Sat: Pioneer SE-MJ-503-W Closed On-Ears for $12

Budget closed-back on-ears is another congested field with various name brand options and one of them is the new condition Pioneer SE-MJ-503-W (white color scheme) going for $12 during Saturday 6/6/20 in the pacific time zone at NewEGG as one of their daily deals.

I haven’t heard this particular model, but a couple of Sonys [one ZX-1?? and ZX-3??) I’ve used, I found them “tuned for coffee shops”. They were serviceable there, but when you listened to them in a quiet place they sounded horrid…

On the other hand, the AmazonBasics-Monoprice I found to be quite serviceable even in rather quiet places. A bit on the “tastefully bassy” side of things. An unboxing and review of the Monoprice is in my ever-growing to-do list 🙂

I do not know if the Pioneer shares any ancestry with the AmazonBasics-Monoprice…

UPDATE: two headphones among the Saturday Best Buy offers as well:

+ Insignia bluetooth earphones (pod style) for $15

+ JBL (a child with many parents, Samsung, Harman, AKG) LIVE 800 bluetooth over-ears for $80