Woot headphone sales until the end of March

In addition to their daily deals, Woot also has longer-running deals. One of those is a headphones sale running until the end of March 2019. A total of ten options are currently available with two more that have already sold out.

Of the available options, the Gibson Trainer sports on-ears go for $60, the Bose QC 25 ANC over-ears go for $160, a couple of Philips go for $20 to $25, the Aiwa Prodigy 1 in-ears go for $22. There’s also some Sennheisers, Sony and Skullcandy. There’s even a $13 CaseBuDi hard headphone case.

Shipping is free for Prime members [who connect their Prime account to their Woot account ~ a one time thing]. Otherwise you pay $6 flat shipping for all the Woot orders you place within a single calendar day in the central time zone [that’s where Woot lives ~ even thought it has been purchased by Amazon and many of its orders are “fulfilled by Amazon”]…