Tue (EU): Libratone, Victure budget DAPs, Klim Fusion

Spring is coming to the Amazon Germany daily deals until APR-15, and the Tuesday round of offers has some headphone sales as well:

+ Libratone Q Adapt ANC/bluetooth on-ears for 109 euro
+ neckband bluetooths for 134 euro
+ Q Adapt ANC earphones (Lightning cable) for 89

+ Victure budget digital audio players (mixed in with action cameras) ranging from 19 to 24 euro; the 19 euro model even comes with basic earbuds

+ Klim Fusion earphones and gaming headsets as part of a larger Klim gaming-theme sale. The earphones go for 15 euro in multiple spring-like colours, while the gaming headsets range from 30 to 52 euro

+ on the PAD side, there’s an Xperia XZ2 sale, the Compact goes for 399 while the XZ2 main goes for 599, with Android 9 available after they got released with 8. Of PAD interest, these are IP68, have a microSD slot, 64GB on-board storage, SnapDragon 845, apt-X HD, bluetooth 5.0, QC 3.0, NFC, USB OTG, USB-C Type 3.1, etc. Note however that they DO NOT have a 3.5mm headphone jack…

Thur (EU): Nuraphone, Plantronics, Libratone, Etc

Among the Thursday Countdown to Black Friday deals at the Amazon Germany there is a sale of 17 Audio products that includes a handful of headphones as follows:

+ Plantronics Backbeat GO 810 bluetooth over-ears for 99 euro

+ Libratone Q BT/ANC on-ears for 102+ euro

+ Nuraphone BT/ANC/etc for 319 euro

+ various Hama, Thorens, and DOSS audio products

Used Libratone Adapt Lightning In-Ears for $55+

Even though more smartphones have abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack for USB-C or Lightning connectors, the number of USB-C/Lightning headphones is nowhere near matching the number of smartphones that support them.

One such device however is available used as low as $55 at Amazon Warehouse Deals. It’s the Libratone Q Adapt Lightning In-Ears. The link above shows the lowest price per color. If you want to see the detailed listings for each particular color, click on the “See all offers for this product” link next to each color option.

Libratone Q ADAPT Lightning In-Ears for $99

For Apple devices with a lightning connector, the new condition Libratone Q ADAPT Lightning in-ears are on sale for $99 with free shipping, in four fashionable color schemes, at Amazon by Amazon actual with up to three per color per customer. This is not a lightning (no pun intended) deal, so expiration date is unknown. They average 3.6 out of 5 based on 110+ customer reviews.