[DEAD] Open-box Apple Airpods for $135 + S&H after coupon

These coupons expired…

Coupon code VS20 drops the price of the open-box Apple Airpods from $170 to $136 at Monoprice until Saturday night (or earlier if they sell out). The coupon does not work on the new condition model, only the open-box.

Monoprice’s prices are higher than the Apple website which has it for $159, but the coupon brings the open-box price down. The lowest shipping price is $3.49 “Monoprice Saver” regardless of zipcode (of the ones I tried anyway). If you buy them with something that qualifies with free shipping, then the shipping fee of the Airpods will likely get absorbed by the free shipping item, since the Airpods are a tiny little thing.

Here’s a screenshot of the coupon in action, to make sure I did not imagine it 🙂