free 2-day shipping for Prime members or with a $25+ order. This is an almost daily recurring lightning deal, so if you miss today’s, fear not ~ it will likely return. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 200+ customer reviews. Check those, pictures, dimensions, product description and answered questions to get a feel of what fits and what doesn’t.

PS: this post gets revived whenever this goes live. This way I don’t fill up the website and RSS feed with daily posts about this case.

[DEAD] COWIN Portable Waterproof Zipper Hard Case for $10

This iteration of the lightning expired again…

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[DEAD] COWIN Portable Carrying Case for $10

This particular lightning deal expired but this item is a recurring promotion….

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[DEAD] COWIN Headphone Carrying Case for $8.49

These lightning deals expired…

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[DEAD] Cowin headphone case for $8

This lightning deal expired…

Ending by 6:10pm ET today, the new condition Cowin headphone case is offered for $8 with free Prime shipping. It is made for Cowin headphones but you can check the dimensions, pictures and reviews to see how many of your headphones it may fit.

[DEAD] Geekria Headphone Case for $18

These lightning deals expired…

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Audio Technica AD500X Open Over-Ears with Slappa Case and Wood Headphone Stand for $88

The new condition open-back over-ear Audio Technica AD500X headphones are bundled with TWO free accessories for $88 with free shipping by Beach Camera through Amazon. The order is Prime eligible, so members get it in around two days or so.

The two free accessories are the Slappa HardBody PRO headpone case and a wooden omega-shaped headphone stand. The headphones on their own go for $71, so if you need both of the free accessories, it’s a good value.

[DEAD] Used Audeze Case for EL8 for $20~ shipped

This sold out… The Audeze headphone case for their EL8 headphones, model CSE1016, is available in “Used – Excellent Plus” condition at authorized dealer for $16 plus shipping. Shipping is around $4 for the slowest option (enter zipcode over there to get custom estimates). This bag goes for $39 in new condition.

Sennheiser PX 200-IIi On-Ears for $50

The new condition Sennheiser PX 200-IIi Closed-Back On-Ears are on sale for $50 with free shipping at B&H Photo. Offer ends Wednesday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out. All orders placed at B&H will ship after April 19.

Speaking of which, these four Geekria travel case go for $10~ to $12~, sold by Geekria direct and fulfilled by Amazon that fit folding headphones that are shaped like the PX100 and PX200 and such. Check dimensions and the 24 customer reviews for more details.

Caseling Hard Headphone Case for $14

On the storage and transport front, the Caseling Hard Headphone Case is currently going for just under $14 at, sold by Caseling with the order fulfilled by Amazon so you get free 2-day shipping. You can buy as many as you like. It has over 400 customer reviews (4.6 out of 5) and over 60 questions answered. The headphone they use in the product gallery pictures to model the case is a certain familiar AT hype train 🙂

[DEAD] CASEBUDi XXL Sturdy Hard Shell Headphone Carrying Case for $25

This lightning deal expired, but I think it is one of the recurring ones, so it will likely return at some point in the future (other things equal that is)…

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Sentey GS-1402 Universal Headphone Case drops to $5 (limit 30)

The Sentey GS-1402 Universal Headphone Case with a metal zipper, in its black with red accents color scheme is now down to $5, fulfilled by Amazon (Sentey is the seller of record) with a limit of 30 per customer. It averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 80 customer reviews and has about half that number in answered questions. Check the description and the two aforementioned places to see what headphones it might and might not fit.

There is one catch though, it is part of Amazon’s Add-On program, so you must have $25+ in your shopping cart in order to buy it. It wasn’t an Add-On item back when it was selling for $8. A lot of items move to “Add On” status when they get to $5 or less; but not all of them and not all the time. Amazon works in mysterious ways 🙂

Sentey GS-1402 Hard Headphone Travel Case for $5.75

The “Headphone vs Earphone” Fairness Doctrine requires that if we post a deal for an earphone case, we much match it with another post for a headphone case 😉 Which brings us to the Sentey GS-1402 Hard Headphone Travel Case dropping down to $5.75 in new condition, sold by Sentey with the order fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). Limit 30 per customer. This is not an Add-On item as of the time of writing *fingers crossed*

If you are also considering the previously mentioned Pelican items and need to get to $25+ to get the $3~ foam set, adding the Sentey case can help you get there.

It averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 160 customer reviews and has 39 answered questions. Between those two you can triangulate/guestimate whether it fits your headphones. I don’t have this one, so I can’t opine.

[SOLD OUT] Sentey GS-1402 Headphone Carrying Hard Case for $6

As of a 3/22/17 re-check, this is sold-out and cannot be ordered at the moment…

The Sentey GS-1402 Universal Headset and Headphones Carrying Hard Case (that’s the “official” product name) is on sale for $6 each, in new condition, by Sentey with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free Prime shipping (or with a $49+ order if not a member). Thankfully this is not an Add-On item, so you can buy one if you like and still get free Prime shipping. Between the product description, the customer reviews and the questions answered, you can figure out which headphones fit and which ones don’t fit. Both the reviews and answered-questions have search boxes you can search for. You have to go to the detailed pages for each to locate the search boxes. This may also depend on the screen/viewport size. It averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 150+ customer reviews and have 35 questions answered

Skullcandy Headphone Travel Case for $16

On the name-brand headphone travel case front, the black/red color scheme of the Skullcandy Headphone Travel Case is down to $16.28 by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon. The other two color schemes go for more. This fits a variety of Skullcandy’s over/on-ear headphones non-folded, so it should be able to fit headphones from other brands that have similar dimensions. It also has a removable zippered pouch for cables/accessories, which may (or may not) fit earphones depending on size/shape. What’s a bit different with this travel case is that it has a handle and is more rectangular than roundish. A rounded rectangular, or a rectangular circle. I’m sure there are “geometrics” terms for these 😉 The usual Amazon free shipping terms apply (Prime or $49+).

Sentey GS-1401 Universal Black Carrying Case for $7

The Sentey GS-1401 Universal Black Carrying Case is currently down to $7, in new condition, sold by Sentey with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so they are Prime eligible. Shhh! Don’t tell them, it’s not an Add-On item 🙂 It averages 4 out of 5 based on 570+ customer reviews. Check the pictures, item description, customer reviews and 170+ answered questions to get a feel of what size/shape headphones can fit in this one.

Sentey LS-4231 On-Ear headphones with Carrying Case for $10 [updated]

This is a chicken and the egg type of a deal. Do you buy it for the case or for the headphones? The Sentey LS-4231 closed-back on-ear headphones come with a hard zippered carrying case in their box, and they go for $10 in red headphone color schemes. The case is the same color (black). Considering the prices of zippered headphone cases, it may be worth more than the headphones 🙂 Close-up pictures of the case among the customer reviews. Together they average 4.3 out of 5 based on 1882 customer reviews, and have 120+ questions answered. This is at Amazon by Amazon actual.

UPDATE 9/9/16: the black jumped to $13, but the red remains at $10. Link above changed to point to the red color scheme.

Caseling Hard Headphone Travel Case for $14

The Caseling Hard Headphone Travel Case, in the black color scheme, is currently on sale for $14, in new condition, by a marketplace seller with the order fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible). It averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 300+ customer reviews and has 50+ questions answered. It is marketed to fit headphones of the size of the Audio Technica M50x. Check the reviews and questions (they both have search-boxes) to see what other headphones fit and don’t fit. I don’t have this case, so I can’t tell what else may fit.

[DEAD] CASEBUDi Hard Shell Headphone Carrying Case for $30 [ends 5:49pm ET]

This is now a …cold case (translation: the sale ended)…

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Earzonk Grado Case with L-Cushions for $20

Speaking of Grados, the Earzonk Grado Case (made by EarZonk) which comes with EarZonk L-Cushions included, is going for $20 with a limit of eight per customer (or there are eight units left), sold by EarZonk with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so it is Prime eligible. It averages 4.6 out of 5 based on 69 customer reviews.

PS: if you only want the L-cushions and don’t need the case, the EarZone L-Cushions go for $10 each, same selling/shipping situation as above. These average 4.4 out of 5 based on 140+ customer reviews.

Geekria Zippered Case for PortaPros under $9

Speaking of Koss, the Amazon recommendation algorithm pointed these out while I was looking at the KSC75 listing, it is a zippered case specifically marketed for the Koss PortaPros by Geekria, currently going for $8.77, sold by Geekria and the order fulfilled by Amazon, so it is Prime eligible. It is NOT (thankfully) an Add-On item. The gallery pictures, especially #4, gives you a feel for its size, so other headphones of similar shape and size should fit as well. It averages 4.1/5 based on 46 customer reviews.

PS: the PortaPros come with a drawstring carrying pouch.

Pelican 1010 Micro Case with Clear Lid (Black or Red or Blue) for $9.50 [Also Pluck Foam Set for $3.19]

On the earphone storage front, now the black color scheme of the Pelican 1010 Micro Case has joined the red, both are on sale for $9.50 each at and they are Prime eligible. Practically there are no quantity restrictions on these unless one is a reseller (limit 87 units for the black, limit 90 for the red).

In a separate listing, the blue color scheme is also on sale for $9.50 with a limit of 55. The limit may just be how many units are available at the moment.

These have a clear lid, the color is the other three sides of the little cases.

In parallel, the Pelican 1012 Pick N’ Pluck Foam Set for 1010 is on sale for $3.17 each. It has the same crazy limit (up to 90 per customer), however, it is designated as an Add-On item, so one must place a $25+ order before they are allowed to purchase it. The restriction applies to all, including Prime members (after all, the Add-On program was created to counter the free 2-day shipping of Prime for low cost items).

[DEAD] Saturday Daily Deals: Sentey Case for Folding Headphones, Solo 2 Earpads

These daily deals expired…

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Friday Offers: Brainwavz HM2 On-Ears, CaseBudi Hard Shell Headphone Case

There are a lot of earphones from unknown brands in Amazon’s Lightning Deals for Friday July 8. I won’t listen them all here, only a couple of items:

* starts 3:34pm Eastern: CASEBUDi XXL Sturdy Hard Shell Headphone Carrying Case (price before sale is $35; averages 4.7 out of 5; Description and Q&A and Reviews list headphones that fit inside)

* starts 7:39pm Eastern: Brainwavz HM2 Folding On-Ears (price before sale is $50)

* ends by Saturday 3am Eastern for Prime members only: Crosley CR8005C-CL Cruiser II Portable Battery Powered 3-Speed Turntable for $60 ~ six colors available

* ends by Saturday 3am Eastern Musical Instrument Sale (17 options, guitars, keyboard, drums, amps, etc)

[DEAD] CASEBUDi XXL Sturdy Hard Shell Headphone Carrying Case for $26 [ends Fri 7:43pm ET]

This 4-hour offer expired…

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5pk of Cosmos Gray Headphone Pouches for $10.50 total [updated]

As of 7/1/16, the prices increased by $1 for each option…

ORIGINAL: If you need multiple basic headphone pouches with drawstring and don’t want to pay the $5 for the previously mentioned Shure, there’s another budget option at Amazon. You get this 5-pack of Cosmos brand pouches for $10.50 $9.50 total. These are roughly 10.75″x 8.5″ in height and width. They have six pictures of them over there. As you can tell from the pictures, this a gray type of a color.

They also have the 5-pack in black (same dimensions) for $12 $11. These have 70+ customer reviews with a 4.6 out of 5. I bought these for review purposes, but I haven’t even taken them out of their …bag yet *sigh* 🙂

Both options are fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free shipping if you are a Prime member or with the usual $49+ threshold for non-members.

Shure HPACP1 Headphone Carrying Pouch for $5 [not Add-On now]

Good news and bad news. The bad news is that the price is slightly higher since we last mentioned it. The good news is that it has been liberated from the Add-On Program, so if you only want to get this and nothing else, and you are a Prime member, you get it and with free shipping and no other purchase necessary.

This refers to the Shure HPACP1 Headphone Carrying Pouch. It has a limit of 30 per customer. This is an item flying under the radar, it’s hard to find by searching at Amazon for some reason. I’ve been using it for many years and it’s pretty solid. It’s on my list of things to review.

It is made to fit Shure’s closed over-ears line-up of 840/440/240 and 750/550 DJ, so headphones of that ballpark size should fit.

It should go without saying that this won’t protect from impact, but from scratches, dust, dirt, liquids (if they avoid the bag’s opening), and such.

Pelican 1010 Micro Case (Red) for $10

UPDATE 6/27/16: the price remains but it is “temporarily out of stock”. I adjusted the link below to point to Amazon’s own listing…

If you love seeing red, and are looking for a case to carry and protect your in-ears, the Pelican 1010 Micro Case in the Red with Clear Lid color-scheme is on sale for just under $10 at Amazon by Amazon actual. It is Prime eligible if you are a member, so free shipping. Not to jinx it, but it’s not an Add-On item! Interestingly this has a limit of 90 per customer instead of the usual limit 30. Guess what everybody’s getting for the Holidays? 🙂

Strategy session: this may be a computer price-match of a marketplace sellers who has it for the same price, but the marketplace seller charges additional +$5.49 shipping. So if you are a Prime member (or planning a $49+ order), you can score it at a nice discount.

Westone Mini-Monitor Vault II Case for $19 [limit 5]

The Westone Mini-Monitor Vault II Case, in the “smoke” color scheme is currently on sale for $19, in new condition, with a limit of five per customer at Amazon by Amazon actual. There are multiple models on the same Amazon product page, so make sure you are reading reviews and answered-questions about the correct model. I don’t know why Amazon does that, it creates more confusion than it does any good, but what do I know? I’m just a web monkey 🙂