VE Monks Plus Earbuds for $10

If you want to jump in the curiosity that is the VE Monk plus actual earbuds, but don’t want to wait for Massdrop or get slow no-tracking free shipping from China, there is an alternative. If you are a Prime member, you can get these in about two days for $10 from the Venture Electronics Amazon store, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon. Non-Prime members get free shipping with a $25+ order. They average 4.1 out of 5 based on 48 customer reviews there.

The one above is the “Smoke/Clear” color scheme. I have a different model, the red color scheme and for that we have a review diary and a text and pictures unboxing too.

VE Monks Plus (Blue) Earbuds for $5 + S&H [MD]

It’s back on again! It’s hype train may not be as strong, because we are easily distracted by newer discoveries, but it still has a special place in audiophoolia, it’s the new condition VE Monks Plus Earbuds (actual earbuds, not in-ears) in the blue color scheme going for $5 plus shipping.

At checkout you have the option between a transparent blue or a midnight/black blue. You have other options at checkout as well. You can get one with a different mic/remote combinations for a few dollars more, or even go for a braided cable, or an accessory pack.

These will ship from Massdrop at around CES 2018 time (early January 2018). There’s no mention of warranty, but let’s get real, it’s a $5 thing 🙂

I don’t have this particular model, I previously bought the red ones and posted a text and pictures unboxing, including a picture of the envelope they ship in 🙂 We also have an (incomplete) review diary of these.

If you need actual earbuds, you can’t go wrong at this price! As long as you can wait for 1.5 months for them that is 🙂 I waited, I survived, and so can you 😉

VE Monk Plus earbuds for $6 w/free S&H from China [three color options]

The first, fourth (blue) and the fifth (golden brown) color schemes of the VE Monk Plus earbuds at AliExpress is on sale for the very specific price of $5.89 with free slow shipping from Aliexpress. The shipping estimate is 19-39 days, so keep that in mind if you are buying it for the holidays.

The reason the last three thumbnails over there have much higher prices is because they are multi-packs. The 3-pack goes for $15.72, the 5-pack for $27.14, and the 10-pack for $51.33.

We have here a text and pictures unboxing of the red VE Monks and an in-progress review diary. These ones I bought from Massdrop last year, not from Ali.

VE Monks Plus earbuds for $10 with Prime shipping

If you want to try the VE Monks Plus earbuds and don’t want to wait for Massdrop or delivery from China, and you are a Prime member, you can get them to sit on your ears in two days, if you are willing to pay $9.90. These are sold by Venture Electronic, with the order fulfilled by Amazon. This is currently the only item the Venture Electronic Amazon store carries.

I jumped on the VE Monks bandwagon earlier on, here is a text and pictures unboxing (the red model) and an on-going review diary.

VE Monks Plus Earbuds (all blue) for $8 [MD]

They are back! $8 is the ticket for this thrifty hype train! Massdrop is back with an all-blue color scheme of the VE Monks Plus earbuds. They go for $5 plus $3 flat shipping. These are true earbuds, but that’s not all. You have an option to get a model with mic/remote for $5 more (iOS or Android options), and they also have another +$5 option that gets you an accessory pack.

The offer is running for the next seven days from blog posting date (New Year’s Day) and will ship late January 2017.

I don’t have this all-blue model, but I have the red, here’s the useful text and pictures unboxing and an on-going slow-moving review diary.

This is what was included with the red color scheme:

VE Monk Plus Blue for $8 shipped [MD]

Party on Wayne! The VE Monks hype train is back at the station! A new offer is up and running at members-only Massdrop, it is a blue exclusive color scheme of the “VE Monk Plus” earbud going for $5 plus $3 flat shipping. These will ship late December 2016 from Massdrop.

But that’s not all. In the shopping cart, you have optional upgrade options, you can get one with a mic/remote (options are +$2 to +$5 depending on the number of buttons), and you can also get an accessories bundle for +$5.

These are true old-school earbuds, they sit outside your ears. I don’t have the blue color scheme, but I do have the red one, here’s the unboxing and here’s an on-going review diary.

Venture Electronics Monk Plus (Red) for $8 [MD]

For just $8 you can become a Monk without giving up secular life. An audio monk of sorts, the red color scheme of the Venture Electronics Monk Plus earbuds are fully unlocked at Massdrop for $5 plus $3 flat shipping with the offer ending in about two days from today. A maximum of 6500 units are available from this drop. The shipping estimate is a reasonably reasonable (by Massdrop standards) September 1st in 2016. All sales are final. Blue and red earbud covers are included. There’s also a link to a long interview with the VE CEO there.

PS: Massdrop is a members-only shopping club, it’s free to join but you have to be joined and logged in to see the offers. They are behind a login-wall because of MAP restrictions and such.