EU: Motorola Pulse Max closed over-ears for 20 euro

If you are a fan of the Motorola brand, Amazon Germany is offering the new condition Motorola Pulse Max closed-back over-ear headphones for 20 euro with up to nine per customer [probably because they have nine units in-stock]. This is in the white color scheme. They come with a detachable 1-button cable, so you can reuse the cable as well 🙂

Motorola Pulse Escape SH-012 Closed Bluetooths for $20 after coupon

A phone-heavy mobile gadgets sale [some of the older phones with good DACs could be value plays as “PADs” [Phones as DAPs]] including among others the new condition Motorola Pulse Escape closed-back bluetooth headphones for $20 after entering limited time promo code USAVE030 over there. The promo code drops the price from $50 to $20.

This is model SH-012 and the offer is only available on the black color scheme… They run bluetooth 4.1…

Motorola USB-C to 3.5mm adapter for $5 w/free S&H

The new condition Motorola USB-C to 3.5mm adapter is currently on sale for $5 [WAS $4] with free shipping at All 4 Cellular (A4C). Even if you buy only one, you still get free shipping because everything on their website comes with free shipping. But you can buy as many as you want.

This is made for the Motorola Moto Z smartphones which are among the smartphones without a headphone jack but it should work with most USB-C ports.

FREE Motorola Pulse Bluetooth Over-Ears with Huawei Mate SE for $230

The new condition Motorola Pulse bluetooth closed-back over-ear headphones (priced for $40 on their own) are currently offered as a free gift when you purchase the all new Huaweii Mate SE factory-unlocked smartphone at NewEgg sold by NewEgg actual. It is available in two colors.

I haven’t read any audio reviews of this new phone, but specs-wise it is solid for music/streaming apps: 4GB RAM, 64GB on-board, microSD card (up to 256GB), 18:9 2160 x 1080 FHD+, 3340 mAh battery, and no darned notch 🙂

The free headphones are included automatically in the shopping cart by NewEgg while this promotion is running. There’s no coupon, no rebate.

Free Motorola Pulse BT Over-Ears with purchase of Moto X4

The new condition Motorola Pulse Escape Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones are currently included for FREE for a limited time with the purchase of the Motorola Moto X4 (Unlocked, US warranty) for $350 with free shipping in your price of black or silver at NewEgg by NewEgg actual. The Motorola headphones are added automatically to your shopping cart while this promotion is running. No couon, no rebate needed!

Phones as DAPs: LG V20 Unlocked with Motorola Pulse BT Over-Ears for $310

On the “Phones as DAPs” front, with the LG V30 slowly rolling out, the prices of the LG V20 are rolling down. At the moment, NewEgg actual is offering the new condition unlocked LG V20, the AT&T version, model H910A, along with a FREE Motorola Pulse bluetooth 4.1 over-ear headphone (goes for $40 on its own), together for $310 with free shipping.

Of DAP interest, the V20 has the quad-DAC, microSD slot, and removeable battery.

Motorola 3.5mm audio cable (or 2pk Chromo cables) for $2.50 w/free S&H

All 4 Cellular launched a limited time 50% off coupon promotion. Coupon SUMMER50 gets you 50% off all the items listed on that page, which include this Motorola 3.5mm music cable dropping from $5~ to $2.50~ with free shipping. Everything on their website gets free shipping, even cables! One side of the 3.5mm cable is straight, the other is right angle. This is a male to male cable.

Or if you want a better bang for the buck, you can get a 2-pack of Chromo 3.5mm audio cables also for $2.50 with free shipping after the coupon. The price is $5 before the coupon. There are six different color options for the 2-packs. This too is one straight and one right angle M/M cable.

Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth Headset for $34.99

The Amazon Gold Box deal of the day for Saturday 7/18/15 is the new condition Motorola S11-Flex HD Bluetooth Headset (solid frame, behind the neck) for $34.99. You can buy as many as you like. Woot is the seller of record but the order is fulfilled by, so you get the usual free 2-day Prime shipping or with a $35+ order. Which is why the $34.99 price is important, because you have to buy something else, or at least two of these for free shipping if you are not a Prime member. These average 3.5 out of 5 based on over 1300 customer reviews. They also have 220+ questions answered by other customers. The offer ends by 3am ET on Sunday or earlier if they sell out.

[DEAD] Motorola S11-Flex HD bluetooth headset for $59

This daily deal expired…
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