NewEgg Semi-Annual sale: Sony XB-450, BeyerDynamics, Momentum, Shure, Etc

It’s that time of the year again, New Egg is having their Semi Annual Clearance sale and of headphone interest, they have three pages of headphones upon sale. I can’t obviously post them all, but here are some of them:

+ Sony XB-450-AP wired closed on-ears for $25

+ Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO Tesla closed over-ears for $599 with $60 promotional NewEgg gift card as a bonus
+ DT 880 Premium (600 ohm) semi-open over-ears for $219 with $20 promotional NewEgg gift card as bonus
+ and other BeyerDs as well, too many to list all

+ Beyerdynamic Aventho bluetooth on-ears for $249 after promo code

+ Sennheiser Momentum truly wireless for $300 with a bonus of 6000 NewEgg Reward Points

+ Shure SRH-840 closed over-ears for $150; and more Shures

+ imported [from the looks of it] Sony WH-1000X Mark III bluetooth/ANC closed over-ears for $260 from RedTagCamera

+ various refurbished Klipschs and Jabras

+ also various Denon, JBL, Pioneer, Fuji Labs galore, truly-wireless of course, and more